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Menswear Monday: Music Festival Style

Today’s Menswear Monday is focused on what to wear to music festivals. With Life is Beautiful coming up at the end of September here in downtown Las Vegas, and a ton of other great outdoor festivals happening throughout the country during these hot-weather months, it’s important to not only look good but to stay cool.

One of the top trends we’ve been hitting all summer long is prints. A nice printed short-sleeve shirt is a great festival staple. You can pair it with a simple pair of shorts either in a bold color or something more subdued like a solid navy.

Moods of Norway, Agave Denim, Deus Ex Machina, Original Penguin, Obey, DKNY, Steve Madden, Vans, music festival style,

1. Moods of Norway Per Vik Short Sleeve Shirt

2. Agave Denim 100% Supima Cotton Tee

3. Deus Ex Machina Kei Tank Top

4. Original Penguin Basic Short

5. Obey Good Times Shorts

6. DKNY Jeans Bleecker Fit Denim Shorts

7. Steve Madden Height Slip-On Sneaker

8. Vans Comino Slip-on Sneaker

9. Original Penguin Lazaro Straw Fedora

Warm weather also calls for lightweight essentials like cotton t-shirts and cool tank tops. Anything goes when it comes to festival style, so you can opt to go nice and simple with a plain tee or turn it up with a bold printed tank. The choice is yours!

For music fests, I highly suggest a comfortable pair of slip-on shoes or sneakers in a versatile neutral color that you can just throw on and go. It’s also not a bad idea to carry a long-sleeve lightweight button-up shirt with you. Tie it around your waist during the day, that way you have it handy if temperatures get cooler during the evening. 

Of course, music festivals are the best place to really showcase your individual style. Feel free to add in any accessories that best suit you, perhaps a nice straw hat, graphic-print socks or jewelry.

Product Match Dating Spotlight: The Osprey Mira

Osprey, outdoor backpacks, hydration packs, hiking backpacks, Kelty, Patagonia, Zappos Outdoor, hiking, camping, women's outdoor backpacks,

A down-to-earth pack with a well-organized interior and a heart of gold. I've got the travel bug and a fit designed for women. I have a long list of technology and I'm looking for that special someone to share in weekend hikes, bird watching and even a little cross-country journey. I'll keep your fragile items and your heart safe in my considerate, reinforced pockets.

My friends classify me as a type "A" personality, and it's true, I like to be prepared for anything! I even travel everywhere with an integrated rain cover to keep us dry when we are caught on the trail in springtime showers.

I am looking for a woman who appreciates:
-a direct zip access hydration sleeve
-the songs of the Even Grosbeak
-the comfort of breathable mesh and perforated, molded waffle-foam
-ice cream for breakfast

On a typical Friday night I am: making my own granola and beer, gearing up for the weekend ahead, working on finding myself and organizing the items in both my internal and external pockets.

Favorite Quote: Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure.

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Osprey Manta

Kelty Women's Babs Backpack

Patagonia Refugio Pack 28L



There are plenty of fish in the sea...

New Brand Spotlight: Saint & Libertine New York

Saint & Libertine, footwear, women's, shoes, heels, sandals, flats, new brand spotlight, luxury,

Pairing together a tasteful blend of design and aesthetic with high-quality hardware and leathers, Saint & Libertine New York introduces footwear enthusiasts to next-level luxury.

Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife lifestyle specialists, the brand implements New York's utilitarian and masculine edge with feminine sensibilities that evoke European design. These opposing themes result in directional footwear that is modern and organic, yet current and timeless.

From strappy sandals to chic heels and flats, Saint & Libertine New York is the perfect excuse to splurge on something wonderful.

Zapponian Spotlight: Clinton Serves Up Summer Fun!

Summer is here, and as the days get longer, the outdoors takes center stage. Explosions of festive fun shower the warm summer air. Barbeques, clam digs, pool parties, and beachfront bonfires litter your social calendar, but keeping your look fresh in the heat is no easy task. Luckily, our resident Menswear blogger, Clinton Kuska is here to teach us how to keep summer style sizzling.

Zapponian Spotlight, Fourth of July, red white & blue, men's fashion, men's style, men's clothing, Zappos Family, Zappos culture, 4th of July, July Fourth, July 4th Style, Patriotic Style,

Independence Day just happens to be Clinton’s favorite summer holiday. Everything from the fireworks, to hanging out with good friends, to the iconic red solo cups just screams summer fun. We sat down to chat about what to wear for the Fourth of July.

July 4th is coming up, what are you going to wear?

 “Something festive, for sure, but not too cheesy,” Clinton says as he lowers his gaze, raising one eyebrow. “Hold the cheese please!” We laugh as he clarifies, “One fun piece is enough. You should start with a festive piece and build subtly around that.”

How do you choose a fun look without going overboard with themed attire?

“I recommend starting with a standout item that will double as a conversation starter. It can be any part of your ensemble. Hats work well, or accessories if you’d rather shy away from too many prints. A loud pair of pants or shorts can be fun, and sends a relaxed vibe. A more demure option is pulling different hues from the holiday, and creating a DIY color-blocked ensemble. For the Fourth of July, you could work a chic palette of red, white, and blue – ready to wear straight from your own closet.”

How would you balance a lively, holiday piece for a party outfit?

“You should have fun with fashion! Don’t worry too much, especially if you’re attending a casual event. Holidays are supposed to be fun - don’t take yourself that seriously. Obviously you can’t go too crazy either, but parties are filled with opportunities for risk taking.”

Clinton shows me his personal Independence Day ensemble; a Roper™ Stars and Stripes Patriotic shirt, khaki shorts, boat-shoe style loafers, and a pair of sleek, Ray-Ban® Wayfarer shades.

“The fourth of July is my favorite summer holiday, and this year I’m going all-out in a patterned stars and stripes shirt. I added neutral bottoms, versatile shoes, and timeless eyewear. These pieces are minimalistic on their own, but create a nice harmony when paired with a striking shirt.”

If you could attend anyone’s Fourth of July shindig, whose party would you crash?

“Taylor Swift!” Clinton confidently replies. “She has a reputation for going all-out for her fans. I’d bet that she’s an amazing hostess. Any party of hers would most definitely be on point.”

After excitedly discussing about what a pool party with Taylor Swift would even be like, I found it much easier to visualize my own July Fourth look. If you’re still wondering what to wear this weekend, check out Clinton’s personal picks for a flawless Fourth of July.

Zapponian Spotlight, Fourth of July, red white & blue, men's fashion, men's style, men's clothing, Zappos Family, Zappos culture, 4th of July, July Fourth, July 4th Style, Patriotic Style, Zapponian Spotlight, Fourth of July, red white & blue, men's fashion, men's style, men's clothing, Zappos Family, Zappos culture, 4th of July, July Fourth, July 4th Style, Patriotic Style,


1. Billabong Native Hat

2. Quiksilver Boardies Hat

3. John Varvatos Star U.S.A. Straw Fedora


1. Billabong Slice X Boardshort

2. O'Neill Quarters Boardshort


1. French Connection Grunge Flag Tee

2. Lucky Brand Peace Flag Graphic Tee

3. Roper Pieced Stars and Stripes Patriotic Shirt


1. Rip Curl Americano Custom Tank Top

2. Converse Sub American Print Tank Tee


1. Original Penguin Ocho Stripe Tie

2. M&F Western Eagle Flag Oval Buckle

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Running in Hot Weather

There’s good and bad news about running in the heat. First, the bad news: When the temperature rises about 55° F, you’re going to run more slowly and feel worse than you will at lower temperatures. But by gradually preparing yourself for increased temperatures and taking action from the beginning of hot weather runs, you’ll get a welcome dose of good news. You’ll learn how to hydrate yourself, what to wear, and when and how much your body can take in hot weather – all of which will help you recover faster and run better than others of your ability on hot days.

While even the most heat-adapted runners won’t run as fast on hot days as they can on cold ones, they won’t slow down as much nor will they feel as much discomfort.

Until the temperature rises to about 65° F, your body can’t get rid of the heat building up. This causes a rise in core body temperature and an early depletion of fluids through sweating. The internal temperature rise also triggers the rapid dispersion of blood into the capillaries of the skin, reducing the amount of that vital fluid that is available to the exercising muscles. Just when those workhorses are being pushed to capacity, they are receiving less oxygen and nutrients. What used to be a river becomes a creek and can’t remove the waste products of exercise (such as lactic acid). As these accumulate, your muscles slow down.


The best time for hot weather running is before sunrise. The second best time to run is right after sunrise, unless the temperature cools off dramatically at sunset, which would make that time more favorable. In humid areas, however, it usually doesn’t cool down much after sunset.


Some tips on how to stay cool at 55° F and above:

  • Slow down early- The later you wait to slow down, the more dramatically you’ll slow down at the end and the longer it will take to recover from your run. Walk breaks, early and often, help you lower the exertion level, which conserves resources for the end and reduces heat buildup.
  • Wear lighter garments – Loose-fitting clothes allow heat to escape. Don’t wear cotton clothing. Sweat soaks into cotton, causing it to cling to your skin, increasing heat buildup. Several materials that wick the perspiration away from your skin: Coolmax™, polypro, etc. As moisture leaves your skin, you receive a cooling effect and these types of materials are designed for this.

America's Running Coach, asics, brooks, hot-weather running, Jeff Galloway, marathon training, moisture-wicking clothing, new balance, nike, Pearl Izumi, Run Walk Run, runners, running clothing, under armour, zappos running, zoot sports


1. Under Armour Fly-By Stretch Mesh Tank Top

2. Zoot Sports Run Sunset Singlet

3. Pearl Izumi Fly Singlet

4. Nike Printed Tempo Running Shorts

5. Nike Perforated Rival 2-in-1 Shorts

6. New Balance Accelerated Shorts

America's Running Coach, asics, brooks, hot-weather running, Jeff Galloway, marathon training, moisture-wicking clothing, new balance, nike, Pearl Izumi, Run Walk Run, runners, running clothing, under armour, zappos running, zoot sports


1. adidas Aeroknit Short Sleeve Tee

2. Zoot Sports Run Surfside Split Tee

3. Under Armour UA coldback® Singlet

4. Brooks Essential 3.5" Split Shorts

5. Under Armour UA Launch 2-in-1 Shorts

6. Nike 5" Distance  Shorts

  • Pour water over yourself- Up to 70 percent of the heat you can lose goes through the top of your head, so regularly pour water over your hair (even if you’re hair challenged like me) Regularly pouring water on a light singlet or tank top will keep you cooler.
  • Drink cold water- Not only does cold water leave the stomach quicker than any type of fluid, it produces a slight physiological cooling effect- and an even great psychological cooling effect. But don’t drink too much either. Most of us do well between 6 and 10 ounces an hour during warm weather. Drink until you hear sloshing in your stomach, then stop. When the sloshing sound goes away, resume drinking.


Excerpt from Marathon: You Can Do It! By Jeff Galloway (Shelter Publications, 2010)

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Boom! Hot Looks for Your 4th of July

Hot dogs, ice-cold watermelon, lounging by the lake or the pool, fireworks and celebrating our independence to be who we are, how we are, and wear what makes us feel great -- these are just a few of the best things about the 4th of July.  There have been some mighty big changes in the past week, and some amazing reasons to celebrate the freedoms we have as Americans.  There is something about sporting red, white and blue to celebrate our country that just cannot be beat.

When we wear the colors of our flag, we celebrate the principles upon which our great nation was founded; white signifies purity and innocence- the hope of a new nation that holds fast to the belief that all are equal, and that each person is given the opportunity to work towards becoming the best they can be, with no limits on achievement or potential. Red is for our hardiness & valor, as we remember the hard work that it takes to achieve our goals, and remember the blood spilled by the men and women who fought to create and preserve our great nation and its freedoms. Finally, blue signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice, reminding us all to keep asking those hard questions of ourselves and our elected officials, to stand fast through difficult times, and that every American has the opportunity and right to fair treatment under the law.

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1. Roper Plus Size Americana Pieced Color Block Top

2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Threadwork Tunic

3. Poppy & Bloom Plus Size Pier 59 Tunic

4. Soybu Plus Size Taryn Tank

5. Pendleton Plus Size Rib Tee

6. Jag Jeans Plus Size Hope Crop Narrow Fit Pant

7. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Jersey Maxi

8. Levi's Plus Size Classic Capri

9. NYDJ Plus Size Bi Stretch Bermuda Short

10. Sanuk Yoga Sling Partriot

11. LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Striped Sailor Knot Hat

12. Steve Madden Ombre Stars Day Wrap


We refer to ourselves as curvy women, a women of size,  big beautiful women, full figured, plus sized, queen, thick, or simply as girls “who ain’t no size 2” (gotta give that love Meghan Trainor!). Whichever way you choose to identify yourself, remember to celebrate your fashion independence, wherein no person can dictate that which you wear and feel beautiful based upon your size -- except you!

Have a fabulous, fun, and fierce 4th of July!
If you’re rocking our anything featured here on #WellRoundedWednesday, please tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WRW- we would LOVE to see your declaration of fashion independence!

The Style Edit: The Little White Dress, 2 Ways

If you’re like me, you’re busy, an organization maven, and you need to set things up so they just work. There’s nothing more valuable to me than a cross-functional, quality white dress that can be worn two ways to suit any occasion. From lunch with the girls to a sexy dinner downtown, simply changing accessories makes this look go from day to night with ease.  

With a staple white dress, the devil is in the details. Dress it down for daytime with a denim jacket and flats. Add a carefree and youthful pop of color with a bright tote that’s perfect for storing supplies for the nighttime transition. Switch out the brown leather belt for gold, strappy heels and a simple handbag. Because of the eyelets, this particular piece can be flirty, but comfortable, on its own without much fuss. You be the star. Not the dress. It’s just there to help things along. 

women's dresses, white dresses, Adrianna Papell, summer dresses, eyelet dresses, The Style Edit,


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Menswear Monday: A Summer Sneaker Guide

When it comes to off-duty, hanging-out-on-the-weekends style, there’s nothing that quite achieves the status of the beloved sneaker. This summer, sneakers are seriously having a major moment in the spotlight with a renewed focus on both timeless classics and funky printed designs.

Below are three summer sneaker trends that you should totally be on board with if you aren’t already!

canvas sneakers, converse jack purcell, creative recreation, men's shoes, men's sneakers, Menswear Monday, Polo Ralph Lauren, printed sneakers, slip-on sneakers, sneakers, sperry top-sider, summer sneakers, vans, White sneakers


Perfect for the guy who loves to stand out in a crowd, a printed slip-on sneaker or traditional lace-up sneaker adds an instant pop of character.

1. Creative Recreation Cesario Lo XVI in White/Marble

2. Vans Chima Pro in Aloha

3. Vans Classic Slip-On in Golden Coast


There’s just something about a classic pair of canvas sneakers that ties any casual summer outfit together. Try them in neutral shades like taupe, grey or navy!

1. Sperry Top-Sider Striper CVO Salt-Washed Twill

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Harvey

3. Converse Jack Purcell® Jack Ox

The obsession over a warm-weather white palette is definitely alive and well in the world of sneakers! Pair your white sneakers with simple chino shorts for a look that’s so fresh and so clean.

1. Native Shoes Jefferson in Shell White Solid

2. adidas Skateboarding Adi-Ease in White/Grey

3. Vans Era™ in True White