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New Brand Spotlight: Bobux Kids

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Bobux Kids was started in New Zealand by husband-and-wife team Chris and Coleen when they designed the first Bobux shoe for their daughter Chloe. Central to the brand’s inception is the belief in supporting the natural foot development in children. All Bobux kids’ shoes are built on lasts that replicate children’s ever-changing feet.

Providing great fit, cute style and comfort is the goal of Bobux kids’ shoes. Each style is specifically designed to not only look great, but also allow little feet the freedom to grow and develop as nature intended.


Boardshorts: A Brief History

This is Brah History 101 and if you don’t study up, you’re gonna be left behind kickin’ sand while all the hot doggers carve epic tubes on the reef break! First lesson: did you know that the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution originally stated “You have the right to bare-chestedness.”?  It’s true! Most of the original patriots were avid surfsmen and dreamed of a nation where all men were endowed with the unalienable right to “hang ten”. 

Unfortunately, one of the founding fathers that nobody remembers thought it indecent of a man to be in public without cover of a waistcoat and pitched a fit until it was changed to “…the right to bare arms.”. Since just about everybody back then was illiterate, this was misspelled as “bear arms” and its interpretation has been the source of confusion ever since. Bummer.

 From then until the early 20th century, men’s swimwear was pretty lame. Uncomfortable, full-body woolen garments had to be worn to protect innocent eyes from glancing at the burly barrel chests of that time period’s strongmen.  Yes, full-body wool swimwear. Have you ever swum in wool? Of course you haven’t.  You also probably don’t have wooden teeth or attach leeches to your temples to cure headaches. Progress! 

Something had to give, and finally in the 1930s, men of the United States were allowed to let their pectorals breathe. Parades of shirtless bros danced the Lindy Hop down their city’s shorelines and the swim trunk was born!

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1. Rip Curl All Time Boardshorts

2. VISSLA Moku Boardshorts

3. O'Neill Flexin Boardshorts

4. O'Neill Lennox Boardshorts

5. O'Neill Murca Boardshorts

6. Hurley Raglan Destroy Boardshorts

7. Billabong Dominance Boardshorts

8. Quiksilver Manic Camo Boardshorts

9. RVCA Register Trunk

The trunk proceeded to go on an epic run of success that left it unimpeded atop the US men’s swimwear throne for decades. Sure, there were some changes to the inseam length and fabrication content throughout the years as style/technology dictated, but for the most part it wasn’t until the 1990s that a worthy challenger appeared; the boardshort.  Fueled by angsty alt rock and puka shell necklaces, ‘90s youth shifted away their grandpappy’s swim trunks and gravitated toward something with a little more ‘tude. Boardshorts quickly captured the hearts, minds, and lower bodies of dudes everywhere; but why?

Simply put, boardshorts perform better and are stylistically more modern than trunks. Trunks are normally fabricated from non-performance materials such as cotton, while boardshorts are almost always either quick-drying polyester or nylon. This means that after hopping out of the pool, you don’t get mistaken for a soggy bottom boy--and that’s a good thing!

Boardshorts also typically have significantly more stretch and flexibility than trunks so that you can move freely both in and out of the water. You’ll really only find elastane or spandex in the waistband of swim trunks, whereas boardshorts have fitted waists with surf tie front closures to keep them in place. Boardshorts typically have longer inseams (although shorter inseams are becoming more common these days), UV protection, zippered or hook-and-loop pockets, and bolder prints that speak to those looking for something more eye-catching. They also ditch the mesh linings that swim trunks have so take that under consideration if you’re uncomfortable going commando!

Are boardshorts for you? Well, if you’re under 40 years old or are buying for someone under 40, probably. They’re just so dang rad. They’ve been the go to for casual men’s swimwear for nearly 20 years now for a reason. Try some out and see how you like them! carries boardshorts by popular surf lifestyle brands including O’Neill®, Hurley®, Rip Curl™, Billabong®, and Quiksilver®, so get searching and find some boardshorts you dig. Shibby!



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New Brand Spotlight: Mountain Khakis

For the adventurous soul, there is simply no substitute for the freedom, the authenticity and the unbridled spirit that the great outdoors offers. This pursuit of rugged adventure is a way of life that’s embraced by those who yearn for much more beyond the daily hustle and bustle.

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Mountain Khakis is a brand that started as organically as a spur-of-the-moment roadtrip. What started as a casual conversation amongst nature enthusiasts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming has since evolved into one of the most admired lifestyle apparel brands dedicated to the mountain and outdoor life.

Mountain Khakis, Mountain Khakis men's clothing, Mountain Khakis women's clothing, men's outdoor clothing, women's outdoor clothing, Mountain Khakis apparel, outdoor apparel, mountain clothing, hiking clothing, camping clothing,

Going on a warm hike during that spring getaway or maybe catching an early-season baseball game with the boys? Mountain Khakis’ focus on performance and quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabrics makes it an easy choice! Take the Mountain Khakis Camber 105 shorts for example-- these versatile men’s shorts can take you from trail to tailgate to tavern with its triple-stitched seams, quick-stash cell phone pocket, diamond-shaped action gusset and a super comfy stretch. If you’re into versatility and durability, these shorts do not disappoint!

camping clothing, hiking clothing, men's outdoor clothing, mountain clothing, Mountain Khakis, Mountain Khakis apparel, Mountain Khakis men's clothing, Mountain Khakis women's clothing, outdoor apparel, women's outdoor clothing

Mountain Khakis also makes versatile, adventure-ready clothing for you nature-loving ladies out there! Whether it’s a pair of women’s twill hiking shorts or a flattering shirt dress that looks just as good at dinner as it does on that spring vacation, Mountain Khakis puts the focus on a wearable balance between contemporary style and dependable, rugged quality.


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Gear We Love: Curvy Girls Gettin’ Fit

Happy Spring! I hope you are all enjoying warmer days with more daylight and waving goodbye to the snow.  Can you believe that 25% of 2015 is almost gone?  How’s it going with your ONE goal this year? 

Great gear makes all the difference, and this week I’ve enlisted a little help from two amazing women who are working towards their ONE goal of getting healthy while kicking butt. Madison is another Agent of WOW here at Zappos who convinced me to do Tough Mudder with her, and Meli runs our social media recruiting efforts, bringing in new members of the Zappos family. 

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My gear choices focus on the important things while hiking- staying warm and keeping hydrated. I stay prepared with a combination hydration bag & daypack by Osprey filled with hike essentials like sunscreen. Durable hiking boots by Vasque offer support and comfort all day and Injiji socks keep my feet extra happy. This sock may look a little different, but trust me, once you try them, you’ll wonder how you ever hiked or ran without them!

1. Black Diamond Women's Ultra Mountain Pole

2. Osprey Verve 13 Hydration Backpack

3. Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX

4. Columbia Plus Size Fast Trek II Full Zip Fleece Jacket

5. Black Diamond Gizmo Head Lamp

6. Injiinji Run Original Weight Mini-Crew Coolmax Socks

#WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, black diamond, camelbak, columbia, crosscountry, curvy, curvy girl clothes, fit plus, hiking, Injiji, nike, osprey, plus fashion, plus stylish, running, tough mudder, under armour, vasque, Well Rounded Wednesday, Zappos Plus

Meli G.’s crosstraining essentials:

“From the light and flowy Nike Extended Size Miler Tank to the sleek and beautiful Nike Victory Gym Tote, this plus size gym wear combo is the perfect choice for my daily workout. The vibrant colors, perfect fit and comfort these picks provide make me feel and look great during all types of workouts. From running to lifting and everything in between, these gym go-to pieces are perfect!”

1. Nike Victory Gym Tote

2. CamelBak Groove Insulated Water Bottle

3. Nike Flex Supreme TR 3

4. Nike Extended Dri-FIT Essential Crop Pant

5. Nike Extended Size Miler Tank

6. adidas Supernova Energy Full Support Bra


#WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, black diamond, camelbak, columbia, crosscountry, curvy, curvy girl clothes, fit plus, hiking, Injiji, nike, osprey, plus fashion, plus stylish, running, tough mudder, under armour, vasque, Well Rounded Wednesday, Zappos Plus

Madison J.’s running essentials:  

“I'm training for Tough Mudder this year, so I'm always on the lookout for gear that will go the distance as well as hold up to all the crazy obstacles in my path.  That was my primary reason for all of my picks. The Under Armour Bra and compression shorts are both quick drying and moisture wicking. The Asics running shoes are designed to hold up to a triathalon and are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned! The Zensah compression socks help with shin splints and muscle fatigue, and they look adorable on.  To really go the distance, you need to hydrate, and the hands-free Camelbak is perfect for that. Lastly, you need a way to carry your gear around and I love the functionality of a Nike bag that reminds me to run every day.  I know I can accomplish all of my goals with the right equipment to help me along!”

1. CamelBak Charm 50 oz. Hydration Pack

2. Nike Max Air Pursuit Duffel Bag

3. Zensah Argyle Compression Socks

4. Under Armour HeatGear Alpha Long

5. Under Armour UA HeatGear Alpha Printed Bra

6. ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 9


Rocking some amazing looks you’ve seen here on the blog? Tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WRW- we would LOVE to see your style!

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New Brand Spotlight: K-WAY

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Leave it to the originators of the windproof, waterproof packable jacket to always get it right. K-WAY was born in Paris back in 1965 and rain jackets have always been their specialty, still remaining the leader in this category after 50 years.

Designed with timeless style and unsurpassable quality in mind, K-WAY men’s rain jackets are perfect for spring transition layering or to wear on that boat excursion this summer! They’re available in fashion-focused colors and prints for the modern, stylish man.


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The Style Edit, Wedding Edition: Pink, Blush & Coral Dresses

Wedding season is in full swing, and this spring/summer is the perfect opportunity to embrace color! A fabulous trend we’ve been seeing is bridesmaid dresses done in varying hues of pinks, corals and soft blush. When the bride’s ladies are lined up together, you get a gorgeous ombré or gradient effect that really pops in photographs.

From a ladylike A-line coral dress by Donna Morgan to a floor-length blush gown by Faviana, the pretty color palette of these bridesmaid dresses is reminiscent of a gorgeous beach sunset, making it perfect for any spring or summer wedding.

blush dresses, bridal trends, bridesmaids dresses, coral dresses, pink dresses, The Style Edit, wedding colors, wedding trendsStyle Tip: 

When wearing the season’s pink, coral and blush-colored bridal dresses, keep the footwear more on the neutral side to complement the dress. Go for a pair of subtle champagne-colored heels or perhaps pretty pair of stappy silver sandals!


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The Iggy Azalea Collection by Steve Madden

Australian rap diva Iggy Azalea has teamed up with fashion footwear powerhouse Steve Madden to create an awesome new collection! The Iggy Azalea Collection for Steve Madden features funky platforms sandals, sport-inspired heels and modern fashion sneakers. Every bit as stylish and distinctive as Iggy herself, this limited-edition shoe collection is all about celebrating your bold side!

Check out her insanely funky and cool collection! More styles to be added soon.

Iggy Azalea, Steve Madden, Iggy Azalea Steve Madden shoes, Steve Madden shoes, Iggy Azalea shoe line, Steve Madden collaborations, heels, platform heels, women's sandals, fashion-forward footwear

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Glance Spotlight: People StyleWatch Feminine & Polished Picks

This week, we continue our fun collaboration with People StyleWatch on this special edition of Glance picks!

Gillian, Associate Fashion Editor at People StyleWatch gave us her picks for a polished feminine look. "My style is feminine with a sleek/modern twist. I'm really into clean silhouettes in pretty colors that play up a girly vibe. Each of these pieces are feminine and flirty, but still polished."

Click below to see all of her spring faves!

Glance by Zappos, People Magazine, People StyleWatch, Spring 2015 trends, feminine style, dresses, jewelry, feminine fashion, women's clothing, women's accessories, Glance by Zappos People Style Watch, Editors' Picks,