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Menswear Monday: Tropical-Print Shirts

As the temperatures steadily climb, we’re shifting our focus on tropical prints that remind us of sunny summer days by the beach. Printed men’s shirts are definitely one of the season’s biggest must haves, and tropical printed shirts are the ultimate in summertime style! Below are a few of my favorites; some of which are really easy to dress up or down depending on your needs.

As always, when purchasing new pieces for your wardrobe, great fit should be the first requirement. Obviously, you need to love the pattern, but how it fits on you is extremely important. 

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1. 7 Diamonds Pure Shores Short Sleeve Shirt

2. adidas Originals Palm Photo Print Tank

3. Original Penguin Tropical Print Woven Short Sleeve Shirt

4. Ted Baker Talaton T-Shirt

5. Rip Curl Larry Tank Top

6. Jack Spade Short Sleeve Chambray Tropical Shirt

7. Tommy Bahama Desert Bloom Batik

8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Palm Print Polo

9.  DSQUARED2 Poolside Sweater



Short sleeve button-ups are a great option for rocking a tropical print, particularly if you’d like to dress up your look a bit. You can wear them nice pair or shorts or slim-fit denim. You can even dress them up underneath a suit for a cool take on date night. Coordinate the shirt with colors that are found in the print to match with your bottoms or suit.

For a more casual feel, the tropical print t-shirt and tank top are a great way to go. These are the perfect laid-back options for summer BBQs, days at the beach and day parties. Again, pair them with relaxed shorts (or simple board shorts) or nice denim.

When it comes to tropical print shirts, you can opt to stay cool and classic with more subdued prints or go for a more fashion-forward look with bolder hues and patterns. It’s all about pairing like colors together when styling your looks. The trick is not to be too matchy-matchy, but rather, coordinated.

Hopefully these small tips will help you create a few new tropical-inspired looks for your warm-weather wardrobe. Enjoy!


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The Running List: Accessories to Help You Go the Distance

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Coco Chanel was obviously not a runner. There are certain times, especially on my long runs, that I may be easily confused with a pack mule. Between my hydration, fuel, GPS tracking devices (I use two because I am neurotic), IPod™, hat, sunglasses and any other odds and ends I forgot to mention, it’s a wonder how I’m able to carry it all! While I would love to abide by Coco’s inspiring words, in the world of running, removing one item is just not possible.

This brings us to the wonderful world of running accessories, or as I like to refer to them: little treasures that make running several miles possible, practical and yes, even enjoyable.

As I mentioned, there are several small items that make a large difference when hitting the road for a few hours. Read on to see my head-to-toe list of favorite running accessories!

Starting from the top, it is an absolute must to have sun protection, especially in the overwhelmingly sunny city of Las Vegas.  A moisture-wicking, lightweight hat not only protects your head and face from the sun, but it also keeps your noggin cool. And take it from someone who used to run in an old Minnesota Twins hat: baseball caps do not make good running hats, as evidenced by the still-constant stench of sweat and salt, even after 17 washes!

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1. Arc’Teryx Accelero Cap

2. The North Face Better than Naked Visor

3. Solomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set

4. CamelBak Ultra 4

5. Tifosi Optics Just

6. Under Armour Perfect Headband

7. Nathan Trail Mix 4

8. Ultimate Direction Access 10

9. Nike Distance Arm Band



For a great running hat, you may want to check out Arc’Teryx Accelero Cap or, if you prefer a visor, The North Face Better than Naked Visor is a good option. Even with a hat, the reflection of the sun off of the black asphalt is pretty bright, which is why I like to go the extra mile (pun intended) and throw on a pair of sunglasses. Tifosi Optics Just are super lightweight, polarized and perfect for protecting your eyes from glare.

For runs that you take either before or after the sun has gone down, the Under Armour Perfect Headband is the ideal antidote for disobedient hair that constantly finds its way into your eyes, nose, and/or mouth while running.

While I deeply enjoy disconnecting from the outside world when I’m running, I do take my phone with me as a safety precaution. It is also nice to have in the small chance that I am surprised by an adorable herd of meerkats and need to snap a quick photo. Lucky for me, the Nike Distance Arm Band makes for a great place to store my phone. It’s moisture wicking and so comfortable, I often forget I have it on J

Finally, and most importantly, for long runs (typically considered six miles and over) a hydration belt/pack/vest is a must. My personal preference is the Ultimate Direction Access 10 as it is lightweight and contained to just one bottle. While there are several individuals who prefer to have multiple bottles for different liquids, like the Nathan Trail Mix 4, I like to eliminate the chance of taking a sip of what I think is water only to have it be cherry-flavored vodka and ralph all over (I’m not quite sure how that could happen, but I don’t want to take that chance!).

For even longer trail runs or runs where you may not be around civilization for a while, the Solomon S-Lab Sense Ultra Set and CamelBak Ultra 4 are great companions that can store up to 70oz of water!

Now that you have a fully accessorized running outfit, go out there and make Coco roll around in her grave…maybe even throw on one extra running accessory before you leave the house!

Until next time, happy trails, roads and any other unchartered terrain!


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7 Summer Accessories You Need Now

You know the saying “it’s all in the details”? Well, we think it’s a pretty spot on philosophy when it comes to summertime dressing. We tend to pare down our clothing down to the bare essentials when temperatures creep up. This presents the perfect opportunity to accessorize to your heart’s desire!

Whether you’re lying out by the pool or taking that well deserved seaside trip, the right summer accessories make the outfit. Pair your sexy bikinis or sassy one-piece suits with an oversized sun hat to protect your face from the sun AND channel your inner poolside goddess! Wearing a simple maxi dress? Pair it with embellished sandals to give it some added interest. If you’re more into simple sandals, a pair of slides gives a totally of-the-moment feel while being every bit as comfy as your regular flip-flops! Oh, and don’t forget the stylish functionality of a big straw tote for beachside, poolside or just weekend treks around town.

aldo, Lucky Brand shoes, ray-ban, report footwear, san diego hat company, vera bradley, Wanted Footwear

1. Wanted Blanca

Slide Sandals

2. Lucky Brand Dadeen Slide Sandal

Embellished Flat Sandals

3. Report Lotte


Classic Straw Sun Hats

4. San Diego Hat Company Floppy Sun Hat

Crossbody Bags

5. ALDO Koolaid

Colorful Shades

6. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 54mm

Carry-All Beach Totes

7. Vera Bradley Large Straw Tote



Need more of a statement accessory? Trade in that everyday tote bag for a fringe studded crossbody bag to add a nice accent to even your simplest jeans-and-tee ensemble.

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the sunglasses as one of summer’s go-to essentials. A great way to brighten up your face is by simply switching out your basic black or brown sunglasses for something with fun colored lenses! Try a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers or their classic Aviator with blue or green lenses for an easy way to add a pop of color no matter how barebones your outfit may be.

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Hit the Trail: Great Pieces for Sunshine Days

Summer is officially here! Well, ok, it’s not technically summer since the summer solstice has not happened yet, but we all know that Memorial Day weekend is usually considered the unofficial-official start of summer. Personally, my favorite thing about summer is getting out of the Las Vegas heat to hike and camp with friends or my minions.

Getting out and enjoying nature under the summer sun calls for specific outdoor gear, especially for curvy girls.  First and foremost, make sure that most, if not all, of your gear has a UPF rating.  This fabulous feature is an AMAZING first line of defense to not only keep your face and décolletage looking young, but more importantly, 1 in 50 of us will be diagnosed with melanoma in our lifetime, and UPF-rated clothing and hats, like the one featured below from Outdoor Research, are a great way to protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.

Second, lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics are a girl’s best friend out on the trail after her hydration reservoir. I LOVE convertible pants like the ones featured from Columbia. They’re thick enough to protect my legs while going through brush, heavy enough to keep me warm during cool desert morning and evenings, but even better as shorts during the heat of the day.

A great pack by Osprey is a definite essential with room for a light Columbia jacket or raincoat, snacks, and an included a 3-liter hydration reservoir.  Of course, don’t forget that great hiking boots are your best friend during those summer outdoor adventures, especially ones that are as comfortable (and good looking) the Vasque Breeze 2.0 with GTX.

Finally, for those times you’re spending the night out in nature, I am going to tout the best bag/ sleeping pad combination I’ve ever come across.  The beauty of Big Agnes sleeping bags and pads is that the bag has an integrated sleeve for the sleeping pad, thus insuring it doesn’t sneak away while you sleep! The Double Z sleeping pad is lightweight, air-filled and extra cushy at four inches thick, and honestly makes sleeping out in the rocky desert as comfortable as on my bed back home. As an added bonus, it doesn’t squeak and crackle like most sleeping pads do! Who knew camping could be so comfy?

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1. Columbia Plus Size Bahama™ Long Sleeve Shirt

2. Soybu Plus Size Alicia Tank

3. Terramar Plus Size Short Sleeve Scoop Top

4. Columbia Plus Size Arcadia II Jacket

5. Columbia Plus Size Saturday Trail II ™Converible Pant

6. Columbia Plus Size Saturday Trail™ Long Shorts

7. Soybu Plus Size Allegro Capri

8. Osprey Raven 14 Backpack

9. Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero

10. Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX

11. Big Agnes Women's Juniper Sleeping Bag

12. Big Agnes Double Z Sleeping Pad



Enjoying the summer sun in any of the gear featured here on Well Rounded Wednesday? Please tag us in your photos on Twitter and Instagram using #WRW- we would LOVE to see your style!

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Summer Shoe Essentials from Base London

In order to excel in Summer Dressing 101, a crucial part of your wardrobe is the shoes. Building your outfit from the ground up is not a bad idea considering how important the shoes are to any man’s overall look! It’s also not a bad idea to take some cues from the stylish men of London. Taking the style demands of the British male, Base London takes footwear classics like the brogue oxford and the slip-on sneaker and refines them for the tastes of the modern man.

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1. Base London Spam 2

2. Base London Fry 2

3. Base London Sew

4. Base London Cuffs

5. Base London Spam 2

6. Base London Tartar

From sleek men’s loafers for work to laidback slip-on styles for the boardwalk, Base London men’s footwear exudes a timeless vibe while staying current with the fashion landscape of today.

Below, we’ve rounded up a couple of our current favorites from Base London for whatever is on your summer itinerary.


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Join Us for the 2015 Zappos Rideshop Series!

Right now, you’re probably still basking in the glow of a three-day weekend, but we want to invite you to start thinking about what you’ll be doing next weekend!

Next Friday, May 29, We’re hosting our annual Zappos Rideshop Series event right here in downtown Las Vegas—Fremont St. & Las Vegas Blvd. to be exact.

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Join us for an evening of family fun with live music from Unwritten Law, food, some of the industry's top skate brands and even a skateboarding contest featuring some of your favorite pro skateboarders!

To get a preview of what’s coming this Friday, check out this short snippet from last year’s Zappos Rideshop Series:

The Style Edit: The Great White Color Trend, 3 Ways

White is this summer’s color obsession! The simplicity of white is fresh, classic and brilliantly stylish! We love the simple, clean look of this monochromatic color trend and think it’s best rocking head-to-toe white. We put together three chic all-white looks to take you from the office to your favorite Sunday brunch café. Prepare to look white hot this summer!

Layered Perfection

Paint the town white! Step out in style by layering a sleek vest over a soft maxi dress. Pair with a modern clutch and vinyl sandals to create a contemporary look.

Sporty Spin

Keep it casual and comfortable as you roam the city with your friends in a relaxed shift dress paired with sneakers and a backpack for a sporty twist.

The Bright Side

As a smart, classy businesswoman, keep your outfit professional with a tailored wide-leg pant paired with a georgette shirt.  Finish your polished look with simple sandals and a structured satchel perfect to go from desk to dinner.

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Summer Jelly Sandals from Mel by Melissa

Remember the good old days of summer when you would slip into your cute jelly sandals, ready to make the most of all the sunshine? There’s something so utterly nostalgic about “jellies” (as they’re lovingly referred to) on a nice summer day. As we steadfastly head into the summer months, we’re so glad to see that jelly sandals and jelly shoes are making a resounding splash in the footwear scene—although, one could argue that they never really went away!

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1. Mel by Melissa Love City

2. Mel by Melissa Flower II

3. Mel by Melissa Special

4. Mel by Melissa Honey

5. Mel by Melissa Pitanga

6. Mel by Melissa Jelly

When you’re looking for fresh and always of-the-moment styles in jellies, you can always count on the jelly sandal experts, Mel by Melissa—the sister brand of iconic jelly footwear brand Melissa, to really deliver. Their fun collection of jelly sandals and jelly flats are perfectly poised to take your summer wardrobe to a new level of whimsical chic. Equal parts nostalgic and modern, Mel by Melissa jellies come in a great variety of summer colors as well as everyday neutrals that are perfect for work and play.

From their fresh assortment of jelly flip flops for the beach to super dainty jelly flats, Mel by Melissa has successfully elevated the beloved jellies of summers past!