Earth Brand Spotlight: Foot Health & Humanity

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends a person take at least 8,000 steps a day. That may sound like a lot, especially if you work in an office environment like myself, but in actuality that equals to only be about 30 minutes of brisk walking per day. So why not make the most of the time spent on your feet by stepping into the world’s most comfort-conscious shoes?



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Built on the foundation that wellness should be at the cornerstone of everyone’s life, the Earth line of brands — Earth Origins®, KalsØ Earth Shoes and Earthies® — puts a deep focus on contemporary style, comfort and underfoot health. And as part of the brand’s new fall collection, women everywhere can enjoy the latest styles and on-trend silhouettes, ranging from luxe leather boots and classically inspired wedge and ankle booties to slip-on clogs.



earth, Earthies Footwear, Kalso Earth Footwear, comfort footwear, environment, global sustainability

earth, Earthies Footwear, Kalso Earth Footwear, comfort footwear, environment, global sustainability



Earth Brand has also recently launched a very cool initiative with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization committed to planting trees in rural communities throughout the developing world. Sadly, 32.1 million trees are destroyed each year by man-made logging and natural causes, which puts a strain on clean soil, air and protection from the elements. 

However, you can help take action! With every Earth Brand shoe you purchase, a tree will be planted in your honor. Since September, this partnership has helped seed more than 44,300 trees, adding to the 65 million the organization has planted since its inception. If you’d like to help further, you can make monetary donations here. Mother Earth will thank you.        




Fall Trends to Try

Ladies, if you haven’t already yet, it’s time to do the big closet turnover. This is the time to pack your summertime staples into the trenches of your closet and start pulling out your cozy sweaters, long sleeves and jackets. When you do the big closet switch-a-roo, you might discover last season’s cold-weather frocks are not measuring up to this year’s trending fashions. Priority suddenly sets in to give your ensembles a little refresher. “But, what are the big trends this season,” you ask? This is where I can help! Here are just a few simple, on-trend options to add to your fall/winter wardrobe that will also complement the winter-ready staples you already own. 






Ponchos and Capes

When mornings and evenings turn chilly, sometimes all you need is something to cover your shoulders. Capes and ponchos are the perfect solution! Try this sophisticated layer over a sweater dress, leggings and riding boots.







Oxfords and Loafers

One of the hottest trends of the season for women are menswear flats. Substitute your ballerina styles for some oxfords or loafers. These masculine styles are a classic, polished look to complement a skinny jean or cigarette pant.  






Carry-All Totes

An oversize tote is a necessity year round, but the season calls for buttery soft leather and suede materials. Don’t be afraid to venture from traditional black and try a forest green or eggplant purple. Using your bag as a statement piece will add interest to your wintery, dark ensembles.






The Miniskirt

The ‘70s micro mini is making a huge comeback. Designers Saint Laurent and Carven showed off these short hemlines at NYFW paired with tights and ankle booties. Try the look in rich suede or leather material mixed with solid tights, a pointed bootie and faux fur accessories.







Bohemian chic fashion continues to be a hot trend this season with fringe accents complementing these earthy-inspired styles. A suede fringe handbag or beaded tassel lariat are the perfect parings to ‘70s era silhouettes.







Plaids were hot last fall, and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Instead of the traditional plaid shirt, mix it up a little with an oversize coat or scarf. 





Wine Accessories

Merlot or wine color is a hit across the board in fashion this season. From head to toe, the color seems to be flooding the market. Slowly introduce the color to your wardrobe with accessories. A wallet, hat or scarf is just the small touch you need to show off your fashion know-how.




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Get Moving with Active Clothing!

I had once believed that to be a runner you had to start with a perfect size 5 body and ripped muscles. Then, I met some of the amazing women of Zappos5Kers and began my own journey as a runner with their help and inspiration. 

Laura, Macy, Precious, Cody, Geenah: each one has been inspirational to me, proving that the biggest thing you need to be a runner is the desire to get off of the couch. They also gave me the foresight to recognize that my 14-minute mile was the same distance as someone else’s 5-minute mile.

Laura has gotten me through many races with encouragement and coaching, and her agreement that running oftentimes sucks, but nothing beats the feeling of crossing that finish line. 

Macy has shown me that determination, making a plan, and sticking to it pays off. She’s the “Beast Beginner” featured on our Zappos Running page, and she just ran yet another half marathon. 

Precious and Cody remind me of the reason I run, because they run for the same reason — to set a good example, and to make sure they’ll be around for their kids.  

Geenah has shown me to find joy in completion, rather than competing with anyone other than myself.

All of them are some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever meet. While I don’t think any of them are a size 2, they have all shown me that you can choose a goal and meet it, whether it is to finish, to be healthier or to be stronger, no matter what your numerical relationship with gravity or the number on your clothing tag. 

Running as a curvy girl has one challenge beyond getting up and taking that first step out the door: finding the right gear. I hope that someday companies will realize that those of us with the greatest need for technical workout gear are not a size XS. Until that time, I have some suggestions for gear that will go the distance with you as you get up, get out and chase that goal. 



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Cool weather is great for running — you don’t quite so much feel like melting. However, you’ll want some great pieces that wick away sweat to keep you warm and dry. 



#curvygirls, #WellRoundedWednesday, #Zapposplus, #zapposWRW, Columbia Plus, Marika Curves, moving comfort, nathan, neff, nike, plus fashion, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus, Zensah



Even when its cold, I’ve always preferred a crop to longer running pants, simply because they always seem like they ride up less and cause the dreaded chafe. And a fun pattern makes it easier to be seen if you’re running in those dusk or early morning hours before or after work. 



#curvygirls, #WellRoundedWednesday, #Zapposplus, #zapposWRW, Columbia Plus, Marika Curves, moving comfort, nathan, neff, nike, plus fashion, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus, Zensah



Do not run without a great bra — you’ll save yourself pain and breast damage. I also highly recommend a good compression sock when you’re just starting; it makes recovery a lot faster, and reduces pain. 



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Momma always said, “Safety first!” This time of year, when the sun goes down early and comes up later, make sure you’re being seen with reflection gear. Oh, and just because it’s cooler out doesn’t negate you staying hydrated. 


If you’re hitting the road in any of the gear you’ve seen here, tag us in your selfies or pics with #zapposWRW — we’d love to see your style! 




Swimsuit Chic by Mikoh Swimwear

As a born and raised Southern California girl I grew up loving two things, fashion and the ocean. I lived (and sometimes slept) in swimwear, and it wasn’t uncommon to go from all-day beach lounging to dinner wearing it. It was actually kind of chic to do so. Tousled salty sea hair, a lightweight maxi dress and a tinted lip gloss was all I needed for a laid-back, cool look.

The right swimsuit cuts, patterns and colors were the secret to that effortless bohemian style, and I’m loving the version Mikoh Swimwear is bringing to the swimsuit world! Their bikini tops and bottoms are fashionable yet totally functional, meaning you too can go from daytime beach play to chill dinner in style.



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Mikoh Swimwear’s print and color options are subtle. They mix deep hues with neutral tones that are flattering on every skin tone. Their bikini bottoms are low slung across the hips and show a little cheek, which is actually much more flattering than a full-coverage bottom. Playful straps and macramé designs spice up their swimsuit tops so you stand out in a tasteful way. Mikoh’s cover-up options are also stylishly subtle, making them easy to wear.



                                        bathing suit, beach, bikini, fashion, pool, style, swimsuit, swimwear 


If you’re ready to capture some of that laid-back, California-chic style, check out Mikoh Swimwear. I’m a fan, and being an actual SoCal beach girl, that says a lot.



Add Spin to Your Style in these Indoor Cycling Essentials

With summer long gone and autumn nearing its end, it’s inevitable that the shift in colder weather will put a damper on your outdoor activities. And with the hangover of Halloween still fresh in our minds and Thanksgiving and December holidays not far from reach, what better way to battle the bulge than to do a little indoor cycling?

Great for those of any age, indoor cycling, aka spin class, is one of the most popular and beneficial group class workouts available. According to an article by the American College of Sports Medicie, in this instructor-led 40-minute class, you’ll receive four incredible benefits, such as cardiovascular exercise, lowered stress levels, an increase in muscular endurance and quick-burning calories. Additionally, this low-impact workout is particularly great for those recovering from previous injuries, people who have back pain or arthritis, and even pre-natal and post-natal women who are wanting to stay in shape.

When attending spin class for the first time, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit intimidated by the number of cyclists, the closeness of the bikes, or the unknown of the class. However, here are few tips to help you play off your first experience dressed like a pro.



athletic accessories, cycling shoes, gym essentials, indoor cycling, performance clothing, spin class



First, comfortable clothing is key. You’re gonna sweat a lot, so a moisture wicking shirt or top is a must, as well as compression shorts or pants. Anything loose will disrupt your performance and will have you sticking out like a sore thumb. Check out brands like Pearl Izumi and Louis Garneau to help get you started.

Next, you’ll need to invest in some cross-trainers or cycling shoes. Cross-trainers with stiffer midsoles will give more cushion and stability to your ride, whereas bike shoes (see: Shimano and Giro) provide greater cycling strength due to the foot clips that attach to the pedals. This footwear preference is ultimately up to you and your total comfort.

Finally, don’t forget the accessories. Stay hydrated with a water bottle, a drying towel to wipe away perspiration, and an athletic bag to hold an extra change of clothes. After an intense class, you definitely don’t want to be driving home with a soaking wet shirt.

Indoor cycling is a phenomenal activity to help keep you fit and motivated through the holidays. Commit yourself to a few classes a week to get started, and in no time you’ll be feeling good and looking great in and out of your cycling gear!




Win Big with adidas Kids Basketball

As a kid growing up in the Midwest, basketball was life. Outdoor courts littered lakeside rec areas and neighborhood cul de sacs transformed into makeshift arenas. The weather never mattered; if it rained, we balled; if it snowed, we hooped. The only thing that ever slowed us down was the clothing on our backs.

Clothing comfort and agility is key for each and every athlete on the court, no matter their size. Whether you’re breaking ankles at the top of the key or posting up the opponent down low, selecting everything from the right shirt to the proper socks can make or break your game.

We all know tees, tanks and shorts are the sport’s predominate attire, but with lowering temperatures swooping in, now’s the time outfit your little ones in full-body adidas apparel.




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Dribble and drive with ease in this adidas ombre brand mark shirt. Its Climalite® fabrication pulls moisture away from the skin and pushes it towards the outer fabric for quick-dry comfort. If his shot goes cold, don’t worry. Warm him up in the Ultimate Branded Pullover. Featuring a cowl neckline and long raglan sleeves with banded cuffs, he’s sure to knock down the winning jumper in cool confidence.




action sports, activities, adidas kids, basketball, kids clothing, three stripes



If short sleeves are too cold and a pullover proves to be too warm for play, outfit him in the Ultimate L/S Tee. Designed with moisture wicking technology, this breathable, long-sleeve trainer will have him feeling in-game comfortable from tipoff to the final buzzer.




action sports, activities, adidas kids, basketball, kids clothing, three stripes



Block shots or run the three-man-weave with ease in the relaxed style of the Tech Fleece Pant. Made of 100% polyester, an elastic waist wears comfortably at the hips and adidas’ three-stripe branding can be seen along the length of the leg. A definite go-to for any budding all-star.




Work Boot Brands You Need To Own

The sun is an hour removed from cresting above the horizon and you’re already on your second cup of coffee. It’s a Tuesday, but the fatigue in your feet suggests it should be a Thursday, at minimum.

You sit for a minute and ask yourself how you’ll make it through the week. As the clock ticks on towards 5:30 you top off your canteen, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and head out the door for another 12-hour day at the plant, construction site, or to the countless other occupations that keep America running.

A few hours on site and you’re already cringing with every step. The strain in your heel and midfoot is overwhelming, but you persevere on because what other choice do you have? The thing is, you do have a choice: purchasing a quality pair of work boots.

You see, in today’s day and age you shouldn’t be succumbed by the same footwear your great grandfather wore in the ‘60s. Brands like Skechers Work, Wolverine, Keen Utility and Bates have reinvented the proverbial wheel, making your days comfier and more bearable than ever before.

With innovative technology in and around the boot, you’re guaranteed full protection from nature’s elements, slippery surfaces and falling objects. Here’s a preview of four exceptional boots that I suggest you give a try:



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These prominent brands are no stranger to toughness and style. In fact, they dare you to put in a full day’s work and not come home fully satisfied. Gel-infused insoles keep you feeling good for hours on end and flexible rubber outsoles are the benchmark to uncompromised stability.




work boots, durable boots, protection, stability, wolverine, skechers work, bates, keen


A unique design and durable construction are what makes these boots stand apart. These ankle styles are impenetrable to outside factors, and may just be the answer to your prayers. Anti-fatigue components ensure long-lasting support, shock absorption and durability, and waterproof membranes deter moisture from seeping in.




Men's Guide: 5 Ways to Accessorize with Stacy Adams

This past weekend I attended a cocktail dinner gathering with one of my closest friends, who happens to be one of the best mediocre attorneys in town. Each year his firm throws a pre-Halloween shindig, and I usually get asked by him to be his wife’s stand-in. She’s not one for eating charcuterie and schmoozing with bigwigs. Typically I’m not either, but when it comes to free food and dressing up in my fancier threads, I’m all for it.

However, whenever dressing to the nines it’s important to know it's not just the clothes that make the man, but the accessories do too. From shoes and ties to cufflinks and suspenders, one should always sprinkle in unexpected details, which can significantly elevate your style game.

Stacy Adams offers a good launching pad of products that will have you dressing your best with minimal added effort. Take a look at these great, cost-effective styles below!



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Finding the perfect pair of supple leather loafers is key. I prefer the almond toe or cap toe over pointed, and perforated details along the vamp can add another layer of sophistication to your look. Blind eyelets also ensure the attention stays on your shoe’s silhouette and not drawn around the laces.



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Although wearing a tie to a formal event isn’t a novel idea, many men forget the enchantment of pocket squares and suspenders. These two features will have you looking twice as refined as anyone else at the mixer. Depending on the mood, polka dots are nice alternative to an all-black necktie. 



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Add some bling to those boring buttons with silver-tone cufflinks. This edgy add on, along with a full grain leather belt an engraved silver buckle, rounds out your sleek and suave style with ease.