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Runner’s Hack: How To Properly Avoid Muscle Tension

Jeff Galloway, running, dehydration, proper stretching


Time and again you’ve heard trainers and running mates poetically wax and wane that stretching before and after runs significantly reduces the risk of injury. This longstanding notion is not entirely true, and now that you’re committed to running farther, it’s even more important to get proper information for improved performance. With that, let’s go ahead and introduce two tried and true ways to ease the tensions in your tendons. 


Jeff Galloway, running, dehydration, proper stretching



Most runners think they should stretch just before running. You see them everywhere, legs on benches, leaning against buildings, getting ready to run. I don’t recommend this. Just before running, the muscles are tight and may pull or strain easily. You are particularly at risk early in the morning when you’re cold and blood flow is minimal. Pushing a cold muscle, tendon or joint often leads to injury.

Stretching right after running is also a risky proposition. The muscles don’t simply stop all activity when you stop running. They are still “revved up” and ready to respond for about 30 minutes; stretching may cause them to spasm. When they are working hard like this, a stretch often activates the stretch reflex, leaving you tighter than before.

When, then? The best time to stretch is after the body is warmed up, relaxed and when the blood is moving. Since many runners do stretch incorrectly, it’s best to wait and stretch after warming up. Don’t stretch to warm the muscles up; it won’t work. Stretch in the evening, for example, or throughout the day as you have time. Many of my friends use stretching as a nice way to prepare for sleep.


Jeff Galloway, running, dehydration, proper stretching



Let’s face it—it’s hot out there, and we’re still weeks away from approaching autumn’s relief. With that being said, let’s talk about proper H2O intake and its impact on your body. As you’re probably well aware, dehydration can cause severe medical conditions, muscle soreness and increase your recovery time after long runs. Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, keep the water flowing before, during and after your runs by following these simple guidelines. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it’s crucial to drink early and regularly during a long outing, consuming 20-40 ounces of fluid per hour. This is a lot less than many of our runners are drinking, however, it averages to be about 4-7 ounces per mile for most runners. At the end of long runs, and for hours afterward, even if you are very thirsty, don’t drink more than 8 ounces of water about every 20 minutes. It is better to drink an electrolyte beverage, like Accelerade, which will help slow down the absorption of water. This regimen is also helpful in avoiding hyponatremia, or water intoxification, and can be read more in-depth here.

Although the aforementioned tips aren’t necessarily myth busters, I do hope they provide a new perspective on ways to maximize your muscle tolerance so you can run healthier.


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Fabulous Fall: 3 Great Looks for the Fierce & Fabulous

Can you believe that it’s nearly fall? High school football has begun, and in a few short weeks we will be enjoying games while bundled up against the chill, cocoa in one hand and our cell phones in the other. The season of harvest festivals, apple picking, and yes, pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING is soon upon us. As I look out the windows here at work and see the shades of browns and greens beginning to change, I’m excited for cooler temperatures that open up the days to so many more possibilities.  

As leaves change colors and scatter to the ground, we’re given the chance to begin anew new. We don’t have to wait for the start of a new year to tackle that one adjustment we keep talking about. We can just simply take the first step and make it happen, from new jobs to new relationships and everything in between.

We can even take this new season to help us out of a personal rut, whether it be taking the same road every day to work or wearing dark, boring clothing every day. I admit that I have fallen into the trap of wearing dark colors because it is “slimming.” However, I’ve been making an effort to actually include color in my wardrobe. Thankfully there are some amazing pieces in this year’s fall collections! 


#curvygirls, #fierce, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #Zapposplus, Alex & Ani, fall, frye, jag jeans, karen kane plus, kendra scott, levi’s plus, lucky brand, nic + zoe, plus fashion, rachel pally, ray-ban, splendid, Vince Camuto Plus, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus


One of my favorite trends this fall is a nod to the pumpkin-flavored-everything trend: gorgeous shades of oranges, warm browns reminiscent of cinnamon and nutmeg, and cool creams, all reminding us of the bounty of fall. Earthy tones, like this wonderful top by Vince Camuto, gently brings us down from the bright and poppy colors of summer.


#curvygirls, #fierce, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #Zapposplus, Alex & Ani, fall, frye, jag jeans, karen kane plus, kendra scott, levi’s plus, lucky brand, nic + zoe, plus fashion, rachel pally, ray-ban, splendid, Vince Camuto Plus, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus


For those of us not quite ready to give in to the season of change, softer, muted tones of summer is reflected in these pieces by Rachel Pally and Steve Madden. Add in great accessories by Kendra Scott, unstructured bags of soft, supple leathers, and polished booties to add strut to your stride, and you’re ready for a fabulous fall.


#curvygirls, #fierce, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #Zapposplus, Alex & Ani, fall, frye, jag jeans, karen kane plus, kendra scott, levi’s plus, lucky brand, nic + zoe, plus fashion, rachel pally, ray-ban, splendid, Vince Camuto Plus, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus


If you’re rocking any of the looks you’ve seen here, tag us in your selfies or pics with #zapposWRW — we’d love to see your style! 

Your Favorites Are Back!

Joe’s Jeans are bringing back some of their most popular styles! It’s like when you can’t find anything new that fits, and you look longingly at that pair of jeans you wore until they were dead, just wishing your fave fit would come back (or lamenting that it ever went away). A great pair of jeans is so important.

Although Joe’s Jeans strives to be innovative, they are staying true to their original concept that all women have different body shapes and have signature looks when it comes to their beloved denim. Whether it’s ankle, bootcut, or ripped skinny jeans, these styles are available again!

OK, but what about your favorite color? Are you a dark, medium wash with bright hues or a rich, soft blue jean with wiskers and sandblast highlights? Tonal topstitch? Matte hardware? They got it.

Fit through the hip. Go get it girl! 

classic fit, denim, jeans for different body types, Joe’s Jeans

1. Joes's Jeans The Icon Skinny Jean in Seneka

2. Joe's Jeans Japanese Denim The Provocateur Boot in Aimi

3. Joe's Jeans Japanese Denim The Honey Bootcut in Kai

4. Joe's Jeans The Vixen Ankle in Regan

5. Joe's Jeans Japanese Denim The Icon Ankle in Aimi 

Falling for Fashion, The Top 5 Trends

With so many brands and styles out there, it’s tough for parents to stay on top of the latest and greatest in back-to-school fashion. Zappos’ team of stylists work year-round, researching apparel and footwear trends to ensure that we have what’s hot for kids of all ages.

From kindergarteners to high schoolers, we’ve got all the must-haves to get your kids stylish.

Here are five fashion trends that will have your kid falling in love with their back-to-school wardrobe, guaranteed to get them an A+ in style:

back to school basics, backpacks, denim, graphic tees, kids footwear

1. “Retro” kicks

Everything old is new again. Retro is in and top brands are taking notice, producing new product lines that pay homage to past eras. New Balance Kids and old school adidas are just two examples of footwear brands that are offering popular retro looks refreshed for 2015. Check out some of the Fashion Poet favorite retro looks.

Perhaps the most iconic shoe in the world, the “Chuck Taylor All Star,” remains a popular choice, managing to adapt to the times just enough to stay on the top trends lists year after year. More than one billion pairs of “Chucks” have been sold worldwide, with styles that burst with color or classic solids that can be personalized. Perfect for kids of any age and personality.

back to school basics, backpacks, denim, graphic tees, kids footwear

2. “Heritage” Backpacks

Heritage style backpacks are making a big comeback. Many of these are classic backpacks that pair vintage style with a modern twist. The Heritage style from Herschel Supply is a clear example of how the brand is staying on-trend this season. From Dakine to Vans, Jansport also has a wide selection to have your kid carrying their books in style.

3. Boots

There’s no surprise that boots are big for the fall. From the flower motifs that work from summer to fall, the classic Dr. Martens Kid’s Collection boots can add edge to your kids’ wardrobe. 

Your kids can make a big splash with some cool rain boots. Hunter boots are perfect for long rainy and snow days, keeping them stylish and staying warm.

4. Graphic Tees

Kids can make a bold statement with graphic tees. The coolest T-shirts show off their personality, and this year it’s all about positive messaging.

From novelty T-shirts with witty and humorous phrases to athletic fits and vintage styles, we’ll have your kid styling in the classroom.

back to school basics, backpacks, denim, graphic tees, kids footwear

5. Denim

Denim is a timeless staple. We are loving denim jackets, jeans, shirts and skirts that are a big trend for the fall. It’s durable, comfortable and cool and will get them through math class to after-school gatherings. 

Ripped or colored are some of the coolest treatments that your kid can rock. 

What Will You #AskKristin?

Beyond her skyrocketing fame as an acclaimed television personality and actress, Kristin Cavallari is also a rising star within the fashion industry. Honing in on her talents, Kristin has teamed up with Chinese Laundry to create a line of sumptuous and sleek heels, boots, sandals and flats for fashion-conscious women everywhere.

On September 2 at 10 a.m. PST, invites you to join a LIVE conversation with the ever-glamorous Kristin as she broadcasts from Zappos’ Las Vegas headquarters.

Chinese Laundry, fall boots, kristin cavallari, style questions, women's flats

Throughout this very special event, YOU can chime in to ask her your fashion-related questions, everything from where she finds her design inspiration to what hot new trend to follow this fall, and more! Beginning now and leading up to the broadcast, all you have to do is use #AskKristin on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform.

What launched in 1981, Chinese Laundry continues to feature trendy designs as well as refined classics that transition from work to a night out in top style. Today, the brand is known the world over for its outstanding quality and value by incorporating unique and inspired points of view, thanks to forward-thinking designers like Kristin.

“The one thing that’s changed about my style since becoming a mom is that I wear more flats,” says Kristin, referencing the Chandy (pictured). “This flat is so chic and versatile, making it a must have.”Chinese Laundry, fall boots, kristin cavallari, style questions, women's flats

Kristen’s other collection favorites include the Charm, Candyce and Calissa, however, this year’s fall favorite, she says, is the Liam. “A new take on a best seller, the leather is perfect for fall. This is my favorite bootie that I own (not just from my line!). I wear it with everything from dresses and skirts to jeans and leather pants. A staple that will be with you forever.” Chinese Laundry, fall boots, kristin cavallari, style questions, women's flats

Explore more KristIn Cavallari products here and styles below. And don’t forget to submit your #AskKristin questions now as well as tune in on September 2 at 10 a.m. PST. 

Chinese Laundry, fall boots, kristin cavallari, style questions, women's flats

Chinese Laundry, fall boots, kristin cavallari, style questions, women's flats

Chinese Laundry, fall boots, kristin cavallari, style questions, women's flats

Safety Shoes You Need To Own

How many days has it been since your workplace’s last incident? Whatever the number, don’t leave it to chance by wearing ill-protected footwear. Depending on your occupation, you must adapt your footwear appropriately. For example, a career in manufacturing or machinery will require drastically different shoes than, say, a server or a warehouse supervisor. So before you read any further, ask yourself — are your feet properly outfitted? 

If you said no, first things first, and let’s talk about the risks of improper footwear. Typically speaking, there are two major categories of work-related foot damage. The first includes injuries from punctures, lacerations and crushing of the forefoot, again mainly happening in industrial careers. The second group includes slips, trips and falls due to a lack of tread. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, half of all workplace injuries are caused by floor contaminants. The second leading cause, responsible for 24% of injuries, is improper footwear. As a result, personal claim damages in 2006 exceeded a whopping $11 billion!

With those statistics in mind, Skechers Work brings you its line of ultra tough, durable shoes and boots. Designed in Skechers’s popular looks, the Skechers Work safety toe collection offers the latest in style, quality and comfort, and are tested to meet or exceed ASTM F2413-2011, I/75 C/75 standards for impact and compression safety.

Available in boots, sneakers, casuals and slip-ons for men and women, most safety toe styles are enhanced with Relaxed Fit® construction (a Skechers memory foam insole) and a roomier toe for instant, all-day comfort. Steel toe and lightweight options, such as alloy safety toe and non-metallic composite toe, are also available, as well as select styles offering electrical hazard and waterproof protection. 

Furthermore, in an effort to reduce on-the-job injuries everywhere, Skechers Work’s rubberized, slip-resistant outsole provides excellent traction and is OSHA compliant. In fact, many of its stylishly designed products have been sole tested with ASTM F1677-96 Mark II standards to meet or exceed a .45 coefficient, even on wet and oily surfaces.

So by the time your next shift begins, have piece of mind knowing your feet and body are protected with the Skechers Work collection. Check below for some of the latest and greatest styles available on

safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes
safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes
safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes
safety shoes, skechers footwear, steel toe, work shoes

  1. Kenner
  2. Soft Stride Canopy
  3. Foreman Arvin
  4. Workshire Corpus
  5. Cottonwood - Cropper
  6. Cottonwood
  7. Flattery Transpire
  8. Mina
  9. Relaxed Fit - Career - 9 to 5
  10. Blais - Athol
  11. Gibson - Alias
  12. Softie

Get Back to Class!

There is nothing like a brand-new pair of shoes to put a little pep in your step on the way back to school, so I did some investigative work just for you! It’s just about time to introduce transitional fall colors also, so I chose a neutral palette but some saturated hues with warm tones too. 

Fringe seems to be everywhere right now, so whether it’s a high, wrapped heel or low, stacked block heel, having something in fringe is a must. If that’s not your thing, there’s always the stone and stud details or interesting zipper-trim detail. If you’re a knee-high boots type person, choose from quilted faux leather or a sexy cage-design, open-toe boot.

A few of these have the (in my book) almighty back zipper closure. I love this feature, especially on a lace-up shoe because this makes the vamp basically adjustable depending on how full your foot is.

Walk in like a boss.

fall footwear, detailed boots, fringe, heels

  1. Dirty Laundry Twist And Shout
  2. Michael Antonio Jasslyn
  3. Chinese Laundry Santa Fe Fringe Sandal
  4. Seychelles Alibi
  5. G by GUESS Issax
  6. Sbicca Verse
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Cool & Comfy: 12 Looks to Keep You Feelin' Both

It is hot

As we head into late summer in Las Vegas, we are seeing daily highs in the 108°F range. Now, I know most of you are going to say, “But Franki! It’s a DRY heat!” To this I reply that so is your oven, but you don’t want to hang out in it, now do you?

As a fluffy girl, I have always posited that I would rather deal with the cold than with the heat because nature, in her infinite wisdom, provided me with an insulating layer. As confident as I am with my own skin, there is another reason. Adding layers of clothing is, in its own way, a type of armor that helps cover and conceal body issues. Using patterns and layers to disguise those areas I’m not so happy with is ingenious. However, when it’s hot, you take clothing off, or wear things that are cut to expose skin and keep you cool, thus removing the camouflage that fashion provides.

We recently had a company event at a waterpark, and I think one of the most difficult things I’ve done in recent months was taking off my adorable capris and funky shirt to walk around in my bathing suit.

This is even odder considering that at Zappos, we truly are a loud, boisterous, loving and crazy family, constantly praising and pushing each other to achieve and be the best version of ourselves. However, I’m human, and though I am proud of my curves, of the body I work on in the gym and on runs every day, I was scared being compared to everyone else.

Truthfully, I work with some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet (both inside and outside), and deep inside every confident, curvy woman lurks that shy, chubby kid who always wore T-shirts in the pool in the hope of no one making fun of her.  

Do you want to know what happened when I finally decided it was going to be much cooler in the water than walking around fully dressed in 110°F heat, and got into my awesome swimsuit and sheer Steve Madden topper? Nothing. No one screamed or ran away in fear. No one tried to harpoon the white whale (sunscreen is an Irish girl’s best friend, seriously!).

In fact, I heard two things from some friends who were too nervous to swim. They were, “You look so comfortable and cool, I wish I’d brought my suit, but I didn’t want to scare people, ” and “Wow! You look awesome, let’s go ride a waterslide!” It was a great reminder that in the end, I’m still going to be my greatest critic, and I should not be so focused on what I think other people are going to think. What matters most is how I feel, and I feel a lot better when I’m not sweltering to death in layers to cover myself up.

So, in celebration of that, this week I’m bringing you beautiful, soft, comfortable and light pieces designed to help you stay cool through the dog days of summer. And as a reminder, the only opinion that matters about how you look is yours. In fact, how would you react if someone talked to your best friend the way you talk to yourself inside your head? If the answer is you’d kick their butt, perhaps it’s time to kick your own and take the self-negativity down a notch. Be you, be comfortable, be happy and celebrate the amazing person you are, even if you feel like the outside parts are still works in progress.

#curvygirls, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #Zapposplus, calvin klein, comfort, culture phit, jumpers, karen kane plus, Kiyonna, michael michael kors, Mynt 1792, plus fashion, plus maxi, rachel pally, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus
#curvygirls, #WellRoundedWednesday, #WRW, #Zapposplus, calvin klein, comfort, culture phit, jumpers, karen kane plus, Kiyonna, michael michael kors, Mynt 1792, plus fashion, plus maxi, rachel pally, Well Rounded Wednesday, zappos, Zappos Plus 

  1. Culture Phit Plus Size Ayden Dress
  2. Mynt 1792 Plus Size Sheer Bodice Jumpsuit
  3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Rain Print Maxi Tank Dress
  4. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Solid Matte Jersey Logo Maxi
  5. Rachel Pally Plus Plus Size Kathy Dress White Label
  6. Karen Kane Plus Plus Size Contrast Maxi Tank Dress
  7. Calvin Klein Plus Plus Size Sleeveless Print Top w/ Chain
  8. Karen Kane Plus Plus Size Midnight Iris Double Layer Top
  9. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Embroidery Tassel Top
  10. Kiyonna Bohemian Crochet Bellini
  11. MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus Size Tie-Dye Wide Leg Pants
  12. Rachel Pally Plus Plus Size Wide Leg Trousers

If you’re staying cool and rocking any of the looks you’ve seen here, tag us in your selfies or pics with #zapposWRW — we’d love to see your style!