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New Brand Spotlight: Hammitt

New Brand Spotlight, Hammitt, Hammitt LA, Hammitt bags, Hammitt handbags, Hammitt clutches, fashion handbags, stylish handbags, Hammitt™ is a leader in handcrafted fashion accessories from Los Angeles and is rapidly moving the trend across the country. Deeply rooted in an effortless California lifestyle, Hammitt’s unique signature style resonates through its distinct body shapes and design elements that include rivets and raw edges.

Hammitt’s brand positioning embraces the spirit of its LA roots, yet relates and inspires style-driven, youthful-minded women with no regional boundaries. Ranging from the perfect crossbody, clutch, tote, or satchel, Hammitt is sexy, self-confident, always captivating, and show stopping.


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Superfeet: Innovation from the Ground Up

A firm belief in the amazing capacity of human potential is the main driving force behind the Superfeet® brand. It is this pursuit of the unexpected that inspires them to make insoles that help you achieve any terrain and obstacle, one comfortable step at a time.  

running shoe insoles, Superfeet, SuperFeet CARBON, SuperFeet insoles, SuperFeet podiatric insoles

image credit: Garrett Grove

Built from the ground up (literally!) on the principles of podiatric medicine, Superfeet’s insole design has set the standard for support, earning over 40 U.S. and International patents. Each insole is designed to adapt the human foot to a world that has become exceedingly flatter, harder and less natural—from concrete commutes to tiled floors.

running shoe insoles, Superfeet, SuperFeet CARBON, SuperFeet insoles, SuperFeet podiatric insoles

Superfeet’s latest insole innovation is their CARBON line—their thinnest product to date. With a stabilizer cap made of EVOLyte™--an extremely strong yet thin carbon fiber material—this latest evolution of insole is perfect for adding reliable support to even more types of footwear.

Whether you’re hitting the trail or hitting the pavement, Superfeet provides the support and comfort your body needs to achieve great things!


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Inspired By: New Nautical

If you’ve ever thought of nautical style as being “too preppy”, it’s time to take a fresh look at the latest iteration of this quintessential summertime staple! Today’s new nautical is less yacht club and more laidback-cool, making it totally wearable for everyday life.

Check out our effortlessly chic take on nautical:

big star, french connection, frye, inspired by, nautical style, New Nautical, Splendid clothing, street style

street style image source: WGSN

1. Splendid “Blue Ridge” Stripe Dolman Tee

2. French Connection “Prim Lady” Shoulder Bag

3. Big Star “Alex” Mid Rise Skinny in Deep Sea

4. Frye “Quincy” Tie Boat Shoes

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New Brand Spotlight: Lobo Solo

Lobo Solo, new brand spotlight, Lobo Solo footwear, Lobo Solo shoes, comfort shoes, comfort footwear

The Lobo Solo® shoe manufacturing system originated from the ancient traditions of the Nordic regions of Mexico—an artisan construction where components of the shoe are woven by hand, creating a shoe with great flexibility and exquisite comfort.

Lobo Solo strives to preserve these ancient traditions and fuse them with the advantages of current state-of-the art footwear designs. Lobo Solo offers customers a value that only artisans can provide.


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New Brand Spotlight: Berard

Berard, Berard France, Berard olive wood kitchen tools, olive wood, wooden kitchen accessories,kitchen tools, unique kitchen tools,Berard olive wood kitchen products

Since 1892, Berard® has produced olive wood kitchen tools and accessories at its headquarters near Provence, France. Berard uses only the finest Mediterranean olive wood—with its distinctive grain and gorgeous patina—to craft unique, stylish utensils, cheese boards, storage canisters, and other top-quality kitchen products. The quality and character of Berard workmanship result from more than a century of traditional methods and expertise applied by artisans who have passed down their skills from one generation to the next.

Naturally strong and elegant, olive wood is known for its intense grain and characteristic variations, making each hand-crafted Berard piece unique. To help maintain olive wood’s original luster, Berard suggests that you occasionally apply a light coat of food-safe mineral oil or beeswax.

Berard’s olive wood products provide years of enjoyment in the kitchen and home. Enjoy!


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New Brand Spotlight: Kennel & Schmenger

Zappos Couture, New Brand Spotlight, Kennel & Schmenger, Kennel & Schmenger footwear, Kennel & Schmenger shoes, designer shoes, couture shoes,

Accept no compromise! Don’t be a cookie cutter image of everyone else. The recipe for an inspirational image is to step into a unique pair of Kennel & Schmenger shoes. "Accepting no compromise" is the driving force behind the quality and elegant expectations of each pair of sensational shoes, elegant high heels, flats, sneakers and breathtaking boots from the Kennel & Schmenger footwear collection.

In these times of mass production, it has become almost exceptional to encounter individuality and hand-made manufacturing. Kennel & Schmenger is an exciting exception with 95 years of shoe craftsmanship; the family-owned firm has succeeded in perfecting their products and bringing the Kennel & Schmenger footwear collection to an international level. Today the company is one of the leading German manufacturers of luxury shoes and accessories.

The passionate philosophy of the Kennel & Schmenger footwear collection is to only use products of the finest quality such as premium leather, quality craftsmanship and the designs that are the latest international trends. This is the only suitable standard for a fashion-forward, modern woman with high expectations, which is the Kennel & Schmenger customer.

Kennel & Schmenger was founded in 1918, in Pirmasens, which was then well known for its remarkable shoe industry. Kennel & Schmenger has remained a family business ever since. Klaus Kennel managed the firm for 50 years and recently retired in 2011. The firm's tradition-steeped corporate culture is carried on by the two managing directors Andreas Klautzsch and Stefan Frank. Today the company retails its products in 33 countries all over the world.

Kennel & Schmenger has created something that is nowadays rarely found: a link between high quality, authenticity, and the belief in tradition.

Accepting no compromise-it clearly pays off.