Angela K. What's On Your Desk-KY Edition

Angela K.,’s KY Warehouse Recruiting Supervisor, shows us what’s on her desk. Angela’s job is to keep the warehouse filled with Zapponians eager to deliver WOW. She attends job fairs, tours, and networks with many HR folks to find the very best employees for

Angela’s desk is filled with fun trinkets to keep her focused on building a family and team environment in the warehouse. Although she is flooded with resumes, stocked with paperwork, and inundated with phone messages, she finds Mr. Wonderful waiting at her desk for her everyday when she arrives! She also collects hats, so feel free to leave a few more on her desk. (Bert, please don’t leave anymore spiders though, she is terrified.)


The divine Ms. Brooke is one of the Couture Team’s favorite ‘stylistas’. Her style is always fresh, relaxed with a splash of trend thrown in. B rocks fabulous jeans – bootcut or skinny – layered T-shirts, cutting-edge organic jewelry, sweet sundresses for her excursions to Costa Rica and the Caymans, not to mention the girl can rock a scarf. Ms. B, our hat’s off to your organic, relaxed style!

Shoe Encyclopedia: Let's Get Technical

So you’ve come back for another lesson in shoe talk, eh? You must be getting good at shoe lingo by now. You may even be able to stump the shoe salesman with your shoe encyclopedia knowledge. Aw, c’mon, you know you are eager to try it out at least once — or twice. Shoe parts, shoe-making processes, specialty collections and more have been discussed. In this week’s lesson, you will be following that trend with a medical foot condition, a type of shoe measurement, a synthetic material and a style of shoe with safety in mind.

Safety Shoe
Safety first, right? The safety shoe is one designed specifically with the consumer’s safety in mind. Most safety shoes have steel toes. Safety shoes can also include other safety features, such as waterproofing and oil-resistant fabrics and materials. Designed for the professional, the Timberland Pro collection of work boots and shoes is an example of safety coupled with comfort and style. The Timberland brand is well known among the pros for its safety and durability.

Polyurethane (PU)
Polyurethane, or simply PU, is a chemical-based synthetic material. It is commonly used to create faux leather. Hey now, when I said “PU,” that was not a reference to a foul odor. Although, if you’ve got an odor problem, you may wish try some odor-fighting polyurethane shoes.

Shaft Height
The shaft height is the inside measurement of the boot’s shaft from bottom to top, starting at the arch. If you were at thinking of a mine shaft instead, you may want to pick up a set of climbing shoes before you head off to explore.

Neuroma is a foot condition that a person could be born with due to a defect. It can also be caused by wearing shoes too narrow for the foot, wearing high-heeled shoes or injuries. If you have neuroma, this means that the two metatarsals on your feet have pinched the nerve located between them. The pinching action causes a tissue mass to form on this nerve. That mass is known as a neuroma.

Best Surfing in the World: Maldives, Asia

Surfing the beautiful Indian Ocean may seem like a dream to some, however some of the best surfing in the world is located between India and Sri Lanka, just south of the Lakshadweep Islands of India and southwest of Sri Lanka. Here you’ll find an island nation called Maldives that is comprised of a large group of atolls, which are basically coral formations that form a circular shape with an enclosed lagoon. These unique formations add to the undisturbed beauty of the region in addition to crystal clear waters, and incredible weather, which is ideal for an avid lover of surfing.

Nailing down one’s favorite spot can be difficult. Maldives, Asia is definitely one of the many spots that equates to surfing paradise with an average water temperature of around 82 degrees. Should one choose to venture out to an exotic location such as Maldives for a surfing trip, keep in mind that getting to surfing spots will require a boat.

Popular surf spots in Maldives range the gamut between the South Male Atoll and the North Male Atoll. Some of the most popular spots include Cokes, Honkeys, Five Islands, Jails, Sultans, Tombstone, Gurus, Kates, Foxys, Riptides, and Natives to name a few.

In terms of level of difficulty, Chickens, Cokes, Gurus and Jails are recommended for experienced surfers only. For those pros and kamikaze-style surfers, the best surf spot is Meeru Reef, though other great challenging locations include Pasta Point, Sultans, and Last Stop.

There are a few surf packages available, but surfers might want to bring basic gear including shoes , board shorts , wet dry bags and boards. Surfers interested in resort packages should consider resources such as The Perfect Wave, Awesome Holidays Maldives, Surf Travel or World Surfaris.

As with all international travel, it is highly recommended that surfers planning to travel to Maldives to experience some of the best surfing in the world check with the American Consulate prior to planning a trip abroad.

A Family Vacation Must: Rock City

See Rock City.

There is nobody from the immediate north, south, east or west of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee who has not passed a veritable multitude of barns with the words “See Rock City” painted on them. Rock City is just one of the many fantastic sites to see in the Lookout Mountain area near Chattanooga. And Rock City is definitely a hot vacation spot for travelers with kids.

Kids in particular will go crazy at Rock City. Why? Because, well, it truly is a rock city. Rock City is a long, winding path of rock formations, which the guys in charge have doctored and dolled up to present a kind of story. In fact, if you pay close attention while you meander along these truly extraordinary rock formations, you can kind of create a little plot line for you and the children. Kids really love to turn a vacation into an adventure, and in too many cases that means pretending to be spies while chasing each other through the corridors of the hotel. Instead, the kids can squeeze through the narrow passage of Rock City known as Fat Man’s Squeeze and pretend they are trying to escape from pirates. Or they can pretend they are helping some gnomes escape through the tunnel at Goblin’s Underpass. And do not forget the myriad thrills as they cling to life on the magnificently frightening Swing-A-Long bridge. Of course, if you or the kids have a phobia about heights or swinging rope bridges, you bypass this particular thrill, fold up your umbrella and seek comfort beneath Shelter Rock. The more adventuresome members of your party can create a back story to the crossing of the bridge.

No one who sees Rock City forgets its undeniably magical appeal. If you take your kids to see this natural and even mystical wonder, you can bet that in another twenty years or so they will be eager to re-experience the pleasure through their own children’s eyes.

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Healthier Lifestyle Week by Week: Lower Sodium Intake

It’s that time of the week again, and this week we’re going to tackle sodium. There are many misconceptions and challenges to face when it comes to this week’s topic. But, with a little bit of work and further knowledge on the topic, you’ll be ready to lower your sodium intake and start living healthier.

I’ll admit that I’ve never been one to add salt to my food. The elementary school I attended never placed salt shakers on the table. Eating unsalted foods day after day trained my taste buds to do without. I thought my sodium intake had to be well-below average. Unfortunately, I’ve always been a fan of processed foods. A quick look at the nutrition label of many processed foods will show you that sometimes they contain your daily allowance of sodium in one serving. This leads me to another misconception many people believe about sodium. Many companies have now released products that contain lower amounts of sodium. That’s great, right? Wrong. A close inspection of the nutrition label will show you that the products still contain too much sodium. For example, products that used to have over 1,200 mg may now contain 800 mg, which is still too much.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was giving up processed foods. To this day, I still purchase some processed foods. After all, who can resist the convenience of many of these products? If you also live a fast-paced lifestyle, you may have processed foods in your kitchen too. What can you do to give up these foods and reduce your sodium intake? First of all, look for fresh or frozen products that are easy to prepare. A great example is frozen vegetables. If you want quick meals, look no farther than your slow cooker. Last, but not least, stay away from condiments! Remember that the average person should eat between 1,500 to 2,400 mg of sodium per day. Also don’t forget that some sodium is essential for healthy living.

What are you waiting for? Grab your shopping tote and restock your pantry with low-sodium foods.

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Celebrity Gossip: Travis Baker A Ok, Ledger's Estate, Paris' New Scent

Here’s some good news for Hollywood. Travis Barker has been released from the hospital. After suffering second and third-degree burns in a plane crash almost two weeks ago, Barker has been released from Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Four other passengers on the plane were killed during this crash. The other survivor from the crash, DJ AM, was released from the hospital last Friday. Both of the men have are said to be able to make full recoveries from their burns. I wish them luck!

Well it seems that Matilda Ledger is going to be a pretty rich girl someday. The family of the late actor Heath Ledger has decided that Health’s entire estate will be left to his daughter, Matilda. Heath had made his will before his daughter was born and left all of his estate to his parents and sisters. According to the family, they have no problem leaving the estate to Matilda. I think that this is definitely the right thing to do, but it’s not like Matilda will be struggling for money growing up, as her mother is actress Michelle Williams. Matilda is said to be inheriting all of the $16.6 million estate, but some of it will be going to start a foundation and scholarships for Australian actors.

Paris Hilton is releasing her 5th fragrance next month. Is coming up with different fragrances all Paris does? It seems like every celebrity has a designer fragrance out, but does Paris really need 5 of them? Her new fragrance will be called Fairy Dust. The ads for the fragrance will feature Paris Hilton hovering like a fairy with fairy dust all around her. The slogan will read “Do you believe in fairies?” I guess she is rather good at marketing or she has some good marketing people who work for her, because the fragrance will hit the markets just in time for Christmas shopping. We’ll have to wait and see how well it does.


Green Movement in Clothing: Don't Let the "Organic Label" Fool You!

One of the trends right now in the green movement in clothing is organic cotton products . Many people think that the “organic” label is a true indicator of environmental friendliness. But is organic cotton really as environmentally friendly as we assume? The answer depends.

The Different Degrees of Environmentally Friendly Cotton
While organic cotton is certainly “greener” than conventionally grown cotton, it is not the most environmentally friendly cotton clothing product. In fact, used clothing is the greenest form of cotton, followed by recycled cotton. Organically grown cotton is only third on the list, just ahead of conventional cotton.

Why is organic cotton third out of the four cotton options?
The answer is in what is needed to grow the cotton. Cotton — even if organically grown and pesticide free — requires a great deal of water to grow. Additionally, it is resource intensive, taking many nutrients out of the ground. Essentially, the main different between organic cotton and conventional cotton is the fact that no pesticides are used to protect organic cotton.

Watching for Dyes
Another thing to be aware of is that the lack of regulation means that companies do not have to label whether or not the dyes used on the clothing are organic or “green.” A shirt could be made of organic cotton (or partially made of organic cotton), and the company could claim the “organic” label. But that does not account for the type of dye used. In many cases, organic cotton is being colored with conventional chemicals and dyes that may be harmful to the environment.

The bottom line is that there are many companies trying to take advantage of the green movement in clothing. You need to be a discerning shopper and consider your options carefully. And keep in mind that the most environmentally friendly option for clothing — such as buying your clothes used — may not be what you first think of.