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Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday to Miss Kathleen J.!

One of the members of the Zappettes had to sit out this round (or should have, but instead decided to sing happy birthday to herself) because It’s Kathleen J.‘s Special Day!

Happy Birthday Kathleen. Now you are officially over exposed on the Inside Zappos Blogs, but we don’t care because we like ya!

Hope your day was full of Birthday wishes, bundt cakes and unicorns!


When the word “chic” is in the city’s name, you know it has to have some fashion sense. And it looks like New York and Paris no longer have a monopoly on haute couture – Chicago’s History Museum has a vintage couture exhibit: “Chic Chicago: Couture Treasures from the Chicago History Museum.” It features couture dresses from 1861 to 1996 – Chanel to Lanvin to Versace, as well as Pingat gowns from the Gilded Age. The exhibit will also show fashion-related films such as Unzipped, a documentary chronicling Isaac Mizrahi’s work after his mixed-reviewed 1993 show, and The Fashion Frontier, about the relationship between political statements and clothing.

The best part is it will be at the museum until July 2009. There’s plenty of time to check it out.

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Zapponian Of The Day, Tiffany G.!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to up the creepy and spooky factor of Zapponian of the day up a notch.

Meet Tiffany G., our hilarious copywriter. I am now convinced that if she can survive the horror of being interviewed next to a freakishly large spider, then she can survive through anything.

Free Tribal Leadership Audio Book Download!

Yes, that’s right! The 2008 book Tribal Leadership made such an impact on us here at Zappos that we have decided that we will share an audiobook version of the book for the rest of the world….. FOR FREE . has partnered with the authors of Tribal Leadership to bring you the audio version of the book, and we’ve included a special audio foreword featuring Tony Hsieh, CEO of, having a conversation with Dave Logan, co-author of Tribal Leadership.

Tribal Leadership is an exploration of how:

“Within every company there are tribes, often several, consisting of 20 to 150 people who know each other and work together. But while everyone tribes, the culture of each tribe is different, as is its effectiveness. Improving a tribe’s culture—and its chances for greater success—requires a tribal leader who not only understands the tribe but can leverage its collective assets to build a greater team.”

This book is helping us to shape our culture, and we hope it can do the same for you! To download, click here !

Health & Wellness Fair In the KY Warehouse

Grace H., HR Coordinator, has many roles here in the KY Warehouse. One of which is to handle events and planning. One of her most recent events was the Health & Wellness Fair. Several vendors from the area came out to speak with the KY Warehouse Superheroes to share information about their services or products. Among the vendors were Bullitt County Health Department, Hester’s Gym, Etown Swim & Fitness, Two Ten Organization, Shepherdsville Chiropractic, and many more.

Employees received a goodie bag filled with lots of stuff including a jump rope, pedometer, jar openers, hand sanitizer, and many more things you shouldn’t ever be without.

It was a long, but fun filled day of blood pressure screenings, body fat analysis, stop smoking campaigns, financial planning chats, and tips on ways to be more active and healthy. Thanks for all the work, Grace. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one!

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Healthier Lifestyle Week by Week: Add Fruit to Your Diet

How much fruit are you eating each day? Are you eating the recommended servings required for your body size? Unfortunately, many people aren’t. This really isn’t a surprise, especially when you consider the cost of fresh fruit. Still, you know how important it is to add fruit to your diet. In this week’s blog, we’ll discuss fruit and some of the challenges that come with this healthy lifestyle change.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced with adding more fruit to my diet is the cost. With the rising cost of fuel, the cost of fresh produce has also increased. It is now much more expensive to transfer fruit across the country. How can you overcome these high costs? First of all, buy seasonal fruits. If the fruit is in season, grocers don’t have to get the fruit from other areas. Second, buy locally. Instead of turning to the grocery store, go to the farmer’s market. Third, look for sales. Buying what’s on sale each week offers variety. It also encourages you to try new things. Last, but not least, try growing your own fruit. You can grow fruit in pots and even hanging baskets. Best of all, you’ll have excess fruit that can be frozen or canned for later use.

The second challenge I faced was boredom. Fruit can get boring after a while. Depending on the number of servings you’re supposed to eat each day, you may find it hard to keep those servings interesting. One of the easiest ways to add fruit to your diet is smoothies and 100-percent fruit juices. Both of these options can be changed to create new flavors. Another option is to add something healthy to your fruit. For example, coat apple slices in peanut butter and sprinkle on healthy granola. Last, but not least, get creative. Add fruit to your main course. For example, add a fruit salsa to the top of your grilled chicken.

Adding fruit to your diet doesn’t have to be difficult. Get started tomorrow by adding fresh fruit to your lunch bag.

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Tips for Parents of Mulitples: Twin Birthday Parties

Having multiples means there are a lot of things you have to do in twos or threes. However, one of the advantages of having twins, triplets, quads or quints is that you can throw one birthday party for the set. While this saves you some hassle and simplifies things a bit, it is still important that each child is treated specially on their birthday. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make a joint birthday party a special event for each of your multiples.

Separate Birthday Cakes
To ensure that each of your multiples has a unique birthday experience provide each one with their own cake. You don’t have to buy two or three luxury, character cakes for the birthday party if you don’t want to, after all a cake per child can add up to a lot of cake. Instead, you can make a personal-size character cake for each child and then have a larger party cake for the guests. This way, each multiple will get to blow out the candles on their own cake and pick the design and character that they want for their cake.

Separate Guest Lists
While it is likely that your multiples will have some of the same friends that they will want to invite to their birthday parties, if you are having a sleepover or a small party with only a few special guests, each multiple will likely invite their best friend(s) from school. If this is the case, you can provide each multiple’s guest with a special colored t-shirt that corresponds to the color of shirt worn by the birthday boy or girl that invited them. You can then use this color team philosophy to play party games.

Special Presents
While many parents of multiples give their multiples the same gift on their birthday, it is important that you make each child’s gift unique in some way. For example, you may buy each the same type of shirt, but each child gets that design in a different color. Try to consider the preferences of each child in the gift selection process. When they get older, you can provide them with a gift card to their favorite store and allow them to shop for what they want. You can even make the shopping experience part of the birthday celebration fun.

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Survival Gear: Rock Climbing Necessities

So you wanna be a rock climbing superstar? Rock climbing will put your survival skills to the test when you head off to your overnight stay on those rocky hills, so rounding up the right gear is the first step to success. Whether you’re trekking your route in Fort William or staking your claim to territory in the New River Gorge, here are some of the basics you’ll need to survive the wilderness like a pro:

1. A water bottle-friendly pack. Stock up on H2O with a backpack that does double duty as a water bottle holder. The Keen Morrison collection is a convenient and durable choice. It’s a pack made with 10 percent recycled aluminum hardware and a hollow core that keeps everything cool and well protected from the elements. The water bottle holder is within easy reach, so you can stash your stock of water for a few days’ worth of climbing and hiking.

2. High performance goggles. When you’re battling the sun, rain, wind and even snow on that adventurous climb, make sure you’re protecting those eyes with a pair of quality goggles. The Anon Figment shades are made with a scratch-resistant coating and anti-fogging lenses that make it easier to battle the elements during your challenge.

3. Precision climbing shoes. You’ll need some durable heels with extra traction and superior flexibility for maximum support, and there’s no slipping and sliding to be had when you’re wearing a Five Ten like the Anasazi Verde. These shoes are designed with a precision fit and rubber outsoles for maximum durability. Just make sure they’re extra snug so you can maneuver up those rocky trails with ease.

4. Cushioned socks. Whether you’re heading out on a brisk morning or venturing into a climbing event in the hot afternoon sun, a pair of cushioned socks that whip away moisture will keep you on your toes and safe for the climb. Pick up a pair of Wigmwam Pack Horse Socks that cradle and support your feet on even the steepest slope.

5. Bionic jacket. Whether you’re hitting the Rockies or trekking around Fort William, a bionic jacket will keep that wicked wind at bay and give you a chance to brave the harsh weather – in style, of course. The North Face bionic jacket gives you a loose and comfortable fit with plenty of wind-blocking properties for extra protection.