Currently on national television we have in rotation at any given moment, America’s Next Top Model, Make Me A Supermodel and Models Live, but my question is this, is there anything differentiating these shows from the other? Uh well, not really.

A surprising fact is that the grandaddy of reality television, MTV, has been noticeably absent from this beauty line up. Seriously, even VH1 had that behind-the-scenes show The Agency. Naturally, this is all about to change, as MTV wouldn’t be MTV if they did not get in on this. Currently they are casting for Model Makers, where the contestants compete with each other for $100,000 and a modeling contract. And as with all of the shows, someone will be eliminated each week, naturally.

Wait, where have I heard this concept before? Ah, that’s right, every modeling reality show I named in the first sentence of this blog. But wait, MTV is actually switching it up a bit. Contestants can only be between 130 and 190 pounds and the ages of 17 and 24. So hurry, if you qualify, you could be on one of the 27 modeling shows on TV.

Clothing Rules: The Office

In the first edition of ““Brandis R. Paden’s Love Advice,”“:p-3090 she tells Joe from Las Vegas how to get a girl from the office to notice him. Her advice ranges from flirtatious twitter notes to macho swagger. Of course, since it’s all done at the office, Joe faces the HR man after each situation and gets fired. It is a dual example of love and office etiquette. However, there was one tip missing. What was it? Paden’s advice to Joe to change his clothing.

Without a doubt, what you wear in the office affects both your future career and your chances of meeting your future spouse. You just never know when you might encounter that person, which means you always need to be prepared for him or her to be around the next corner, whether that’s a street corner or a cubicle corner. So how do you dress for love and still stay professional? Here are a few tips:




  • Tailored suits
  • Cuff links



  • Fitted blouses


  • Figure flattering suits
  • Colored suits (pinks/oranges)
  • Patterned tights

This type of attire is appropriate for the office but also attractive if worn in a certain way. To add to this fashionable office attire’s allure, you should add a dash of cologne or perfume.

Now, don’t ever say I didn’t try to help you. I just gave you some reasonable ways to spruce up your office attire and get the attention of the man or woman of your dreams. Who loves you baby? Me.

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Survival Gear: Desert Trail Hiking

If you’re a trekking enthusiast looking for a change of scenery, maybe it’s time to forego the usual mountain trails and forest hikes for a change of scenery. Test your fitness and endurance level under the hot desert sun.

Trekking the desert trail is nothing like your usual hiking experience. Instead, it’s a trip that is sure to put your survival skills to the test. You’ll be walking miles of sand dunes by day and setting up camp in a desert oasis by night. Are you prepared for an adventure like no other? Here’s what you’ll need to get started on that desert adventure:

Water filter: You’ll be miles away from civilization over the course of the desert trek, so a micro-filter or water purifying system is an absolute must. Anything lightweight and portable will help you stay well-hydrated during those long days and nights. The Katadyn Mini Ceramic Microfilter easily fits into a waist pack or backpack and can help you keep up with your water supply.

Trekking socks: Some desert trekking enthusiasts insist on walking over sand barefoot, but if you’re not quite so adventurous, you’ll need a pair of sturdy shoes and socks for support. Trekking socks are designed to absorb moisture and keep the heat as far from your skin as possible. The Coolmax Trail Running socks from Thorlo are designed for usual trekking and trail walking, but can easily fit into your desert hiking shoes or boots to provide some extra protection. You’ll need these to push on through those brutally hot days in the desert sun, and the thicker varieties will provide some extra cushioning and support on those long days of walking.

Lightweight tent: You’ll need a lightweight, easy-to-assemble tent to set up camp for the night, and anything designed with a cross-ventilation system will help you ward off those sleepless nights when temperatures continue to rise after sundown. The Black Diamond Eldorado tent features a mesh window for better ventilation, and this model is also a cinch to set up. Just pack yourself in with a lightweight sleeping bag and you’ll enjoy a night of restful sleep under the stars.

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Bad Timing!

Some people just aren’t born with natural good timing. In fact, I am one of those people who have bad timing on just about everything – jokes, smart comments, merging lanes, clapping to a beat, catching food in my mouth, you get the idea. Though I’ve gotten used to being know at the girl who says “who’s that?” about a person who I really should know, before they are a safe distance away from me so that they can’t hear my comment.

But now I have to add yet another thing I have bad timing with to my “list of things that I really should time better but probably never will” and that is having to use the restroom or “pee” at any time in my 8 hour day besides the 20 minutes that our facilities close it down for cleaning. It’s true, that on an average week here in the Zappos headquarters (which is five days) I get up to use the loo the very same time our wonderful facilities member Laura E. (you may remember her from Zapponian of the day ) has it shut down due to cleaning, three times. That means that three out of five times I have bad pee timing.

Laura E. now walks back to my desk to tell me it’s time to go potty right before she shuts ‘em down for cleaning. Laura E., you’re the best! Thanks for helping me improve my pee timing.


The Couture team is loving every moment of the fall season, what with all of the fashion offerings, how could we not. At this very moment, we are head-over-heels for booties. There’s something about this almost-shoe that’s just too cute, but not saccharine sweet, when paired with a skirt, but can also render that Avengers’ Emma Peele cool yet tough persona with elements like washed metallics, studs, stitching detail or buckles. Our picks: L.A.M.B Camden bootie , Alexander McQueen black booties , Givenchy brown suede booties and Jean Paul Gaultier metallic booties .

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Bake Sale!

We do what we can here at The Zappos HQ to help out our community and those who need help within it. So, today we hosted a bake sale within our offices here in Henderson, NV in order to collect money to donate to the Arthritis Foundation as well as satisfy the sweet tooth of our Zappos employees. Needless to say, it was a huge success! Of course the exceptional baking talents of our employees made it pretty tasteful to donate for this cause, but I am still blown away by the vast amount of generosity that lives within this office. And, I am proud to say that inside Zappos alone, we raised over $2,000 for The Arthritis Foundation! Way to go Zapponians!

If you didn’t have the chance to donate today, don’t worry, you still have time to either enter in the October 25 Creep Walk here in Las Vegas, NV, or give money to Zapponians who are participating in the walk. For more information please visit the Arthritis Walk Home Page.

Meet The Kids Content Team, Episode 3: Anastasia Loves Kittens

Welcome to the third episode of ‘Meet the Kids Content Team’. This week I got to know Anastasia a little better. I learned that she is a very complex person with a love/hate relationship with animals, and an obsession with German cats. Let’s learn more…

Anastasia was born on a hot July day in Guatemala. I asked her what she would like people to know about her birthplace and she told me that they have a very pretty bird with an exceptionally long tail….that’s all. She feels very strongly about animals. She is trying to become a vegetarian but frequently complains about her dirty 10” long goldfish named ‘The Fish’. Sounds more like an old mob guy than a goldfish to me.

Anastasia is also enraptured with German kittens, i.e. kitties with funny and grammatically incorrect captions. She spends time scouring ‘the Internets’ and using ‘the Google™’ to find appropriate pictures for each and every occasion. The main thing I learned about Anastasia, was that she is secretly the funniest person I have ever met… a witty connoisseur of hilarity in a small and unexpected package.

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Big Game Fishing: Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba

When talking about Africa, most people immediately think of safaris which involve hunters going after lions, tigers and other big game animals. That doesn’t mean, however, that those who live for sport fishing should pass up a chance to visit this beautiful continent, especially the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.

Part of the United Republic of Tanzania, the waters between Zanzibar and Pemba present anglers with a variety of year-round fishing opportunities, including the barracuda, the speedy Wahoo and the giant Travally. Catching any one of these beauties means a great trophy to hang on your wall back home.

If you schedule a vacation between August and October, that’s the perfect time to drop a line and catch some Yellowfin Tuna. If you are fortunate enough to hook one of these strong fish, they make excellent trophies and an even better meal.

You can’t make the long journey to Africa without trying to land some of the billfish that hang around Pemba Island. If you schedule your fishing expedition for the months between November and March, test your skills against the Black, Blue and Striped Marlins.

Many fishing enthusiasts agree that the Broadbill requires quite a bit of strength and skill once you have one on the line. Although they bear little resemblance to Australian actor Russell Crowe, this fighting fish has earned the nickname “Gladiator of the Sea.” When going up against this “Gladiator,” make sure to wear a durable pair of Sperry Top-Siders.

Zanzibar also attracts many undersea divers each year, and if you head below the surface, you may catch a glimpse of whales, humpback dolphins and other marine life.

Getting to Zanzibar requires a little coordination, however. One recommended method is booking an international flight into the Dar es Salaam region and a connecting flight to the islands. You also can catch a ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar after you land.

With tropical scenery and sea creatures that put up a real fight, pack your passport and gear and head to Zanzibar. It’s one place where you won’t mind picking up the bill, especially if it’s attached to a fish.