Celebrity Gossip: Baby Fever!

It seems like everyone in Hollywood suddenly has baby fever! This past week, a handful of celebs came out of the woodwork to announce that they’re pregnant.

Jennifer Garner finally confirmed that she and hubby, Ben Affleck are indeed expecting baby #2. Jennifer had refused to either confirm or deny the pregnancy up until now, although her loose-fitting shirts and baby bump were reaching the point of no return. In an interview with Access Hollywood, she stated that she and Ben Affleck are excited and looking forward to bringing in a little baby brother or sister for their daughter, Violet.

Another hot couple adding another child to their growing family is Angie Harmon and husband, Jason Sehorn. The actress and former NFL star already have two beautiful daughters, Finley and Avery, but are anxiously awaiting baby #3. Angie Harmon is hoping for a boy, but Jason has said that he’d actually prefer a girl because any son of his is bound to face pressure about playing sports. Either way, I’m sure the new baby will be a welcome addition to the beautiful family.

And I know I’m not the only one who didn’t see this one coming – adult film star, Jenna Jameson is also expecting a baby! She and her boyfriend, Tito Ortiz, are expecting their first child together. Jenna was actually pregnant once before several years ago, but ended up losing the baby to a miscarriage due to the stress of cancer (she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma). She’s being extra cautious this time around, so best of luck to the new mommy-to-be! I guess even adult film stars get the hankering to settle down and start a family too.

Newlywed couple, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, are expecting their first child together as well. Charlie already has three daughters from previous marriages, including Sam and Lola with ex-wife, Denise Richards.

And finally, Sporty Spice is going to be a mom! Mel C will be the last member of the Spice Girls to have a child. She and boyfriend, Thomas Starr are super-excited about the pregnancy and we wish them the best of luck.

Sources: Access Hollywood – http://accesshollywood.com, US Magazine – http://usmagazine.com, People – http://people.com, Celebitchy – http://celebitchy.com

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Things On My Desk with Jeffrey L.

El Capitan of the RRRRRRRRR desk Jeffrey L. shows us the things on his desk (or should I say his Pirate’s Cove).

Here’s a Question for the RRRRRRRRR Desk:
Why is pirating addictive? They say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!

Hardy Har Har! Ok…Here’s Jeffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrey!

Dance with us at Meeting Time!

Out of nowhere these people came.. Well, actually they came from the meeting room in the back of the NEW second Photo Studio! (which you will be seeing more blogs on soon!) But why did they come out?

To do…the Chicken Dance! At meeting time!?

Chicken Dance? Is this creating fun and a little weirdness? (Heck yes!) Is this the new sensation sweeping Zappos.com? (Maybe?) You have to ask yourself, do you want this to be you? You know you do! You love it!

Video and Blog by: Lisa M

Thanks Lisa!

Zappos Interview with Sam Edelman

Sam tells us about how he got started, what’s hot this fall and how he gets inspired.

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Snowboarder of The Week: Amber Stackhouse

Amber Stackhouse and Fabia Grueebler were among female pro snowboarders who saw a problem. They wanted more publicity and they saw a lot of movie making going on, but these snowboard flicks were doing little for the chicks . Gals would only get scant 30-second segments, and their tricks looked feeble compared to the guys.

Solution? Amber and Fabia created Mischief Filmsand have produced a pair of all-girl films, “As If” and “Ro Sham Bo.”

“We just wanted women to get more attention in the sport,” Fabia says. “We wanted to make movies with riding, not just all talking or girly-ness. We didn’t put the movies out to be feminists.”

Amber is a Roxy Girl who has taken the lead as the producer and director, at the expense of her own time on the slopes. Snowboarding is combined with freestyle skiing.

“I just dove in, and it was sink or swim,” Amber says. “I took some cues from the guys’ companies that we were friends with.”

Fabia explains that filming opens new opportunities for the women to take some risks. Many play it safe during competitions, as they concentrate on solid landings. Film gives them a chance to do it over.

“It’s just a fact: The landing percentage is a little bit smaller than for the guys,” Fabia says with a laugh. “A lot of the filmers we hired came from men’s movie productions, so they had to learn different angles because women ride with a different style. They couldn’t be that far away because, you know, the girls aren’t going to be as big as Travis Rice.”

Amber says the men predicted that the ladies would engage in catfights while gathered en mass for filming, but that the guys have it wrong.

“They’re great girls,” she says. “I’m friends with all of them, and they’re incredibly talented. I figure it’s about time to bring the two together.”

Names of those featured, along with Amber and Fabia, include: Natasza Zurek, Laura Hadar, Victoria Jealouse, Erin Comstock, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Anne-Flore Marxer, Izumi Amaike, Stacy Thomas, Marie-France Roy, Leanne Pelosi, Tara Dakides, Silvia Mittermuller, Spencer O’Brien, Jacqui Berg, Priscilla Lewis, Maribeth Swetkoff, Alexis Waite, Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Torah Bright, and Jamie Anderson.




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2290 CLT's New Home

The name tags are up, the rubber chicken is hung, but the new CLT abode in the top floor of the 2290 building , “just doesn’t feel like home yet”, according to the CLT residences. “It’s nice, it’s big, but we miss the chaos and noise that we had in the 2800 building.”

Bucker up 2900 dwelling Zapponians! I’m sure once a few more Zapponians with noise makers move in and the conference rooms are all decorated and start holding big and important meetings, you won’t feel so isolated.

For what it’s worth, I envy your new space with a sweet view of the desert (which has a strange resemblance to Mars) and colorful walls.

Treacherous Climb of the Week: Stolen Chimney

Mountains and canyons, much like anything else, can be deceiving. Some climbs look as though they should be easy, but prove very difficult, while others look like monstrosities and are fairly easy to scale. This is the case with the Stolen Chimney route in Utah’s canyon country. The Stolen Chimney looks just like its name, a 250-foot rocky protrusion in the land, and it looks as treacherous as they come.

In actuality, the Stolen Chimney is only classified as a II climb, but since it looks like it might topple at any moment, and because of its craggy face, many climbers are scared to death of it. I know that I have no interest in climbing it any time in the future, and this is a classic example of why climbers shouldn’t rely on ratings to choose their next targets.

When climbing the Stolen Chimney, it’s important to make sure you have a healthy supply of nuts and at least one aider. Don’t underestimate the possibility that the rocky surface will crumble underneath your fingers, so make sure you have plenty of grip before you try any ascensions on this climb.

To get there, you’ll wind down a fairly good mile-long trail from the parking lot, but beware that this can take a while. You might want to wear tennis shoes or a different pair of comfortable hiking boots, such as the SalomonExit Peak Mid GTXs , from the ones you wear for the actual climb up the tower. This may prevent blisters and will keep your feet fresh and your circulation pumping.

The best part of climbing Stolen Chimney, of course, is the summit. Standing atop the tower, regardless of the time of day, gives you a beautifully unobstructed view of Utah canyon country. This is a fantastic reward after you’ve heaved yourself up the giant corkscrew tower, and many say it’s worth the nerves you experience beforehand.

Stolen Chimney is located in the Fisher Towers area, approximately 20 miles northeast of Moab. And if this tower doesn’t satisfy your thirst for treacherous climbs, you can also try the Titan, which is the largest of the towers in this area.

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Shopping Tips for New Parents: Organized Totes

Whether you’re traveling with a feisty toddler or a newborn that needs some extra special care, heading off to that next destination with an organized tote can save you a few headaches along the way. Instead of investing in a giant black-hole-of-a-bag that leaves you rummaging through dozens of accessories in an emergency situation, a tote equipped with compartments and zippers can help keep things organized and accessible.

Tote bags made with extra-cushioned handles and support straps are also excellent ways to save your back from unnecessary stress. Here are some absolute musts when it comes to selecting the right carryall for your busy travel days ahead:

1. Take a Sweet Escape. If you’re looking for something simple and versatile, the O’Neill Sweet Escape might be your ideal match. This one’s designed with double shoulder straps and a stylish faux leather trim; with two front pockets and plenty of zipped pockets for the cell phone and other gadgets, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the trip with your day’s worth of supplies.

2. Spice up the Diaper Bag. Diaper bags that look like a structure-less bucket are cumbersome to tote around and hardly fashionable. Get your hands on a chic and stylish number from Sally Spicer for a designer look without the fuss. This one features a sturdy platform bottom and multiple slip pockets to keep you organized.

3. Power up the Stroller. The ultimate in versatility, the DadGear Totes are perfect for days when the stroller is going along the travel route with the family. This handy tote features two super-size pockets and small zippered compartments for easy storage. You’ve also got stroller straps right on the bag for easy carrying when the stroller is a necessity, but the bag can serve just as well as an independent carryall.

Whether you’re heading out on a weekend picnic or battling through the crowds at the grocery store with kids in tow, a sturdy tote bag is all you need to make it a smooth-sailing trip. Just fill ‘er up with diapers, toys, extra bottles and handiwipes so you’re well-prepared for any mishap or temper tantrum along the way!

DadGear Totes