No more Project Runway? No problem. Can’t get into Fashion Week? No Biggie. Now you can create your designer fashions in the privacy of our own home, with the help of Fred Flare’s Origami Fashion Kit. There is one catch of course (isn’t there always), the designs are fun and adorable but alas not wearable, after all they are paper. The kit contains a 28-page booklet that instructs you on the ‘how to’ of making everything from shoes, sleeveless cocktail dresses, to hats, shirts, intimate apparel and more. At $12.99 it is a worthwhile bargain that can help you tap into your inner fashion designer, as well as master the art of folds before you actually take on a Vogue pattern. The kit can be found online at

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Keepin' Lake Mead Clean!

Ok, so October 28 came and went and we didn’t post a blog about how Zappos joined forces with Ocean Minded in order to clean our beloved Lake Mead – but I say it’s never too late to pay homage when it is needed.

So thank you Comfort, Outdoor, Athletic, Rideshop, Content and Marketing teams for being Ocean Minded (or should I say Lake Minded) and cleaning up the shores of Nevada’s favorite watering hole. By the end of the day, Zappos employees gathered a total of 500 pounds of debris and waste – and that’s just what they could get to. I can only imagine how much more trash is surrounding the many coves and lining the lake’s floor.

Again, way to go Zapponians. Hopefully one day, people will stop littering our Oceans and Lakes, but until then, way to do your share in keeping them clean.
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The Mayor and His New Doggy

At Zappos, we love our pets. And here is a story of the Mayor of Zappos and his new doggy.


Twilight, the new, slightly older, more mature and sensually charged Harry Potter-esque (vampires instead of wizards) movie has been racking up major buzz. The mere mention of Twilight gets millions of girls giddy at the thought of the fiercely romantic vampire/human novel. Well, that and Robert Pattinson, the lead in the movie. He’s so dreamy, isn’t he girls? All that crazy hair

Of course, we here at Couture are also curious about the movie’s fashion and the effect on trends it will have for the Spring. Will we see an emergence of atypical teenage fare featured in the movie – hooded sweatshirts, jackets, T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, here and there – or will it filter out into a more punkish hybrid that some trends are already suggesting? Well either way, the movie looks like a lot of fun, and who doesn’t love effortless fashion? Check out the trailer , see the movie, and let us know what you think.

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Things On My Desk with Britni D.!

Get a sneak peek on the things that Britni D., our Marketing Associate Coordinator, keeps around her desk.


Tiered dresses are freeflowing and playful, whether the tiers are flat or ruffled. Feeling too flapper-esque? Dresses with longer tiers , like this one by kensie, are more fluid and will have you less likely to break out into the Charleston – wear them with colored tights and flats.

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Celebrity Gossip: Actors Singing, Underwood in Wax, and America Doesn't like Lohan

It appears that Jessica Biel wants to be just like her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. Biel visited a recording studio earlier this month and recorded a couple of tracks. Her rep stated that Jessica did “an amazing job.” What is her rep supposed to say? That she really sucked at singing? Her rep is on her payroll! Jessica has sung before when she was a younger kid and preformed in musicals and plays. So, who knows, maybe she can really sing. Maybe her and Justin will put out a pop record together and become the king and queen of pop?

Carrie Underwood is the latest celebrity to be featured as a wax figure at Madam Tussauds in New York. When asked about her wax figure, Carrie stated, “Honestly, it looks so good, it’s almost kind of creepy looking at myself.” While at the unveiling of her wax figure, Underwood also answered questions about her feud with Jessica Simpson, who is dating Underwood’s ex, Tony Romo. Underwood stated that there is absolutely no feud between her and Simpson, who she has only met once quite briefly, and Jessica “seemed really nice.” I guess this is one celebrity feud we can put to rest.

For all you fans of Lindsay Lohan’s character on the television show Ugly Betty, don’t get too attached to her. Lohan has been cut from the six episodes of the series down to the four that she has already recorded. Among the rumors swirling in Hollywood is that America Ferrera, who is the star of Ugly Betty, and Lindsay Lohan were not getting along so well on the set. Supposedly, Ferrera was getting tired of Lohan thinking she was the star and acting like she was too good for everybody. If you remember, Lohan had the same issues when she filmed a couple of movies in the past. I guess her rehab didn’t help her professional attitude.


Evolution of Clothing: The Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses have a surprisingly long history. While we tend to associate their first burst of popularity with the 1950s, patterns for such garments were produced by pattern companies and in sewing magazines in the 1940s and 1930s. Today we tend to think of the sweater dress as a comfortable, casual clothing item, but this wasn’t always the case.

Through the 1950s, the soft lines of the sweater dress didn’t mean that wearing them was remotely comfortable. Foundation garments for women including girdles, corsets and highly structure bras were still the standard, and the clingy shape of the sweater dress only made them more essential.

In the 1960s, sweater dresses took on a split personality. Conservative dresses, usually in a single color and with small stitches, were appropriate for women in the workplace. Meanwhile, the sweater dress also became popular with the rise of the hippies who incorporated multiple colors, layers and stitch styles, including crochet. Sleeves became wide and outrageous. As they moved towards the 1970s, sweater dresses came in all lengths – from the micro-mini to floor-length versions. Some were worn alone, other were worn over slacks and blouses or smaller, clingier dresses.

In the early 1980s, the sweater dress was largely co-opted into the dance-wear craze, and sweatshirt dresses were as common as their knit cousins. Worn with leggings, the lengths were often quite short, and bold patterns in primary colors were popular. Bright reds and blues, along with black, white and yellow dominated the sweater dress in the first half of the eighties. In the later eighties, hems came down a bit (but were still largely above the knee), and the dresses took on more muted colors. Sweatshirt materials were out, and the traditional sweater dress was back to being knit. That said, the silhouette still remained loose.

Beginning in the 1990s and moving through the turn of the century to today, the sweater dress went back to its roots, becoming clingier , more appropriate for office settings and often homemade as knitting once again became a popular activity for women.