What’s the significance of a snowflake? Hope. Last Wednesday was the lighting of the historic UNICEF Snowflake, an emblem of hope, peace and compassion for children around the world at the Grand Army Plaza in New York. Songstress Rihanna, spokes model for the print campaign for Gucci’s Heart Tattoo Collection, and Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director, were in attendance at the lighting ceremony, as well as the hosts of the private cocktail party held at Gucci’s 5th Avenue flagship. The Gucci Group will be donating 25 percent of their white Heart Tattoo Collection sales from stores around the world to UNICEF, from November 19, 2008 to January 31, 2009. The double page ad campaign shows Rihanna perched on a large suspended silver ring holding an exotic skin dual-handle satchel tote, and another with her holding an exotic skin messenger bag, striking a beautiful come hither pose. It is a wonderful thing to see someone as young as Rihanna being so charity focused. She also participated earlier this year in the T-shirt campaign for DAA with H&M. The T-shirt campaign had her along with other celebrities, design tees for the store for Designers Against AIDS foundation. Now if we could get the other young songbirds to do the same, think of how much better their lives would be and the world would be for it.

Green Tip.. Yum Yum eat um up!

Have you ever had a Acai bowl? Its this Harmonious mixture of Acai berries, granola, bananas and its addicting!!!

I love berries, but it really never occurred to me that all berries have seasons, and though it may seem they are available year round, truth be told it takes alot of energy to keep us eating blueberry pie for the holidays


Buy Seasonal Produce
Next time you reach for the strawberries in the middle of winter, think about whether you really need them.

Keeping food available all year round leads to massive travel costs and pollution.

Buy foods seasonal to your local climate. Summer is Berry season and the best time for : Gooseberries, cloudberries, strawberries, blue berries, black currants, red currants, and raspberries.

Till Next time, Stay Green YO!

Four Christmases Screening for Zappos!

Monday night, 300 Zappos employees were given a rare treat when they were invited to a private, preview screening of the new movie Four Christmases, starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn!

Zappos teamed up with Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema for a contest to win two free tickets to see the comedy, and they were nice enough to arrange for the private screening, which was held at the Rave Motion Pictures Theater at Town Square Las Vegas.

The movie, which opens Nov. 26, was great and everyone seemed to have a blast. Zapponians gathered before and after to discuss the movie and the craziness of the evening, video below!

Get out and see Four Christmases in a theater near you!

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Voices In My Head, With Hollie D.!

Hollie D., our HR Generalist Manager, may look like she’s all business when she’s sitting at her desk, but we now know that she really dreams of Smurfs, possibly getting a faux-hawk and being a kitten in her next life.

Thanksgiving:Camping Style!

This weekend, my friends and I, since we can’t all be together on Thanksgiving, decided to have Thanksgiving dinner like none of us had ever tried before: Camping!

Although we knew we couldn’t have it be completely like Mom’s cooking around the dining room table, we got as close as we could get. On Saturday afternoon, my friend Rico put together a feast using only a fire, an our door steel grill and some pots and pans.

First, we cut up some onions, jalapeno’s, carrots, celery and cilantro and wrapped them in aluminum foil with some butter, salt and pepper. In order to cook them properly, we set the little packages of tastiness nearly in the fire, just resting the on rocks in the fire pit. Then we boiled the potatoes in a pot over an open coal stove for about 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to do this without a stove! We mashed the potatoes manually added butter and salt, and ta da, a just-like-Mom’s mashed potatoes side dish didn’t take more than an hour.

And, of course, we grilled some turkey! Cooking an entire bird was a little out of the question, so we grilled the next best thing. We marinated about 20 turkey breast pieces that were cut into small strips and grilled them over the coals. They were delicious, believe you me!

It made it all the more special that the friends that I love put so much work into this while I mainly just sat by the fire and watched! Thanksgiving indeed!


The middle child of knee-high boots and booties, mid-calf boots are a nice touch to a simple ensemble. Pair these Roberto Cavalli boots with a belted dress or tuck jeans into them for perfect laid back style.

Shoe Encyclopedia: More to Know

No matter how much wisdom a person gains, there’s always more to know. The same holds true in the world of shoes. Just when you think you know your terminology, there are new words to challenge you. The shoe encyclopedia has been filling your head with a good amount of knowledge. Are you ready for some more? Last time we discussed the burnish process, sipes, the metatarsal bones in the foot, as well as bunions. This week we will learn the shoe encyclopedia terms shoe anatomy, break, vibram and foxing.

Shoe Anatomy
A shoe anatomy is a diagram that details each part of the construction of a shoe. Just like an anatomy chart can be made for the human body, the same is true for the parts of a shoe. In past lessons of the shoe encyclopedia, we have discussed some of the parts of the shoe that would be depicted on such a diagram. Some of those include the vamp, heel and sole.

We’re not talking recess time at the playground here. When talking in shoe terms, a break refers to the crease that sometimes ends up going across the front of the shoe from normal, everyday use. Of course, if you always buy shoes with steel toes , you should be able to prevent this annoyance. However, that strategy could present a problem when looking for some strappy heels to go with that cute evening gown. Steel toe shoes don’t exactly come in that style.

You’ll most often find vibrams on hiking boots . They are an outsole designed to be non-slip and durable. Both of those features are necessary when hiking in the mountains, especially during certain weather conditions. The trails can get slippery or even rough at times. Strength and traction are ultra important in these situations.

Foxing is a rubber strip that joins together the upper portion of a shoe with the sole. Canvas shoes are a good example of those that use foxing. Foxing can be found in other styles as well, but canvas shoes are those that most commonly use foxing.

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Celebrity Fashion: Heels with Elastic Straps, Scarves and Swing Coats

The hottest celebrity trend in footwear right now is heels with elastic straps. So instead of painful straps going across your foot or ankle in your stiletto heels, the trend is to wear shoes that have elastic straps. The elastic straps are designed to make the shoe more comfortable and not dig into your foot. Such celebrities as Blake Lively and Kate Bosworth have been seen wearing these shoes on the red carpet. This is one celebrity trend that makes sense. Why not wear shoes that are more comfortable?

As the temperatures start to dip, celebrities are breaking out more and more scarves. Again, you have to hand it to celebrities for this fashion trend. Adding a scarf to your outfit will not only keep you warmer in the cold weather but it will accessorize your outfit quite nicely. So, which celebrities are fans of scarves this season? You have Katie Holmes, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston and Leighton Meister who all like to sport scarves. Missoni makes tons of different scarves that the celebrities love. Don’t just stick to plain colored scarves this season, but mix it up with stripes, polka dots and other prints to add some drama to your outfit.

What else can you wear with your scarf this fall and winter? Well, you can stick to the celebrity trends and try a retro swing coat for winter. Many celebrities are going back to the retro look, and the swing coat is the perfect way to do this. A swing coat will button on the top, and the bottom half of the coat is left open to basically “swing.” This type of coat can be worn dressed up or with your basic jeans. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Blake Lively and Eva Mendes have all been spotted wearing this type of coat this season. So, go ahead and take out your scarf and your swing coat and work it like a celebrity.