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Zapponian Of The Day, Brooke J.!

Brooke J., our handbag enthusiast is our Zapponian of the Day today! Hooray!

Love Advice at Zappos

Brandis, our resident love guru, will answer love questions you ask, using the ten core Zappos values.

Zappos Singers Strike Again!

I always seem to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to the Zappettes !

As I strolled through the lobby late in the afternoon on Thursday, once again, I found this Zappos singing trio beautifully singing Happy Birthday to a visiting guest that happened to be touring the office. These ladies can belt it out, I’m telling you. Thanks to you, Zappettes, for Wowing our friends with your wonderful voices!

Keep up the good work!


Puff and circumstance – as in a chic, down filled bomber-inspired jacket , that is. Throw on a silk scarf for a little vintage feel meets modern proportions. However, lose the aviators (it’s a bit too Top Gun) and wear it with a knee-length cream skirt, cami, light cashmere top and boots.

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Celebrity Gossip: More Break-Ups, Happy Make-Ups, And No Wedding Plans for A. Olsen

My Name Is Earl star Jaime Pressly has separated from her fiancé and father of her son, Eric Cubiche. The actress told Access Hollywood, “We are taking a break from our relationship but we are together every day with Dezi and still love each other very much.” Pressly and Cubiche have been friends for over nine years and were dating for over a year and a half before getting engaged in 2006. The couple had no planned wedding date after being engaged for 2 years. I guess at least they didn’t make the mistake of getting married and then getting divorced within a year like other celebrity couples have done.

It looks like country singer Taylor Swift is getting back at her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. Swift sings about the end of their relationship on her new album, Fearless, due out November 11. The song “Forever and Always,” is “a song about watching somebody completely fade away in a relationship and wondering what you did wrong,” Swift stated. Taylor also said that Joe Jonas is the only guy who has hurt her “deeply.” According to the rumors, Jonas broke up with Swift via a phone call. How low! I’m glad that she gets a little bit of revenge and her feelings out in her new song.

According to Ashley Olsen, she has absolutely no plans to wed any time soon. There have been several rumors circulating about Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend, Justin Bartha, that they are engaged to be married. Well, Olsen’s rep has officially put those rumors to rest by telling People Magazine that “Ashley Olsen is not engaged to be married.” Her rep also says that the two are dating and they are “happy.” To me it seems so weird to have rumors about Ashley Olsen getting married as I still think of her as little Michelle on Full House. I guess considering that she is 22 years old, it’s time to realize that little Michelle is all grown up.


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Big Game Hunting: Bag Yer Own Gator!

When talking about the great state of Georgia, most people immediately think about peaches, peanuts and the gorgeous Southern ladies on the 1980’s sitcom “Designing Women.” For big game hunters with a taste for something different, though, Georgia also offers some opportunities to bring home an alligator trophy.

Once an endangered species, the American alligator population has grown to such a manageable size in recent years that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) allows a limited number to be harvested each year. If you are interested in bagging your own gator, you have to submit an application online at

The fortunate few who receive a permit also need to buy an alligator license for $50. Hunting is allowed only in zones determined by the DNR, and if selected, your permit allows you to go after alligators in one zone only. Georgia does permit up to three people to apply together as a hunting party, however.

The Peach State doesn’t put any restrictions on the time of day when you can stalk a gator, which means hunting can take place in the dead of night. Hand-held ropes, harpoons and snatch hooks are all allowed during the hunt.

No matter when you hunt, stealth is essential in getting an alligator trophy, which makes the Columbia Montlake Gear Bag L a good piece of gear to have on hand. With sturdy handles and camouflage coloring, this bag holds what you need and helps you blend into the background.

Big game hunting typically contains an element of danger, which is especially true when going after an alligator. These creatures are pretty good hunters, and if you aren’t careful, you may end up as part of this clever reptile’s dinner. It may be a good idea to enlist the help of a local guide while you are on the hunt.

Speaking of food, the Georgia DNR also reports that alligator meat is cholesterol-free and high in protein. With the potential for some good eating, plus the chance to hunt a creature with more teeth than Jimmy Carter, Georgia is the place to go.


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Fitness Resolutions: Winter Workout Mix for the Ultimate Calorie Burn

Fitness gurus and personal trainers encourage us to try circuit training for that super-buff body we’ve been coveting all year, but when you’re not disciplined enough to play boot camp master on every workout, chances are you just stick with your usual gym routine. Maybe this is the season to change things up and jump into some new activities? Heart-pumping winter sports including snowboarding, cross-country skiing and even snowshoeing. These are just a few ways to get out of that fitness rut and slip and slide into mega-calorie-burning mode.

If you’re used to watching the ski bunnies from the comfort of your cabin all winter long, commit to at least one cross-country skiing session per week and enjoy a workout in the process. Skiing will get your metabolism revved up in no time, and it is the perfect excuse for taking in some fresh winter air. Just put on that puffy snow jacket or vest, grab some snow goggles and navigate down those slopes for a killer lower-body workout.

When you’re anxious to try an extreme sport activity this season, head out on a snowboarding adventure with some boots and gloves that will keep you warm and protected against that harsh winter chill. Snowboarding will give you a chance to put your upper and lower body muscles to the ultimate test; you’ll need to balance and maneuver that board across challenging terrain at a high speed, but this heart-pumping activity is sure to turn that calorie burn up a few notches.

No snow in your area this season? You can still change up your winter workout routine with a mountain biking trip or hiking excursion. Give that lower body the ultimate workout by adding weights to your ankles for resistance or loading up a backpack with extra gear. You can count on a super-calorie burning workout after just 20 to 30 minutes of constant movement.

Getting into a fitness rut is easy when your daily workout schedule consists of angst-ridden minutes of running on the treadmill and training for hours using the good old elliptical machine. Unfortunately, your body has probably adapted to the ho-hum routine, and you aren’t burning off as many calories as you think during every workout. Jump into a fresh new workout routine to give your metabolism a boost and enjoy the great outdoors this winter.

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Surfer of the Week: Sofia Mulanovich

Surfer videos often feature the pros making heart-stopping rides on tremendous waves, but there’s more to “Sofia: A Documentary.”

This video is the life story of Sofia Mulanovich of Peru, who took an unlikely path to top rankings on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Women’s World Tour.

Sofia, 25, is a child of Croatian ancestry who grew up in Lima, Peru. In terms of economics, her family was more fortunate than most, but that’s not saying much in a nation as poor as Peru.

Sofia Mulanovich grew up along the South Pacific Ocean and took to the water almost immediately, learning to swim at the age of three. She was so little that she began riding waves on a Morey Boogie Bodyboard before advancing to a surfboard, but by her mid-teen years she had advanced to world competitions as a young phenomenon.

These childhood events are captured on “Sofia: A Documentary.” Most biographies of athletes focus only a tiny amount of time on childhood, but for Sofia Mulanovich, that’s the heart of the story.

Sofia’s childhood was a time of horrific political upheaval in Peru. While terrorists fought in the city, she would escape to the beach. Others would do the same, but Sofia took her surfing seriously. Therefore, she ranks as the best competitive surfer ever to come out of South America, male or female. She is a national hero in Peru, where citizens are looking for role models after so many years of political corruption.

Sofia Mulanovich lacked confidence in her surfing, as shown on “Sofia: A Documentary.” She figured that she could not be as good as the established surfers from Australia and the United States. Instead, Sophia Mulanovich proved she was the best in 2004 when she won the ASP Women’s World Title. She captured second place in 2005, fifth place in 2006 and second place again a year ago. This year, Sofia is in second place behind Stephanie Gilmore of Australia with two ASP events remaining.

“Sofia: A Documentary” also is a winner, with a first place victory in the 2006 Surfer Poll Awards, and beyond the surfing world, the film took first place at the prestigious Newport Beach Film Festival. It’s an hour-long flick in Spanish with some English. To learn more, see

Already, Sofia Mulanovich is in the Association of Surfing Professionals Hall of Fame. She’s a Cinderella story, but she goes far beyond ballroom dancing. Sofia Mulanovich rocks on her surfboard!