Whenever someone asks the question, “Who is fashionable?” people often name girls first. But the guys shouldn’t get the shaft – take this week’s Looks of the Week, Brandon A. He dresses up jeans with crisp collared shirts and balances shorts with casual long-sleeved shirts. Better be on your fashion game, girls – Brandon is right up there among the top fashionable here at Zappos.

Breakfast and Conversation

In the spirit of Core Value #7, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Casual Lifestyle Content Team invited the Size and Width Merch Team for breakfast and conversation. We had yogurt & granola, pastries, and mini-frittatas. We cleared tables and ate family-style. Here’s a pic of Sam H., Rudy R. and Latrira S from the breakfast feast:

We went around the room and talked about one thing in our lives that’s new or interesting outside of work. Graham M.‘s wife is about to have a baby girl any day, Rudy R. is excited to see Madonna in concert, Nicole S. is picking up the keys to her new house today, and Anji C. is attending a dream analysis lecture on Thursday. Exciting stuff! Yours truly is super-pumped about the upcoming NKOTB concert on October 11th.

I made a batch of mini-frittatas for breakfast that everyone enjoyed. They’re a great breakfast to make on the weekend, throw in the fridge, and heat up on your way out the door during the week. Here’s the recipe:


  • Ingredients:
  • 5 eggs
  • shredded cheddar cheese (any cheese will work)
  • black pepper
  • onion (yellow or red)
  • chopped bacon (or turkey bacon)
  • canned diced tomatoes

Heat the oven to 375 degrees. Whisk 5 eggs, a handful of shredded cheese and diced onion, 4 slices of chopped, cooked bacon, about 1/4 of a can of drained diced tomatoes, and a few dashes of black pepper together in a bowl. Pour the mixture among 12 greased (cooking spray is fine) muffin cups. Bake for 11 minutes or until golden brown. If you choose to remove the bacon, add more onion and tomato to compensate. Enjoy!

Vicious New Response Ad! Election '08

We couldn’t take the lies, so we had to respond to all the baseless attacks.

Vegas History at 2290!

At Zappos, we sure do like to decorate conference rooms here in Vegas…to my count, I think we have 91,000 conference rooms, all with a different theme. (Editor’s note, that number is greatly exagerrated. That’s why we don’t let Brett near accounting) The rooms are all decorated by employees with little money put towards them. So, creativity is the name of thy game, my friends. And we are chalked full of that, man.

In the original 2280 building, all conference rooms were named after Vegas casinos, but we then decorated each to represent the different departments of our Merchandising team.

At the new 2290 upstairs locations, which is filled with Customer Loyalty Reps banging away at the phones with some members of Help Desk and a few more departments soon thrown in the mix, there are multiple conference rooms with one big theme: Vegas Icons!

Each room is named after a show, a personality or infamous character from Vegas past and present. This includes Cher, Elton John, Hunter S. Thompson, Oscar Goodman, Penn and Teller, Wayne Newton, Liberace to mobsters like Lucky Luciano and Bugsy Siegel. There are even rooms dedicated to Vegas entertainment phenomenons The Killers and the television show, CSI.

They did an excellent job in true, do more with less attitude, one of our Core Values. Good job!!!

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Pirate P-arrrgh-ty!

The Zappos.com content team is usually a peaceful, loving group, but during the “Murder at the Salty Sea Dog” pirate murder-mystery party, chaos and distrust filled the air! The shocking “murder” of the Jaded Jewel’s first mate, “Merciless Morgan” (AKA Jay from the Performance Team), created turbulence and disorder among the group.

Actually, this was the backdrop for the Fashion and Performance content teams’ recent outing. The drama unfolded at the old pirate watering hole called the Salty Sea Dog, or Nick P.’s house to be exact, although there isn’t much of a difference!

Being that this was the first murder mystery party I had ever attended, I was surprised to see how committed and in-character some of my colleagues were. In the photos below, you’ll see Jennifer, AKA “JB”, AKA “Butterfingers Bailey”, take on her pirate persona with full-on commitment. Jay, who played the unfortunate “victim”, took on the role of “Merciless Morgan” eagerly, only to be killed off in the first half hour. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy about that!

In the end, all the evidence led to the conviction of “Sealegs Sam”, AKA Bob A. (pictured above with a big evil smile on his face!) , as the conniving murderer. He was promptly made to “walk the plank” for his vicious crime. Pirates are a ruthless breed!

Overall, the party was filled with shady, suspicious characters, eye patches, “Captain Morgan” poses, and of course, lots of booty…pirate booty that is. The Best Costume award went to Performance Team’s Jeff B., who played the part of “Governor Napier”, and the Best Performance award went to none other than the Jaded Jewel’s captain, “Cap’n Redbeard”, played by Jason Lee of “Getting Down and Dirty with Jason Lee” fame.

Family Recreation: Swimming

I love to swim. And my love of swimming came at an early age, when my family went swimming together. Of course, it was mostly on family vacations when we made sure to go to the hotel pool, but it instilled in me a love for swimming. And it is a love I pass on to my own son. We try to go once a week, even in cold weather, since the wonder of modern convenience means indoor swimming is a possibility.

Start Swimming at a Young Age

It is best to start your children swimming at a young age. In fact, babies often feel an affinity to the water, since it resembles conditions in the womb. Get a swimsuit that fits, and bring your children to the pool often. My sister’s kids have been visiting the pool since they were 6 months old. This allows children to grow up accustomed to the water. When they take swim lessons later, they will feel more comfortable and be more open to the experience.

Creating Happy Memories

Swim as a family. Children love doing things with mom and dad. When you both come to the pool — and get in the water — it makes the whole process more pleasurable. Additionally, it can be an inexpensive way to enjoy some family recreation. Check with your local pool. Most pools have a “family night” that comes with a discount for the whole family.

During the summer months, it can be fun to take your family swimming recreation to the ocean, a nearby lake or an outdoor water park. I’ve found that at the lake, no boat is necessary. Just take the kids swimming, set up towels on the beach and spend some time in the water. They will love it. For the outdoor water park, pack a picnic lunch and plan to make a day of it.

Swimming, whether indoors or in the open air, can be a great family recreation activity.

Weekly Comfort Item: Boots meant for Walking

Comfort boots actually exist. For all the women who think they have to give up style for comfort, it just is not so. There are a wide variety of brands that offer boots specifically categorized as comfort boots including Clark’s, Hush Puppies, LaCanadienne, Easy Spirit, Aerosoles, Born Biddy, Gabriella Rocha and Lucchese, to name a few. If you are vertically challenged, heel height doesn’t have to be sacrificed, and if you are tall, heel height is accommodated. Most importantly, comfort and style definitely do not have to be sacrificed.

So what is different about comfort boots as opposed to other boots? There are a few features that enhance comfort boots, providing not only a well fitting boot, but a comfortable boot. If you’re looking to purchase comfort boots from an online retailer, all of the features should be provided prior to purchasing. Several of the top features to look for include: cushioned insoles designed to absorb shock, which reduce foot fatigue and pressure; rubber outsoles with tread detailing designed to provide a lasting grip while walking; OrthoLite foam shock absorbing foot bed, which is designed to reduce shock; an EVA Midsole, which is also designed to absorb shock and create an ease in walking; and rubber outsoles with ABS heels which help to reduce the weight of the shoe.

The price for comfort boots ranges just like any other boots based on the brand and quality of boot. A classic example is a pair of black patent leather Aerosoles Patrol Car comfort boots , which retails for $89 and has a 2 ¾-inch heel. If looking for a higher heeled comfort boot, a great example is the Gabriella Rocha Studio Scarlet comfort boot in gray with lace up front eyelets and a 3-inch heel retailing for $99. Lucchese , on the other hand, actually offers comfort boots in the form of cowboy boots. Lucchese boots are known as the best fitting cowboy boot made. Lucchese comfort boots generally range from $500 and upward, are made to last a lifetime and are worth every penny.

Importance of CLothing in Music: New Romantics

Sometimes music is as much about what we wear as it is about what it sounds like. Certainly music scenes have launched fashion trends over and over again. The glam rock of the 1970s, the new romantics of the 1980s and the grunge of the 1990s are among the trend setters. And while each of those styles were peculiar to their moments in time and have largely faded with the passing of their corresponding musical trends, their influence can still be seen in today’s fashion, particularly when it comes to the New Romantics.

The new romantic movement was a British music scene of the early 1980s. It spawned bands like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Adam and the Ants, and influenced both teen trends and high fashion designers with its mix of elegance and outrageousness. A stylistic outgrowth of glam rock in some ways, new romantic fashion often featured androgynous clothes and make-up on both men (Boy George’s Culture Club also came out of the new romantic scene) and women. The new romantics also had affection for historical clothing. Ruffled shirts were common, as were outfits inspired by the military uniforms of the past. Adam Ant, in particular, was known for wearing a red hussar jacket, while also sporting eyeliner and braids in his hair.

While the more outrageous aspects of the new romantic look have largely fled from mainstream fashion, playing with gender roles and historical fashions remains popular in various youth and alternative cultures including goth and steampunk. In more mainstream fashion, the new romantic influence persists in the form of military and historically inspired fashions for both men and women , and periodic attempts to popularize cosmetics for men. With the recent revival of more mainstream 1980s fashions such as leggings and bubble skirts, it may only be a matter of time before the new romantic look is seen again on both sides of the pond.