The age-old adage of “don’t kill the messenger” applies here folks, as I’m just reporting the news. Ms. Suri Cruise has been named the World’s Most Influential Celebrity Tot Under The Age of Five on Forbes’ list. It would seem her fashion sense, her hairstyle and her picture perfect pout helped her earn this honor. Well partially, the company also weighs press clippings and web presence of 50+ A-list kids to whittle down the prospects for the list. Now in all fairness, the smallest Cruise could have earned this honor based on her considerable wardrobe, which has provided some of the most stylish outfits this side of Pampertown, not to mention her enviable shoe collection (have you seen those Mary Janes?).

In reality though, and perhaps it’s just me, but isn’t she only two years old and doesn’t pick her own clothes, or even tie her own shoes yet? That aside, the media darling was in good tot company on this list, she beat out Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Pax Jolie-Pitt, David Banda (Madonna’s son from Malawi), Sam Sheen (Charlie’s oldest), Cruz Beckham and Sean Preston Federline. Imagine you may still be using formula, but can command a lofty spot on Forbes. Watch out Suri, Valentina is quite the stylista, and she is even younger than you.

Green Tip...Beam me up!


Soo I stopped to get gas this morning, and as I’m standing at the pump the tv advertisement attached to the pump keeps repeating “ Wash your car, go green, give the earth a hand, let us wash your car”. The advertisement got a little annoying after a while but the truth is, they are right. Letting a gas station wash my car would be much better for the environment, plus it lead me to my next green tip of the day :)


Let The Experts Wash Your Car

According to the trade group International Carwash Association, washing your car all by your lonesome can consume between 80 and 140 gallons of water compared to the 45 gallons per car a commercial car wash will use.

So when its time to get those bugs off the hood, go with the pros!

And if your budget cant afford the experts, try a 2 gallon car wash .

Till Next time… Stay Green ,Yo!

PubCon Tweetup at the Hard Rock in Vegas!

Last week , Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh sent out a Twitter to all who were in Vegas attending the PubCon Search Marketing Conference and invited them out to magnificant night of drinking, mingling and good rock and roll. The event, which was held at Wasted Space in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, became a hotbed of SEO-Meisters who were all alerted about the ‘Tweetup’ via a Tony-Tweet.

Everyone was told that the way to gain entry to the event was to simply write the word ‘Zappos’ on their arm. Below is a video of what went down. Take it away!

Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with Zappos!

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Ode to Apples and Bananas

This may seem a bit odd that I am writing an ode to apples and bananas blog, but I promise there is a reason behind my madness – all the time, 60% of the time – and this may very well be one of those times.

As I look at the beautifully ripe apple and banana that are sitting on my desk waiting to be devoured, I think of how fortunate Us Zapponians are to be provided with fresh fruit daily. To some this may not seem so special, but to others the thought of fresh fruit really is just that – a thought, or a dream. There are a vast amount of people who can’t afford to have fresh fruit daily, let alone work for a company who provides it.

Most of the time I do wake up grateful for the “big and obvious things” that I have in my life, but I don’t wake up every morning saying thanks for the fresh fruit and vegetables that I am fortunate enough to eat every day. And I know that I am not the only one who overlooks food everyday as something to be thankful for. And why is that? Well, that’s because I have it. Those who wake up hungry and spend their day wondering where their next meal is coming from, would be extremely grateful for fresh apples and bananas. And to think I am fortunate enough to be picky and search for the best looking apple and banana in the bunch!

So, being as to how this is the month to say thanks and be grateful for all the amenities we have in our lives, I encourage you to do so. Take a moment to think about the “small things” in your life and you’ll probably realize that it’s a lot “bigger” than you thought.

What are the “Apples and Bananas” in your life that you look over daily?

Post a not-so-obvious thing that you’re thankful for. Really. Think about this one.

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Things On My Desk with George T.!

Ahhhh George T. He may seem all friendly and happy-go-lucky (and he is, most of the time) but once you ask to challenge him in his crazy musical reflex game of pure madness that he keeps on his desk, he turns into a whole different person.

I strongly encourage all of you to stop by George’s desk in the 2280 building and challenge him in the shocking game that he keeps on his desk. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to blow him away with your cat-like reflexes.

Check out the things that CLT Lead George T. keeps on his desk.


Men’s Vogue, down to two issues a year. Fashion Rocks Supplement, gone in 60 seconds. Teen Vogue, thriving. That’s right Men’s Vogue may be down to a mere two issues, and the Fashion Rocks supplement and the accompanying fashion/music show may be over, but the teens, tweens and everything in between is doing quite well. So well in fact that Teen Vogue is sponsoring a pop-up concept store in the uber high-end retailing space, Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, New Jersey. The store will feature music, snacks, make-up and clothes, a runway, and the occasional visit from real Teen Vogue editors to dispense advice and fashion direction. This store will be called the Haute Spot with four more concept pop-up stores to follow, two focusing on prom-centric styles in the Spring of 2009, and two focusing on the back-to-school concepts in August of 2009. So if you are just hanging out at the mall with your friends, this really seems like the only place to be.


Green means go, and emerald is full speed ahead this winter. Keep other adornments to a minimum if you wear it all over, like in dress or suit form. The rich hue is perfect in accessory form, making an all black outfit absolutely pop. Our pick? This lovely two-tone Costume National handbag.