Fashion Rules: How to Wear Belts

What’s in a belt? Everything! Jewels. Plastic. Leather. Beads. Metal. With all of this stuff, you’d think people would know how to wear them. Alas, they don’t. Here are a few common scenarios:

Scenario #1: Shelia prides herself on being able to wear the same clothes she did in high school. As a result, on occasion, she wears a tie dye belt around a dress that used to go with another outfit she wore in 1965.

Scenario #2: Bill is a cowboy who works in corporate America. Of course, while in the office, he complies with wearing a suit and tie. But his belt is always a BIG one – with an ornate buckle.

Scenario #3: Cindy has always had a thick waist. In order to create a smaller one, she wears a skinny belt. It makes her look like a sausage with a string tied around it.

Sadly, we all know a Shelia, Bill or Cindy. They are our friends, relatives and coworkers. They are smart in every way except fashion. So here are a few tips they can use in regards to wearing belts:

Belts should fit . . .

A. The times. Unless the 60’s are back in style, don’t wear a belt from that era. Stick with the current trends.

B. The outfit. Casual belts belong with casual outfits and vice versa. Save cowboy buckles and other trendy belts for jeans.

C. The body. Your belt size should fit your body size. Skinny belts look best on skinny people.

Give these belt tips to the Shelias, Bills and Cindys of the world. And use them yourself. They will help anyone select a belt that looks good on them.

Clothing from Around the World: Ireland

When I think of Ireland, I think of green hills, Guinness beer, the potato famine and lots of chunky girls wearing dumpy, dark, ugly clothes. Yeah, well, I did grow up in England, and we tend to be a bit prejudiced. But I am smart enough to admit when I’m wrong. The bit about the chunky girls wearing dumpy, dark, ugly clothes, that is. Maybe that was Ireland 75 years ago, but it’s not today. Irish girls are stylish, street hip and fashionable, and a lot of them are really pretty. So, if you’re going to be in Ireland what’s the street style like?

First of all, knitwear. Irish girls wear a lot of sweaters, cardigans and hats. Well, you’ve kind of have to. It is still cold there most of the year. The knitwear is gorgeous. Made with the softest lambs’ wool and handmade, an Irish sweater will last for a couple of generations. The layered look is also in style. Leggings or a short or knee-length skirt on the bottom, with a t-shirt and shirt on top, and then a short or cropped jacket. Pair all these up with a long scarf and a pair of high heels, and you’re the height of fashion in Dublin. Tartan has also been in for a couple of seasons and definitely gives an outfit an authentic flair. Bags , this winter season, are huge and roomy. You pretty much could carry a 6-pack of Guinness in most of them, with enough room for the kitchen sink and a microwave.

For guys, Wrangler jeans, a shirt and a shoulder bag worn across the body (all in muted or dark colors) looks cool. A vintage t-shirt, shirt and jeans looks even better. Oxfam (the huge British charity shop chain) is very popular, and you’ll see many an Irish fashion follower rummaging through the Oxfam racks.

The great thing about Ireland is innovation and a slightly crazy style is admired. Even an outfit that could look quite boring is worn with a funky shawl, scarf or beads and some high heel boots and a weird and wonderful bag. Ireland. Quirky is almost normal here.


Or it would seem. His nightclub here in Las Vegas is said to be thriving, and we all love the [Ed Hardy| Hardy] brand, so why shouldn’t his selling of his vast empire in an economic downtown turn bring the $700 million asking price? That’s right folks, Mr. Audigier is said to be looking to sell the entire lot, that is – ten brands, including Ed Hardy, and 92 licenses. Even with the economy at what it is currently, you can bet there are interested parties – 15 to be exact, according to WWD, who ran a story on the prospective sale in its October 16 edition. Even if he sells his stakes, hopefully he will continue to design or oversee the designs, (gasp) what would Ed Hardy look like without him?

His show was also the highlight of Wednesday’s LA Fashion Week’s shows. Looks like it’s a good time to be Christian Audigier.


Rossella Jardini, Creative Director of Moschino, and the Moschino company, in partnership with Hotelphilosophy S.p.A., Mobygest Group, will open the Moschino hotel next year in Milan near the trendy Corso Como area. The hotel space, a former railway station dating back to the year 1840, will feature four floors, 54 rooms and 15 suites, with each room/suite being different from the other, with the overall theme being that of a fairy tale. The hotel will also feature a bar, restaurant, spa, gym and public garden.

Thus far the only information released, is that of one of the rooms that features a chandelier with rose petals, a coverlet below it made up of rose petals, as though the petals from the chandelier had fallen upon the bed, and a modern designed chair in crimson with the interior cushions having semi-origami folds of a flower petal. A more in depth unveiling will happen this weekend at the TTG Incontri, a tourism expo in Rimini, Italy. Couture’s very own merchandisers travel to Italy twice yearly for vendor appointments, perhaps this will be the new favorite place to stay, no?

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Zapponian Of The Day, Rosalind S.!

That’s right, the one and only Miss Rosalilnd S. is today’s Zapponian of the day! Ros is the cruise ship assistant here at Zappos and she does such a wonderful job at keeping inside Zappos crusin’!


We here are Couture and are truly lively and creative sorts. Many fabulous designs and projects come out of our small but mighty Creative Service team. But leave it to our resident artist/design guru John F. to take Halloween decorating to a new height with his Couture pumpkin design. The Couture Team exclaimed a lot of “ooooooooohhhs” and “ahhhhhhhhs” over his design. I guess the saying, “If you can’t have the real thing, go with the next best thing,” applies here. So, who needs real thing when you can have a fabulous pumpkin for Halloween inspired by it.


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Andi L on Tattoo Tuesday

Andrea L (Andi to her friends) is a photographer in the KY Warehouse. Andi says, “I believe my spot here at Zappos was fate. I love it here. It is the best job I have ever had and I love the people I work with.”

This is the story of her first tattoo!