Dev and Finance Go to War on Thursday

Las Vegas, NV—On Thursday afternoon, the rebels of Finance crossed the border into Dev. to attack in fear of a preemptive strike, but were eventually overwhelmed by the Dev Forces.

The attack was prompted by sheer boredom when the Internet went down for a short period in the office on Thursday afternoon. After much deliberation, they decided that the risk of a strike from Dev was too great, so the attacked with their large arsenal of Nerf weaponry.

But the size of the Dev army overtook them and they were pushed back over into their border 10 minutes after the invasion.

“They fought like toddlers, really. It was sad,” said Lt. Alex K., in a statement to the Blog Team. “Next time, we’re coming for them, and there is no turning back,” he added.

Below is a video of the attack.

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Zapponian of the Day, Stacey T.!

Stacey T. over in the fashion merchandising department may be new and she may be small, but she’s fun and a little weird just like everyone else. Stacy, you rock, and for that we nominate you as honorary Zapponian of the Day!

For those of you who don’t know Stacey T. yet, you will soon.

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Things On My Desk with Andrew K.!

HR’s ever so wonderful Andrew K. has oh so kindly allowed us to take a sneak peek inside the world that is his cubicle.

WARNING: To those of you who did not know that he is a comic freak, you may be shocked by the contents of this video. And to those of you who are particularly fond of Transformers – then you’re in for a real treat!

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Blog World Expo '08 Twitter Party Viral Interviewing

Twitterers like talking to other Twitterers…that’s just how it goes. So instead of throwing off the natural flow of things, we let them interview each other at our Blog World ’08 Twitter party.

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Featured Snowboarder of the Week: Jamie Anderson

During our nice warm summer north of the equator, Jamie Anderson has been making her mark on women’s pro snowboarding during the winter and south of the demarcation line.

She turned 18 years old on September 13. En route, she had a clean sweep at the New Zealand Open in the slope-style and half-pipe competitions. This allowed her to emerge No. 1 in the Burton Global Open Series and the Swatch Ticket to Ride World Snowboard Tour.

One newspaper headline simply stated, “Beware, women’s half pipe riders.” This was because Jamie had been best known as a teen phenomenon in slope style.

Former Olympic half-pipe gold medalist Kelly Clark was first in half-pipe qualifying in New Zealand, and Anderson barely squeaked into the finals in eighth place out of 36 participants. Anderson was the first of eight half-pipe finalists to ride for the judges. She caught their eyes by executing an inverted backside 540. The maneuver won best trick and helped her score 84.25, a total the other riders couldn’t top, despite four attempts. Clark placed third.

In slope style, Anderson was so dominant that her 90 points strongly surpassed runner up Cheryl Maas of the Netherlands, who scored 66 point.

Anderson then went on to sweep the Swatch TTR Billabong Big Air Event. At only 18, she was a veteran repeat winner.

The web site responded to the New Zealand accomplishments, describing Jamie Anderson as “a female Shaun White.” Indeed, three years ago Jamie became the youngest Winter X medalist at age 15, edging out Shaun by a few days. She already has three X-Games medals to her credit, most recently winning the 2008 Gold in slope style for the second year in a row.

Jamie plans to continue her surge by competing in the Australian Open in October. After all, it still is winter Down Under.

She is one of eight siblings, with five sisters and two brothers. Her sister, Joanie Anderson, won the 2007 X-Games in snowboard cross.

Blonde-haired Jamie Anderson is 5-foot-2, 120 pounds, and will complete her senior year at California’s South Lake Tahoe High School by taking work-study courses. She netted $10,000 for her New Zealand Open victories.


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Big Game Hunting and Fishing: Alaska's Trophy Animal, The Dall Sheep

For hunters, Alaska represents a lot more than just a popular cruise destination or the setting for the whimsical television series “Northern Exposure.” The 49th state also serves as the home for some of the best trophy animals in North America, in particular Dall sheep.

Typically found in the mountains and on steep slopes, the Dall is a snow white creature that has a beautifully shaped horn. Mature males have ones that curl into a circle, while the horns of the females are somewhat smaller and not quite as curved. By counting the markings on the horns, you can even determine the age of the Dall that you bring down.

Many hunters agree that the best places to find the Dall sheep are the mountains in the Brooks Range; this means that you’ll have to do quite a bit of hiking and climbing to find the trophy you want. It’s never too early to start training for this kind of hunt. Book some extra time on the Stairmaster before you go.

To carry what you need into the mountains, it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy, multi-purpose backpack like the Kelty Bison 3300 . This pack is rugged enough for Alaskan hunting and has enough storage space to hold supplies and bad weather gear.

You can go after Dall sheep from mid-August to mid-September, but you do need a tag in some areas (approximately $425) and a license ($85). Several local guides will, for a fee, take you into the Brooks Range and help make arrangements to ship your trophy back home.

A good way to start your hunting experience is by flying into Fairbanks and catching an air taxi into the Brooks Range. You can find plenty of top-notch accommodations in Fairbanks, but you will be camping outdoors during your time in the mountains.

Going after Dall sheep could be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. With all the backpacking and hauling you will be doing, you should be able to skip a few trips to the gym after you get back home.


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Fitness Resolutions: When the Get Up and Go is Gone

Has your get-up-and-go mindset for getting in shape disappeared into the abyss since your last training session? Staying motivated to stick with your workout routine is one of the biggest challenges of getting in shape, and sometimes even the most enthusiastic personal trainer or workout buddy can’t help.

Maintaining that energy and enthusiasm takes work – a trip to Starbucks doesn’t count – but there are some easy ways to make those trips to the gym a tad more exciting so you can turn yourself into the Prince (or Princess) of Persistence. You can start with:

1. Tackling a new activity. Getting stuck in a rut is one of the easiest ways to lose motivation and trade that much-needed gym time for a trip to the dessert café next door. Take on a new challenge with Olympian spirit and up the self-motivation factor instantly.

2. Calling a friend. Buddy up with someone who could use a great workout this week and make it a gym date. Having someone hold you accountable for the workout can make it easier to stick with it for the long haul; think of it as training wheels until you’re ready to blast through those workouts alone.

3. Logging your time. Keeping track of time spent at the gym can be a great way to measure your progress and your success. Charting your time on a calendar or PDA will give you some numbers to work with and a visual incentive to keep making that number grow! Clock your time using a sports watch or other monitoring device so you can fine tune that progress chart and be proud of every step.

4. Train for another reward. If becoming more fit and looking great aren’t enough of a motivation factor, consider rewarding yourself with other goodies like that mini vacation you’ve always wanted to take, a shopping spree to pick up the latest handbag , or even a simple reward of having a day off work can be a better payoff in the short-term.

5. Take it to the office. If your usual gym routine takes place after work, put up some motivational quotes and posters around the office or design a fun screensaver. This can help you get into the mindset of sticking with your plans at all costs and keep you focused and positive throughout the day.

How to Prepare a Soon to be Big Brother or Big Sister

Preparing an elder child for a new baby is quite a challenge. Though your older son or daughter may be fascinated by the changes in your body during pregnancy, he or she may be less than thrilled when a real live baby shows up and demands Mommy’s attention 24/7.

There are a few things you can do to make her feel better about the whole thing. Give your older child the role of “big sister” or “big brother” as soon as possible, so they start to think of the baby as theirs rather than as an interloper. If she’s old enough to do it discreetly, tell her first and give her the opportunity to tell the rest of the family.

Reassure her constantly that her place in the family is special, both before and after the baby is born. I tell my kids that there’s no one who can replace my firstborn in my heart, and no one who can replace my baby in my heart. (I only have 2 kids, so if you have more you might want to just call them by name…no one can replace my 2nd and 3rd kids just doesn’t have the same ring to it!)

When you bring the baby home from the hospital, it’s helpful to have the dad bring her in so the mom can give some extra attention to the elder child. I told my older daughter (completely truthfully) that I missed her terribly the two nights I was away from her in the hospital and it made her feel much better.

Above all, don’t get upset if your normally sweet-natured, older child throws tantrums or starts regressing. A new sibling is a big adjustment and this behavior is normal.

I breastfed my younger daughter for exactly one week due to the fact that my older daughter would run in the room and bounce on the bed every time I tried it, which caused me intense pain. In retrospect, I might have solved this problem if I’d thought of a way to include her in the procedure.