Pregnancy Scrapbook

Trust this two time mom when I say that once your kids are here, especially the second one or afterwards, you’re not going to have a lot of time to work on scrapbooks, baby books or baby albums. I decided to do a handwritten journal for my two, figuring it would be easier. Neither of them has been written in since 2003, although I keep them on my nightstand, every night thinking, “I’ll update them tomorrow.”

Why not start a pregnancy scrapbook? If you’re totally swamped once he or she is here, at least your baby will have mementos from this special time in your life. It doesn’t have to be one of those huge projects that make you feel guilty. You can find a simple predesigned scrapbook at a craft store that only requires you to put down pictures and stickers, or you can do it the old-fashioned way and use a plain photo album, making your own tags in your word processor. Substance, in this case, is preferable to style.

Items to include in the pregnancy scrapbook include sonogram photos, cards from your baby shower, e-mails announcing you’re pregnant to faraway family and friends, printouts of baby names and photos of your baby bump from month to month. Be creative! Anything that has meaning to you goes, although the actual EPT pregnancy test probably won’t fit in the pages of your book.

Try to keep things roughly chronological, which you can do by putting an item in the day you decide to use it. That keeps the whole thing from getting out of hand. Buy the book and do the first page the day you get home from the sonogram appointment, adding each item as you acquire them.

Finally, finish up with a page full of predictions for your baby from your friends and family. These are delightful to read later as your child grows up. Everyone predicted my first daughter would someday be an ace left-handed pitcher for the Yankees, and I still think she might achieve that goal, except for the left-handed part!

Best Marathons: The Valley of Fire, Nov. 22, 2008

Remember all of those old movies centered on the Mojave Desert? Man gets lost in hot Mojave Desert. Vacationing family’s car breaks down in a Mojave Desert storm. Five men searching for lost treasure out in the Mojave Desert succumb to the burning sun – only one rises to victory. These story lines are what put the Mojave Desert on the map. Yet they are also the ones that make people leery about visiting it. For this reason, I was surprised to find out that a marathon was focused around the Mojave.

The Valley of Fire Marathon is set in the Mojave Desert. And guess what? Unlike what we’ve seen in the movies, the temperatures are mild. They range from the mid- to high-60s during the day and drop into the 40s at night. So weather isn’t an issue for this marathon. You can wear your regular shorts, tank and shoes with a little SPF on your nose. What is an issue is all of the fun you’ll have running it. People come from all around to tackle the Valley of Fire Marathon. They do it because of the pre-run spaghetti dinner, challenging trek and prizes. It’s these things that make people forget that the Mojave Desert has a reputation for sucking the life out of people.

So, are you ready for a run in the desert? If so, you should sign up for the Valley of Fire Marathon at You still have time to register. The next upcoming race is on November 22, 2008 – just a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Bring your camera to the event. It’ll give you something to talk about with the relatives over your turkey dinner.

Weinermobile Visits Zappos!

Yep, you heard right. The world famous Oscar Meyer Weinermobile visited’s Henderson office today to the delight of everyone!!!

This story begins two days ago, when Zappos CEO, Tony Hseih, was the keynote speaker at the Word of Mouth Marketing Summit and Research Symposium here in Las Vegas. The Weinermobile was actually on display, and Tony decided to began his speech inside the Weinermobile, and emerged to everyone’s surprise!

After the address, Tony arranged for the Weinermobile to make a stop at the Zappos offices on Friday, and everyone freaked out and had a great time! Below is a video of how it went down!


Wore heels continually for all of fashion week? Check. Breaking in new shoes all day at work, and now your feet hurt? Check. The prescription used to be a few days wear of ballet flats, those soft, flexible slip ons that gave instant relief to aching feet, that is until now. French shoemaker, Repetto, has released an updated version of the jazz lace up shoe, incorporating the same flexibility, kid soft leather and the versatility of the classic ballet flat. The original jazz lace up was created by founder Rose Repetto for her daughter-in-law, ballet dancer Zizi Jeanmaire, but found its true iconic status in the ‘70s when Serge Gainsbourg — famous French Musician, lover of Bardot and Birkin, father to ‘It’ girl Charlotte —was introduced to them by his then girlfriend Jane Birkin. However, the ongoing celebrity love affair with the jazz shoe did not stop with Serge. Modern-day fashionistas like Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and, of course, Charlotte Gainsbourg keep the cool cache of wearing them alive. Repetto ’s modern take has funky, vivid colors, patent and kid leather options, but keeps the original concept in place with the same lace up design, flat heel and light as a feather feel. Should your aching feet desire to be ensconced in a pair of these shoes, they are available at Open Ceremony in NYC and Comme des Garcons in Paris.

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Zapponian Of The Day, Pat W.!

Oh Pat, we all need a little help in this office from time to time. I do hope our Zapponian of the day session helped you out in wonderful ways and more importantly, made your Mom proud.


Diane Von Furstenberg, the powerhouse behind the DVF brand, the advocate for women empowerment, and the creator of the quintessential travel piece, the iconic wrap dress, is taking it up another fashionable notch with the launch of her blog column, Inside DVF, on The blog chronicles Diane’s travel’s, creations, favorite things, DVF news and philosophies on day-to-day life. The overall site is a wonderful fantasy of color, collections and information about the brand. You can join as a DVF friend on Facebook, you can watch how the current campaign came together (filmed and photographed), as well as browse through her style archives. So if you are a lover of all things DVF, this will be a special treat and inside look into her very fashionable world. See, just when you think you can’t love Diane much more, she gives you yet another reason. Danke Diane!


Raise your hands and say I:, that is I will never have visible panty
lines, ever! Now to make sure that that fashion faux pas never
transpires, there are control top panty hose, spanks, corsets and now, thankfully, firm control thongs, yes I said thongs, from Maidenform.
Maidenform is having a stellar year, as this is the bra centennial
which they have been at the forefront from the beginning and now the
tummy flattening thong. The deep leg openings ensure that you have
freedom of leg movement and a pillow cushioning crotch — that, my
friends, needs no explanation. So in the words of Heidi Klum: ‘Auf
Wiedersehen’ to VPL and discomfort!


Sharp, bold, unconventional and retro, a architectural heel is a edgy twist on a traditional heel pump. These Robert Clergerie Jul Pumps , for instance, give a pencil skirt or jeans a playful yet sophiscated feel.