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Celebrity Fashion: White Button-Ups and Pointy-Toe Shoes

Believe it or not, there are some celebrity fashion trends that are classic clothing pieces and will not be going out of style anytime soon. One of those trends is the white button-up shirt. There are tons of celebrities that wear the white button-up shirt several different ways. You can have the casual look, Cavalli makes an excellent example of a flirty and feminine button-up shirt.

Another celebrity fashion trend that will be around for awhile is the pointy-toe shoe. They can look great paired with wide-legged pants but also look just as good with a knee-length skirt. They also can help your legs look leaner and longer. Who wouldn’t want that? If you ever look at a celebrity’s feet on the red carpet, you will notice that probably more than half of the women are wearing pointy-toe shoes. And they can be worn with so many different options, from a elegant evening gown to a pair of dressy jeans. Such celebrities as Christian Lacroix . And the good thing with pointy-toe shoes is that you necessarily don’t have to wear the super high heel to be trendy. Even a flat shoe with a pointy-toe will be trendy.

Making Pregnancy Easier: How to Recognize You're in Labor

Tomorrow is my firstborn’s 10th birthday! In honor of our happy memories, the topic of this post is how to recognize you’re in labor the first time around! Believe it or not, it’s not always immediately apparent, especially if you’ve never been through it, but there are some clues that it’s on its way. This post is in honor of the birthday girl , Miranda.

The Nesting Instinct
Books like “What to Expect” describe the nesting instinct as an overwhelming urge to clean your house, paint the walls, etc. That’s true, but it can manifest itself in different ways if cleaning and painting aren’t in your vocabulary. Basically it’s a burst of sudden energy at the very end of pregnancy that gets channeled into preparing for the baby in some way.

I am a huge shopper. The afternoon I went into labor, my husband was with a coworker who has five kids. Over the phone I told my husband I hadn’t found the right bassinet for the baby but had driven to five separate counties looking for it and planned on visiting three more. After I hung up, he conferred with the experienced dad, who correctly told him, “Go home early, you’ll be at the hospital by midnight.”

Minor Back Pains or “Gas”
Labor doesn’t start as immediate excruciating pain (and even when it gets excruciating, you have periods of rest in between). The night of my labor, I had a very minor, dull backache – not really even distinguishable from the usual pregnancy backache. (With my second daughter, I had what I thought was gas.) It wasn’t even noticeable enough to alarm me, but I lay down on the floor while watching TV to relieve some pain. When my husband asked me what I was doing, I said, “I have a small backache and it’s nothing more than a nuisance but it comes and goes.” It was only when he made me time my “backaches” that I realized they were exactly six minutes apart. He made me call the doctor, who said, “Mother to be, come on down!”

Most Popular Distance Run: Get Out Your Running Kicks for Route 66

If you live in the USA, the mention of Route 66 can conjure up images of romantic cross-country drives, heading west for fame and fortune. Well, at least it does for me (and I wear a Stetson in my dream too!) I once drove Route 66 from Amarillo, Texas to Santa Monica, California, and boy, did I feel cool when I got there. Nowadays though, much of Route 66 has been swallowed up by other roads, which is kind of sad. That’s why, when I heard a friend talk about the 2008 Route 66 Marathon on November 16th, I knew I had to find out more.

The Route 66 Marathon is held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and includes a full marathon, a half marathon, a quarter marathon and a 5K. There’s also a kid’s marathon, which is a 1.2 mile run for the 6 to 12 year olds. There’s also going to be live entertainment along the course with 15 local music bands playing for spectators’ and runners’ entertainment. (Isn’t this becoming a mainstay of many marathons these days?)

The Route 66 Marathon is apparently quite a challenge, especially in the last few miles where a lot of it is uphill. You’re already wiped out from having run 20-plus miles, and now they expect you to run up hills? Quit whining! It’s good for you! (And a nice little challenge for serious marathon runners.)

The drawback about this race last year apparently was there was no pizza and beer at the finish for the majority of the marathon runners, because the runners in the 5K and 10K races got in earlier and gulped down the lot! This year, they’ve fixed that problem so there will also be food when you arrive at the finish line. (Ooh and there’s a good pasta dinner the night before too.)

The race also has very snazzy T-shirts that are given to all race finishers, and because this is a completely closed race course (no cars to kill ya!), you can also wear headphones while you run.

The entrance fee is $65 to $100 for the marathon, depending on when you register, $45 to $70 for the half marathon, $25 to $40 for the quarter and $15 to $25 for the 5K. For more information, check out the race website at .

Must See Family Vacation Spots: Ruby Falls

After you See Rock City and give the whole looking at seven states from atop the peak of Lookout Mountain a try, there is only one place left in this Tennessee vacation spot for you to hit. It is time to turn your kids into mole people, lace up their finest hiking boots and trek down into the ground beneath the surface of that majestic plateau of Tennessee limestone. What awaits you and the kids in the coolness that can only be found in the summertime 1,200 feet underground?

Ruby Falls! Yeah, sure, you’ve heard of Niagara Falls and all the other spectacular falls that America has to offer, but they are all aboveground. As amazing as the sight of a raging river falling over a cliff in the great outdoors may seem, that’s nothing compared to the 145-foot drop of Ruby Falls, which takes place entirely beneath the ground. There is simply no other waterfall in the United States that compares to Ruby Falls.

How many times have you heard that what’s important is the journey rather than the destination? Well, you can have it both ways at Ruby Falls. The destination is, of course, that amazing waterfall, but along the way you will be treated to all the memorable sights that make up a spectacular cavern. In addition to the expected stalagmites and stalactites (your kids can probably tell you which one is which if you are confused), there are also unusual rock formations with memorable names. Although you will probably see any number of these amazing rock formations, it is almost guaranteed that your kids will remember one rock formation in particular twenty years after the visit to Ruby Falls. It is called Steak and Eggs. Keep an eye out for it!

Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain and Rock City make up a fascinating trip for kids and adults alike, and anyone living in proximity should make a trip to all three.


The final three were decided. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, please do not read any further.

The challenge: Design a wedding dress and bridesmaid dress that gives a feel of the designers’ collection that they designed to show at Bryant Park.

The Winner:
SS: I am excited to see that, for the first time in Runway’s history, all three designers that will be showing at Bryant Park, are women. I’ll admit I did like Jerell’s wedding dress, and bridesmaid dress much better than Korto’s (what WAS that bridesmaid’s mess, I mean dress?). Korto proved through out the season she can hold her own, and I’m excited to see her collection at Fashion Week.

JF: Congratulations ladies! Leanne, Korto and (yes, even) Kenley, well done! I expected nothing less from Leanne and Korto, but Kenley really surprised me. She CAN do something other than ’50s style. Can’t wait to see their collections at Fashion Week.

The Loser:
SS: I am sad to see Jerell go. He definitely has talent. Overly bedazzled talent. He made it this far, so I’m sure we will be seeing collections from him in the future.

JF: Sorry to see you go. I love your style, overly bejeweled and all. You made it this far, keep going, your dream is just around the corner!

Next week is the big show, everyone. It’s down to the wire. Korto, Kenley and Leanne -­ who do you think will be this season’s winner of Project Runway?

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BBQ and Dunk Tanks...Oh My!

Everyone knows that Zappos is all about customer service. Well our true heroes behind our grand customer service reputation is our wonderful Customer Loyalty Team, thus, we’ve thrown a whole week of fun filled festivities in their honor.

Today we celebrated Customer Loyalty Week by having the managers from all departments BBQ delicious hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggieburgers, and hot dogs for all the employees here at the Zappos Headquarters. Way to serve, Managers!

And, because Zappos likes to mix fun and a little weirdness into everything we do, we brought a dunk tank to the BBQ. That’s right – a dunk tank, manned with Zappos volunteers brave enough to get dunked for half an hour straight. We charged one dollar for three throws and all the proceeds went to the Arthritis Foundation (the same orginization as last week’s bake sale ). We were able to raise over $200 and a good amount of laughs!

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Zivil War from the front lines

So as a loyal soldier of the UX team I can stand behind the claim that Development lost the battle held this morning. While I am a firm believer that a war consists of more than one battle, the first battle does set the tone for the rest of the war. In the pic below you will see clearly the white flag being waved by those across the battle lines on the development side. All should bask in the glory of the victorious UX, PM, HR and Finance allied powers.

Ready to Lead? ELECTION '08

That’s the question on everyone in America’s mind…is Vanessa ready to be our blog publisher?