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This is Halloween, This is Halloween

On Wednesday, Halloween came a bit early in the Zappos Headquarters, but it is very “Zappos” of us to do things a little out of the norm.

Every team was encouraged to decorate their area of the office however they see fit for this spooktacular event. Creative services made a mini haunted house for our Trick-or-Treating visitors complete with slimy, creepy bowls of old lady skin, eye balls, baby poop, brains, blood, alien babies, zombie teeth, worms, and guts. Who doesn’t like sticking their hands in a tub of eye balls

The Comfort Team made a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fun zone full of sugar and spice and everything that kids look forward to all year long – tubs, and tubs of candy.

The Legal Team made their own crime-free city with the center of it being “The Hall of Justice.” They were all super heros, so they fit in quite nicely with their overall theme.

At 4PM, the offices were opened up for trick-or-treaters, and 300 little ones came dressed up and ready for candy! We didn’t get any video or pics because that’s WAY too many parents to have sign release forms….but trust us, they were here! : )

Here is a video of the madness that is Zappos Halloween!

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Who's the Greatest Pumpkin Carver of Us All?

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Jack-o-Lantern on our doorsteps, and that rule goes for Inside Zappos as well. On top of having Halloween decoration competitions, and prizes for the best costume, we battled it out in the pumpkin carving and painting department as well.

The winners of this years Pumpkin Carve-off are:
1st place: Josiah B.
2nd place: Nikki S.
3rd place: Karen S.

And in Pumpkin Painting:
1st place: Anastasia P.
2nd place: John F.

Way to ward off the haunting spirits of this All Hallows Eve.

KY Spirit Sticks are Creative!

Although spirit week has since passed, I wanted to share the team’s spirit sticks with everyone. Each department in the KY warehouse created their own spirit stick with a hint of department flavor. The spirit sticks were judged to find the winner, but I think every team is a winning team here in KY! We all need each other to get the merchandise on the shelves, posted to the site, and out the door in superhero lightning speed!

Enjoy the Spirit Stick Showdown!

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Death Defying Climbs: The Berwyn Mountains

Climbing is a sport that attracts people from all walks of life, especially those who enjoy the challenges and thrills of reaching the top of a particularly difficult summit. The Berwyn Mountains are, however, one of the few climbing destinations in the world that would attract someone like Fox Mulder from television’s “The X-Files.”

Located in Wales, the Berwyn Mountain Range is the site of an incident that has been referred to as the “British Roswell.” On January 23, 1974, witnesses in the surrounding area said they saw and felt a disc-like craft crash into the mountains.

Like the reported alien landing at Roswell, NM, the truth behind what really crashed into the Welsh mountains remains shrouded in mystery to this day. Many UFO enthusiasts are convinced that the British government confiscated an alien spaceship, but officials have dismissed such theories.

Even without visitors from another world, the Berwyn Range is a great, if somewhat challenging destination for climbing enthusiasts. Reaching a height of 2,723 ft., this area also plays host to the Berwyn Mountain Walk, which attracts both climbers and runners.

Because it isn’t as high as other peaks, Berwyn might seem safe, but appearances in this case can be deceiving. Mist and low cloud cover can make your climb more difficult, as can the thick heather that covers the ground. This isn’t a walk in the park, so you do need to be in good physical shape before tackling Berwyn.

The organizers of the Mountain Walk also are quick to point out that the weather can become pretty severe on the way to the top. Good protection is key to surviving Berwyn, so it may be time to invest in a sturdy Cloudveil Koven Plus Jacket . This gear can keep you warm and dry if climbing conditions suddenly turn unfavorable.

While not high on the list of dangerous mountains, the Berwyn Range does offer some serious challenges for both novice and experienced climbers. As Fox Mulder always points out, the truth is out there and it may just be at the top of these mountains.


LA Fashion Week with Lana Fuchs

The 7th annual Los Angeles Fashion Week will be taking place at Smashbox Studios in a couple of weeks, and the fashion show to see there will be Lana Fuchs Couture.

Lana Fuchs is the first Las Vegas designer to participate in L.A. Fashion Week, and it’s about time, because Las Vegas is emerging as one of the shopping capitals of the world. As Fuchs says, “It’s a huge honor to represent Las Vegas, and I hope that someday our city will become a part of this fabulous fashion tradition. Las Vegas has evolved into a mecca for fashion, frequented by world class tastemakers and influencers, and so, it is only natural that we host our very own Las Vegas Fashion Week.” Fuchs will be showing more than 50 looks from her spring 2009 line on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 4 p.m.

The theme of the collection is “Rhapsody In Bloom,” and it will feature rich floral prints based on colors she saw in her travels, including Monet’s gardens in France and vivid saris in Jaipur. “Rhapsody in Bloom” is anything but minimalist, with saturated colors joining the most luxurious fabrics (silk, chiffon and lace) with embellishments and embroidery, while maintaining the sophistication necessary for a big city market.

Fuchs’ collection centers on ultra-feminine, elegant dresses in silhouettes that work from day to evening. Her designs are perfect for the Hollywood scene, and her one-of-a-kind, custom couture is very popular among women who have occasion to dress up. Lana Fuchs was born in Russia and resides in Las Vegas, both of which influences can be seen in her strong point of view, which pairs sexy silhouettes and a showbiz mentality with a view to the future. Her tag line is “understated devastation,” but there’s nothing understated about the effect her clothes have on the runway. In fact, I’d love to see her do the wardrobe for a movie, but it would have to feature a strong female lead with one foot in tradition and the other in the future. No simpering girlfriends need apply.

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Shopping Tips for New Parents: Time to Bundle Up!

When cold winter days rear their ugly head, but you want to take your newborn out for a day on the town, dolling him or her up in a few winter weather basics will keep them safe, comfortable and more than ready for the road. Your newborn will need several layers of clothing and blankets to face those brisk mornings and chilly evenings like a winter veteran. From fleece-lined onesies to layered bodysuits with mittens, there’s something for all tastes and styles for the chilly season ahead.

They may be too young for a snowball fight, but a puffy jacket is an absolute must for staying well-protected from the elements. The Puff Rider Jacket from Patagonia is designed just for babies, with a deluxe polyester shell and a water-resistant layer. The quilted jacket will fend off that brisk wind and keep baby plenty warm with extra hand-warmer pockets and Quallofil insulation. The jacket is also machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about spills and accidents ruining this winter must-have.

Keep your little girl cozy and comfortable in a fur-lined Bunting Suit that comes with its own set of mittens. This suit is designed with a hood and closed feet to trap heat in for the long haul. This super-sweet pink set is also easy to take on and off – a must for those last-minute trips – and is machine washable.

Whether you’re off to the park or just heading out for a tour of the town, layer up your tot with some fleece-lined pants designed with eco-friendly materials. The Patagonia Baby Synchilla Pants are a playful and fun addition to your newborn’s ensemble. This pair of super-comfortable pants is made with soft fleece and designed with an elastic waist. The pants can be worn by themselves or layered with various onesies and other bottoms for extra warmth.

And when the day calls for chilling out at home and steering clear of chilly weather outdoors, packing your newborn up in a fleece vest can keep them warm and toasty all day long. The Baby Synchilla Vest is made with double-faced fleece and a relaxed fit for easy layering. It’s another super-soft addition to baby’s winter wardrobe and a versatile piece for indoor or outdoor activities.

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Best Snowboarding: Banff/Lake Louise, Canada

By legend, seeds were planted more than a century ago for snowboarders and skiers to head for the Banff/Lake Louise destination.

Construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1883 had reached the western edge of the Alberta province. Railroad President William Cornelius Van Horne had seen plenty of natural beauty along the route, but he still was flabbergasted to discover the stunning Lake Louise and the now-famous Cave and Basin Hot Springs nestled among mountains with 10,000-foot peaks. He declared, “Since I can’t export the scenery, I’ll import the tourists.” Thus he built the landmark Banff Springs Hotel.

Snowboarders should take special delight. Banff/Lake Louise draws only about 30 feet of annual snow, compared to 100 or more at other locales. Still, 30 feet is plenty because the white stuff barely melts in the high and dry Rocky Mountain air. For snowboard and ski enthusiasts around the world, this is known as ““Champagne Powder.”“:

The best-known destination at Banff/Lake Louise is the Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort, and here the legend continues with roots in the year 1929. A pair of extreme sports enthusiasts, Cliff White and Cyril Paris, had trouble finding a Canadian Pacific Railway cabin. This caused them to ski all over the territory before they discovered the shelter. By then, they were so impressed that they shared information to all of their ski buddies. Sunshine Village was born, with a peak elevation of 9,000 feet and an impressive vertical drop of 3,500 feet. The longest run is 8 kilometers, which translate into 5 miles. More than 100 trails are available.

Lake Louise Mountain Resort lacks the history and tradition of Sunshine Village, but it’s a tad bit bigger in scale. The third cog in the Banff/Lake Louise trio is the more modest Mount Norquay Ski Resort, with a vertical of only about 600 feet, but still challenging

All of this splendor is available within less than a two-hour drive from Calgary, Alberta, but Banff/Lake Louise is so close to the border that some trails cross into British Columbia. Talk about a snowboarder’s dream : A trail so long that it spans two provinces!

The resorts’ web sites, by and large, do not match the quality of the winter sport environment. However, readers may find better info by reviewing Wikipedia summaries.

Sources: _Resort

Baby Boomers: Bowling for Fun and Fitness

There are a lot of new hobbies to consider after making the decision to retire early. Bowling is an excellent choice that can potentially turn into a second-life sport. During retirement is the perfect time. After all, bowling with retirement bucks is the best kind of bowling. If you have never bowled, ask a friend who is willing to try new things to go bowling with you the first time. You will quickly realize once you arrive at the bowling lanes how popular the sport actually is. Should you decide this is the game for you, it is time to personalize the game by personalizing your bowling equipment.

Believe it or not, some people have never bowled. First time bowlers will want to ensure all of the necessary equipment needed is at hand. Bowling does not really require a lot of equipment. In fact, the basics are comfortable clothes, a pair of well-fitting, personal bowling shoes (pass up the rent-a-fungus and buy your own shoes), the perfect bowling ball at the proper weight and a bowling bag. The shoes are by far the most important piece of equipment due to the stance and movement required in the game of bowling.

There are a couple of excellent brands of bowling shoes from which to select. Bowling shoes start at about $50 and up, depending on the quality. A basic Brunswick Bowling Shoe (Avada), with cushioned support and EVA midsole with a rubber heel, generally retails for approximately $50. On the other hand, Brunswick also makes The Brunswick Bowling Classic Left Hand Bowling Shoe for left-handed bowlers that retails for approximately $190. This is why it is so important to own a pair of personal bowling shoes. Your shoes are specific to your form and may affect your game.

Bowling with retirement bucks quickly makes you realize that after retirement there is a new life at hand. With that new life, there is also a new game in deciding to take up bowling during the retirement years.