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Scissors, Glue, Erasers...Oh My! (part 1)

Zappos Moms confess their Stress, fustrations, and excitments for “Back to School” time!

Interview with Sara W. (Parent of Jordyn & Zach)

As a parent, what are the biggest challenges you encounter when preparing for back to school?
“This year, the fact that my daughter started high school!! haha Oh lord… Well honestly the biggest challenge for me is getting them back in a routine and waking up early!”

What are the kids most excited about when it comes to returning back to school?
“Their social life?! haha They get cabin fever during the summer so they always want to go back to school.”

What are the most predominant kids trends for the season?
“I think there are a lot of trends and it just depends on the child’s style. My daughter, for instance, will only wear black, white or red because I’m assuming you’re not cool otherwise? I just don’t know. Skinny jeans!!! I would say the ‘skate’ trend is always huge, especially in high school! Urban is big.”

What are the top 5 most important items to equip your child with for back to school?
“Mace, Lunch, Shoes (enter zappos!), Backpack and Bicycle“

What is your favorite part about back to school?
“Get OUT of my house!!!!!!! Every parent knows that”

What is your fondest back to school memory?
“Aaaaw, ok I will be serious on this one. My son is my baby and I was retarded and cried his first day of Kindergarten! I think a lot of parents do that!? My daughter always had this beautiful, long, curly hair and when she started 1st grade, I chopped it all off for picture day which was right after school started. That day ended up being September 11th and so I was trippin on wether to send her to school or not! But she looked so cute I sent her anyway and forever have her first grade school pictures taken on that day. “

Celebrity Gossip: Madonna turns 50! And What Celebrities are Heading for Divorce Court Now?

So is it considered a bad thing when your marriage falls apart after just eight weeks? That’s the question Chris Kattan is asking himself these days since it was announced that he and his model wife, Sunshine Tutt, are separated (with no plans for divorce just yet). Is anybody else as curious as I am to know what caused the split? It wasn’t like Chris and Sunshine just met or anything either. The two had been dating since 2005 and Chris proposed back in 2006 by giving Sunshine an engagement ring for Christmas.

Madonna turned 50 this past week and celebrated the milestone event by throwing a huge birthday party for herself and her celebrity friends. However, it seems that even a big, fancy party doesn’t make up for the fact that your closest friends aren’t there. Madonna went as far as admitting during her birthday speech that she was disappointed that some of her closest friends failed to make an appearance at her party, never mind the fact that 90 of her other closest friends were at the party. Another noticeable event at Madonna’s 50th birthday party was the fact that hubby, Guy Ritchie, was there to help her celebrate. Could it be that the rumors of their split are really only rumors?

One couple that is definitely headed to divorce court is New Kids on the Block member, Donnie Wahlberg. Both Donnie and his wife, Kim Fey, filed for divorce on August 13th using the old standby “irreconcilable differences” as their reason for divorce. Of course, it wasn’t like we didn’t see this one coming. Donnie and his wife, Kim separated way back in January of this year while Donnie was busy with the whole New Kids on the Block reunion mess. Whether or not the reuniting of the New Kids had anything to do with the split is still unknown though.

Sources: US Magazine –, Showbiz Spy –, People Magazine –

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Trip Over Your Gym Bag On The Way Out!

So you’ve finally battled the snooze alarm and made it to the gym before sunrise. Kudos to you! It’s an achievement that few of us are willing to reach for on that rainy Monday morning, but being prepared the night before can make this more than a one-time success.

Packing a gym bag and lining up your athletic gear can make a morning routine a low-anxiety experience. When everything’s ready to go, it only gets easier to get your morning fitness routine into high gear. Besides, hitting the gym with some stylish duds and accessories can give any low-motivation day a one-two punch – and it could be as simple as finding the right gym bag.

The PUMA Grip Bags are the perfect size for tennis shoes, gym shorts and a few water bottles. The sporty, retro look is a blast from the past that might just tap into your youthful days of yesterday. Take your trip back to the ’70s and take your morning motivation up a notch.

If you were a backpack fiend in high school, a cross body gym bag might be a better choice for managing the busy morning – and in high style. The Luna Overland fits right over your shoulder, and is large enough to carry some athletic gear and a pair of shoes. The extra-quilted strap also means you don’t have to worry about back pain as you haul your gear on your morning trek.

If you’re heading to the gym to make a fashion statement – and work out, of course – pack up the gym necessities in the Lacoste Sport Retro Fitness Bag . This one’s big enough to hold your entire days’ worth of clothes, plus a pair of shoes and your all-important toiletry kit. You can tote this one along using the detachable cross body strap or just use the sturdy handles for support.

From cross body bags to stylish totes, picking out an attractive gym bag with could be an easy way to get your morning gym routine in motion. Pack up the tote and leave it right next to the bed so you have no excuses to skip your fitness resolution for the year.

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Gettin' down and dirty with Jason Lee - Episode 1

Jason Lee is a Content Coordinator here at Zappos, and he is a fine worker and great human person. He is also very knowledgeable in all areas….he will be doing a weekly video blog here on the Zappos blogs to answer any questions that any of his fans might have. Below is his first installment.

My name is Jason Lee and I am here to make your life easier (and more fun).

Watch the video below to find out what the heck I’m talking about.



Brtitish artist and sculptor Marc Quinn indeed thinks model Kate Moss is a golden girl and has created a 50 kilogram solid gold statue of her to prove it. The Moss statue, in all of its golden glory (pardon the pun), was unveiled to the public in London on August 28. The artist’s statue of Kate is the largest statue created since ancient Egyptian times and will premier at the British Museum as part of the ‘Statuephilia: Contemporary Sculptors at the British Museum’ on October 4, 2008.

Quinn is an artist that is used to pushing the artistic controversial line and is most famous for his very pregnant, armless, Thalidomide victim statue that resided in Trafalgar Square from 2005-2007. During the press conference for the unveiling, Marc told reporters: “I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment. But even Kate Moss doesn’t live up to the image.”

Clearly, at the moment he conceived the idea for the statue and created it, Kate did indeed live up to that image. But then again, even Kate Moss has been reported as saying, ‘it is hard being that Kate Moss’ all the time.

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Things On My Desk With Sara M.

Check out the things on Sara’s desk…or should I say lack thereof.

Ok, so her desk really isn’t this boring all the time. Sara is in the process of moving from one building to the other and well, some of us take a little longer to adjust to new surroundings than others. It’s ok Sara, your desk will be back to it’s normal messy state in no time.


The Couture team admires many fabulous fashionistas and fashionistos here at . We love spotting a well put together outfit that looks as though it were just thrown on without much effort but is fashionably fabulous nonetheless. So we decided to share some of our favorite ‘style stars’ with you. This week’s pick is the lovely Ms. Mica.

Finance Fashion Fridays with Brenda

Introducing Finance Fashion Fridays!! Where you, the Zappos employee AKA: Fashion Patrol, can submit pictures, videos, or names of fashionable Zapponians.

Submissions are due every Wednesday beginning September 3rd for the kick off. Winners announced every Friday!



a.) What is your fashion statement?

My fashion statement I would say is Urban/Ghetto fabulous!

b.) Give me 1 Core value that you think best represents your fashion statement?

The Core value that represents my fashion statement would be “Do More With Less(I’ll put a shirt on, wrap a belt around it, put on my heels(Dereon’s) and I’m set)!”

c.) What has been your favorite Zappos fashion Expo so far of 2008?

The “Athletic Performance &Rideshop/Urban!”


1) What is your fashion statement?

I usually don’t make “loud” fashion statements. When I shop, I try to stay away from super trendy items, and try to buy more classic pieces. I think that one of the best compliments that I get is when people tell me that I look like Jackie O! She is the epitome of classic style!

2) Give me 1 Core value that you think best represents your fashion statement?

Do More With Less! By buying clothing items that will stay in style for more than just one season, I am able to stretch my wardrobe. Typically, whenever I buy something new, I ask myself what in my existing wardrobe can be mixed and matched with the new item. I love it when I come home from a shopping trip and realize that the new top I just bought will look great with the skirt hanging in my closet or the cute flats I bought a few months ago.

3) What has been your favorite Zappos Fashion Expo so far of 2008?

The Fashion Team Expo. The shoes featured at this Expo were right up my alley. I loved checking out the designers new colors, interesting materials and beautiful styles.


1.) Q: What is your fashion statement?

Beauty knows no pain or budget

2.) Give me 1 Core value that you think best represents your fashion statement?

Do more with Less. I hate spending a lot with the exception of my car payment and pony
hair boots!! Sometimes you gotta have something

3.) What has been your favorite Zappos fashion Expo so far of 2008

I haven’t been to one yet, but looking forward to it!! !


a.) What is your fashion statement? Sophisticated fashionista

b.) Give me 1 Core value that you think best represents your fashion statement? Do more with less (money)