Best Hiking Trails: Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park in Utah has tons of hiking trails for pretty much everybody. The great thing about Zion National Park is the weather is awesome all year round, so you can hike whenever you want to. The Narrows and The Subway are two of the most popular hiking trails and here’s why.

The Subway is a challenging hiking trail but a lot of fun. You get to climb over rocks, into crevices and down steep cliffs, and you even have to swim through some fairly deep pools of water. The water in the pools is very cold, which is awesome in the summer months, but make sure you carry emergency equipment just in case there are any accidents. At the end of The Subway, you’ll find water shoots that you can slide down, and somebody told me there are even fossilized dinosaur tracks you can see. But remember, have some common sense and don’t attempt this one if it’s raining. This area floods really quickly, and you could end up in some serious trouble.

The Narrows is the most popular hiking trail at Zion National Park and for good reason. It’s more than 16 miles long and was cut out of the rock over the millennia by the river that runs all the way through it. The first couple of miles into the bottom of the canyon are easy and very beautiful with hanging gardens and little streams. The rest of the hike is pretty strenuous, so much so that it requires a permit if you’re planning on doing all of it. You could potentially do this in one day, but most people do it as an overnight hike, camping somewhere in the canyon along the way. Either way, you’ll have had an amazing workout when you’re done.

Zion National Park is easily accessible for everyone. It even has its own shuttle service, which will drop you off at the beginning of many of the trails. Can’t get more convenient than that, eh? And don’t forget your camera. The red and orange rocks are simply stunning; you’ll want to take as many photos as you can.

Stress, Stress, Stress: Fighting Weather-Related Depression

If you always seem to be stressed out, the fall and winter probably don’t make it any easier. There’s less greenery, fewer flowers and the icy temps make lounging around outside or taking a walk downright uncomfortable. Due to all of these things, some people actually find that they suffer from weather-related depression. Fortunately, there are several ways to bring a touch of Mother Nature’s best into your home, and it will help you to relax.

Buy Fresh Flowers Once a Week
They don’t have to be roses, and they don’t have to be expensive. Stop by your local grocery or flower shop and pick up a cute little bouquet made up of wildflowers or other common blooms. Be sure to follow the directions when putting them into a vase and add the plant food. Place them in an area of the house you spend time in, such as the living room or dining room. It’ll brighten up your home and your mood.

Change Your Bulbs
Is your indoor lighting a little harsh? You might be surprised to know you can get light bulbs that actually simulate natural outdoor lighting! This can help soften the blow of losing so much sunlight; and again, it will probably make you feel better.

Keep Eating Fresh Fruits & Veggies
Even if you don’t grow them yourself, you probably eat more fresh fruits and vegetables when it’s warm out. When the cold weather hits, that seems to stop. During colder months, people eat fewer fresh foods and more canned or frozen foods. To stay feeling fresh, try eating fresh. Eat fresh or steamed fruits and veggies at least once a day. It’s good for you, and it’s one less change from the warm days of summer.

By making a few easy and inexpensive changes, you can help ease your stress by beating the winter blues. With great lighting and fresh surroundings, you might even forget it is cold – until you step outside!

Zapponian of the Day, Bertha P!

Today we bring you Zapponian of the Day with Bertha P. from the land of OZ!


Remember when ‘duck’ boots were a Darien, Connecticut style staple? Remember when they were worn with curduroy pants, puffer vests and Fair Aisle sweaters? Well, neither do I, but that is what I am told. Fast forward to today and the steadfast staple of yesteryear is making a very chic come back. Designers from DSquared to Michael Kors , to a few mass retailers, injected the shoe/bootie with a much needed style cache with improved upper materials, playful color combinations (think tartan and tweed), and a fashionista’s best friend, a high heel. However, some design detail echos of the past are still visible within the new incarnations, the rubber sole, the lace-up and hook-and-eye closures, along with the constrast stitching. Oooooh la la!

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In the Mouth of (Abby's) Madness

The other day at the Rdesk Jeff found a box full of good ole’ Halloween goodies. Fortunately for the growing needs of our own personal amusement, Jeff found some temporary tattoos to satiate Abby N.‘s hunger for “cool, new things”. You see, Abby really loves “cool, new things”. She also loves “shiny, new things” – I think you get the idea. The debate surrounding Abby’s tastes has continued for years, nay centuries, nay millennia, nay – forever.

I’m sorry, I allowed myself to be sidetracked. You see, when I ponder Abby my mind goes fuzzy and my reality seems to swirl into the never-ending sinkhole of my sub par comprehension for the way Abby works. I love Abby. She is my Michael McDonald. She forced my love for him, my love for her. So, let me return from this ridiculous, yet oddly enlightening tangent that I find myself on, and deliver to you my original message, which was to display for you Abby’s “sleeve” of temporary tattoos.

Zappos behold! And now, from Abby herself, as she tries to give an explanation for this madness:

“SO…We were looking through the goody bag for the Halloween treats and noticed a lot of unused temporary tattoos. First, Alicia said I should make a sleeve of temporary tattoos to achieve a life long goal of mine to become Rob Reynolds. Jeff over heard and he decided to make a fun dollar challenge to make the temporary tattoo sleeve on my left arm. I used my apprentice Nick B. to assist me in the applying of the tattoos. When Nick had to leave at 5:00pm, I asked for the help of Alicia, Steve T. and Eric L., all of whom assisted me brilliantly. When we were applying the tattoos, a thought ran through my mind saying, “why?” Then I remembered, “ O yeah, I can be Rob.” It was very sticky and a whole lot of fun. Now my arm feels like it has eczema. Brilliant! Now, all I need is a head rag and severe ROCKER skills to achieve my goal of being Rob Reynolds.”

Abby, we love you. Salute!


If you have ever been to Paris, there is a good chance that you have heard of or shopped at Comptoir des Cotonniers, the mother-daughter owned fashion brand which appeals to the chic mother-daughter customer alike. Known as an edgier version of its French cousin, Agnes B, the store carries welcomed finds like off-center zip cardigans, silk tunics, jacquard jumpers, straight leg denim pieces and dresses slung low on the hips. For girls, there are sweetly mature pieces, like velvet floral skirts, denim overall jumpers, as well as pleated cotton dresses. The store itself has an overall country-chic feel with its whitewashed floors, white shelving and vases of lilies strewn through out. The line also has slight influences from China, Bulgaria, India, and Portugal, countries where many of the pieces are manufactured. The draw to the line is its relaxed yet polished and versatile apparel, which can take you to and from the office, off to meet friends, or out for a playdate. Well, depending on your age of course.


Volume is back, and it’s reached new heights with the full skirt . Don’t be afraid, there are tame versions out there, like this GF Ferre skirt. It falls just above the knee, has pleats and looks smashing with a placketed blouse, cardigan and booties.

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Coolest Skate Parks: Rotary Club in Black Rivers Falls, Wisconsin

There are dozens of cool skate parks in the United States. One of the coolest is the Rotary Club Skate Park in Lunda Community Park, found at 1400 Tyler St., Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 54615. This hybrid skate park was completed in July 2006 and offers about 9,500 square feet of skating terrain.

Rotary Club Skate Park – Basic Features
The Rotary Club Skate Park is a very unique skate park. It utilizes a hybrid technique which pairs ramp equipment, normally used above ground, with concrete block retaining walls. This combination has several advantages including no seams, no gaps and no guard rails. This is great if you are just learning how to ride a ramp or trick off a ramp, because you don’t have to worry about tripping over gaps and other design imperfections.

In addition to a hybrid ramp design, the Rotary Club Skate Park offers several great skateboarding features. Some of the features that you can find here include a half bowl, ramps and a multi-tiered plaza. The advantage of skating here is that you can find skating features to fit your skill level if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced skater. The only real drawback of this skate park is that it doesn’t offer skate-box formations. This is a real drag that many skateboarders hope will eventually be fixed.

Rotary Club Skate Park – Having Fun at the Skate Park
In order to have a great time at the Rotary Club Skate Park, you need to come prepared to have a good time. To start with, you need the proper skater clothing to (1) look cook and (2) protect your skin from road rash. Next, you need to bring the proper safety gear. This means bringing a properly fitted helmet, elbow and knee pads and a pair of shoes that have enough grip on the soles to keep you from skidding off your board. The final accessory you need to bring to the skate park is a good attitude. If you come to the park in a funky mood, you are not only going to prevent yourself from having a great time, but you are going to increase your chances of bringing other skaters down with you.