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Pulled Pork's for Lunch Today!

What’s for lunch today

Well, today my dear friends is Pulled Pork Day. That’s right, delicious pork stripped apart in a scrumptious sauce….yummy! But the best part about Pulled Pork Day are the delicious accoutrements that go along with it – watermelon slices, rolls, pasta, and potato wedges.

And there is absolutely no connection between river dancing and pulled pork, except for the fact that pulled pork day makes me do a jig!

Meet the Kids Content Team: Episode 2-Amanda The Enforcer Plays Hockey...

Amanda was born in a town that I bet nobody can say five times fast-Monongahela, PA. When she was a child she enjoyed playing hockey, rock climbing and water rafting. She was definitely an adrenaline junkie. When she was a teen she realized that the girl’s hockey team was way more violent then the boys. She loved to play defense because she really got a chance to let out her aggression and hit people. However, every addiction has its consequence, and Amanda felt those consequences when she was checked from behind and received a class III concussion. I guess she should have checked herself, before she wrecked herself! Amanda is so much of an adrenaline junkie that I asked her to put her finger in the light socket just for fun and she totally did it! (Don’t try this at home. You might really hurt yourself)

If there is anything that Amanda loves more then hockey it’s definitely grammar. She has taken many classes and frequently throws down with people over the subject. She is always poised and ready for a grammar smack down. So don’t challenge her!

I asked Amanda how she ended up working at Zappos and she replied that she had heard that everyone who works here is crazy, so she immediately thought she would fit in. She loves Zappos because it feels more like a family then just a job to her.

Amanda is a great asset to the Kids Content Team and to Zappos as a whole. She’s a force to be reckoned with, so if anyone’s got a problem with that, you can come talk to her. I’m sure she’ll straighten you right out.


What do you get when you mix the brothers Caten, a new fragrance launch and fashion luminaries? One of the most coveted parties of the fashion season. Dean and Dan Caten, co-owners and Creative Directors of Dsquared2, the Milan-based über fashion brand, breezed into town Wednesday, September 10, to launch their new fragrance, He Wood + She Wood. The dual fragrance fete was held at the duo’s new New York meatpacking district showroom, far from and high above the maddening fashion week crowd. As the fashion cognoscenti know, the Caten brothers were legendary party promoters once upon a time early in their career, so a party invite from them is the holy grail stamp of an assured good time, and as the paparazzi pics showed, a good time was had by all. The theme was one of wood, based on the designer’s love of the outdoors and their upbringing in Canada. The wood element was found throughout the production, touching on everything from the paneled decor, to the wooden logs that held the fragrances, to the planks that held the food, right down to the fragrance bottles themselves. DJ Derek Monteiro spun a funky, eclectic mix of tunes, while party-goers shimmied and shaked, enjoying the continual flow of Mumm champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Couture had our very own insiders giving us the inside scoop. They spent the enviable evening rubbing their Prada hips and rocker chic elbows with the likes of designer Marc Jacobs (can you say oo la la) and the new object of his affection, Lorenzo Martone, actresses Zoe Saldana and Stacey Dash, singer Cassie, model Tyson Beckford and Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe, or in other words, one beautiful person after another. Of course the real stars of the evening were the scents. The He Wood She Wood fragrances were inspired by the Caten’s love of nature, by its richest and strongest, most beautiful and basic of elements: wood. He Wood was a heady mix of White Fir, Vegetal Amber, Musk, Violet Blossoms, Vetiver and Cedarwood, while She Wood was a mix of Lemon, Jasmine Petals, Heliotrope, Violet Blossoms, Neroli, Vegetal Amber, Vetiver and Musk.

As the fabulous evening came to a close, I believe our Couture attendees summed it up best, “It was a beautiful, balmy evening, filled with beautiful people, fabulous surroundings, mixed with loads of laughter and a little mayhem thrown in.” Enough said!

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Shopping Tips for New Parents: Buying the Perfect Onesie

Your little one deserves to be the center of attention, so why not dress them up in the picture perfect onesie for that upcoming event? One-piece suits, also known as onesies, make great matches for newborns and preemies who need a sometimes-hourly diaper change, and today’s unique styles and color combos can turn your little one into the star du jour.

Onesies made with terry cloth and light cotton are a great match for daytime activities. You can find a very comfortable jumpsuit that gives your little one freedom to play. The more deluxe styles are designed as miniature polo dresses, hooded jumpsuits and even faux bodysuits, which might be the best fit for those Sunday celebrations.

When you’re heading off to a luncheon or dinner party, let your kid sport something like the le top Kids Buttons & Bows jumpsuit; it’s decked out in a rhinestone bow and ruffles, adding a touch of sophisticated style to their ensemble. This one is also great for holiday revelries. If you just add some patent leather shoes to the outfit, she’ll be well on her way to charming everyone’s socks off.

For boys, the cachcach Mini Animal Safari Tiger Suit is sure to make the crowds roar. This wild outfit features a hood with ears, giving him a chance to play tiger for the day and look oh-so-cuddle-worthy for any passerby. This is another great fall/winter onesie, because it seals in the heat. You won’t need to wrap him up in an extra blanket for too long, and it has a super-comfy, casual style that suits nearly any occasion.

And of course, when it’s time to just romp around and play for the day, the boys will look ever so naughty in the Small Paul Skurvy Onesie, sporting skull and crossbones to show their might. And the curious girl who wants to explore the toy chest? Dress her up in the Hatley Summer Garden, a 100-percent, cotton onesie that will keep her looking plenty sweet no matter how much trouble she gets into.

Remember, the best thing about onesies is the easy snap closure. You can change out those diapers in a flash, which gives you more time to enjoy the moment, and let everyone ogle and praise your little star!

Baby Boomers: Retire Those Old Glasses

If you have retired early, chances are you have also retired a business wardrobe. Now is the time to update your look to reflect a new lifestyle. The easiest, most-effective and inexpensive way to update your look is by purchasing fashionable eyewear. In today’s fashion world, eyeglasses are as important a fashion item as clothing. In fact, most of the same top designers who create runway fashion also design fashionable eyewear for prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Prior to making a purchase, one of the best and most convenient approaches to updating one’s eyewear is to research what is on the market. With a few quick searches on the Internet, you will quickly see what fashionable eyewear is in style, what styles are preferred for different face shapes, and the availability of your desired frame. This also provides an edge for the consumer searching for a competitive price.

In terms of sunglasses, most name-brand eyewear such as Oakley, Nike, Ray-Ban, Kaenon Polarized , Dragon Von Zipper, SunCloud, Electric, Aenon, Spy Optic, Initium, Pepper’s and many others are available from online retailers at very competitive prices. The price range for several of the models of eyewear mentioned varies greatly, retailing for between $37, for a pair of Pepper’s Black Jack Polarized with a prescription ready frame, to $193, for Ray Bans with the same feature.

Updating your look with fashionable eyewear will also entail updating your prescription glasses. There are a number of popular frames available that are prescription-ready such as the Ray-Ban line of eyewear. One example is an aviator style frame from the Ray-Ban Iconic Collection , which is available in silver with gray fade lenses and is prescription-ready. If in doubt about the model selected, simply read the features listed on the retailer’s site. There should be a notation that the model is sold as prescription-ready or Rx-able eyewear. Glasses of this quality generally include features such as glass lenses with 100% UV protection and a matching case.

Treacherous Climb of the Week: Take on the Swiss Alps "Murder Wall"

Although there are plenty of mountains to climb in the United States, experienced and adventurous climbers might prefer to leave the U.S. behind in favor of foreign conquests. One of the most treacherous obstacles is the Eiger, which is located in the Swiss Alps and has claimed 60 lives since 1935.

Eiger’s most difficult challenge lies in the Nordwand, or the north face, of the mountain, which is also the most popular goal for modern climbers. Although it isn’t as technically complicated as many of the other Alpine faces, a considerable amount of yearly rock fall and ice makes it dangerous.

In fact, the Nordwand is often called the Mordwand by locals, which translates as “murder wall.” This certainly isn’t the climb for beginners seeking experience.

Because the number of deaths due to climbing and rock fall has increased significantly in the last couple of decades, climbing Eiger isn’t always the brightest idea. You should have significant climbing experience before attempting this type of climb, and you should be capable of carrying sufficient equipment to get out of a tight situation.

It is also important to note that most people prefer to climb Eiger during the winter months, because a hardened shell of ice decreases the chances of injury by rock fall. The elevation and the general climate of this area are treacherous in itself, so you’ll need to be prepared for winter emergencies. Your first aid kit should include everything from matches to moleskin to EMT sheers, just in case something goes wrong.

Before you decide to climb Eiger, make sure that you’ve chosen the most ideal weather conditions for your trek, preferably a high-pressure system with little chance for precipitation. If you don’t live in the area, you can use the Internet for research, or you can contact a local outfitter to keep you posted.

Eiger is certainly one of the most exciting climbs in the world, despite the fact that there are numerous peaks far more technically difficult. If you attempt this climb, it is always best to do so with someone more experienced than yourself.

Best Surfing: Mauritius, Southern Africa

Considered the ultimate Indian Ocean surf paradise, Mauritius located Southern Africa in is the home to some of the best surfing in the world. With a great abundance of surf spots available primarily on the southern side of the island, surfing is Mauritius offers not only paradise to the experienced surfer but also to other levels.

Many of the surfers in Mauritius trek to the beach in their surf gear daily though the best months for surfing in that region generally falls between April and September with July and August, and September and October being the peak months. July through August surfers can expect a swell of anywhere from 5 feet to 6 feet and in September and October between 6 feet and 7 feet.

The climate in Mauritius is tropical with an average air temperature of 73 degrees during peak season and the average water temperature ranging between 72 and 73 degrees. There are a wide variety of surf spots from which to select in Mauritius with two of the most popular being Black Rocks, which is recommended for experienced surfers only and Madame Barry, which is recommended for professionals or kamikaze only ( Tamarin is one of the best breaks in Mauritius also known as an expert level reef break spot and is heavily frequented by local island surfers (

Known for some of the best surfing in the world Mauritius has many other surf spots such as; Calamar, Darne, Cimetary, Grand Sancho, Martello, Le Mome, Martin Spot, One Eye, Petit Sancho, Tagore and Tailors Point to name a few. Like Madame Barry Cimetary is recommended for professionals or kamikaze surfers only ( Le Piton and Behind the Island are both great surf spots for intermediate surfers.

Accommodations in Mauritius range from hotels to guest houses and bungalows. The most common way to get to Mauritius Island is take a flight from France though other options exist. Where Mauritius is a surfer’s paradise offering the best surfing in the world with quality waves, always check with your embassy before traveling to a foreign country for current travel advisories.

Records for Running: Samuel Kamau Wanjiru

Watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic games was like sitting on the sidelines of a well-crafted soap opera. It had drama, sex, and secrets. Were the gymnasts from China under age? Should the synchronized swimmers from Spain be penalized for their sexy wardrobes? Did Usain Bolt act in a distasteful manner after he did a dance and lifted up his gold running shoes after breaking a world record in running? These questions kept the area around the water cooler warm and perked up with conversation. However, there were a few events at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games that didn’t ignite any disputes. One of them was the record breaking performance of Kenyan Samuel Wanjiru in the men’s marathon with a time of 2’06:32.

Samuel Kamau Wanjiru was born on November 10, 1986, in Nyahururu. It is the highest town in Kenya and a training ground for runners. It is an inspiration for anyone desiring to make it to the Olympics. For Wanjiru, it proved to be a stepping stone. Why? He embraced this area as a child, but the bulk of his training was completed in Japan; a place he moved to in 2002. There, he joined the Toyota Kyushu athletics team and sat under the coaching of a prior silver marathon medallist Koichi Morishita. This led to him (Wanjiru) breaking the half marathon world record on September 11, 2005.

However, Wanjiru never gave up his Kenyan roots. How could he? His people were there and he had a little family competition. Cousin Joseph Riri and young brother Simon Njoroge are both long distance runners. So, of course, he had to represent his country in the Olympic games and prove that the award he’d received just years earlier as “Kenyan Most Promising Sportsman of the Year” was right. Through his well-honed talent, Samuel Wanjiru was able to break an Olympic record and end a title drought that has plagued Kenya for years.