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Best Vacation Spots for Skaters: Athens, Ohio

Rutland, Ohio is one of the best cities to visit if you are a diehard fan of skateboarding. Not only does Rutland have one of the best private skate parks in the world, but it is also the home of the Museum of Skateboard History. If you are ready for a great vacation, then plan to visit Rutland.

Rutland, Ohio – Star Attractions
For skateboarders, the two star attractions in Rutland, Ohio are Skatopia and the Museum of Skateboard History. Fortunately, they are both located at 34961 Hutton Road, Rutland, Ohio so you can experience both attractions at once. The Museum of Skateboard History has a fabulous collection of vintage skateboards, and if you count them, you will find about 12,000 examples of historic boards. After browsing through the museum, you will want to put on your safety gear and hit the skate park section of the complex. Here you will find both indoor and outdoor segment, so you can basically skate here regardless of the weather. Make sure you check out what is going on at the park during your vacation, as this is the site of numerous skateboarding events, like the Backwoods Blowout.

Athens County Attractions
If you are interested in doing a little site seeing while visiting Rutland, Ohio you will need to expand your search to Athens County. Athens County, Ohio has a lot of great historical and cultural attractions. First, however, grab a slice of pizza at Pizza Dan’s, located at 244 Main Street, Rutland, Ohio. Once you have a great meal in your stomach, pull on your hoodie and hit the road.

To get the history of the area, visit Athens Country Historical Museum found at 65 North Court Street. If you are interested in military history, you will want to visit the Athens County Military Museum, which can be found at 145 West Columbus Street in Nelson, Ohio. Finally, as you travel through Athens County, keep your eyes open for historical sites like the Adena Indian Mounds and historical, covered bridges. There are a lot of great attractions scattered throughout this county so stop by the local chambers of commerce and visitors’ centers of the cities you drive through for information on what to see and do in that city.

Stress, Stress, Stress: On the Go Stress Relief

If you’re like most busy people today, you may not have time for some of the common stress-reduction techniques, like hot baths, exercise or meditation. Between work and family commitments, you may have trouble finding time to sleep. Fortunately, there are things you can do on the go to help reduce your stress levels.

Tension hand balls are popular, portable and easy to fit in your purse. They come in a variety of styles and densities, and are often seen in chaotic office environments. But they’re great for other times, too. When you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the grocery store, squeezing a tension ball can bring immediate relief.

Another helpful hint that may seem odd is this: take an essential oil version of your favorite scent and apply it to a small handkerchief. Place the handkerchief in a small plastic bag to preserve the scent. When you’re feeling stressed out, take it out and inhale the scent two to three times or more. Whether its rosemary mint or cherry almond, your favorite scent offers a quick mini-vacation from whatever you’re doing.

Portable, hand-held massagers are also great for on the go stress relief. Battery-operated, hand-held massagers fit neatly in your purse and can be used on tense muscles during traffic jams or other periods of downtime.

In today’s technological arena, you probably have an MP3 player, a car CD player or both. Make the most out of these by keeping music that relaxes you handy, setting the back drop for a smoother day. Whether it’s Mozart, pop or jazzy artists like Norah Jones, your favorite music can be one of the most effective stress reducers around.

Grab a few of these quick tension fixers and get on with your day in a less-stressed way. If you can’t stop for stress reduction, these tips allow you to take it with you in easy ways.

Celebrity Gossip: Relationships Are Out of The Bag and Country Music Honors Jackson

After keeping quiet on his relationship with singer Ashanti for several years, rapper Nelly is finally talking. Nelly told People Magazine that the two have been together and that, “I think it’s always serious, when you can hang with a person continuously … and have fun.” Nelly has been linked to Ashanti since 2003, but neither one has come out to the press or public and announced that they were together. They have been seen at award shows and events together but never talked about their relationship. Early this year, Ashanti only called Nelly “a good friend.” It’s quite refreshing to see two celebrities keep their relationship low key. They should get the privacy that they want.

On the other side of the music spectrum, country singer Alan Jackson was honored by his fellow country singers during a taping of Country Music Television’s (CMT) Giants. Artist Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Dierks Bentley, Taylor Swift and George Strait all honored the country legend at the Ryman’s Auditorium in Nashville. Jackson, along with the other country artists, sang several of Jackson’s popular songs and paid him tribute. The show will air on CMT in December, so if you are an Alan Jackson fan, be on the lookout for it.

It appears that Salma Hayek may be giving love a second chance with her ex-fiancée, Francois-Henri Pinault. The two were seen getting pretty cozy with each other at a soccer game in Rennes, France. Another attendee at the soccer game stated, “They were very together.” The couple has a one-year-old daughter together and was engaged to be married before calling it off back in July of this year. It looks like the couple is trying their hand at reconciliation as they have also been spotted in L.A. and Paris together. Heck, I would give my relationship with a billionaire a second chance and probably a third or fourth also!


Importance of Clothing on TV: Mad Men

Even on Saturday Night Live, AMC’s Mad Men is heralded as the show everyone is talking about but no one is watching. Still, the drama about New York’s advertising industry in the 1960s has been scooping up the awards, as well as accolades for its detailed presentation of retro fashion.

In many ways an ad agency is the perfect setting to showcase the styles of the early sixties. An industry of image, fashion has always been important to the ad world. Also particularly fun is that the standard of beauty for women in the early 60s involved lots of curves, which is quite different than a lot of what we see today. Mad Men, even with its retro style, gives us fashion to look at that is more reflective of the majority of women’s bodies.

The show’s clothes are largely driven by pattern and texture. Plaids and hounds-tooth are common, as are tweeds and knits. And while workplace colors are often muted shades of browns and blues, color splashes across the screen in everything from girlish sundresses to the sexiest red-dress wearing secretary you’ve ever seen.

While showing off the early 60s style, Mad Men is also influencing today’s fashion with the increased popularity of both the secretary blouse (fitted waist, bow at the neck, cap sleeves) and the pencil skirt. Swing coats and retro, rounded-toe high heels are also making the cut. For men, the slim cut of the suits of the era remains in, although fabrics remain more somber. Mad Men’s real influence on fashion today comes in the form of hats. What used to be a necessary clothing item for men is starting to return as a fashion statement.

Gentlemen inspired to don a fedora or other retro hat take note: it’s not just enough to follow the fashion cues of Mad Men when it comes to the hat. You need to follow the etiquette too. You may look hot in your fabulous new brim, but show a bit of class and don’t wear it inside.

Best Hiking Trails: The Cherokee Trail and Carter's Lake

If you’re in Georgia and wanting to hike , you can’t do any better than checking out The Cherokee Trail and Carter’s Lake hiking trails. They’re both pretty remote places but offer great scenery and relatively easy hikes.

Cherokee Trail is what’s known as a ‘loop trail,’ which means it goes in a circle, so there’s no need to hike back the way you came. Because it runs in a circle, you can start hiking it pretty much anywhere as you’ll always end up back where you started. Cherokee Trail (also known as ‘Stone Mountain Loop’) is an awesome trail for families, because it’s not difficult and has some really fun stuff for the kids to see and do. Near the trail, there’s a nature garden, the ruins of an old homestead, a couple of large lakes, a play area and even some old Indian village ruins. On your hike, you can also see the largest stone carving in the world, which took over 50 years to complete. The trail has a nice visitor center and clean toilets (which are, all too often, missing in many hiking trail areas).

The second notable hiking trail in Georgia is Carter’s Lake Hiking Trail. It takes its name from Carter’s Lake, which is an absolutely enormous manmade lake popular with people who like to fish, camp and boat. There are four very nice trails running around the lake, and because there’s a lot of wildlife in the area it’s also a good place for bird watching. It’s also famous for the beaver pond that was built here. The lake has picnic tables and bathrooms, and if you want to get in a bit of fishing after you hike, there are two cement fishing decks that you can fish from – the fishing is fabulous here too!

The other wonderful thing about these trails is the weather in Georgia is quite mild all year; they’re accessible just about all the time. If you’re looking for a cool place to take the family for the day or even for a weekend camp, Carter’s Lake and the Cherokee Trail would be great choices.


The age-old adage of “don’t kill the messenger” applies here folks, as I’m just reporting the news. Ms. Suri Cruise has been named the World’s Most Influential Celebrity Tot Under The Age of Five on Forbes’ list. It would seem her fashion sense, her hairstyle and her picture perfect pout helped her earn this honor. Well partially, the company also weighs press clippings and web presence of 50+ A-list kids to whittle down the prospects for the list. Now in all fairness, the smallest Cruise could have earned this honor based on her considerable wardrobe, which has provided some of the most stylish outfits this side of Pampertown, not to mention her enviable shoe collection (have you seen those Mary Janes?).

In reality though, and perhaps it’s just me, but isn’t she only two years old and doesn’t pick her own clothes, or even tie her own shoes yet? That aside, the media darling was in good tot company on this list, she beat out Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, Pax Jolie-Pitt, David Banda (Madonna’s son from Malawi), Sam Sheen (Charlie’s oldest), Cruz Beckham and Sean Preston Federline. Imagine you may still be using formula, but can command a lofty spot on Forbes. Watch out Suri, Valentina is quite the stylista, and she is even younger than you.

Green Tip...Beam me up!


Soo I stopped to get gas this morning, and as I’m standing at the pump the tv advertisement attached to the pump keeps repeating “ Wash your car, go green, give the earth a hand, let us wash your car”. The advertisement got a little annoying after a while but the truth is, they are right. Letting a gas station wash my car would be much better for the environment, plus it lead me to my next green tip of the day :)


Let The Experts Wash Your Car

According to the trade group International Carwash Association, washing your car all by your lonesome can consume between 80 and 140 gallons of water compared to the 45 gallons per car a commercial car wash will use.

So when its time to get those bugs off the hood, go with the pros!

And if your budget cant afford the experts, try a 2 gallon car wash .

Till Next time… Stay Green ,Yo!