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Voices in My Head, With Cynthia T.!

They just don’t stop! Inner monologues are whispering, shouting, whistling, and singing all over the Zappos Headquarters. Today we step inside the mind of our one and only Finance Administrative Assistant, Cynthia T.

A wish list to “Santa” huh. . . good thing our trusty people in finance always have their minds on their TPS reports and the overall financial state of Zappos.


Need a serious splash of color? Put hot pink on your feet. These pumps by Kate Spade make any little black dress or monotone outfit stand out instantly in a crowd.

Most Popular Distance Run: Run For Peace

You could say I’m a Peacenik because I love peace and all symbols of peace . What better symbol of peace than the UNA Run for Peace 5K and 10K runs? These events are awesome. Of course, the UNA Run for Peace is in Berkeley, California. It almost has to be, as Berkeley is known nationwide as a place where its citizens believe peace solves most problems.

This year’s UNA Run for Peace was the 10th Annual race. Every year, bay area groups are chosen to be beneficiaries of the race. If you enter the race, you choose which group you want to support and make a ‘Pledge for Peace.’ All the money you raise on race day will be donated to the group you support. This year, groups included the ACLU, California Peace Action, Bears for UNICEF, the nuclear disarmament group Tri-Valley CARES and Western States Legal Foundation, to name just a few. The goal in 2008 was to raise $20,000 for area groups.

It’s actually a really small race. You won’t feel lost. It starts at Cesar Chavez Park and goes around Berkeley Marina, which is beautiful! While you’re running, you can also see the Golden Gate Bridge. How much cooler could it be?

If you like a challenge and want to raise a lot of money, aim to be their top fundraiser. In 2008, the top fundraisers received free entry into the race and free dinner at a very nice San Francisco restaurant. If you’re not too bothered about free race entry, the cost is usually $18 online and $25 the day of the race. There is also food, drink and music after the race to look forward to.

For more information about next year’s race, visit the UNA Race for Peace Web site at . It’s one of the most important causes on the planet. How could you possibly miss it?

Family Recreation: Frisbee Golf

In many parts of the country, the weather has remained relatively warm. This means that outdoor fall family activities are still very doable. One of my favorites is Frisbee golf. This is because it is appropriate for all ages – from toddlers to grandparents. It also allows time to talk with each other and enjoy the nice weather, since Frisbee golf does put a minimal amount of strain on you physically.

Playing Frisbee Golf
Frisbee golf is very easy to play. It is very similar to regular golf (only not as expensive). Buy a few Frisbees at the dollar store, so that you have one for each person or at least enough that only two or three people are sharing. Next, figure out a starting point. Look around and find some sort of a landmark, such as a fire hydrant, a tree or a mailbox. Decide how many throws it should take to hit the object (this is your par). However, this is not completely necessary. It is okay to simply count how many tries it takes to reach the object.

Take turns throwing your Frisbees. If the goal is a par 3, you should be able to reach the goal in three throws. Remember to throw the Frisbee lightly (there is no reason to be terribly violent about it), and do not use homes as any of your “holes.” Keep track of how many tries it takes each person to reach the goal. When you decide to quit, add up the scores. As in golf, the person with the lowest score wins.

Make sure that everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather and wearing comfortable sneakers or walking shoes . Depending on the ages and health of the people in your family, you can make your course longer or shorter. Frisbee golf is great in a park, especially if you bring a picnic lunch and make a true outing of it.

Weekly Comfort Item: Warm Comfortable Athletic Gear

With the fall season upon us and the winter season close behind, switching up your athletic gear is at the peak of the horizon. This is the time of year when jackets and comfortable warm clothing are popular and staying trendy is not difficult. For those in climates that really get chilly, yet prefer to avoid the bulk felt with a coat, light layering is always an option. For most people it is all about comfort. What better way to feel comfortable than in something that is soft, warm and just heavy enough to provide the warmth needed without the feeling of being confined? Enter Moving Comfort Apparel.

Moving Comfort Apparel is a great line of outerwear that makes quality apparel ideal for runners, bikers and other athletes. The Nochill Hoodie is a perfect choice to add to your workout gear for the fall and winter. Made from 56% tactel nylon, 15% Lycra and 29% polyester, the semi-fitted fabric offers quick wicking and the perfect amount of stretch. The key features of the comfortable outerwear include non-chafe flat-seam construction, neck taping, a full-length zipper, signature thumbholes, pockets for storage, a semi-fitted style and the ease of machine-washable maintenance. Available in Blueberry Mist, Black Storm and Wild Rose Cherry Blossom, the Nochill Hoodie retails for $84.

Designed to allow athletes to perform well despite uncomfortable temperatures, the Moving Comfort Endurance Tight is the perfect match for the Nochill Hoodie. Stay warm and comfortable while running with the perfect endurance tight made from 88% polyester and 12% Lycra and featuring no-chafe flat-seam construction to allow a comfortable workout. This is the perfect piece to layer under slightly heavier gear due to its smooth construction. The Endurance Tight has both front and back yoke-waistband curved design lines for comfort and fit, in addition to a stretch-draw cord. Available in black, the retail price is $56 for the Endurance Tight.

The key to good workout gear is high-quality fabric and construction, fit and of course comfort, which are all offered with Moving Comfort Apparel.

Best Hiking Trails: Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park in Utah has tons of hiking trails for pretty much everybody. The great thing about Zion National Park is the weather is awesome all year round, so you can hike whenever you want to. The Narrows and The Subway are two of the most popular hiking trails and here’s why.

The Subway is a challenging hiking trail but a lot of fun. You get to climb over rocks, into crevices and down steep cliffs, and you even have to swim through some fairly deep pools of water. The water in the pools is very cold, which is awesome in the summer months, but make sure you carry emergency equipment just in case there are any accidents. At the end of The Subway, you’ll find water shoots that you can slide down, and somebody told me there are even fossilized dinosaur tracks you can see. But remember, have some common sense and don’t attempt this one if it’s raining. This area floods really quickly, and you could end up in some serious trouble.

The Narrows is the most popular hiking trail at Zion National Park and for good reason. It’s more than 16 miles long and was cut out of the rock over the millennia by the river that runs all the way through it. The first couple of miles into the bottom of the canyon are easy and very beautiful with hanging gardens and little streams. The rest of the hike is pretty strenuous, so much so that it requires a permit if you’re planning on doing all of it. You could potentially do this in one day, but most people do it as an overnight hike, camping somewhere in the canyon along the way. Either way, you’ll have had an amazing workout when you’re done.

Zion National Park is easily accessible for everyone. It even has its own shuttle service, which will drop you off at the beginning of many of the trails. Can’t get more convenient than that, eh? And don’t forget your camera. The red and orange rocks are simply stunning; you’ll want to take as many photos as you can.

Stress, Stress, Stress: Fighting Weather-Related Depression

If you always seem to be stressed out, the fall and winter probably don’t make it any easier. There’s less greenery, fewer flowers and the icy temps make lounging around outside or taking a walk downright uncomfortable. Due to all of these things, some people actually find that they suffer from weather-related depression. Fortunately, there are several ways to bring a touch of Mother Nature’s best into your home, and it will help you to relax.

Buy Fresh Flowers Once a Week
They don’t have to be roses, and they don’t have to be expensive. Stop by your local grocery or flower shop and pick up a cute little bouquet made up of wildflowers or other common blooms. Be sure to follow the directions when putting them into a vase and add the plant food. Place them in an area of the house you spend time in, such as the living room or dining room. It’ll brighten up your home and your mood.

Change Your Bulbs
Is your indoor lighting a little harsh? You might be surprised to know you can get light bulbs that actually simulate natural outdoor lighting! This can help soften the blow of losing so much sunlight; and again, it will probably make you feel better.

Keep Eating Fresh Fruits & Veggies
Even if you don’t grow them yourself, you probably eat more fresh fruits and vegetables when it’s warm out. When the cold weather hits, that seems to stop. During colder months, people eat fewer fresh foods and more canned or frozen foods. To stay feeling fresh, try eating fresh. Eat fresh or steamed fruits and veggies at least once a day. It’s good for you, and it’s one less change from the warm days of summer.

By making a few easy and inexpensive changes, you can help ease your stress by beating the winter blues. With great lighting and fresh surroundings, you might even forget it is cold – until you step outside!

Zapponian of the Day, Bertha P!

Today we bring you Zapponian of the Day with Bertha P. from the land of OZ!