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Surfers of the Week: Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning

Surfers are known for getting along with one another a whole lot better than the athletes in those “major” sports. For the women surfers it’s like a sorority, and for the fellows it’s like a fraternity. So, it’s only fitting that professional surfers gather once to a year to commune and honor the best among themselves.

This year’s 16th annual Surfing Life Peer Polls Awards were celebrated in Australia, near the renowned Bells Beach, and the surfers may have been showing some sentiment in picking a pair of Aussies. Still, Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning are both world champions who are as deserving as anyone, although Gilmore’s world crown came during 2007, while Fanning’s was this year.

Gilmore, in fact, made her Surfing Life Peer Polls Award a back-to-back shindig. Fanning, meanwhile, is the first Aussie to claim the Surfing Life top award since Luke Egan in 2000.

“I am so stoked,” proclaimed Mick Fanning in classic Down Under jargon.

Stephanie Gilmore, 20, started surfing a decade ago. She wasn’t even old enough to legally sip a brew of Foster’s — a top surfing sponsor Down Under — when she captured the Roxy Pro Gold Coast title as a 17-year-old. Seems inevitable, but yes, her nickname is “Happy.” She indeed flashes a megawatt smile, and her exciting lifestyle includes skydiving, along with playing guitar. (Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton are among her faves.)

Mick Fanning, 27, was only 5 years old when he tried his first wave, but he did not get really serious until he was 12. His family moved to Tweed Heads, site of some of Australia’s most dynamite surfing, and he became buddies with Joel Parkinson, another future surfing pro. He was a mere 16 when he finished among the top three at the Australian National Titles, and his big breakthrough came at age 19 when he won the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach.

With the nickname of “White Lightning,” Fanning overcame a complete hamstring tear in 2004 to recover his crowd-pleasing style. He is married to Karissa Dalton, a model.



In case you missed last night’s episode, you may not want to keep reading. There was definitely a twist on last night’s episode.

The challenge: The designers took a photo of something that inspired them at the New York Botanical Gardens, then made a gown that reflected that inspirational item. Georgina Chapman, co-founder and designer of Marchesa and Mrs. Harvey Weinstein, was a guest judge.

The winner:
SS: Jerell really is on a roll. I don’t know if that’s such a compliment since everyone’s dress (including his) wasn’t great. But, alas, his gown was the winner last night ­ even though I wondered why he went with such dark colored fabrics, which were much different than his photo of bright pink and purple flowers. Still, I love the jewels along the bustline but, was it just me, or did the bustline look a tad low?

JF: Well, well, Jerell, it wasn’t hard to pick a winner out of this last ditch effort to impress the judges. By far, your piece was the most interesting of these last four pieces, but was it the best we’ve seen? No. Everybody seemed to take a nose dive on the most important challenge ever, the last one. Runner up, Leanne. That thing looked like it belonged to an ’80’s bridesmaid. Judges called it a ‘softer side’ of Leanne, I say it was b-o-r-i-n-g, but it kept her safe.

The loser:
SS: Well, I guess technically there wasn’t one, since no one got cut last night. Kenley’s looked way too ‘The Little Mermaid’ um, with a blossom at the bottom. Leanne’s and Korto’s tied for ’80s bridesmaid dresses, in my opinion. Whoever brings their game next week will be going to Bryant Park ­ although, I have a hunch, producers want Kenley in there. So much drama surrounds her, and now the other designers want nothing to do with her.

JF: What a surprise, no loser, yet. Kenley gets a reprieve that she didn’t deserve. Had Korto not bombed too, Kenley would have been ‘Auf wiedersehen!’ What in the world did Kenley make? It looked like a purple mermaid with fish scales around her ankles. A true travesty. I guess that haughty attitude came back to bite her with remaining designers shutting her down and out. You can make your own way in this world but you can’t step on everyone and expect to remain untouched. Korto, too much pressure? What happened girl? Hopefully you bring your game for the final, final challenge and make it Bryant Park.

With one designer being auf’d right before Fashion Week (so harsh!) who do you think will get the axe next, and who will show in Bryant Park?

We can has Spart back at RDesk pleaze?

Something extremely tragic has taken place here at the Rdesk. This morning, we found that our beloved dog Spart has gone missing. Some of the AM team here at the Rdesk did not hear his little barks to state that he was hungry, or needed to be walked. As you can assume, the disappearance of our beloved mascot has really taken a toll on our morale.

This does not mean that we are taking more time to answer calls, or work or queues, or schedule pick-ups for mis-ships. This only means that we’re working through our daily routine empty. Not like a deep emotional empty. We’re not all writing depressing poetry, and drawing pictures of emo angels to later scan and share on a forum where depressed people tend to hang out on. We are just missing a team member, and the space that Spart used to take up on Jeff’s desk is in disrepair, and may even start collecting various forms of dust.

It is true that we could take this dust mound and draw a face on it, throw an eye patch on it, and call it our new pirate dust pile, “dusty the pirate of the dust pile”. We choose not to do this because, quite frankly, that would be insane. Some of us may actually think that Spart the stuffed dog mascot actually does bark, but still…that doesn’t prove anything in regards to madness.

We also would like you to stop thinking that we’re all insane, thinking that walking a stuffed dog may actually stop it from whining. It’s early in the morning, and some of us have yet to actually taste coffee.

So in closing, if you have our stuffed dog, then please give it back. We don’t want to make a dust pile our new mascot. It would be very dirty, and not at all flattering to show off when doing tours around the building.


‘Tis the season… Fall has officially begun and there a few must haves for the season. The color purple is a big hit and looks great on almost every skin tone. Stacked heeled boots that slouch are another sure fire hit that can be paired with jeans tucked in and a funky tee. Espresso was percolating all over the Fall 2008 runways, so do add a dash to your accessory rotation. From the East Coast to the West Coast, sky-high high heel platforms are all the rage, do mix with colored tights and sheath dresses. Every Couturnista needs a dollop of effortless chic thrown in, what better way to do that than with a kid-skin slouch handbag. Who said the oxford could not be a sexy shoe? Clearly, they had not anticipated the stiletto heeled versions for Fall. Look for a smooth, supple leather or a patent leather version to add just enough sex appeal to any look. Cat calls are optional.

Our pics: Michael Kors Azurette Iris Patent Ostrich Print Pump, Furla Oxana Pochette Crocco Morbido in Lichene, Giuseppe Zanotti Cognac Patent Leather Shoulder Bag, L.A.M.B. Hamura Red Square Toe Hidden Platform, Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Calf Crinkle Cuff Stacked Heel Boot, Giuseppe Zanotti Menswear-inspired Oxford Pump, and Michael Kors Iris Colored Kid Skin Drawstring Satchel.

Durian, The King of All Fruits!

Early this week, I found out all about the fruit called Durian. According to Wikipedia, it is quite popular in Southeast Asia and is referred to as the “King of Fruit”. The Project Management team were kind enough to bring prepared durian to the office at 2300, and people came running….and, went running, as soon as they smelled it. It’s known for it’s distinct odor. I grew up near hog farms in Indiana, I thought that no scent was too much for me….but alas, I was wrong…...I just filmed, I didn’t eat: )

Our New Home

Long time no blog..right?! We’ve been busy moving and getting situated in our new habitat. We finally got moved into our HUGE new Studio in the third quadrant of the warehouse. You know, next to the cute little KIVA bots!

We get to watch them glide, spin around, and nap all the time. Life must be so great if you’re a KIVA baby! If you’re in the warehouse, you should stop by and check out our living space. Its massive. I tried to get a few photos for you, just show you how big it is, but the photos don’t even do it justice! In our new area, we have Strobe City where all the apparel (adults and kids) are photographed, We have a meeting room, known as Hall of Justice, some of the production coordinators are in here, and Image Coordinators reside by the Hall of Justice. I do wish we were a bit closer to our other studio, because I miss seeing the photographers, assistants, and production coordinators over there! We are all one big happy KY Content family no matter what studio! Come and Visit us!!

I took this photo from the very back of the room to try to show you the size of this place!

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My Mythology - Janelle G. Content Detailer from Fashion at

My Mythology – Creating our own living legacy at Zappos.

One of the joys about working at Zappos is the freedom to be ourselves through our own personal style. Style shouts! Individuals identify themselves through their personal style. Taking the chaos out of the closet and using clothing as a celebration to create personal mythology or legend is something I have been fascinated by.

What is someone trying to say through their style?

Join me in the discovery. Each week I will take an employee from Zappos and find out their personal psychology through their favorite outfits.

Today we study the mythology of Janelle G., Content Detailer for Fashion at

Janelle is wearing Diesel wide leg jeans , a Guess watch , Miss Sixty heels, Chanel earrings and a matching ring.

How would you define your look?
-Random and unpredictable, but in a good way.

What inspires your style?
-My mood.

Who is your favorite designer?
-Karl Lagerfeld

What fashion item would you never leave the house without?
-A watch

Who are your fashion/style icons?
-Gemma Ward

What are your favorite labels?
-I’m a sucker for Diesel , Custo Barcelona , Chanel, and Dolce & Gabanna .

Preppy or Punk?
-Punk, definitely

How would you define your mythology that you portray through your style?
-Ever changing.

What is your favorite decade for style?
-The now.

What is your favorite fabric?

Bubble skirts or pencil skirts?
-Pencil skirts to show off the ‘curves’ I don’t have.

What is your favorite color?
-Brown & Orange.

What item do you allow yourself to splurge on?
-Handbags and shoes.

High heeled boots or sandals?
-High heeled boots.

Diamonds or pearls?
-Diamonds are forever.

Which bag? – Francesco Biasia , Dooney & Bourke.


What are your fashion rules?
-I don’t have any.

What is the most you’ve spent on a handbag?
-Roughly around $800.

Would set foot in a thrift store?

What is the most you’ve ever spent on fashion and for what item?
-That’s for me to know and for my Dad never to find out! (He reads these blogs) ;D

Fashion Show of the Month: L'Oreal Fashion Week, Toronto

Few of us can afford to fly to Paris to see the collections, but if you’re interested in a quick fashion getaway to a foreign city with a true international sense of style, nothing could be easier than Toronto. L’Oreal Fashion Week Spring 2009 will take place from October 20-25, 2008 at the spectacularly stylish Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. Unlike New York Fashion Week, our neighbors to the north are a bit more egalitarian about fashion. Some of the shows are by invitation only, so this is one scene where, if it interests you, it’s actually worth traveling to check out in person rather than viewing on

The Fall 2008 Toronto Fashion Week included big names such as Alfred Sung, Diesel and Buffalo DAVID BITTON, but it also featured some of the most unusually named fashion lines I’ve ever heard: bustle, Damsels In This Dress and Playdead Cult, BODYBAG by Jude, and gsus sindustries. It kind of sounds more like an alternative music festival than a fashion week, but after being in Bryant Park for days, I was ready for a little irreverence and checked those lines out. The gsus line, which originated in the Netherlands as a skate shop in 1993 and moved through street wear into high fashion, impressed me the most; it featured red pleather pants and dresses, elaborate head wraps, some of the best cut jeans I’ve ever seen and, dare I say it, touches of acid-washed denim that managed to look completely modern due to their lines and construction.

Local line Preloved was another standout. Creative director Julia Grieve, a former model, constructs the remade clothing line out of vintage sweaters. One collection can require as many as 50,000 of them, and each new garment manages to retain the vintage flair while appearing totally up to date and assisting the environment. (The clothes used to construct Preloved would otherwise end up in landfills.) Preloved kind of reminds me of Toronto itself: clean, friendly and slightly cheeky.