Latrira's Green Tip of the Day! Part 1!

Ok, so what’s the deal with everyone going green, right? Now-a-days, you can’t walk into a store and buy a product without seeing “organic” this or “eco-friendly” that….and what is “going green” anyway?

At Zappos, we want to do our part to clean this world up a little at a time, and it really comes down to the individual that the actions that you take.

So, I will be giving you some Eco-Friendly advice every couple days on the Zappos blogs to let you know small little ways that you can help the environment. I want to make your transition to the “Eco-friendly New You”, as Cheap and Painless as possible!


BRING YOUR MUG TO WORK – The list goes on about the benefits of doing this, plus why have those stainless still mugs that keep your coffee hot if you’re not going to use them? Styrofoam is not recyclable, so even if you wanted to you can’t. Do the Earth a favor and use that Mug!!

See you next time, and stay Green, yo!

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My Mythology - Jason Lee: Senior Content Coordinator for Contemporary Fashion

My Mythology – Creating our own living legacy at Zappos.

One of the joys about working at Zappos is the freedom to be ourselves through our own personal style. Style shouts! Individuals identify themselves through their personal style. Taking the chaos out of the closet and using clothing as a celebration to create personal mythology or legend is something I have been fascinated by.

What is someone trying to say through their style?

Join me in the discovery. Each week I will take an employee from Zappos and find out their personal psychology through their favorite outfits.

Today we study the mythology of Jason Lee : Senior Content Coordinator for Contemporary Fashion at

How would you define your look?
Where’s Waldo meets American Apparel.

What inspires your style?
I am super tall and super skinny, so anything long and lean.

Who is your favorite designer?
None currently, but I did like the design team behind Esprit in the late 80s and early 90s – Alice Heller , I think her name was.

What fashion item would you never leave the house without?
Funny because I frequently have nightmares about this very topic. I usually don’t leave my house without wearing some sort of pants or shorts.
Chaps at the least.

Who are your fashion/style icons?
Vegas Vic and Buffalo Bob Smith.

What are your favorite labels?
American Apparel, Earnest Sewn , Rock and Republic and any vintage western wear brand.

How would you define your mythology that you portray through your style?
I like co-workers to look at my outfit and think to themselves, “Didn’t he wear that yesterday?” I probably did, but I’ll never tell. Wait! I just did. Oh dip!

What is your favorite decade for style?
I have to say that I really like the puke greens and the burnt oranges of the 70s.

What is your favorite fabric?
Cotton! Thank you Eli Whitney .

Which watch?
I don’t wear watches, but Cat S. on the Athletic team gave me a cool OBEY watch. Wasn’t that just so sweet of her?

What brand of denim do you prefer?
Please refer to the second and sixth question! Thanks.

What is your favorite color?

What item do you allow yourself to splurge on?
First, let me tell you that I consider $97 splurging. Now that we have that out of the way, I would splurge on a great fitting pair of designer jeans.

Kid Robot bags, apparel, or toys ?
Kid robot jewelry!

Fixed gear or freewheel?
If I say free-wheel, my friend Brandon will get mad at me and skid on my face, so I’ll say fixed-gear (even though I am a free-wheel kind of guy). How’s that for some critical sass?

Black tie, bow tie, skinny tie or bolo tie?
Skinny tie for the skinny guy.

Which bag?
Military-issued mask, chemical and biological messenger bag.

I usually don’t wear any, but I probably should considering my future is so bright.

Maui Jim or Ray-Ban’s ?
I used to have Maui Jim glasses, but now I prefer Paul Frank ‘Crafty Engineer’ glasses.

Paris Hilton or Playboy ?
Oh boy! If I say Playboy , Paris will get upset, but if I say Paris , the bunnies will get upset. Um, you may have to ask me this again next time I’m in the grotto and have had a few martinis.

What are your fashion rules?
I just have one: Try to remember not to wear my Ed Hardy clothes.

What would you consider a fashion faux pas?
I would say the rat tail, but I’ve had one during my adult life, so…

Man bags or man jewelry?
Man bags with American flags, zig-zags and dish rags. I just wanted to rhyme.

What women’s style do you admire?
Keira Knightley is pretty hot, I mean has style that I admire.

What beer do you consider fashionable?
My favorite beer is Hitachino Nest beer – white ale. The Japanese know how to brew, dude.

Emo or grunge?
Emo, but the trick to dying your hair with kool-aid is adding a little ketchup. Trust me, I read it on the Internet.

What band do you consider fashionable at the moment?
I have to give props to my main man, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion).

Crew neck or V-neck?
I’m trying to grow pectoral muscles so I look better in American Apparel deep V-necks. My goal is to have massive pects like Brandon A. and Mike F.

Briefs or boxers?
Diesel Briefs !

Andrew Buckler or Diesel ?
I am not really a sexy bastard , so I am going to say Diesel .

Would set foot in a thrift store?
Yes, in fact, I would set my whole body in one.

What is the best thing you’ve ever found at a thrift store?
I found a vintage Christian Dior sweater that I love. It’s pink and has a V-neck to show off my man muscles.

What is the most you’ve ever spent on fashion and for what item?
I forget how much, but it was for a Betsey Johnson bag and shoes. Let’s just say that I’m a nice boyfriend. ;)


Hello Kitty has luxury ideas, or at least the brand’s parent company, Sanrio, does. Sanrio has set up a 1,200-square-foot luxe concept shop in the heart of New York’s 42nd Street, which will house products as diverse as a $5 pencil pack to a $30,000 diamond-encrusted pendant that can only be found in the Times Square space. The space is not a new one per se, but rather a refurbishing of its original Hello Kitty store concept at 233 West 42nd Street, which is set to open November 11. Janet Hsu, president of Sanrio global consumer products explained the idea behind the store concept during an interview with WWD, “Hello Kitty has been in the U.S. since 1976, so many women have grown up with the brand,” she said. “We thought this was a great new way to present some of our most exclusive products.”

In this economic uncertainty, it will remain to be seen whether or not the love of Hello Kitty will cause a consumer to throw caution to the wind and purchase a $30,000 piece or $1,000 piece for that matter. Hello Kitty, indeed.

Zappos Kids Team Thanksgiving on the 13th

The Zappos Kid’s Team decided to embrace our Zappos Core Value of “Do More with Less” last week by hosting a Thanksgiving potluck. I know it’s a bit early, but you can’t ever go wrong with finely cooked bird and all the fixings!

Below is an account from Kid’s team specialist, Lynsey C.!

This month we cut back our team dinners and events and decided to host a mixed Kids team potluck with our awesome Content Team! We had everyone sign up for various dishes and then Nick P. and myself took on the meats. We had two dishes of everything from sweet potatoes casseroles to Mashed Potatoes. We had a mini pie contest that consisted of a killer home baked pie by Marisa R. and a (shhh Costco maybe) pie by the other entry. Andy H. surprisingly made his very own green bean casserole…actually no one believed that he did actually make it, we assumed he had conned someone into making it for him! But, nope, Andy came through for us!

Kelly D. and Tara J. made very different, but equally awesome sweet potatoes, both won the eaters votes! All in all, our early Thanksgiving was quite a success. We are all happily stuffed employees ;)

Below is a shot of the most original desert I’ve seen in years… Oreo, Rice Krispies Treat, Candy Corn turkey! Fine work!!!


Fans of model Chanel Iman rejoice! She is coming to a computer screen near you. The adorable model newcomer decided to let her fans have a more intimate look into her life via her short format videos on YouTube. The videos cover everything from her beauty routines to how she gets ready in the morning to her hair and favorite clothing. We personally love the video where Chanel is giving her mother a mini makeover. SO adorable. Maybe if we get lucky, she will video blog from the next round of fashion shows. We can only hope. View Chanel Iman TV on

Getting To Know Your Help Desk: Volume 4-Renna C.!

Renna C., our always bright and energetic personality at the front desk, has been with Zappos since July of 2007, and she has become an invaluable part of the hard-working machine that is Help Desk!

Renna is an outgoing and spunky girl, who hails from a little bitty town of 2600 in Colorado. She moved to Las Vegas when she was 12, and she’s been making her mark here ever since.

Renna is addicted to makeup and her cell phone, and she loves to rock out to her favorite music while going for a drive. Be sure to say hi when you see her, and make sure you ask her how tall the bus is when you say hi!

Written by Jo C.!


The lovely shoes of Stuart Weitzman are always in the news, what with all of the bevy of beauties that wear his shoes, how could they not be. One of the latest sightings were Angelina Jolie leaving Nobu in New York City, sporting a pair of Weitzman’s hummus patent Sashay peep-toe pumps and Mrs. Jay-Z (Beyonce, of course) rocking a pair of Stuart’s pewter Wicky sling-back peep toe platforms at the Bermuda Music Festival. So, how lucky are you that we carry those very shoes? Um, very.


One sleeve on, one sleeve off…being off-center is now stylish. Bring home the asymmetrical look with this CNC top – worn with jeans and killer heels, it’s perfect for a night on the town.