Talk About Second Hand Clothing!

One of the trends in environmentally friendly fashion is a movement toward recycled materials. This makes sense. The green movement is inextricably linked to recycling. It only makes sense that a green movement in clothing would include shirts, hats, pants, shoes and accessories made from recycled materials. Here are some of the recycled materials that you might find in some clothing:

Plastic, when melted down, can make a material that is quite useful in clothing. It may seem counterintuitive, but two-liter plastic soda bottles can be used to make fleece. Patagonia has been using recycled plastic soda bottles in its Synchilla fleece for 15 years. Hats and totes from companies like Clothes Made From Scrap are also made from plastic.

Recycled plastic has been used in other items as well, from shoes to pants to accessories (like belts).

Accessories are some of the most popular items made from recycled glass in the green clothing movement. This is because it is possible to make glass beads and faux jewels from recycled glass.

Reclaimed cotton
Cotton mills routinely waste a great deal of cotton. While this cotton hasn’t been used by consumers, it is still waste. Instead of throwing it out, this reclaimed cotton can be used in a number of textile-based recycled clothing products including hats, shirts, coats, pants and shoes.

Car tires
Recycled car tires can be used in green clothing as well. In fact, recycled car ties make excellent soles for shoes. Car tires are sturdy, supportive and can be used to provide good traction. There many different companies that use recycled car tires in their shoes.

It really is amazing when you think of the possibilities that these materials have for a new life as useful articles of clothing. There is no need for them to go to waste.

When it comes to recycled green clothing, however, nothing beats buying something used. Any type of recycling does require some sort of energy output (although, in most cases, recycling the material is better than throwing it out). Buying used clothing is the best way to be earth friendly with recycled clothing.

Baby Boomers: Travel Light

Baby boomers are retiring in droves and fulfilling their dreams by taking the many trips planned throughout their careers. Whether going on a cruise, safari, European adventure or a trip to paradise in Fiji or Bali, traveling light for good health is one of the most important things you could possibly do. Don’t ruin what has been a lifetime dream trip or your health by traveling with outdated, heavy luggage or by over packing. Just as your lifestyle has been modified, do the same with your habits when it is time to travel. There are a couple of great tips for traveling light for good health.

It may be time to replace outdated luggage with state-of-the-art, ultra-lightweight luggage. Consider the new weight limits set by commercial airlines and examine the difference in the weight of a new, lightweight bag to that of an older bag. You can save up to half the weight in the newer model bags. Not only will this lighten your load in traveling but also will help to prevent injuries when lifting and maneuvering bags. An example is the Heys X-Case 30 inch Trolley which weighs only 9.8 pounds. Currently the top three ultra light weight bags are Heys, Rimowa and Titan.

Another excellent way to take advantage of carrying lightweight luggage is to carry light weight clothing. Try to purchase travel clothing that easily rolls without wrinkling and allows layers for climate changes. There are retailers that carry lightweight shoes for travel and lightweight clothing made specifically for traveling.

Just remember as baby boomers there is a lot of living to do after 50. It only makes sense to take every preventative measure to ensure life is lived as healthy and fully as possible. By learning to make small modifications to old habits injuries can be prevented and hassles can be avoided when traveling. Traveling with heavy, overweight luggage spoils a potentially incredible lifetime dream trip. To make your trip perfect try to take lightweight clothing in an ultra lightweight carry on and take control by avoiding checking bags.

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New Parenting's A Stroll!

Choosing the right baby stroller can be a challenge for many new parents, but you’ll find several efficient, multi-functional and super versatile models to choose from. The days of the traditional pram and baby carriage have given way to stylish, lightweight models that help you and baby get around town with ease. Many are now equipped with weather-resistant materials and durable tires, so you can take on that upcoming adventure with ease!

Multi-Purpose and Versatile
Strollers designed to accommodate for different positions, terrains and built with folding technology are stylish and versatile for families on the go. The City Classic stroller is made with 12-inch, all-terrain tires and a convenient rear parking brake. Padded seats and quick release wheels make this a versatile and multi-functional stroller that’s sure to last for years to come.

Fashionable and Sharp
When you want to make a fashion statement at the park or take your tot on a stylish ride through the neighborhood, strollers like the Baby Jogger City Elite are eye-catching styles that offer a comfortable ride. This stroller folds easily and is designed with a padded 5-point safety harness for extra protection. If you’re the type of parent who likes to pack several accessories, this one offers plenty of room with its six storage compartments.

Double the Fun!
Whether you’re managing twins or just want some extra room for accessories and toys in the stroller, a double baby jogger might be the right match. The Baby Jogger City Classic is designed with an adjustable 5-point safety harness and efficient folding and locking system. Whether you’re tackling city parks or heading out for a spin around the neighborhood, this one’s ready to take on any challenge with its 12” all-terrain pneumatic tires.

Other Accessories
If it’s time to just tote along your baby or tiny tot for a day outdoors, a comfy crib designed to withstand nature is an ideal match. The Bassinet Baby Jogger is a hard cased pram designed with its own adjustable sun canopy and can sit easily on top of the stroller – or just carried around.

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Best Snowboarding on the Planet: Boarding the Prairie

You wouldn’t think one of the planet’s best places for snowboarding would want to include the word “prairie” in its title, being that prairies are flat, but North Dakota’s Bottineau Winter Park is “The Jewel Above the Prairie.” This makes Bottineau and other N.D. locations all the more reachable by motor vehicle, which makes a nice amenity.

Images of the name given the Turtle Mountains also do not exude flashy speed and excitement, but do not blame the Bottineau folks. Those mountains were named long, long before snowboarding came along, and they are steep enough to also include a tubing hill and Xtreme areas. Bottineau offers everything from a beginning’s area to un-groomed, expert glade runs and race courses. Five lifts support nine trails. The number is (701) 263-4556, or e-mail

North Dakota also offers the more excitingly titled Frost Fire Day Lodge, at the community of Walhalla, carved within the Pembina River Gorge. Frost Fire provides evidence that you need not have giant mountains to enjoy some great boarding. Geologists say this region in the state’s northeast area once was beneath ice a mile thick, and then was flooded by a lake that flowed with such force that deep gorges were created. Among the most impressive of those gorges is the Pembina. Frost Fire offers a terrain park and a half pipe. Call (701) 549-3600, or send a missive to

If not a gorge, then will the slope of the Missouri River suffice? This is the setting for Hull Hills Ski Area, 16 miles from Bismarck, which is North Dakota’s largest facility with 16 runs. Rattlesnake and Antelope have narrow twists, as you might expect, but you also will find plenty of wonderful glades and some wide open areas for cruising. Contact (701) 663-6421 or

And if you gotten curious, yes, North Dakota has just that one telephone area code for the whole state. No worries! They’ll provide the snow, and you can provide the cool.

BUYER'S DIARY #8:Andrea C.

Day 1- Saturday Aug. 2

3:30 am- Alarm clock is going off after I only got about 2 hours of sleep. I was awake packing and getting folders ready for the trip.

6:00 am- I spot Holly and Dee from the kids team at Zappos and they are heading to NYC too. We plan to catch a cab together into the city once we land.

4:30 pm- (east coast time now)- The plane finally landed after circling JFK for an hour and a half. All of the planes in the sky were backed up in a landing queue due to earlier bad weather in the area.

7:30 pm- It is packed in Little Italy on Mulberry Street as it has been converted into a pedestrian street. Everyone is trying to get a patio seat at any restaurant- it is a nice night out. We manage to find a magnificent restaurant that Holly had been to before and fill up on some tasty Italian food.

10 pm- Back in the hotel, freshly showered, and figuring what folders I need for my appointments in the morning. It’ll be fun to see my vendors as well as to see all of the new sleepwear and lingerie styles. I have been told from various male co-workers that they wish they worked in my category. haha!

11 pm- Time to get to bed and aclimate myself to this time zone. Good night!

Day 2- Sunday Aug.3

6:45 am- Wake up call! I slept like a baby last night. I had my window open so i could hear all of the city sounds- love it! Going to check emails and get ready for my 9 am appt.

8:45 am- I arrive at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th & 6th. The Lingerie Americas show doesn’t open until 9 am so there is a long line of buyers outside waiting to enter.

9:00 am- First appointment- Natori- one of my more successful sleepwear lines. I have an hour and a half with them but it flies by as we go over sales, best sellers, and both the Natori and the Josie lines. Josie is by the same designer but has a younger feel to it.

11:30 am- Still at the NAP booth. They work with a lot of European lines and import the product. I saw both the Derek Rose and Eminence mens lines. Now onto Crabtree & Evelyn Sleepwear.

12:15 pm- Crabtree has a lot of spa wraps which have been good for us in that brand. I still have one more brand at the NAP booth: Princesse Tam Tam- a French lingerie line. Between the Natori and the Princesse Tam Tam I see that light yellow, flamingo pink, and bright violet are trend colors. Spring ’09 will be a colorful one!

1:05 pm- I meet Kendall from Blush Lingerie- a line we don’t have yet. They are a family business run out of Canada- the line looks beautifully feminine.

2:00 pm- I go over to the PJ Salvage booth and see my rep Cindy Tell- we chat about business and I meet the president of Loomworks. Peter is from South Africa so we chat about that for a little bit. He is from Durban- a town I spent a month in during my documentary shoot in 2000. The spring line is so fun and yummy feeling- it’s going to be hard to narrow down!

3:00 pm- I go to the Eberjey booth. Akemi tells me they just sent us our first shipment. Based on the time our photo department shoots the pictures and the content team writes the descriptions, we could be live with them in about 2 weeks- exciting!

3:30 pm- We finish early so I wander around some more. I see that the Jessica Simpson Intimates line is finally out on the market, so I meet the VP of Sales and sit down to see the line. It looks great and we already have the shoes on as well as receiving about 350 searches a day for it, so the demand is there!

4:30 pm- Bamboo Nights is my last appointment of the day. They launched on our site in July and the sales are amazing already- they definitely have a customer base out there. According to our sales by state report, we have sold the most product of theirs in Vermont- so unexpected! They show me some new additions to the line and then I hang out until the show

6:00 pm- Bamboo Nights is taking me out to dinner at Cook Shop on 10th ave & 20th st. When we check in at the restaurant, Louis and his wife Joy become celebrities as the hostess recognizes their last name, Van Leeuwen. Apparently their two sons own an ice cream shop and make the ice cream from scratch- it is all the rage in NYC and Brooklyn!

10:30 pm- After checking emails while watching American Dad, I am ready to call it a night! Wow, today flew by…

Day 3- Monday Aug.4

7:00 am- Rise and shine! I got a great night’s sleep.

8:45 – Headed to 180 Madison Ave to meet with Cuddl Dudds. They have some great bamboo knits as well as underwear, undershirts, and thermals- good for fall ’09.

10:00 am- Off to the Empire State Building for my next appointment- Smartdogs slippers.

10:05 am- Wow- lots of tourists in line to get to the top of the building!

10:30 am- Taking a picture from the 40th floor appointment room- I am being such the tourist.

11:00 am- Meeting Dereon Intimates- would love to bring them on for spring ’09. The colors are bright and the style is urban. Kamille the Dereon rep and Cynthia, the designer said they plan to do plus sizes for fall ’09, which is great, since there is such a void for that in the intimates category.

11:45 am- Cynthia the designer of Dereon and I catch a cab to the Curve NY show together.

12:00 pm- Curve offers free lunch to buyers and vendors so we grab a half sandwich. We eat them on the deck outside overlooking the river and the breeze feels so good. Across the way I see a lingerie model who’s robe won’t stay closed because of the wind. Ha! It doesn’t even phase me to see women in lingerie anymore

2:00 pm- Cosabella appointment went really well. She shows me fall/ holiday and there are so many great pieces. They have only been on our site for about 2 months and are blowing out of items. Good thing it is replenishable!

2:30 pm- I just met with Only Hearts. The. main thing I heard before I had the appt. by various people was “I love Only Hearts!!!”, so I knew going in that it may be something we might want to bring on to the site in the future.

3:15 pm- I finish the appt. early and I spot the Bedhead booth so I pop over to say hello to Joanne.

4:30 pm- At my last appointment with Natori Intimates. There is a very scary man a couple booths over in just his underwear. He needs a waxing very badly! Natori basics are doing amazingly so I look to pick up some fashion colors in those styles. The model tries on a couple of items that are new so I can see how they lay on the body.

5:10 pm- I see the actress Stacey Dash (from the movie “Clueless”) on my way out- she has her own intimates line called Letters of Marque.

5:20 pm- I pop back to my hotel quickly to drop off 10 lbs worth of catalogs. Yikes! That all has to fit in my carry-on suitcase on the way home.

7:50 pm- At the Stanton Social Club in Soho with Natori Intimates for dinner. It is a tapas place, but with other kinds of food other than Spanish style- we had french onion soup balls- crazy, but so yummy. For desert we had makers mark milkshakes!

8:30 pm- I thank Natori for the dinner as they drop me off at my hotel. I then find Holly and Dee from the kids team at the Roger Williams Hotel so I join them for a drink.

11:30 pm- Time to go back to the Roger Williams for a shower and to check emails before hitting the hay. It’s amazing how fast those emails can build up over the day.

1:25 am- Done checking emails- good night!

Day 4- Tuesday Aug.5

9:00 am- Happy National Underwear Day! The legendary National Underwear Day giveaways will take place around New York City with free undies being distributed to thousands on the New York City streets.

10:00 am- I meet with Gwen from Bendon and she shows me the Fayreform line for larger busted women (so pretty!) and the Elle MacPherson line.

11:00 am- I walked a couple blocks over to the NAP building and am about to meet with Karen Neuburger. I like how most intimates brands are located within a 4 block radius on Madison Ave- it makes it so convenient to schedule appointments and meet with everyone.

2:15 pm- Just learned that Le Mystere won an award in the fashion portion of the CILA awards last night! They consistently win awards for bra construction for basics, but this was a first for them in the fashion area. I congratulate the designer who is sitting in on our meeting.

4:30 pm- I have been running up and down Madison all day- am heading to 183 Madison for my last 2 appointments. One in a showroom and the other with Fleur’t Lingerie which has been on our site since May. Such a cute, flirty, feminine line!

6:00 pm- My Fleur’t vendor Leslie and I meet Holly and Dee and head to Soho for dinner at a Thai restaurant.

8:15 pm- We head towards Ludlow to find a neighborood bar to have one more drink at and find a place called “The Living Room” which is sort of divey yet hip. If I lived in NYC I would hang out there on a regular basis.

10:00 pm- Working on work emails back at the hotel and “I love money” happens to be on VH1. I am laughing my head off since they are having a crying championship on the show- they are rubbing onions and cayenne pepper in or near their eyes, blowing cigar smoke in each other’s eyes, smacking each other, tweezing nose hairs—anything to make them cry. What craziness!

11:00 pm- Still working on emails but I better pack my suitcase so I don’t have to worry about that last minute. I have a feeling all of the linesheets I picked up will take up about half of the space in my little carry on suitcase- eek!

Day 5 Aug. 6

5:15 am- Alarm is going off. I guess I should get up since supershuttle will be here to pick me up soon. My hair is in one big mass of curls and it makes sense when I find out that it is raining. Crazy humidity!

6:30 am- Waiting in the hotel lobby for my ride and checking work emails on my blackberry.

9:30 am- I board the plane at JFK and head for home,sweet home :)

The Greatest Zappos Party Ever!

Free drinks, a big hotel in Las Vegas and some penguins. It’s fun and a little weird and that’s what Zappos is all about!

Britney Spears' Life in Print, Jonas Brothers Rockin' Summer, Brendan Fraser Too Cheap to Buy and Keep

If you’d ever wondered to yourself if there was a book out there that could help you raise a nutcase daughter that loses custody of her kids and another daughter that manages to get knocked up at 17, you can rest easy now. Lynne Spear’s memoir, Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, is set to hit bookstores in September. The book was originally slated to be a parenting guide, but when news of Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy broke, Lynne’s publisher had to scramble to figure out how to make the project work since most people weren’t going to be running out to buy a book of parenting tips from the Spear’s mom.

Another person looking to cash in on Britney’s fame is her former self-declared manager, Sam Lufti. Sam is the one that was blamed for Britney erratic behavior, including shaving her head. He’s said to be shopping around a tell-all book spilling the most personal details of Britney Spear’s life. Whether he’ll actually be able to get a publisher to buy it is another question, but something tells me he won’t have too much trouble finding one.

The Jonas Brothers are certainly having a good summer. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or without TV) you know that the Jonas Brothers are everywhere – they have their own movie, Camp Rock, Disney TV shows, a new hit album and a sold-out concert – not to mention countless appearances on TV shows. Now it seems that the Jonas Brothers have purchased a $2.9 million dollar home in a gated community in Dallas, Texas. Way to go, Jo Bros!

We’ve all done the “buy a dress for a special occasion and return in the next day to avoid paying for it” deal at some point in our lives. But now a celebrity is being ratted out for doing just that. Brendan Fraser reportedly purchased thousands of dollars worth of clothes, wore them, had them dry cleaned and then returned the clothes for a full refund. I guess even celebrities are capable of being a little too frugal sometimes.

Sources – Celebitchy –, People –, TMZ

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Spart The Pirate Dog

Below is the heroic account of a new friend that the RDesk have welcomed to their family.

As Spart (aka Spartacus Jones the Pirate Dog) walked over the edge of the Shaggy Mane II on to the plank, all he could think was, “Why is this happening to me?”

Spart began his life as an orphan. Not the happy Annie-type orphan, the other kind. Spart struggled through his early years by doing odd jobs, and stealing from upper middle class poodles and chihuahuas. Eventually, Spart was caught and locked up for his crimes, imprisoned in the Castle de Bruiac. Spart immediately swore off the name given to him at the orphanage (Fluffy McFluffy Woofy Munchkins III) in order to befriend his dungeon-mates.

He chose his name from his favorite Greek character, Spartacus, and the name of the infamous street of pirates, Jones. Spartacus Jones, soon known as Spart to the other inmates, became involved in a plan to break free from the dungeon at the Castle de Bruiac alongside other infamous dog criminals Jack the Russell Ripper, Peg Leg Pincher, and Pete-the-dog-with-a normal-name. Upon their escape, Peg Leg Pincher offered for Spart to join his pirate crew. Since Spart was on the run from the law, he felt that journeying on the open sea would be a great idea. On a side note, Jack the Russell Ripper was later turned in by Pete-the dog with a normal name. He was heard cursing, “Oh, why didn’t I use a normal name like Pete!”

Finally, free without a need for money outside of what he could plunder, he felt as if he could pursue his true dream: skateboarding. Determined to invent the sport long before skateboards were called “skateboards” (formerly called “Oh Ye Board with Wheels Attached that Allows for a Skating-Type Motion”), he began building a large half pipe out of scrap lumber he came across while journeying through the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the accumulated weight of the half pipe was enough to sink Peg Leg Pincher’s boat, the /Shaggy Mane./ After a quick stop at Tortuga to build the Shaggy Mane II, Peg Leg Pincher forced Spart to walk the plank, which brings us to where we started.

Spart fell in to the icy depths, and began to swim. Spart survived by eating small fish that floated past and doggy paddling, until the accidental ingestion of a poisonous blowfish resulted in the swelling of his head to enormous proportions. Using his own giant head as a flotation device, and making very sure not to ingest any more blowfish, he eventually washed up on to the shores of Alaska.

In Alaska, Spart was rescued by a lovable band of Eskimos. The Eskimos nursed Spart back to health, but could not restore the massive size of his head back to its normal size. They, in fact, renamed Spart, Ugnuchukalugupoofaluf, but Spart was not fond of the name and ran from the Eskimos, afraid of their lovable nature. Tying his own large head to a pack of wild wolves, he wolf sled to the US/Canadian border, and crossed in to the Pacific Northwest pretending to be a pygmy Sasquatch. Unfortunately, the trip was not an easy one and Spart lost an eye to frostbite.

Making his way south, he eventually ended up in the Southern Nevada desert. Desperate for water, he dialed Zappos, renowned for their customer service to see if they knew where he could find some water. The R-desk rescued Spart, and he immediately felt right at home in his new pirate environment. Here Spart remains, ever watchful with his one eye, to ollie anyone with enough gall to make fun of his overly large head.

This story is not based on real events or people. Time is not depicted accurately in any way. And, Spart is a stuffed animal.

Written By: Dylan Morris