Celebrity Fashion: Skinny Jeans, Newsboy Hats, Rocker Tees

Skinny jeans aren’t just for women. No, skinny jeans and pants have caught on with celebrity men also. The rocker-type men seem to be sporting tighter and tighter pants these days. Such celebrities as Pete Wentz, all of the Jonas Brothers, Zac Efron and Johnny Depp have all been seen sporting skinny jeans for men. Now, the skinny jean is not for all men. In fact, I know a lot of men who say that they will never wear a skinny jean, but some of those celebrities look awfully good in their skinny jeans. One designer that the celebrities like for his skinny jeans is Moschino . And the best thing about this designer’s jeans is that they are actually affordable to the non-celebrity men who dare to wear skinny jeans.

While rocking the skinny jeans, the celebrity men also love to wear newsboy hats. Most people have seen Brad Pitt sporting this type of hat before. Other celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Samuel L. Jackson and Jason Lee have also worn newsboy hats around Hollywood. They offer a unique style for a guy and can help accessorize his outfit. George Clooney has been seen wearing a Dolce and Gabbana newsboy hat several times, and I have to say that, for an older guy, he still looks good in it. When sporting a newsboy hat, stick to a neutral color like black or gray.

Let’s stay on the topic of celebrity men and talk about rocker tees. So many celebrity men are spotted wearing what appears to be old and faded rocker tees. But, in reality, the tees that they wear are probably new and quite expensive. Many designers are making T-shirts for men that look like old rocker tees or graphic tees from years ago. This gives the guy a little edge and makes him look almost like he doesn’t care what he looks like, except for the fact that the T-shirt probably cost over $100.

So, what is the perfect outfit for the celebrity man nowadays? The skinny jeans, the newsboy hat and the rocker tee. Put that together with a gorgeous man, and you have a sight for sore eyes!

Things on My Desk: Alicia from the RRRRDesk!

Alicia L. from the RRRRRDesk in CLT shows us her Hello Kittie collection at her desk in Customer Loyalty.

Monkey Business in The Dev Team

The KY Dev group is 10 super heroes managed by Jon Jacobs.
In KY, our Dev team is comprised of 10 Dev-ers and they are led by the great Jon J. They sit in a little office writing codes in Perl, analyzing warehouse operations, investigating process inefficiencies, and starring at computer screens all day long. We decided to have a little fun and check out how hard they do work! This video shows what would happen in the event the warehouse actually did have an issue. Fingers crossed, we hope everything goes as smoothly as it has been!

Shoe Encyclopedia: Because More Knowledge Never Hurts

Still coming back for more of the shoe encyclopedia, huh? You must really be outsmarting your fellow so-called shoe savvy friends by now. Some past shoe encyclopedia lessons have included types and styles of shoes, such as the mule toe or sling back. Others have included shoe terms that relate to parts of the shoe, such as the cap toe or the lug sole. Also included have been medical and fashion terms. In this seventh shoe encyclopedia lesson, you’ll be learning about piping, The Office, Napa Leather, and motion control.

Piping is a thin strip of fabric, which is generally used for the decoration of shoes, handbags and clothing. In shoes with piping, leather is often, but not always, the fabric of choice. Piping can be found in a variety of shoe styles, such as boots, dress shoes and even slippers.

The Office
No, I’m not referring to the popular TV sitcom. Although, those characters may enjoy this version of The Office. Trying to finish off that special business ensemble that you can make all your own? The one that will impress the right people? Choosing the right shoes can help. The Office is an exclusive Zappos spot for business execs to pick up some great office shoes. Both men’s and women’s styles are available.

Napa Leather
Looking for a softer version of leather? Try Napa Leather, which is a soft version of sheepskin. Napa leather can be used in the whole shoe upper like in the Vaneli Wassilla , or just in the design, as with the Tony Lama 1249-L boots that can be found on Zappos.

Motion Control
If your athletic shoes have motion control , this means they have special devices to help control the occurrence of inward rolling of the foot, or pronation. Most of the time, motion-control shoes are meant for athletes who have little to no arch. They can also be used as extra support for those who are heavy runners.

Clothing Rules: Lots to Learn from Cloris Leachman

Have you been watching Dancing With The Stars? If not, you are missing one of the best seasons. Why? It has the oldest star on it. Who? 82-year-old Cloris Leachman.

Cloris Leachman is unpredictable, funny and a little cranky. You never know what she’ll say or do. Of course, it all makes for good TV. However, what I love most about Cloris Leachman is her style.

Like many women over the age of 45, Cloris Leachman has the belly pooch and extra hips. Yet neither one of these curbs her style. She dresses glamorously anyway, showing every woman with a similar body type and age how to do it. Here’s how she pulls it off.

Cloris Leachman:

  • Wears solids – Yes, she may have an elaborate headpiece or silk material, but it’s normally one color. By wearing solid colors, her hips and stomach look a lot smaller.
  • Flaunts cleavage – Cloris Leachman has beautiful breasts. So her dresses on Dancing With The Stars normally have v-necks that show her cleavage. By playing up one of her best features, it detracts from her less attractive ones.
  • Switches hairstyles – Leachman has a great haircut that she isn’t afraid to cover up with a wig in the name of style. It gives her a flexible look. Leachman’s hairstyles complete the outfits she wears on the show.

In a nutshell, Cloris Leachman doesn’t let her age or body shape stop her from being stylish. She is bigger than life. So take a peek at Dancing With The Stars the next time is comes on TV. You’ll be surprised to see that an 82-year-old is stealing the entire show.

Oktoberfest Parade!

On our last day of Customer Service Week, many Zapponians dressed in lederhosen, yodeled and danced the Chicken Dance in a parade around the office to celebrate Oktoberfest one more time before week’s end. We have some special visitors today and they were allowed to see the true craziness that is Zappos.com!

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Pumpkin Carving!

Nothing puts a smile on your face or a chill down your spine like a Jack-O-Lantern. In the spirit of Halloween, our Creative Service and Couture team took a field trip to the “pumpkin patch” then brought their prized pumpkins back to the office for the carvin’!

Thanks CS for bumping the festivity level up a notch and for bringing the wonderful, yet strange, smell of pumpkin to the office!


We here at Couture are captivated by fashion, especially the adventureous spirit and cutting-edge designs of Japan’s Harajuku. Our very own Ms. M grew up in Japan and is a constant source of information and style. We combed Couture.Zappos and Zappos to bring you one of the many incarnations of that Harajuku flair. We’ve featured the style referred to as elegant ‘Gothic Lolita.’

Styles featured: Be&D ruffle oversized clutch, L.A.M.B. Hidden Platform Red Plaid Ankle Boots, Betsey Johnson Dahlia Multi-tiered Strapless Dress, Tarina Tarantino “Petite Chapeau” Mini Top Hat, Zooey by Alice Heller Point Collar Keyhole 3/4 Sleeve Shirt.