Sequins might evoke images of showgirls, but that doesn’t mean all sequins are tacky. Simple yet divine, sequins on tank tops, handbags and this dress by Costume National , dazzle. Keep accessories to a minimum and go out sparkling!

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Best Vacation Spots for Skaters: Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China is one of the best vacation spots for skaters. This city is amazingly rich in culture and is also the home to the largest skate park in the world. If you are looking for an exotic vacation destination, consider exploring the skating culture found in Shanghai.

The SMP International Skate Park
In the United States it is easy to find skate parks that are between 7,500 square feet and 15,000 square feet. However, these parks pale in comparison to the SMP International Skate Park with its 13,700 plus square meter park layout. For those of you unfamiliar with the metric system that is about 147,000 square feet of skate park terrain. Like I said, this is a big park.

The SMP International Skate Park can be found at 2100 Songhu Road, Shanghai, 200438, China. You can get to this park by taking the line three bus to Jiangwan Tsum Station and then taking a taxi to the park. Once inside the park, you will find a bowl area, a park zone, a plaza-recreation area and a competition area. The bowl area utilizes granite pool coping, something you most likely won’t find in many U.S. skate parks, and it is over 4,500 square meters. The park zone offers an additional 1,750 square meters of skating space, the plaza/recreation/viewing area offers over 4,100 square meters of entertainment and the competition area takes up about 2,000 square meters of space.

One of the best things about this skate park, besides its huge size, is that it is the home to several competitions and to the SMP skate team from Shanghai. If you are lucky enough to be in Shanghai during a competition then you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to watch the team practice and compete against local and international skating professionals. What a way to cap off a vacation to Shanghai!

Other Attractions in Shanghai
While the skateboarding is great in Shanghai, you won’t want to miss the other great attractions that this city offers. If you enjoy shopping, then you will find an amazing collection of authentic China clothing , as well as a great selection of skater wear while in Shanghai. If you prefer to enhance your vacation with cultural attractions, you will want to make plans to visit the Yuyuan Gardens, the Shanghai Museum, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Longhu Pagoda and Longhu Temple and the Shanghai Animal Zoo. Finally, don’t forget to sample some of the local cuisine.

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Celebrity Gossip: Presley Family Adds One, Dating Shows and Cheating Husbands

Congratulations are in order for Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley . She gave birth to twin daughters on October 7. A rep for Lisa Marie and her husband, rocker Michael Lockwood, stated “The babies and mom are happy and healthy and resting at home.” The names of the baby girls have not been released at this time. Lisa Marie also has two other children from a previous marriage.

It appears that VH1 is all about the dating reality shows. Daisy De La Hoya, who was a contestant on Rock of Love 2, will now have her very own dating show. The show will be called Daisy of Love and will air in the spring of 2009. For anybody who didn’t watch Rock of Love 2, Bret Michaels picked another woman over Daisy in the season finale, breaking her heart. The show is still currently casting the men that will vie for the love of Daisy. How many dating reality shows is VH1 going to come out with? I mean, does anybody really watch them? Between Flavor Flav, New York, Bret Michaels and now Daisy De La Hoya, it seems all VH1 cares about is finding true love for these people, over and over!

Rumors are swirling that singer Avril Lavigne and husband of two years Derek Whibley are headed for a divorce. Supposedly they have been growing apart since Avril went on tour last year. Whibley, who is in the band Sum 41, has not been doing much with his career as Avril has been advancing hers, which is causing trouble in the marriage. Derek was actually spotted at an even in Los Angeles last week holding hands and cuddling with an unknown woman. Well, if this is true, it should give Avril some good material to write her next album with. Is anyone really that surprised by this?


Best Hiking Trails: Mount Falcon Park

A few years ago, I moved to Denver, Colorado. Now, not being a freezing cold weather kinda gal, that foray into nature didn’t last very long before I moved on to boiling hot Texas. But, during my stay in Denver, I did manage to discover some really gorgeous hiking trails. The wonderful thing with Colorado is the scenery. Pretty much anywhere you look it’s just beautiful. (How can you not love snow-capped mountains and clean, fresh air?) Colorado’s hiking trails also feature the same panoramic views and natural beauty, so it truly is a spectacular place to hike.

One of my favorite discoveries was Mount Falcon Park near Evergreen, Colorado. To get to it, you can drive west out of Denver on Highway 285. Turn off at the Indian Hills exit, drive for about 5 miles, then turn right onto Picutis Road and go to the park’s parking lot. There are tons of trails at Mount Falcon Park and most of them are pretty easy going (no need to do any major mountain climbing here). Castle Trail is the most interesting trail, I think, simply because at the end of the trail you can explore the ruins of Walker Castle. (Kids love doing this!) John Brisben Walker was a Denver businessman who used to own most of the land around, what is now, Mount Falcon Park. He built himself a huge house, which burned down in the early 20th century. Known now as Walker Castle, (it’s not a castle, just a big stone house,) the ruins are still fascinating to explore.

What’s also interesting about Mount Falcon Park is the sadness that surrounds it when you think of how it bore witness to John Brisben Walker’s tragic story. A once-successful business man, when Walker died, he actually died destitute.

The Castle Trail at Mount Falcon Park is around 5 miles long. It goes up to an elevation of about 9,000 feet and the view is spectacular up there. So don’t forget your camera. You’ll get some amazing photos of Rocky Mountain National Park. Also, don’t forget to read the signs along the path that tell the story of John Brisben Walker’s life.

Stress, Stress, Stress: Write It Out!

Remember when you were younger? As a kid, your feelings were pretty much bared for the world to see. When you were mad, you screamed. When you were upset, you cried. And if someone in front of you was walking too slowly, you just pushed them out of the way! As you got older and reached adolescence, you had to learn to bottle up many of those feelings to conform to society’s expectations. For many teens, a journal becomes their best friend. They pour their hopes, fears and feelings into the empty pages of a journal. At some point, we decide we’re too old for that sort of thing, and we set out to deal with all of those bottled thoughts and emotions with little or no outlet. It’s no wonder we as a generation are so stressed out!

Guess what? Journaling isn’t just for kids anymore. Whether you choose to vent your feelings on a computer or in a journal, it can help you to reduce your stress and improve your emotional health. Some stores even carry journals specifically designed for adults, without pictures of puppies, kittens or fairy princesses on the cover. (Unless you want one like that!) When journaling, you can write whatever you feel as you’re feeling it – emptying the bottled-up emotions, so to say. Later, you can go back and read what you’ve wrote. Doing so can tell you a lot about where you’re at emotionally, if you’re on the right track, and what you might be able to do to help yourself. Sometimes, we even hide our true feelings from ourselves, such as the need to change careers or get out of a bad relationship. These issues often come out when journaling and are harder to ignore when you see them on paper.

If your day-to-day life makes you want to scream, cry or knock someone out, try hashing your feelings out with a journal. It’s inexpensive, easy and can change your life.

Comfort Item of the Week: Snowboarding Socks

You feel the fire in your gut and the chill around your face as your adrenaline rises preparing for snowboarding season. Several pairs of the coolest snowboarding boots on the planet are part of your personal gear including Burton, Vans, DC, Lesportiva and Forum Constant Snow Board Boots. And chances are your wardrobe includes the coolest outer gear including Full Stone Fire Beanies and the coolest jackets and vests to create layers of warmth. But what’s under those snow boots?

Snowboarders are passionate about their sport, their gear and definitely their skills. So why take chances when it comes to foot comfort? foot comfort? One of the best ways to insure comfort is with the perfect socks. To the passionate snowboarder the right socks definitely make a difference. Why worry about what’s under those snow boots? The perfect sport socks to wear with snow boots is the Eurosock Board Camo. Available in winter, brown, green or gray camo, in addition to being one of the most comfortably fitting socks, the Eurosock Board Camo collection is stylish.

There are a couple of features that make the Eurosock Board Camo the perfect sock for the snowboarder. Eurosocks come with comfortably fitted, finished tops, and a choice of either rolled, welted tops or ribbed cups designed to keep the sock up. Another top quality sock is the Eurosock Board Camo, which has the absence of the seam that causes friction.

Designed as the perfect socks for snowboarding, Eurosock Board Camo socks are made from Spandex with mechanical knits and technical fibers, which create the feel and performance of a “second skin.” Other key features of the Eurosock Board Camo socks include the “elasticized ankle brace” and the “ankle flex zone,” which provides support for the Achilles tendon and keeps the sock fitting perfectly around the ankle by eliminating wrinkles. The toe-pocket area has a similar design to ensure wrinkling is avoided. Finally Eurosocks have ergonomically shaped, anatomical padding to absorb impact. Wearing Eurosocks for snowboarding ensures you won’t worry about what’s under those boots.


Ladies, who doesn’t love an attractive, elegant flat? What other shoe brings Funny Face, Roman Holiday and Sabrina to mind faster than a dainty, pointy toe flat? It is chic and comfortable, can be dresssed up or down, and appeals to the edgy and uptown crowd alike. The Couture Team loves a great flat to pair with our A-line dresses, our sweater coats, tees and leggings or our jeans and a henley. What are we loving right now? Elie Tahari Gabby Snake Embossed flat, Sigerson Morrison Low Cut Side Flat with Embellished Pouf, Michael Kors Gold Metallic Flat with Bamboo-inspired Buckle, and Moschino Silver Metallic Flats with Side Cut Out Details and Flower Buckle with Stone Encrusted Center.

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Happy, Happy, Happy, Birthday to Miss Kathleen J.!

One of the members of the Zappettes had to sit out this round (or should have, but instead decided to sing happy birthday to herself) because It’s Kathleen J.‘s Special Day!

Happy Birthday Kathleen. Now you are officially over exposed on the Inside Zappos Blogs, but we don’t care because we like ya!

Hope your day was full of Birthday wishes, bundt cakes and unicorns!