Pumpkin Madness!

Last week on the Kids’ Content Team, we weren’t really feeling the Halloween spirit. So, we decided to do something about it and what better way to get that fall feeling then having a pumpkin decorating contest?!

So, we all went home with dancing pumpkins in our heads and spent hours upon hours hunched over our masterpieces. Monday morning we all proudly displayed our squash centerpieces. We needed a judge, so we outsourced Bob from the Outdoor Content Team. Bob pondered over each and every carefully crafted pumpkin until he finally came to a decision <drum roll, please>

EVERYONE WINS!! We all erupted in cheers and overall jubilation. Nowadays the Halloween spirit is high on the Kids’ Content Team and we are all eagerly anticipating a ghoulish good time next week!

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Skateboarder/Snowboarder of the Week: Shaun White

Some of us may go through a day facing no tougher question than “Paper or plastic?” at the supermarket. But try asking one of the most famous X-athletes, Shaun White: Skateboarding or snowboarding?

Skateboarding, says Shaun, is more difficult, “I think it’s so much harder to go big and do the tricks. They’re so much faster and so much less under control. I’m used to doing airs and stuff in snowboarding, but I almost think you go bigger on a vert ramp.”

Shaun White says this, even though he learned skateboarding years before snowboarding.

It seems difficult to believe, with all that he has accomplished, but Shaun White of Carlsbad, Calif., just turned 22 in September. He’s been a pro in both sports since he was in his early teenage years. He learned skating first, of course, at just 7 years old, but he has had more competitive success on the snow.

Shaun White’s entry into the X-sports came quite simply. He grew up near the Encinitas YMCA, one of the few “Y” facilities you will find with a vertical ramp. With his older brother, Jessie, he started skating. Then he discovered snowboarding when he was 13, and with his skating experience, he was such a quick study that he turned pro in the snow at 14.

The powder took priority for a while for Shaun White, but by the time he was 16, he went back to skating long enough to join Tony Hawk on tour. He was a veteran two-sport athlete at 16! Since then he’s pretty much been a snowboarder who also excels on skateboards. In this sense, he is similar to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders from the 1990s, who were football players who also excelled at baseball.

Shaun White is all the more amazing because he had two open-heart surgeries before he reached age 5 to cure a congenital defect. He also surfs. Pro surfers beware! His hobbies include playing the guitar.

Shaun White recently won the 2008 Laureus World Sports Award for the best Action Sportsperson of the Year. Get this, he has not one, but two, Wikipedia sites on the web. The one with just his name focuses mainly on his skateboarding, and the one that includes snowboarding, well, you can figure that out!

Despite good reason to have a big head, Shaun White remains modest and always expresses thanks for his family’s support. If you happen to run into him and his veritable “shock of red hair,” just think twice before saying, “Yo, Flying Tomato.” He used to like the nickname, but now he’s sick of it.






Flying Pig Marathon

When was the last time you used the phrase “When pigs fly”? It is a question you have to ask yourself because these three little words can carry a lot of weight. They can help you tell another person that under no circumstances will he get his way. Here’s what I mean . . .

Scenario #1
Husband: “Honey, can you spit shine my shoes for me?”
You: “When pigs fly!”

Scenario #2
Boss: “I know it’s last minute, but can you work on Christmas day?’
You: “When pigs fly!”

Scenario #3
Kids: “Can I take your new car to the beach?”
You: “When pigs fly!”

Imagine yourself in each of these scenarios. Don’t you feel empowered? Well, the emotions swirling through your body now are the same ones I imagine motivated the creator of a certain marathon. It is the Flying Pig Marathon. For over a decade, runners have been participating in this fun run, making it one of Cincinnati, Ohio’s most coveted events.

Besides the weird name, the Flying Pig Marathon is unique because it incorporates so many types of runs. There is a wheelchair run, a pump-n-run for weightlifters, a kids’ run and a four-person relay. In essence, there is something for everyone who wants to run a race. What is the grand prize? A big medal with a flying pig on it. However, if you don’t cross the finish line first, you won’t feel bad. The after parties are plentiful and full of people who are just happy that they made it through the event.

So, does the Flying Pig Marathon sound like a race you would want to run? (I bet you’re not saying “When pigs fly!”) If so, check out their Web site at www.flyingpigmarathon.com. The next race will occur on May 3, 2009, which gives you plenty of time to register. Don’t miss out on a fun event. You can make it a part of your next family vacation.

Importance of Fashion in Films: Costume Dramas

Generally when we talk about costume dramas, we mean films involving heavy dresses and corsets that take place well before the 20th century. But this fall two of the biggest costumes dramas to hit the screen are solidly 20th century flicks, and both could have a huge impact on this season’s fashions.

The first is Baz Luhrmann’s Australia, an epic romance that travels across the Australian continent during WWII. Despite Luhrmann’s films being known for their glamour, expect rugged looks, natural colors and masculine styles with feminine tailoring from Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin. Khakis with soft blouses, military influences and riding boots will surely look spectacular on star Nicole Kidman and will likely all be making appearances in wardrobes soon. With Hugh Jackman playing the male lead, there will surely be significant fashion impact for men from this film too.

Set just slightly later is the new Sam Mendes film, Revolutionary Road which is a domestic drama set in 1950s Connecticut. Costumes by Albert Wolsky feature the playful dresses of the era with snug waists and full skirts as well as the delightful, but alluring, more conservative ladies suits of the time. The film, which is garnering lots of attention for its reuniting of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen, showcases many of the cultural tensions that began to emerge after WWII and also contains many of the styles that became popular with the rise of the teenager as a social and economic force. Expect to see a 1950s influence in this season’s holiday dresses in both cut and color.

There are plenty of more traditional period epics, such as the rococo saga The Duchess from director Saul Dibb. Staring Keira Knightly, its fashions will surely inspire envy, but translating them to the modern closet will be a more challenging leap, which is why this season’s movie-inspired fashions will be all about the relatively recent past.

Zappos Interviews Bettye Muller

We had the chance to sit down with Bettye and check out her Spring ’09 line. Very awesome!

Locked Up!

If you are a regular Zappos Blog reader, you probably already know we love our company core values. In spirit of Core Value #3, Create Fun & A Little Weirdness, Help Desk has decided to be locked up for the holidays! We decided to build a Jail Cell in the front lobby of our main building for Halloween. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build the cell walls… Overall there were 4 burns, 1 poke, 2 hand cramps, 1 sore thumb, 1 toe nail caught on the carpet, 1 pole dropped on a foot, and 1 lost shoe.

Contractor Jo questions “Whose idea was it to give the girls power tools? Either way, I had a blast building!”

Oh… and yes, Help Desk is now available for hire!

The Office is Alive with the Sound of Oprah!

Today at 9am and at 4pm, we are showing the episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that features an interview with Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh!

Employees from all 3 building are gathering in the lunch room to watch it live, as well as on laptops in the breakrooms for everyone that can’t make it down.

Exciting day for Zappos! Our blog team will be reporting all day on the celebration that is Zappos on Oprah!

Check your local listings!

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Shopping Tips for New Parents: Winter Booties

Your little one won’t be trekking across the snow banks any time soon, but they can still show their winter spirit with a pair of cozy booties. Booties for newborns are designed to keep those toes and feet plenty toasty when the temperatures drop. A pair of fleece-lined booties can help keep your baby girl or boy well prepared for the season and enjoying those chilly months in style!

Let them show off their Alpine tastes with the Lamb Play’N‘Wash sheepskin booties. These super soft booties make it easy to stay warm when the wind chill rears its ugly head, and they slide on and off easily with a side hook-and-loop closures – no laces to worry about! These booties are also great for traveling, just fold them up tight and plop them into that tote or carryall for easy travels over the winter season.

It’s never too early to unleash their inner style god (or goddess), so a pair of fleece-lined booties with flair can take things up a notch this season. The Robeez winter booties are a plush and stylish pair with a fur-lined trim and extra soft finish. They’re made with textured suede outsoles for extra comfort and protection, and they ensure your newborn will stay fashionable and warm on those chilly days ahead.

Sheepskin Uggs are another must have for winter weather, a snug and stylish bootie with the famous UGG label. These booties are fully lined with plush fleece that keeps moisture at bay even if your little one does end up catching a few snowflakes. The base of these booties is also made with a thick layer of fleece, which means they’ll be wrapped up in a cloud of fleece from the top of their ankles to the tip of their toes.

If your little boy is anxious to charm the crowds and show off his trendy side, make sure to pick up the ultimate stylish essential: the Ralph Lauren Embossed Bear Bootie . This suede bootie is made with a deep blue fleece and beige trim and finished with a cute white bear on the vamp. For the girl who insists on playing princess for the day, the pink suede Pampili booties are sure to please. These luxurious booties are made with soft leather upper and bow details, and they’re a stylish and cozy pair for any dreary day ahead.