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Interested in hearing what all the Tweets are about? Then check out a new little project we put together quickly: . What is this exactly? Well, it is a little place to see all the messages people write on Twitter that mention Zappos ! Oh, and if you are unfamiliar with Twitter here is how they describe it straight from their site, and I quote: “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

It’s actually a cool little tool to stay informed! Needless to say people are going to Twitter about anything. We discovered that people actual Twitter a good deal about Zappos, so we figured we would share the messages with the world! At you’ll see the good, the bad, the partial, the impartial, employees, customers, enemies, Romans, countrymen, lovers, etc, etc… all mentioning Zappos for whatever reason while using Twitter!!!

There are other ways to get these messages too, if you have a Twitter account type track zappos into the message field and you’ll get all the Tweets that mention Zappos delivered straight to you (might be worth tracking and Zappo as well, just in case). Hopefully you find it as fun as we do, and if you have any questions/comments about enhancing this please leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate!


The metallic trend is going strong and shows no sign of abating, but
how does one wear it and pair it? Couture, along with one of our
fashionable fellas, Loren B., accepted the challenge to find a look
that was one part casual, one part fashion and plenty of cool.

The What: Royal Elastics Dalech sneakers

The How To: 1. Akademiks Dominate Stud jean in ‘used’ rinse 2. Affliction’s Dead or Alive tee . 3. Oakley Ducati Hijinx shades

The When: Daytime cool.

The Why: Need you ask?

It's starting to get hot and I'm dreading it...

Today, without a doubt, was the hottest day of the year so far. Yes, I think it actually made it to like 75° today…It wasn’t super hot, but it was the thought that it was gonna get boilin’ hot in a month or so that I couldn’t stop thinking about on my run today- ewwwww, I hate those days when you get back from a run when it’s like 90° out and you can’t pee for six hours even though you drank 2 liters of water during your run AND you smell like a boys locker room…not too mention that wonderful taste of salty sweat the drips off the tip of your nose. Yummy.

The Coin Count

Natta whole lotta, once again. I’m very sad that I’m in this little slump right now X-(

Running Total: STILL 42 cents

Awareness Test

This is an awesome 60-second video. It’s an awareness test — play it and follow the instructions before reading the rest of my blog post:

While the commercial is about bicycle safety, I think the message really applies to communications in the business world. On the marketing side, just because we buy an ad somewhere doesn’t mean consumers will pay attention to it. Internally, just because all the factual information is emailed or said in a meeting doesn’t mean that the message you care about has actually been communicated… The challenge for both is: How do you inspire people to pay attention to what matters to you?

Alfred the Easter Bunny

I’m at the Zappos outlet store in Las Vegas right now (Dean Martin location) and Alfred (COO/CFO of Zappos) is dressed up as an Easter bunny, handing out candy to the kids!

Thorlos and FEETures!

During our trip out to North Carolina, we also had the opportunity to visit Thorlos ‘ sock mill and the FEETures! Distribution Center and sales office. We had great meetings today – The people at these two companies, as well as the Wrightsock People, are all so hospitable – I mean, really really nice. If you’re looking for a thick sock with great cushion, there isn’t anything better than Thorlos – the love is all sewn in! If you’re looking for a tighter fitting, well-cushioned sock with great arch support, FEETures! are a great bet (my wife loves the heck out of these – sometimes more than she likes me!).

A Run in North Carolina

We stayed at a hotel just off the freeway – right across the street from The Waffle House – Ohhhhh yeah! (You ever hear a couple of those Waffle House theme songs when you’re in one of those places – Now that’s what I’m talkin about! Their grits ain’t bad either!).

I took off for a morning run (a little nippy) before we would hit up the Thorlos and FEETures! buildings. One time getting lost in an unknown town is good enough for me, so as a rule of thumb, I typically don’t veer off the straight and narrow – out one way and right back in the same exact way. It was a nice little run – North Carolina is a really beautiful place. In any case, it was the first time I’ve ever run next to a freeway that crossed a railroad track, a fruit stand and one of those lots that sells antiques and stuff for your yard all in one place. It’s nice to get in a run that somewhere and something a little out of the ordinary :)

The Coin Count

No love in NC – Nada today :(

Running Total: 42 cents

Our Trip to Wrightsock, North Carolina!

Carla (our sock buyer), Janelle (one of our customer loyalty representatives), Jay (our Product Info guy for Athletic) and I had a great opportunity to go out to Burlington, North Carolina, to see the life of a sock – Well, how a sock is crafted anyway. We were fortunate to go on this trip because of the good heart of the Wrightenberry Mills peeps. Tom Weber, our main man at Wrightsock (Tom R O C K S!), came to our ‘Treat your Feet Expo’ (an expo we hold for our employees that gets them familiar with all the brands and products we have on the site) we had at Zappos the end of last year. Tom offered up a trip to NC for us and a lucky raffle winner – TOTALLY AWESOME and really, really generous – So, Thanks Wrightsock!

You have no idea how crazy the whole process of making socks is until you go to a sock mill. WOW! The machinery, the rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls of yarn, the amount of people that physically touch a good quality sock- All of it, absolutely unreal. Wrightsock is a double-layer sock that adopts the idea of two pieces of fabric that rub against each other rather than one piece of fabric rubbing against your skin AND it wicks moisture away from the foot – BLISTER FREE, and it totally works.

Just about our entire Zappos team used them for the JanSport 8000m Challenge last fall and I personally have become a HUGE believer in the product for running. Wrightsock Double-Layer Rocks!