From Geek to Totally Sheik

You can take the mandals out of the man, but can you take the man out of the mandals? Now that is the question! What are mandals you say? Well, some may call it a fashion atrocity; others may say they are simply, man sandals.

Ah, yes…meet Ned, ladies and gentleman! He’s our fearless Affiliate Program Manager, commonly known for his keen fashion sense – polos, shorts at all times of the year, and an extreme love of mandals.

Those who know Ned would probably never believe me when I say that he was recently spotted without mandals at the conference in Scottsdale. Ask him and he may deny it, but take a peek for yourself! Proof is in the pudding, my friends! And by the way, has a huge selection of mandals !

“There would be more peace in the world if everyone wore mandals” – Ned Farra

Typing Fast and Blowing Bubbles

Welcome to the very first pulse-pounding post from’s HR and Training departments! For all you feverish fans out there, this is the place to learn about the activities, events, and just plain wackadoo things that we do, straight from the source!

So without further ado, let’s get to it!

From Shannon “Shanadoo” R., one of our truly amazing Recruiting Assistants:

“Early one morning, while pondering the state of the world, Eric, Jacob and I bantered back and forth about holding a company-wide typing contest. The more we talked, the grander the plans became….and the more real! Soon the call went out to all Las Vegas employees:

So Your Momma Can’t Dance and Your Daddy Can’t Rock & Roll—-But CAN YOU TYPE?! Thus, the first ever typing competition becomes a reality!”
Below is a video account of our first ever typing contest!

In other news, Training Manager, Rachael B., has a weird thing for bubbles. I sit facing her and I can tell you I’ve never seen anyone sooo excited over bubbles. My phone and desk are permanently encrusted with bubble residue. To share her bizarre fascination with the rest of the company, she got HR and Training together and a Bubble Parade was born! In true Zappos (and HR / Training) fashion, wackiness ensued…

Here’s the bubble head herself, the lovely Rachael B, in the midst of the parade!

HR and Training in full bubble regalia. ‘Nuff said. ;)

Some parting notes:

What makes Recruiting blow milk out their collective nose:

Coming Soon: Annual Employee Picnic! (oooh…)
-HR’s Monthly Outing! (ah….)
-And, Random Rozzy Thoughts!! (wha…???)

Oh, and we’re hiring!!!

New Ads and Postcard Madness

Today we handed out our 2008 Print Ad Creative postcards
to Vegas employees! They are a sampling of some of the visuals being
used in our print ad campaign, which hit the newsstands this week!

All employees received five cards to send anywhere to anyone in the world! (I suggested we send them all to Val Kilmer. I don’t really know why. First person that popped in my head.)In true creative service/marketing style, we just wheeled them around the office in a wagon and dove headlong into the seas of madness that are the CLT and Merchandising Floors.

Our Creative Service and Marketing crazies filled the aisles in a very non-disruptive…..well, ok, rather disruptive manner to hand bundles of postcards to the un-suspecting masses. Every employee has been given free reign to do what they want with them…who knows, you may be receiving one yourself!
These cards are a part of the 2008 Print Ad Creative, which is also coming along the same time as our brand spankin’ new television commercial that began airing a few weeks ago. It is airing on multiple networks throughout the U.S. T.V.-O-Sphere, maybe you’ve seen one….if not, and if you’re nice, I’ll post it right below. I’m considering it…...I’m considering it…..alright, you won me over. But barely. : )
It’s a great new direction for us and we are very excited about it!
Anyway, back to filling out postcards, I’m sending one to my favorite
New Kid on the Block! (I won’t say who)


We are! Get a few of Lucky magazine’s favorites right here on Couture.

Nashville Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon:Post Race

We got to the finish line about twenty-five minutes before the winner, Kenyan Sylvester Chebii, crossed. We stayed around and watched the finishers for a good hour or so before we zoomed off to check out the post race events. It’s always so inspiring to see so many happy people after a half and full marathon smiling and laughing away. The vibe in Nashville was seriously incredible after the race! We chilled at the expo until 11:30 or so then took off back to the hotel to get some work done and to get in a little run. I took off on West End Road near Vanderbilt and ran about 3½ miles up the road past where the start line was and back (7mi total). It was a great outing and Nashville is such a cool city. I love running in places I’ve never run before – time goes by quickly and it’s so cool to explore new places. I got back to the room and got some New Balance orders completed then went out to the post-race dinner and concert (Music Hall of Famer, Steve Cropper ). The highlight of the night: Being back stage to watch the marathon awards presentation. We got to take an elevator ride down to the stage area, stuffed like sardines with top nine winners from the race. WOW! These are amazing people and it was such a great honor to be in the stuffed in the same space for a couple minutes.

A special thank you AGAIN goes out to John Smith from the Competitor Group, Inc. for showing us around and Elite Racing for your amazing hospitality – You guys R O C K! It was a load of fun and a great learning experience!

The Coin Count

Nothing in Music City today – both times :0

Running Total: 87 cents

Nashville Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon: The Fun Run

Today was a busy day! We woke early to get to the start line – which was only a half-mile away (Between Centennial Park and Vanderbilt University). I looked out the window at 5am and it was raining cattle out….goodness it was coming down – NOT a good start to a marathon, but the rain settled down just in time for the start of the race. It actually turned out to be remarkable weather for a marathon!!! We had just enough time to run out two miles on the course and back. The way back was definitely tougher as we had to weave our way through the oncoming marathon runners. We cut our way back through a side street and suddenly found ourselves running on the race route between miles 8 and 9, well ahead of the elites in the race – Yikes!!!!

All the volunteers thought we were the leads in the race!!!! What a completely weird feeling! We ditched the thought of running this route VERY quickly. Soon we found ourselves weaving thru bystanders (We kindly didn’t get in the way of the runners – promise!), looking for wide sections of the street to get back to the hotel for the shuttle ride to the finish line. It what pretty funny the amount of stares we received from people thinking that we were completely insane, not too mention the MANY comments we got, ‘You’re running the wrong way!!!!’ We were laughing the entire way – A COMPLETE blast. We made it back to the hotel and caught a ride over to the finish with plenty of time to watch the elites cross the finish line.


Sobriety acts out in many ways. It can be overt confidence, which seemingly is the case for designer Marc Jacobs . He was the brilliant but schlumpy bespectacled designer that stood at the end of the runway in his grey sweater, baggy pants and kicks, looking out of place and oh so nervous.

Then, wham! He reappears out of sobriety as this buffed god-like creature akin to a Mount Olympia statue. Gone were the spectacles, gone was the greasy too-long hair, sweaters, and, huh, buffed arms were now rippling through his short-sleeved tees and fitted slacks. The hair is now closely cropped and blue, yes really, blue – midnight to be exact. Confidence seemed to know no bounds. There were nude cover shots, hotter than hot fashion shows, pictures of him everywhere. A film about his genius and maniac behavior, a coveted limited edition book (check out our earlier Well Read Fashionista on his book here), and cheeky tattoos. But when is confidence too much? Could we say he should have stopped at the blue hair? Was it the nude covers, which, even if I do say so myself, made me stop for not one but three looks, or the Spongebob or Red M & M tattoos that are the overkill? When is too much too much? We here a Couture are torn, so write us back and tell us what is the definitive line of just right and too much.

A Trip to Nashville, Music City USA!

Kelly (our resident running stud) and I had the opportunity to make a trip to Nashville this past weekend to check out the inner workings of the Nashville Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon , put on by Elite Racing . We landed in Nashville and went immediately over to the Health and Fitness Expo. Since the race was on a Saturday, Friday afternoon was absolutely crazy with floods of people. The race itself would have a record 30,000+ runners in attendance and trust me, it seemed that there could’ve easily been 20K people at the expo itself when we got there! Whew!

I don’t know how, but the Expo peeps did a great job funneling people through, without a doubt! After the expo, we headed over to watch the Kids Marathon – How inspiring this event was for the future of all kids – Get them kids off the couch and enroll them in a running event ASAP! Those kids were so cute!!! Ahhhhhhhh! I can just throw them all in my pocket and keep ‘em forever! We were told that we can run a little in the marathon itself to check out the ‘Rock N Roll’ feeling of the marathon – We’re looking forward to this – All the remarkable feelings of running a race with none of the stress of performing, BRILLIANT!!!

A special thank you goes out to John Smith from the Competitor Group, Inc for showing us around and Elite Racing – You guys R O C K!