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I suppose some introductions are in order. My name is Nikki W., and I’m the latest (greatest? Time will tell!) blogger on the Zappos block. In addition to blogs, we’ve got some really exciting balls rolling in the way of video content- known around the interweb as ZapposTV – that I’m super thrilled to be a part of as well. Feel free to check out the new channel . We’ve got a bunch of great stuff on the way, so stay tuned!

To correspond to John H.‘s Zpartans blog, we created the following silly short for your viewing pleasure.

Random randomness: I love the show Cheaters (it’s a guilty pleasure- don’t you judge me!). Some of my favorite brands are Roxy , Privo , Puma , Earth , MBT , and Betsey Johnson . I think life is what you make it, and for me it’s an ever evolving, expanding, and always thrilling adventure.

That’s it for now- I’ll see you around the blog-o-sphere!

Maura Found Some Scrilla, yo!

This is an email from Maura, one of our Customer Loyalty Manager’s, which put my coin collecting wisdom to shame:

Hi CP!

I just had to share this running story with you. I went on a run this morning (9 miles!) and as I was doing my cool down around my neighborhood I spotted a 20 dollar bill! It was against a wall and not really around any houses and no one in sight so it became mine :). I have yet to find any coins on any of my runs but this definitely makes up for it :)my running total quickly jumped from 0 to $20.

Hope you’re having a good weekend and next time you’re on a run keep your eyes peeled for green paper not just metal :)


It’s very apparent that I have to improve my skills if I wanna stay in the game! Thanks for sharing, Maura

Today's Run Brought to you by the Letters B, L, A and H

So, I’m still kind of recovering from being sick all last week. This week has been good both mentally and physically, despite the crazy winds in LV. Every time I stepped outside it seemed the wind was going to be my running buddy. Today’s run with Mr. Wind proved to be the windiest of the year. I had the tailwind going out and the headwind heading back to the house. BLAH! The crazy winds in Vegas create just a couple issues for the runner. Here three I dealt with today:

1) There’s just so much dirt and grit that flies up into your face. I think all my running glasses have completely scarred lenses, not to mention that I had enough dirt in my mouth to make a sand castle.

2) The wind blew around a good supply of natural smells. An enhanced sense of smell sample included a little something special from the Horses and Horse manure from the stables along my route.

3) I felt like Mary Poppins, all I needed was an umbrella. Well, it might have been more like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Yes, I almost flew away. No, I wasn’t wearing a dress or sparkly red shoes.

The Coin Count

A penny for my thoughts!

Running Total: 75 cents

NCOF 2008 Conference

Yesterday, I had the privilege to give the luncheon keynote at the National Conference on Operations and Fulfillment (NCOF) held in Orlando, FL. The audience mostly runs call center, distribution, and fulfillment operations for a wide range of companies, some small, some large, and some very large. My talk was about “Delivering the WOW Customer Experience” and I basically amended (ripped off) Tony’s “Top Ten Lessons” presentation. Given the audience, I presented more metrics and gave more examples and stories relating to the operations and fulfillment side of Zappos. The core message was still about the importance of company culture and the impact of customer service. There were a number of questions during the Q&A and then a number of people came up after the presentation to thank me for giving them so much insight into the inner workings of Zappos. What was good to hear was how many organizations were learning similar lessons or facing similar issues, no matter how large they are or how long they have been in existence.

In business, we are judged by our ability to delivering great long-term results. What we sometimes forget is that great long-term results are delivered by engaged employees. That is why at Zappos, we spend so much time, energy, and resources to continuously improve our company culture and keep our employees engaged.

For a copy of the presentation, please email: culturebook “at”, or me directly: alfred “at”

P.S. I began my talk with something fun and a little weird. Right before my talk, over the PA system the conference organizers were nice enough to gently remind everyone to “please silence all cell phones and pagers”. When I got to the podium, I told the audience that they should feel free to turn their cell phones back on because what their customers have to say is far more important than what I have to say. I was serious, but everyone laughed. That helped lighten the mood.

Most "Canny" Birthday Decor

Last Friday was Chrissie’s Birthday and like all Birthdays here in Finance
we decorated her desk in a very crazy way, this time we added something a
little out of the ordinary!

Why cans you ask? Chrissie’s desk is in a location that gets a lot of
foot traffic and visitors who stop to chat. When those visitors stop and talk
they usually set their can down on the top of Chrissie’s cubicle wall and for
some reason the can is left there. When Chrissie realizes the can is still
there it is usually long after the visitor has gone. Most times the soda is
left unopened and still cold. Nobody knows why or who likes to leave their unopened
sodas at her desk and it drives her crazy. So Patrick (The mastermind) decided
to collect as many cans as he could to terrorize decorate Chrissie’s


The What: Taverniti So Jeans Megstitch

The How To: 1. Ben Sherman Modest Blazer • 2. Roar Zep long sleeve shirt
3. D&G Dolce & Gabbana stainless steel watch • 4. Mark Nason Kodis boot

The When: Evening — great for after work, date night or taking in a Vegas show

The Why: Did you not see the picture?

Baseball Mitt

Remember the Toy Fairy Blog? Today I found a kids baseball glove. It was practically new, maybe used once. It was so sad because it was in the gutter in the middle of nowhere – no houses, no yards – I figured it was left on a roof of a car and just eventually flew off and now lost forever. I picked it up and found a home for it snuggled under my arm. I was debating putting flyers all around the neighborhood, but though that would be a waste of paper and some good quality telephone poles. Oh well.

Thinking about the glove brought me immediately back to my childhood in New York; Spending all summer playing ball from when the sun came up until dinner time. Maybe Jacey or Abby will pick it up one of these days and find the same kind of fun in that good ole piece of leather that I did. The only bummer about this glove was that there’s no pink on it to make it a lot easier for my girls to find any kind of interest in it.

The Coin Count

No coins, but a glove worth a ton of pennies!

Running Total: 74 cents


Slim fitting denim for men is an ongoing trend, usually seen in the rock, goth and skateboarders realm. Lately they have truly migrated into daily fashion attire. Tell us if you love them or hate them, our inquiring minds want to know.