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My name is Lynn and I am a shoe-a-holic!

So, there is this lady, let just call her Lynn shall we? Anyhoo, this lady, Lynn if you will, sits at this desk and claims to do something or other for this web site . Something about UX or something? Who knows. Anyhoo (part two), while UX’ing apparently she takes some personal web browsing breaks. How do I know this information? Just look at the photo below and you decide whether I need to talk to her about her productivity. Sheesh!

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Sneak peek at the new VIP site?

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally getting close to beta launching our new and improved web site! We’ve been working hard at trying to create a better experience for you, and we are about ready to begin sneak peeking various parts of the soon-to-be VIP site. So many people and teams have been working crazy hard to rebuild are underlying architecture, user-interface, look and feel and overall experience. Below is a snippet of one lonely page on the site, millions more are just waiting to be viewed! The time will come!


Am I the only one who thinks Katie Holmes has continued to look older and older as every day passes by? And no, I am not talking about the natural aging process that occurs second by second. In every photo taken of her, she appears dressed well beyond her youthful years, let’s not even get started on the Anna Wintour hairdo. It is hard to believe this is the same ‘Pieces of April’ person of a few years ago. And with that, I ask this: isn’t she only 27/28, why dress 47? Isn’t this the time in her life to be daring, to test the limits, to be adventurous? I know she is married to a much older man, a mother of a young child, step children, blah, blah, blah. I’m all for being tasteful, even a touch of demure mixed with a little edge, but come on. Someone call Victoria B. and tell her to help Katie get her ‘youth’ back.


I am not hating on Paula Abdul, really I’m not. She has a successful gig as the emotional judge on American Idol, looks fairly hot for having weathered drugs, yo-yo dieting, tipping a few bottles and having a husband or two. But did she really need to make more ‘bubblegum pop’ music and, better still, make an accompanying video? Please tell me I am not the only one to have seen the ‘Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow’ video? There are three different vignettes going on: in one, she is doing her ‘I’m still in the ‘80s’, over-choreographed Janet Jackson dance routine with male dancers all around her moving in Fosse-style syncopated movements; in another she is dressed in a lace-covered corset mini dress, gripping a microphone and singing with Randy (yes, from Idol) accompanying her on guitar; and of course one of her singing by herself in black leggings and a red top that has an extended train that swirls around her, as she steps back and forth over the mic mimicking singer Ciara’s moves from the Promise video. But, at least the idols that work together stay together – the closing shot is of all the idols: Ryan, Randy, Paula and Simon. Lets have a collective sigh here.

My question to you is why did the former L.A. Laker girl choose now? And more importantly, what would Simon say to her if she were a contestant on American Idol? Here is the link, check it out and then please explain it to me.


Couture.Zappos has revved it up another designer notch with the addition of the label Alexander McQueen. If you have not noticed — or, even more worthy of a Couture citation — not heard of him, then check out the fab handbags and scarves on

But just in case, here goes: McQueen hails from London originally, left school at age 16 and worked as a tailor on Savile Row — where Mikhail Gorbachev and Charles, Prince of Wales were clients. He has designed theatrical costumes for the famous house Angels and Bermans as well as attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, where his graduation collection was purchased in its entirety by the late Isabella Blow. He is and has always been known for his controversial collections, think the Bumsters (pants) and his Highland collection as well as his skillful tailoring and amazing design eye. So now that I have caught you up on who he is, why are you still sitting there? Check out the amazing stuff that Couture has!


Clothing as well as accessories this season are taking a very ‘natural’ turn. For the past two seasons cork and woven straw have been the materials of choice for designers, along with unprocessed wood. Add in the current season’s fascination with glazed cotton, woven straw, brushed cork, burlap and wood in every form imaginable, you have what I call a natural revolution. Whether it is being fueled by the current eco-consciousness of global warming, or the ethical treatment of workers, it is a trend that shows no sign of abating. Perhaps with the luxury sector being such a flippant, toss-it-aside industry, where buy it today and you can’t use it tomorrow, it stands to reason to incorporate biodegradeable options as a design ethos. Choose Donna Karan Collection peep-toe cork and wood ankle strap heels, Ferragamo’s woven and bejeweled dual handle purse, Missoni wood and chain necklaces or Ben Amun’s wooden bangles.

Graduation Parade

We had another training class graduate today. Everyone at Zappos goes through the CLT training program and learns firsthand how to WOW the Zappos way. It provides a shared experience for us all and keeps us grounded to the importance of our customers. I went though it almost a year ago and I had a great time. Our training department is simply superb.

Here’s a picture and a YouTube clip of the new graduates on their traditional parade. Yeah, I got a little misty.

Congratulations to the new graduates!


To say the Couture team loves makeup is an understatement. We love the glossimers, the gel mascaras, the Juicy Tubes, the bronzers, the Cargo, the Chantecaille, the Giorgio. Yes, we know makeup well. Doesn’t almost every woman? So imagine our pure delight when started selling makeup. As we perused the website one evening to see what we would blog about next, we happened upon Lola Cosmetics . If you are a Sephora girl, then you know of Lola Cosmetics – adorable packaging, not-too-sticky gloss. I’m in love with the fab mini gloss kit, it lets me be a gloss mixologist. Since you’re already on, why not sit, click and grab some of the fabulousness for yourself?