Spring 2008 is shaping up to be no different than Fall of 2007, that is
celebrities are still ruling the beauty and fashion campaign trail.
Although the ’90s supermodels seem to be making a strong showing, the
fresh scrubbed celeb faces are still ahead at the polls. Anne Hathaway
for Lancome, Kristen Dunst for Miu Miu, Victoria Beckham for Marc
Jacobs, Kate Bosworth for Calvin Klein Jeans and Jennifer Connelly for
Balenciaga. But the likes of Campbell, Schiffer, Seymour, Herzigova,
Lindvall, Vodianova et all are on lavish display in Louis Vuitton ads,
with Karen Elson (she of porcelain, almost translucent skin rivaled only by
Nicole Kidman herself) making a return after the birth of her second
child for BCBG Max Azria and the timelessly lovely Christy Turlington
for Escada. As mentioned in an earlier Couture blog about coveted
campaigns, it is a cycle that comes and goes, but how long it will
last, dare I say, no one knows.


It’s a bag, It’s a clutch, no, It’s just the shape shifting ‘it’ bag of the moment, the City Tote. Anna Corinna, one of the design princesses behind the cult fave store Foley & Corinna, has hit our eco-consciousness with her newly designed Country Tote. The tote is made from recycled coffee-bean burlap bags and features leather trimming, dual carrying handles, shoulder strap attachment and multi-zippers that the City totes do. The bag measures 17 × 19 inches and is priced approximately at $444.00. To order, you can contact the Foley & Corinna New York City store, located at 114 Stanton Street, (212) 529-2338. This is a fashion statement that surely Al Gore would love.


Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the lips had to have truly Haute designer treatment to accompany everything else. It seems that Lancome has hired the hotter-than-hot Scottish born, British bred designer Chistopher Kane to create a Juicy Tube capsule collection that will hit lips, well, stores in March. The globally named collection —Tokyo Plum, Rio Mango, Paris Bubbly — is limited, and like Christopher’s coveted dresses, will be hard to get once they are gone.


She had an ‘Easy Spirit’, did an Imitation of Christ, and struck a chord with throngs of New York’s coolest. Who is she? Why Ms. Tara Subcoff, the on again-off again, sometimes model/actress, of course. It would seem that Bebe has finally awakened to the fact that they need a better designed collection other than their super tight, cheaply made disco-inspired clothes of yesteryear. Subcoff’s 12 piece ’40s glamour meets ’80s powersuit executive collection of feminine styles premieres at stores during New York Fashion Week and just in time for Valentine’s Day. She is the first designer in Bebe’s designer collaboration series with young, hip, indie creatives. The prices range approximately from $59 for tops and skirts, to $150 for pants and dresses. So for that modern woman with a desire for clothing with an indie edge, this one’s for you.


Stella McCartney is in a lingerie state of mind. One would think after
having newly given birth to her third child with husband Alistair, that
sexy underthings would be the last thing on her mind. Lucky for us
then, that chiffon slips, cotton and satin bras, silk-crepe camisoles
and silky knickers in modern incarnations are exactly what is on her
mind. The only question is, what took so long. McCartney, long ahead of
the proverbial curve, has always had flourishes of underpinnings
peeking out of clothing. If you think back to when she was dressing
Kate, Jaime and the rest in masculine Savile Row suiting, there were
hints of reverse silk-crepe camis peeking out then, they carried over
into her designs at Chloe and have been a recurring theme in her
eponymous line since. Some looks have even become standouts enough to
become wearable garments on their own. The burgeoning collection is a
versatile masterpiece akin to an Eres or La Perla with its satin
binding, french seaming and soft linings, but chock full of technical
aspects that an A cup to the D and DD girls will love (think forgiving
elastic, aka no digging in). And if that were not enough, she and her
team threw in other conveniences like being able to handle machine
washes and dryers, stretch tension for comfortable fitting thongs, and
reversed silk linings to feel good against your skin. Well, I don’t know about you, but anytime I can have lingerie that looks good, feels good
and is technologically ahead, I’m on it!


There’s a saying that goes, “Even on your worst day, you should look fit for
royalty.” This takes on a whole new meaning for your ‘regal assets’ with the new luxury jean brand Aristocrat Jeans. This 100 percent green jean
line with style names like Antoinette, Windsor, Stratford, Kent and
Essex (what, no Knights Templar and Mary, Queen of Scotts?), was
created by Bob Bak, who set out to create a line that would have the
shape and fit that jean fanatics crave, but not harm the environment
through its production. He researched and developed different
techniques and washes with premier mills while traveling in Italy. Come
Spring, Bak is expanding the line to include dresses and shorts. So
quick run out and get your noble on!


Ms. Rihanna will hit New York during the upcoming fashion week and will
be celebrating her second collaboration with totes umbrellas (ella,
ella). Rihanna’s umbrellas will be sold exclusively at Macys in the
spring and retail for $20 for a slender style to $50 for a dual colored
canopy style. No word yet about whether Ms. Rihanna and the umbrellas
(ehh, ehh, ehh) will be making a front row appearance though. But
knowing how she loves fashion and her appearances in Dsquared last
season, my bet is yes.


The new Belvedere ads have premiered in all of the top-tier magazines and I must say they are not as racy as they were talked up to be. After all, they are shot by Terry Richardson, known for his provocative ads — you know the Victoria and David Beckham shots in all states of repose (well…if you could call it that), Tom Ford perfume ads (can you say graphic?), he’s a photographer who conjures up a modern day Bruce Weber aestethic from Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch ads of yore.

The first ad to debut is the one with a beautiful woman putting on red lipstick, using her partner’s belt buckle and looking stunned that a photo was snapped. Now it all sounds innocent, except that this is Richardson, and to apply the make-up the model has to use the belt buckle, well you can figure that out. So far I haven’t been able to uncover any more of the upcoming ads, so if you see any that are more provocative then this one, drop me a line and let me know.