Derby Dog Days

Derby is a fun time of year for Kentucky. We have a lot of festivals that start a few weeks before the big day in May. My favorite festival event that has started in the last year is the Happytail Hour! Metro Animal Services (MAS) hosts HappyTail Hour, which is the only “pet inclusive” cocktail event. This event allows people to bring their pets along to have a bite to eat, some good drinks and to socialize. It provides a fun opportunity for the pet loving community to come together to listen to the music, mingle, play games with their dogs and hang out at Waterfront Park. They also have S.P.O.T. (Stop Pet Overpopulation Today), which is MAS’s 34-foot mobile adoption unit on hand with adoptable animals! It was great seeing MAS reaching out to the community in this way to help awesome dogs find great, loving homes. I hope many people have a new addition to their family today.

A group of us went out there Monday night, and the weather was really chilly and rainy. Despite the weather, there were a few pet owners who came out anyway to support Metro Animal Services. I’m sure if the weather would have been better, there would have been much more of a turnout. I brought my two dogs, Charley and Molly. Charley is still a puppy at 9 months old, and it was her first time out in public with other dogs! She did very well, and I learned she’s afraid to walk over the bridges at the Waterfront park! We had to carry her each time. They had Frisbee games and treats for all of the doggies. There was also a band jamming out some live music.

We walked around and visited other dogs and the Chow Wagon. If you don’t know what the Chow Wagon is, I think you’re missing out! Everyone should visit this delight if you get a chance at Derby time! Basically it’s a lot of booths that serve all kinds of carnival food… All kinds! Corn dogs, BBQ, cotton candy, funnel cakes, frozen custards, frozen lemonade, and so much more! Yummy!

Anyways, back to the dogs! So we walked back to the car all cold and wet, dried the dogs and left. Soon as we pull out of the parking garage, the sun came out, bright as it could be! That was a bummer, but, at least we had a nice drive home! On the way home we passed a couple of the Gallopalooza horse statues that are all over Louisville. I took a picture of one for you! Happy Derby everyone!

Some Glimpses into a Zappy Hour (and a Good CEO Slappin')

Below is a glimpse into your standard insanity of a Zappos Happy Hour. Not for the faint of heart!

And….the slap heard round the Inn Zone.

Talk Derby to me...

As most of the world knows, the Kentucky Derby is a HUGE deal for KY. Each year, from the kick-off at “ Thunder over Louisville “ to the “ Chow Wagon “ and “ Hot Air Balloon Race “ and all the way to the main event, the actual Derby race, the entire city is in celebration.

Here at Zappos we are no different, having our own mini-version of several events.We spend an entire night dedicated to the festivities. Having some “ Kentucky HotBrown “ for dinner, with our supervisors and managers serving nachos and cotton candy to the team, followed by our own horse racing (actually hopping), a horse decorating contest, AND a Derby Hat contest!

Each department and shift received a stenciled foam-core horse to cut out and deck-out for display by our break-room. Night shift photo department took an hour of our friday night to enjoy some pizza dinner and decorate our horse.

We decided to focus our horse in the direction of two fashionable and flashy brands, Ed Hardy and Betsy Johnson . All complete with an actual Betsey Johnson jockey and finished off with a pair of New Balance running shoes to win the race. We are very proud of our “Zappotariat” A.K.A. “Betsy Hardy”.


Boat shoes, or topsiders, as they are sometimes known, are no longer relegated to the Darien or Harbor Island set, they have come a long, posh way, baby. With new incarnations in washed leather, suede, crock, mock crock, python, anaconda and the like, what’s not to love about these modern renditions? Try NDC’s Timoc Castoro Wash version.

More Winged Sunglasses Pics!!!!!

Lots a great comments to me personally (though none posted) about Andrea’s Winged Sunglasses art project from Happy Hour last Thursday. Here’s a few more! Steve, Andy, Chris Jerry, Brian, Meg, Brett, Richard, Thad and Tony himself! You’re all ready for Bingo Night at the Trop!

So, Andrea…. what will you be doing for the next happy hour?

Bye P.I., Photo & Imaging. Hello Content Team!

There has been a pretty big change here at What was once known as Product Information, Photo and Imaging has now officially made the change to the Content Team. It makes sense when you look at the inner workings of the site.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each area is responsible for:

Product Information (PI) is in charge of all product descriptions on the site. Yes sir, that means every piece of leather, canvas, nubuck or tweed that is on the site must be described by Product Information first. PI is also in charge of creating the brand “about text” which gives the customers a quick rundown of the brand history and what they bring to the table. PI reads every single customer review as well. No simple feat might I add. There is so much more, but Ash touched on that stuff in his past blog here.

The Photo and Imaging teams in Kentucky and Las Vegas have also fallen under the Content Team umbrella. Photo is in charge of all of the product shots that we have on the site. They make sure the customer gets a good idea, visually, of what they are getting. After Photo takes the pictures, the Imaging team makes sure the pictures are in the right places and that the blue you see is blue and the pewter you see is pewter. How many of you guys would order something with out seeing it? It’s important that we all work hand-in-hand, since I would never buy anything without being able to read about it either.

That’s just the quick nuts and bolts of it all. In short, say hello to the Content Team.

LV Content Team

Look out for the KY Content Team coming soon!

Top 10 Reasons I Run

Why do I run? Why do you run? The more similarities we have, the more you and I would probably get along. Wanna have coffee?

10) You don’t need to go to a gym – yuck
9) You don’t need space at home for exercise equipment, a.k.a. ‘clothes hangers’
8) You can run anywhere, at any time, in any kind of weather
7) You find money!
6) You can wear any kind of clothes, or no clothes – really
5) Hey – It’s free! Well, at least the run itself
4) You can exercise the dog or the kids at the same time
3) You get away from your significant other – just kidding.
2) Stress reliever
1) You can drink more beer

Hot and Dry or Hot and Humid?

Welcome back to Las Vegas! It’s really starting to get hot. I left the house and it was 87°. When I got home it was 89°. Dang, it’s getting hot! I really don’t think it was fair that we only got in three months of nice running weather before I have to throw on a hydration pack for a short run. Can someone please write a letter to the Weather Gods and complain for me? I would, but my hands hurt from wiping the sweat off my forehead.

So, I sent a tweet out to everyone asking, ‘Hot or Dry’ OR ‘Hot and Humid’? The overwhelming reply was ‘Hot and Dry’. After running in Nashville (69°/70% Humidity)on Saturday and running in Vegas today (89°/4% Humidity), I think, not that 69° is hot or anything, but I almost like the ‘Hot and Humid’ feel a little more – no chapped lips, no dry skin, no dehydration. Either way though, I think I’m stuck with the swamp butt.

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The Coin Count
No luck in prosperity
Running Total: 87 cents