My Daughters Rock!

I have two little girls. Jacey is 4 1/2 and Abigail will be the big 3 in May. Today, they argued about who was going to go on a run in the jogger later with Daddy. It wasn’t an argument you would normally hear between two people as much as it was a discussion, over playing their new toc-tac-toe game, about who would and wouldn’t be going on the run. Later that day, the phrase, ‘Who wants to play on the computer?’ came out. Jacey is a complete brainiac, therefore Abby won the ‘ride in the jogger’ victory rather easily.

Top Weird Sightings On My Run Today 2

• A graveyard of rolled up sod – unfortunately all being torn up and not put down – poor grass.

The Baby Jogger

Today, my youngest daughter Abigail comes to me right after her nap and tells me she wants to go on a run. It was weird because I was thinking just moments before that it was a good time to get out since the girls were sleeping. So I threw on my running gear and went to the garage to get the baby jogger. I pushed the jogger to the front door and there she was waiting for me. She was still in her pajamas, but that’s how she rolls, hehh heh ‘rolls’ get it. She asks if she can bring her hairy blue flower purse and her teddy bear and OF COURSE I said yeah! So off we went. She was totally excited about seeing the moon in the daytime and got to say HI to a couple people on the way. She got in a few ‘as loud as possible’ songs and played hide-and-seek with me thru the window on the canopy. She’s the coolest little girl – When we got back she told me that she loves running in the stroller. It was the most perfect 4-mile run for both of us.

Top Weird Sightings On My Run Today

Valentine’s Day Candy. So much for the nice thoughts for V-Day.

Baby bottle nipple! Those over-sized cheap ones you get from the hospital when your kid is born.

Bottle of Coke with a substituted liquid of the complete opposite color. Eww….Gross.

The Coin Count

I was actually very worried on my run today – I thought for sure when I was almost done with my eight-miler I wasn’t going to find any coins to start my coin- count off with a bang. Low and behold, a quarter mile away from my house – Six cents lay right before my very eyes. Sweetness.

Running Total: 6 cents

Top Things to Consider as a Coin-Collecting Runner

SO! You ask. How can a good ole’ runner like me join this great little trend in coin-collecting on my runs? Read on for a little help…

1) Keen eyesight. Pennies are pretty easy to find, but coins of larger denomination often blend in with concrete.

2) Run in commercial areas. More people equal more coinage lost.

3) A good pocket. I use my shoe-laced key holder to carry my newly found fortunes.

4) Remember to STOP running when bending down to pick up your change. You’ll get an ‘owwie’ if you don’t.

5) Immunity to “The Jingle”. You know what I mean? If you get lucky and find at least two cents on a run, your pockets are gonna play the “Happy Jingle of Prosperity”. Warning: Even though you may love the sound, your running partner may not.

6) Beware of coins that are ‘stuck’ to the street. Although, you may want this coin really bad, some coins are just worth giving up on.

7) A Love for Pennies. After all, 90% of what you?re going to find on the streets are pennies. Get used to it.

8) No matter how rich you get, don’t let it go to your head. Everyone will like you for who you are and not how many coins you have in your pocket.

Got Coins?

So, I’m frugal. I collect coins I see on the street. It’s been a so-called hobby of mine for a very long time and probably one of the reasons I run. Of course I will never get rich finding spare change on the street, but hey! Maybe one day all my coins will add up to pay my way into a race!

So why is it that so many coins are abandoned by their previous owners? It’s so sad. Do people not care about Pennies, Dimes and Nickels (Quarters are a huge rarity) any more? Do people have holes in their pockets? Are people allergic? Who knows! I?m just content with the warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I do find some change.

Hi There!

Welcome to my world. My name is Chris and I’ll be touring you thru the very weird world of the so-called runner, Chris Peake. I oversee the wonderful athletic-performance buying team here at I typically run about 20-25 miles a week out of the complete necessity. I say that only because I drink way too much beer and if I didn’t run, well…you get the picture – literally. I also run because I like it. There’s something insanely great about running and it’s not the fact that you stay in lean, mean fighting machine shape as much as it’s a huge release for me, both mentally and physically.

Since you’re here, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn a little bit about me. So, first things first – Call me cp, call me Chris, call me Chrispy, or Chris Puke, Peakie, Chrissie, Christy, Margaret, Ralphie, Garçon , Boy…Whatever, just don’t call me Christopher. My old boss and my mother screamed ‘CHRISTOPHER’ when I did something wrong – which was a lot. Bad memories.

Okay fine, you can call me Christopher. It really doesn’t bother me that much.

I got my shoe career started when I was a wee lad. I tripped down a full flight of stairs on my untied shoelaces (I have the scar to prove it, and no I didn’t land on my head…I only bounced on it 4 or 5 times). It was from that day forward that I thought shoes would be the perfect career to strive for. I started dreaming of shoes, coloring just the shoes on characters in my coloring book, and joined many of the Shoe Pen Pal Clubs (SPPC) that were available to me as a youth. When I turned 13, I sold Girl Scout Cookies for my sister. That was fun – Especially the part that involved my wearing a wig, but seriously folks – Those Thin Mints are off the Hizzzzzzie! I moved to California and got my dream job a few years later working as a stock boy/coffee and bagel go-getter at the local Mom and Pop Sporting Goods store. Life was good – Shoes, bagels, bathroom duties, working for $4.15 an hour – ALL really sweet stuff, especially my boss. He said I was a very good worker. He was a nice guy. Things progressed and I was given a raise to $4.50 an hour and then there was no backing out. I was in this puppy for the long haul! I have no regrets about not taking that Nuclear Physicist Career or that job being Ruler of the Universe at all. All my struggles as a lonely shoe-boy paid off in ’04 when I made my Shoe Pilgrimage to (just recently passed Disneyworld as the happiest place on Earth. I just signed some permission slips for my kids…Sing with me! “It’s ‘nly Zaaaaaaaapos after all, it’s ‘nly Zaaaaaappos after all, it’s ‘nly Zaaaaaappos after all, it’s only Zappos after all!”) YAY!

In all seriousness though, if you haven’t read anything about, let me tell you – ZAPPOS is an AMAZING company and I’m extremely lucky and happy to call such a company ‘home’. Zappos RoCkS!