Aimed Exercise: That Chest, Man, Gotta Do Something About That!

If one of your target areas of exercise is your chest, you are likely looking to add both muscle mass and definition to your pectoral muscles. Whether you’re a professional body builder or simply an active human being, your chest muscles accentuate your upper body strength and provide flexion to your movements.

Great chest exercises engage both chest muscles – the major and minor pectoralis – by creating tension. Most will use machines either at the gym or in your home, though you can also improvise and use household items to bolster your workouts. It is usually a good idea to purchase a quality set of dumbbells if you are interested in working out your pecs.

Inclined Flies

One of the most basic chest exercises that you can start with is the inclined flies, which can be performed either on an inclined workout bench or on an inclined chair. Lie down with your back flat against the incline and your legs either straight out in front of you or planted on the ground at your sides. Put one dumbbell in each hand, and ask a spotter to stand at your head.

Lift your arms up above your head with the dumbbells in hand, but do not lock your elbows. Then slowly but steadily move your arms apart until your upper arms are parallel with the ceiling, keeping your palms turned toward one another. You should feel the burn in both your chest and your arms, and your elbows should be bent at an almost 90-degree angle. Then, slowly bring your arms back above your head to complete themovement.


There are some chest exercises that you can fit in anywhere during the day without the need for complex machinery. Push-ups are a tried-and-true favorite that can strengthen the pecs faster than anything else, as long as you’re doing them correctly. Once you’ve gotten to the point where regular push-ups don’t cause you any strain, you can do them with your feet on a bench for declined push-ups to make them more difficult.

For these chest exercises, place your hands directly underneath your shoulders, and make sure your back is straight through the entire movement. Raise yourself up until your elbows are nearly locked, then lower yourself until your nose almost touches the floor, then back up again. You can hold for a two-count on the downside of the push-up if it makes it more challenging.

You can also liven up the traditional push-up with an exercise ball, which lifts your legs higher than a standard workbench to work your lower pectoral muscles. This type of chest exercise will help provide the definition you’re seeking, and will ensure a well-rounded workout.

Chest exercises are often forgotten in a standard workout regimen, so make sure you devote ten or fifteen minutes to this every time you hit the gym. Within just a few weeks, you should start to notice a difference.

Running Tip for the Week

Sometimes, not sitting down is all it takes to motivate you to go on that run.

One very simple running tip that probably sounds simplistic but isn’t is this – when you’re planning on going on a run or a jog after work, when you get home…..don’t sit down. Instead, walk into the house, put down your bags, grab your running gear and change into it immediately. Go to the bathroom, drink some water, pick up all the stuff you’re taking with you on your run (walkman, water, snacks etc.) and then leave the house.

If you can get yourself trained to do this every night, you’ll find you consistently continue to run. But, if you allow yourself to sit down, even if it’s only for a supposed five minutes on the sofa relaxing before you put on your running gear – you’ll often find you’ll sit down and you’ll stay down. Because, once your rear end hits the sofa, it becomes much easier to rationalize not going on your run that night.

When I first started running, I hadn’t yet instituted the ‘don’t sit down’ rule, so I’d come in from work, plop my bag on the floor and my rear end on the sofa and spend a few minutes in front of the TV channel surfing. Nine times out of ten, an hour later I was still there, it had now started to go dark and there was no way I was leaving on a run at that time of night. Then, my running partner, realizing how often I actually missed going running, began the ‘don’t sit down’ rule. Every night on my way home, my cell phone would ring, I would answer it and I’d hear her voice saying “Remember, don’t sit down. Get ready and I’ll be over in 15 minutes to pick you up.” Nine times out of ten, I was on the doorstep waiting for her when her car pulled up, feeling happy, psyched about running and raring to go.

When you sit down,even “just for five minutes”, it gives a signal to your body it’s time to take the weight of your feet, wind down from a stressful day and relax. None of these feelings are condusive to keeping you motivated for running. But, if you train yourself to not sit down, your body remains in the active mode it’s probably been in since morning. Keeping moving while you get dressed and ready for your run will keep your muscles and joints relaxed and put you in a great frame of mind for running.

So, remember, the next time you plan on going running straight from home make sure you have no excuses not to go – and don’t sit down. Get all your running gear ready the night before, your water bottle filled with water and in the fridge keeping cool, any snacks you want to take all ready in a running pouch and your running shoes by the door. Only then will your brain (and your body) realize “this person means business”, and your brain and your body will happily trot out of the door on the way to another fun night of running.

Zboat: Underwear! Underwear! Underwear!

Come take a trip on the Zboat with the lovely Patricia. Try on a bra, take a trip at Not Your Daughter’s Jeans island and get some free panties!

Wedding Destinations: The Poconos

A destination wedding in the Poconos conjures images of the outdoors, tranquility, and relaxation, three things every bride, groom and guest hopes to get out of a vacation. This makes the Pocono Mountains an ideal destination for a wedding no one will forget.

The Pocono Mountains have always been the ideal location for romance. Nestled in the mountains, the Poconos offer privacy and the opportunity to get away from the world. Images of bathtubs shaped like champagne flutes may float in your mind, but the Poconos offer much more to couples seeking the perfect destination wedding.

From a logistical standpoint, the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are a great choice for east coasters. It’s easy to get to, fairly inexpensive, doesn’t require passports or special wedding requirements that out of country destination weddings might require, and caters to couples, newlyweds, and honeymooners. The Pocono Mountain website reminds those interested in a wedding in this beautiful mountain range that they must be eighteen, currently single or possessing a divorce decree, provide identification, and pay for their marriage license in person (the fee should be less than $50). Nothing to it!

Wed underneath a backdrop of changing colors in the autumn, or with nature in full bloom in the spring. Weddings at Mountain Springs Lake Resort offer honeymoon accommodations for the bride and groom, as well as spacious cottage offerings for guests. Both the ceremony and the reception can take place at the resort, meaning that the guests won’t need to leave the resort once they arrive. The resort makes things easy during the planning stages as well, providing wedding information packets, information on their preferred vendors and photographers, and suggested floor plans for the event. Like all destination weddings, they make it easy for the bride and groom to celebrate their special day instead of worrying about the small details.

The Pocono Mountains offer guests so much to see and do, as well. From hiking and cycling to swimming and boating , no one will run out of things to do. Often seen as a romantic couple destination, there are also places welcoming to children and families as well. No one will be left out when joining you for a destination wedding in the Poconos.

A destination wedding in the Poconos conjures images of the outdoors, tranquility, and relaxation, three things every bride, groom and guest hopes to get out of a vacation. This makes the Pocono Mountains an ideal destination for a wedding no one will forget.

Poconos Weddings; The Perfect Wedding Destination in Pennsylvania

Mountain Springs Lake Resort Weddings

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An Ascot and a Laptop

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more devoted to style and “haute” fashion than our very own Jonathan H.

Jonathan, a content coordinator for couture footwear and apparel, is infamously obsessed with Vivienne Westwood. So, it was no surprise to see him live up to his high-style ways during our recent trip to New York for the FFANY show.

Here is the always dapper Jonathan in the lobby of the W Hotel working on writing some awesome descriptions while sporting a fancy ascot. Only this “couture connoisseur” could pull it off!

Style Notes:
Black velvet blazer: vintage ,ascot: vintage,white button down: Dolce & Gabbana
Jeans: Levi’s
Boots: Ted Baker

Candy Hits the Jackpot, Federline is a Good Father and Justin and Jessica are Moving In!

Candy Spelling hits the jackpot, Kevin Federline named Father of the Year, Britney’s ex claims he was stabbed and JT and Jessica Biel are moving in!

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Candy Spelling, mother of Beverly Hills 90210 star, Tori Spelling, scored big on a recent trip to Las Vegas. Like $180,000 big! Now why is it that celebs get lucky and hit big jackpots in Vegas, but normal people leave Vegas with nothing more than an empty wallet, a hangover and a possible STD? Too bad Tori Spelling isn’t on speaking terms with her mom or she could’ve hit her mom up for a little something.

Here’s another shocker from Sin City – a Vegas nightclub is getting ready to honor a certain D-list dad with a Father of the Year award. Now the fact that a nightclub is giving out any kind of parenting awards is a shocker, but the biggest shocker is that the recipient of the award is going to be none other than Britney Spears’ ex, Kevin Federline. Now granted, Britney did make Kevin look like the responsible parent this past year with her crazy behavior, but are you really telling me that they couldn’t find anyone more worthy of the Father of the Year award than a guy who has fathered 4 children with 2 different women?

Speaking of Britney Spears, remember her paparazzi ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib? Well, Adnan claims that he has received various death threats and was even stabbed recently because he’s talked about releasing a sex tape that he reportedly made with Britney. I don’t about you, but flashing a knife in my face would be more than enough to get me to release any kind of video. Adnan must be in another league though because his only statement to the alleged stabber is, “You better come a lot stronger than that if you want to make a point.”

And it looks like the rumors about Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel getting hitched soon might be true! The latest is that Justin has asked Jessica to move in with him — and she said yes. And insiders are saying that Justin is definitely shopping for rings and getting ready to pop the question. Jessica Biel is of course is being smart about the whole deal and holding on to her own house, which is going to be reportedly be lived in by family members. She obviously knows how quickly Hollywood hook-ups can come undone. But friends of Justin Timberlake are saying that they’ve never seen him happier, so you never know, this could be the real deal for both of them.

Another Hollywood couple that is rumored to be walking down the aisle soon is Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden. Although both Nicole and Joel have been busy with the arrival of the baby girl, Harlow, there is talk that the couple is planning a lavish wedding this summer – even as soon as June. Star Magazine is reporting that the estimated budget for the event could even hit $2 million. That’s gonna be some wedding!


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Wait a second...What!?

This morning we came into our office to see Laura S. and Erin R.‘s desk were..well, you could say decorated…Zappos Style!

Erin had a nice topical theme going on while Laura had an industrial plastic look. Question is…who did this?! We cant tell by the handwriting on the sticky notes, its in all caps. No one seems to know, but we’ll get to the bottom of it: )

Jon, who worked night shift last night, and was the last one here, claims nothing was like this when he left. However, someone who was here bright and early said the damage was already done! (dunnn dunn dunnn duunnnnnn..) Was it Jon? Was it someone who came in early? Do you know? Who do you think?

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Vacations for Skaters: Everything is Bigger In Texas

Explore what Houston, Texas has to offer skaters. This is an up-and-coming vacation destination for skateboarders.

Houston, Texas is an up-and-coming vacation destination for skaters . This city is investing a lot of money to create state of the art skateparks for locals and visitors. In the first half of 2008 two new skateparks were opened. If you are looking for a great place to visit on your next vacation, and are a skater, then add Houston, Texas to your short list of possibilities.

Houston Skateparks

Houston is home to numerous privately owned and city owned skateparks. They offer in ground and above ground parks, as well as indoor and outdoor parks. As you can see, you have a lot of great skateboard park options to choose from. Here is a short list of the skateparks you can try out while on vacation:

Dex Skate Park, located at 10327 Lake Road and Dirtwood Ramppark, located at 948 Wakefield, are both private skateparks that are open to the public.

The city of Houston also supports seven great skateparks located throughout the city. The newest skatepark opened in Houston is the Lee and Joe Jamil Skatepark, located at 103 Sabine Street, Houston, Texas. This in ground skatepark just opened on June 1, 2008. Another skatepark opened this year is the Cliff Tuttle Park, located at 6200 Lyons, Houston, Texas. It opened on January 18, 2008 and is an above ground park.

Dyland Duncan Skate Park, a.k.a. Kingwood Skatepark, is another option that you have. It is located at 3950 Rustic Woods, Houston, Texas. If you are interested in a concrete park, then Eastwood Skate Park is a good option, and it is located at 5020 Harrisburg. If you are interested in a small skatepark, then go to Linkwood Skate Park located at 3699 Noris. Your final options are Watonga Skate Park, located at 4100 Watonga Blvd, and Clinton Skate Park, located at 200 Mississippi.

Houston Skate Events

In addition to being the home of several varieties of skateparks, Houston is also the home of several skating events. This year, in fact, Houston will be the host venue for the 12th Annual Texas Skate Jam. This even is scheduled for November 8, 2008, and will feature the nation’s top skaters and tricksters.

Houston is a great city to visit if you enjoy skating. However, its efforts to cater to skaters are still in their infancy. This means that there are really few, if any, annual skating events that you can count on. Instead skating events are going to be introduced to the public through on-the-spot announcements. For example, local reading programs hosted by the city’s public library include skateboard demonstrations. The best way to find skating events that are scheduled during your vacation time is to check out the local newspapers and media sources for PSA and other announcements.

Houston Skate Equipment and Shopping

What would any vacation be without shopping at local specialty stores. You can find skating equipment at several local stores including:

Cylcone Cycles, 1525 W. 18th Street, Houston, Texas 77008-1533

Kingpinz, 8584 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas

Southside Indoor Skate Park, 510 Iowa Pasadena, Texas 77501

The Source Board Shop, 2511 Rice Blvd, Houston, Texas 77005-3220

In addition to the above stores, you can also find pro shops located at many of the larger local skateparks.