Balcony Art at Its Finest...

We love special projects in CLT, and we love it when the project
involves parades and decorations. It has been said, though, that you
have to break some eggs to make an omelet. Such is the case with these
“projects.” Exhibit A:

Well, it’s really the only exhibit, but I’ve always wanted to say that
:) This is the east side balcony in CLT. This is also the aftermath
of a
couple years of hard working artists, striving to put to canvas the
creative and insightful imagery floating within their very souls. You
may even see some art within the careful and precise over spray…I
don’t think the people who end up having to repair the balcony would
think so. Oh tarp in the background, when will you be put to use?
time will tell.

I leave this entry with a beautiful view of eastern Las
Vegas…suddenly, I’m not bothered by the errant paint beneath my Globes .

Pretty in Pastels

Let’s play a quick game of word association with the operative word being princess. For me, the following things come to mind: princess cut diamonds, my new title when Prince Harry decides to marry me, glitzy tiaras, etc. Others may think of Disney princesses and go-to Halloween costumes for the Infant/Toddler crowd. However, on rare occasions events take place which require us to reevaluate our internal definitions of given words.

A pivotal event took place here at in March that forever changed our idea of what we associate with the word princess. During the first ever Kids Expo, an event put together where brand reps from a given category commence at Zappos to enhance brand awareness among our Customer Loyalty Team (or CLT if you will), a couple members of the Kids team decided to redefine what it means to be a princess.

I present to you Matt and Stephen from Kid’s Product Information…

Ohhh how they dazzle in pastels!! Thanks for the memories guys! Matt and Stephen are available for hire on a
case-by-case basis. I know for certain they accept bribes in the form of Zollars and Grey Goose for anyone that is interested! ;\

Girls Night

Daisy from Merchandise Planning hosted Girls Night last Saturday evening. It was basically a girls pig out, a movie and fun girl talk. We had a cook off, Filipino Longanisa vs. Portuguese Linguica, along with salad, cheese, Shrimp Mozambique and 20 different kinds of wine, even PINK wine, a must have for girls night! For dessert we did chocolate fondue and smores. It was definately the first of many girls nights to come. What can we say, the girls at work become some of your favorite friends :x

KYHR Curl Up and DYE Par-taaaaaay

Hello from your Kentucky HR team!!

We decided to celebrate the Friday before Easter in style…. comfortable style that is.;) We dressed in our finest pajamas and broke out the easter egg dye! The outcome were some very creative and fancy looking eggs and a very laid back HR group!

The Magical Mountain Tour

The Magical Mountain Tour
Our wonderful web production team led by valiant knight Alex K., took a
journey on Wednesday that led them to one of the most magical places on
this fine earth.The team of 8 who work on Front End Development within the Creative Service
department here at, chartered a van and headed to Valencia, CA to the roller coaster insanity of Magic Mountain.

“The path was treacherous and long, but we made it
in fine form,” said Alex K. “But we are a strong group of mammals, make
no mistake about that”.

The group made t-shirts for the event, or battle-cloth, as they would
prefer that you call it, that had each one of them visually depicted,
which gained quite a bit of attention along the way. “Everywhere we
stopped along the way, people would stare at our shirts attempting to
match our faces to the drawing,” said Ray M. “I felt famous, like Ryan Seacrest or Edgar Winter or something,” he said.

The journey ended up at their destination at around 11:30 AM, and the good time happy day began.Ray M. says that although he enjoyed the roller coasters a great
deal, some of his cohorts were deeply frightened.

“I really loved the ride Goliath; it made me feel like a kid again. But Ryan was scared,
too scared to move, I tell you.” (Author’s note, Ryan A. has declined
to comment on this accusation, but he claims to be seeking revenge by
vandalizing Ray M.‘s desk, possibly knocking over his filing cabinet.)
The group spent 6 hours riding, eating and enjoying each other’s
company and, after a long day, the group finally rolled back into Vegas tired,
hungry and ready for more. Alex K. was happy with the result of his
toil, and he felt that this was a great exercise for his team to grow
closer to one another.


We know that the financial markets have been in upheaval of late, just ask anyone that works at Bear Stearns. Bullish on Wall Street we are not, but that fact hasn’t deterred New York favorite cult fragrance maker Bond No. 9, from creating and adding the scent Wall Street to their current stable of fragrances.

Bond No. 9, cleverly so, doesn’t feel you have to work on Wall Street to enjoy the smell of its success. This citrus smelling, world’s first securities fragrance, with notes of sea kale, cucumber, lavender, ambergris and vetiver, is probably the only thing about Wall Street currently that does make perfect dollars and scents. Then again, I’m partial, if a bullish scent will cause an up turn in the marketplace, I say buy it!

The Wall Street fragrance is sold at and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Underground 4 Conference

I spoke at the Underground 4 conference in Los Angeles this past Friday… the audience seemed to be composed of mostly entrepreneurs, so I gave a slightly different presentation titled “Getting to $1 billion”. The core of the presentation was still about the importance of company culture and customer service. After the presentation, I got to meet a lot of interesting people, and many of them told me that they were going to focus a lot more on company culture at their companies, so it was great to hear that!

Here’s the presentation I gave:

Spotted in CLT

I love being surprised by the multi-talented people in CLT.
Everyday I’m treated to a new and fascinating experience that is unique
and uplifting. Yesterday, I happened to come across a rare but
altogether amazing sight: The Windsor Flattes Pose of Excelsior the
Legend. Few understand the power and majesty behind said pose. It
invokes feelings of pride and humility at the same time.

This mighty vision has given me passion to write; only the bravest of
souls will attempt such a dangerous feat. Kudos to you Nick…kudos to

What you cannot see from the photo is that Nick’s right foot is
actually about 2 inches off the ground. If executed properly, this
pose, made famous by Excelsior the Legend, will allow momentary flight,
and/or spontaneous laughter. If executed without the necessary
preparation, this maneuver can end with a sore belly and red face.
You’ve been warned!