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Sneak peek #2 at the new VIP site

A few weeks ago we posted this , a quick look at what our upcoming VIP site may look like. Well the time seemed about right to present another peek at the new site. Below we have a pic of what part of the home page may look like. Of course there is a lot ot tweaking still to be had and it will evolve over time, but we thought we’d share it with ya!

In the previous post regarding the new site I briefly touched on how many people are working on this back at the zoffice, well, there are still tons of people contributing. We are making some good progress lately and watching it all come together has been crazy fun. I am so proud to be a part of the team, while I am not quite as involved as many others are in the creation of the new site I feel an emotional connection to this. I can only imagine how everyone else must feel…those who are coding, programming, skinning, categorizing, designing, etc, truly deserve a massive pat on the back for their hard work. I guess the hard part is deciding if that pat on the back should be really hard, or if it should be a massive hand gently patting on the back? However you interpret massive pat on the back, well, they deserve it!

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Hey there readers! We’ve teamed up with the folks who do likeness quizzes on Facebook and created a quiz! You can play with it here on Facebook.

If you are anything like myself or the 1,600 coworkers here at Zappos you will do anything to distract yourself from the daily grind and have some fun, I mean, added fun from your wonderful job :-) This likeness quiz may help, enjoy!

Also, we’ve added out TV Commercial to our page on Facebook, you can view it here.
Sorry so short! TTYL, OMG, LOL! WTF!! ROFL!

The Coin Count - Special

I found a Quarter today. You have no idea how few and far between this happens! This is such a rare and joyous occasion that I’m writing a poem about it.

You big beautiful coin you

I can’t believe I found you

Layin in the street lookin so sweet

What did I do to deserve such a wonderful treat?

Bending over to pick you up was such an easy endeavor

I want to keep you nestled in my shoe pocket forever

You really did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside

I won’t be this lucky again for a long time, no matter how hard I try

You big beautiful coin you

I can’t believe I found you

Running Total: 73 cents. What what??!?!?


New York is where I’d rather stay, I’m allergic to smelling Long Island hay, darling I love you but give me Madison Avenue… Such could be the theme song of the amazing Michael Kors, who began his fashionable career at the tender age of 19 at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He would go on to become the quintessential designer of what now is referred to as classic American Sportswear. His designs are an embodiment of the jet-set culture, both in his use of luxurious materials, precision tailoring and fabulous fits.

Kors’ classic pieces are chic, sexy and comfortable, making them the favorites of many socialites, celebrities, models and the like. Is it any wonder then that his classic handbags, fabulous shoes, and trademark stunning sunglasses are hits here on Couture.Zappos too? Our faves: Michael Kors classic Jackie O. octogonal shades , the Santorini chain flap rattan handbag, and the elegant two-piece chain detail metallic heels.

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Repeat Offender

So if you are one of my 5 loyal readers (I am that popular) you’ll know that I host an unhealthy obsession with argyle. But the best part about this is that I have learned there are others more obsessed than I am here at Zappos. Awesome! The pic below is the second of this repeat argyle offender , and from what I was told by her is that there will be 50 separate argyle pieces to come over the coming months. 50? That is a lot, I suggest argyle therapy for her! If you are interested in jumping on the argyle bandwagon we can help ya out with some argyle pieces here at! Hopefully we’ll carry more soon!! If so I would be our biggest customer!

Don't Be Afraid, Please...

I typically try to warn people I see walking ahead of me that I’m coming by snapping my fingers or singing a little louder than normal. I don’t like to scare people, even though it’s funny – don’t get me wrong. Today, I thought I was being loud enough as I approached a walker, but I wasn’t.

The walker had on an iPod and as I passed her she screeched so loud it scared ME! I thought she was gonna hit me next!!! I slowed to apologize to her and went along my merry way. She wasn’t very forgiving – It’s not like I did it on purpose! Come on, now you’re making me feel really bad.

Me? Running in the Olympics?

On the last part of my run today, I ran past bunch of kids. One of the kids yelled out, “Are you running in the Olympics”?!?!? I shook my head no and sprinted off just past my house, got my cool-down on then walked back towards the house. As I passed the kids again the same kid asked, ‘Are you’? I laughed and told him no and asked why he thought that. He mentioned that since I was running AND my shorts were really short, he assumed I was training for the Olympics. Ha! – The thought of me running in the Olympics. That’s funny. Are my shorts really that short?

The Coin Count

Heck Yeah – A Shiny Nickel!

Running Total: 48 cents

What's With All the Dead Pigeons?

Is it me or there a lot of dead pigeons around here lately? It’s gross to think about, but in the last month or so I’ve seen a dead cat and like four dead pigeons…perhaps it was the same pigeon and someone moved it three times…I don’t know, it’s weird (in nothing but very best old school John Travolta voice).

The Coin Count

ALAS! One Penny!

Running Total: 43 cents

Top weird thing on my run today:

I ran thru a Vegas community called Cactus Flower. Not only was there no Cactus, there were no flowers either.