Three Nikki's, a Brandis and Why We Work at Zappos

Today on Zappos.TV, Nikki and Brandis attempt to figure out why people work at Zappos. Plus, there are three Nikkis running around and Brandis is a kidnapper!


Ah, the driving shoe. You know, that status symbol leather mocassin-like shoe that slides on — no laces, no buckles — rich leather, nubby bottom. Think of a well-made shoe, soft and flexible, perfect for walking or driving distances like this one by Givenchy. Seriously, they go with jeans and a tee, slacks and blazer, or good old fashioned khakis, polo and a sweater around the shoulders. Connecticut or Malibu anyone?

No shirt, no shoes, no..dice

Ever since Jeff Spicoli sported those Vans checkerboard shoes in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, footwear has played cameo roles in pop culture. Probably even before that, but my general frame of reference starts with 80’s movies.

Continuing with the movie theme, shoes were featured in two early Chevy Chase films, National Lampoon’s Vacation and Fletch. In Vacation, Cousin Eddie bought Clark a shiny new pair of white patent leather shoes with a buckle. When presented with these pimp-inspired shoes, all Clark could say is: “ shouldn’t REALLY shouldn’t have.” In Chase’s other film, Fletch (this author’s favorite movie), Chevy is often times seen with a pair of classic LA Lakers inspired Converse Weapons. Moving from the big screen to the small screen, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City is often heard talking about her shoe fetish, especially her love for Manolo Blanik shoes.

Besides movies and television, shoes have also played bit parts, or in some cases been spotlighted, in music and in real life dramas. Run DMCs early success was due in part to their ode to their sneakers in “My Adidas”. In fact, adidas probably owes most of their early success to Run DMC, as they not only had songs about their shoes, but the guys in the group were pretty much outfitted from head to toe in their product.

In 1994, the OJ Simpson case was everywhere in the national headlines. One of the most incriminating pieces of evidence that the prosecution had were the shoe footprints found near the crime scene. It was discovered that these footprints were tied to a pair of size 12 Bruno Magli shoes. OJ just happened to be photographed a year earlier with those exact shoes. Coincidence, maybe?

There are of course lots of other iconic shoes/brands that have attained lofty status. Nike owes much of its success on their Michael Jordan inspired Air Jordan series. And where would British Knights be without Derrick Coleman endorsing their shoes? Well..maybe that one wasn’t too memorable. But you get the idea?.

Mannequins are Family too!

Seriously, the mannequins in our Images room outnumber the humans by far! I’m sure the photo department is much more involved in the mannequins lives than we are, but we are becoming fond of them, in a bizarre way. We just want to fit in with this mysterious society. Is that so wrong? We hang out with them from time to time. We like to make casual conversations, play charades, and sing at night time. It’s easier to sing at night, because it’s usually just you and them, and it gets very quiet. They don’t judge the way you sing either! You’re always on key when singing to them. We like to know how their day is going and how many outfits they put on that day. Kyle is super excited about Abby, the soon to be mother mannequin. He likes to feel the baby kick! He’s hoping for a baby mannequin soon. We’ll just keep telling him what we always do. “Any day now Kyle, any day now.”

Anyways, they have become a part of our family in imaging, even though they are creepy.

Zappos 2008 Carnival!

Every summer Zappos puts together an event to celebrate the warm weather and enjoy each other’s company outside of a work environment. This event is not just for our Zappos family, but the rest of our families are invited to share in the activities as well. This year, our picnic was at the Louisville Zoo! We had our own roped off area with all kinds of activities for all ages.

There were artists drawing caricatures, face painting, a strong man game, jumping bouncy structures, clown competitions, even wacky, waving inflatable arm flailing tube men! We had cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, burgers and plenty of sides to eat! We were also able to walk to the Zoo and see the animals free of charge if we wanted to. It was a beautiful day and it looked like everyone, and their children were having a really great time. All I can tell you, is if you forgot your sunscreen, you were regretting it!


Ladies, swimsuit weather is upon us, well, at least on the West coast. There are bikinis, tankinis, vintage bikinis a la Bardot, and, of course, the uber sexy cut-out one-piece. However, we here at Couture were wondering, no matter how fabulous the suit, what does one do about the odd tan lines? How does one go from a cut-out to a two piece? Do you love ‘em or hate ‘em? Please tell us what you think. Really.

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If You're Going to Scottsdale, AZ...Bring Your Board!

Scottsdale, Arizona has several great skateparks to choose from, however, a great one for families and kids is the McDowell Ranch Skatepark. This skatepark is actually part of a large activity complex that includes an aquatic center, two ball fields, four soccer fields and a great urban skatepark. If you are looking for a safe and fun park to practice your tricks in then make your way to 15525 N. Thompson Peak Parkway.

The McDowell Ranch Skatepark – The Basics

The McDowell Ranch Skatepark is generally open from sunrise until 10:30 p.m. However, for skaters’ safety, the park shuts down during rain storms, electrical storms, when the park is wet and when the maintenance team is working on it. If you are planning a trip to the park it is a good idea to call ahead to make sure it will be open, especially if the weather has been less than ideal.

The skatepark offers both in-line skaters and skateboards about 16,000 square feet of terrain. This park has an urban set up that includes sturdy tables, planters, benches and ledges to practice on. There are three different areas of the park that you can work in, the six foot park, the ten foot park and the twelve foot park. According to local skaters, the pavement is smooth and the transitions into verts are very easy.

The Rules

Like any skatepark,you need to follow the rules to keep using the park and to make sure that the park stays safe. The first rule for this park is that no BMX bikes are allowed in. This rule was made to protect skaters from collisions and to protect the integrity of the park. The next rule is that no tagging is allowed. Again this rule is designed to keep the park looking great. Rule three is that you can’t bring in any outside modifications like ramps. Just work with what the park has to offer. Finally, unlike many other parks, safety equipment is not required, however, it is recommended. This is a “skate at your own risk” park so you are in charge of your own safety.

What Makes McDowell Ranch Skatepark Cool

The seting of the McDowell Ranch Skatepark is one of the best features of this park. How often do you get to skate with beautiful scenery as your backdrop? Another great feature of this park is that it is set in the center of a multipurpose activity compound. This means that after you work up a sweat skating on the hot cement you can go for a dip in one of the pools or play a game of baseball. If you have young kids or if you are under 13, then you are going to love this park. Because it is set inside of a family activity center a lot of kids with skills skate here.

As far as cool skating features are concerned, this park offers a variety of shapes and obstacles to play off of, the cement is nice and smooth, there are various wall heights to work with and the transition zones that lead into the vert are smooth and easy. Overall, this is a fun and versatile park that offers you more than just a great day on your board.

Graduation Time for Derek "The Man" Carder

May is a special time of year for many reasons I’m sure, but I’m pointing out one special thing amongst many: Graduation! This year, we are helping Derek Carder celebrate his graduation from UNLV where he studied his fingers to the bone in Psychology. Leads, supervisors, and managers of CLT came to help Derek celebrate this glorious time.

Everyone dressed up in custom graduation caps and made their way to Derek’s desk where he was surprised with music and hearty applause and job well done. He even got cake!

Good job, sir….good job. Congratulations, Derek!