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Big Game Hunting: Bitterroot Valley

With plenty of places to stay plus the challenge of bighorn sheep, Bitterroot Valley is an excellent place to hunt.

Though “like leading lambs to the slaughter” is a widely-used expression, when hunting bighorn sheep, the opposite can be true. These elusive beauties tend to live in areas that, for one reason or another, put them just out of reach of the average hunter.

If bighorn rams and ewes are on your agenda, however, the Bitterroot Valley in Montana is an ideal place to go during hunting season. Nestled between the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountain ranges, it also is one of the most naturally beautiful hunting destinations in the United States. Bighorns congregate in the areas surrounding the Bitterroot Valley, which has some pretty rocky terrain in places.

Obtaining a bighorn license or tag can be the biggest obstacle in bringing one of these trophies home. For Bitterroot Valley, a limited number of tags are available through special drawings that for 2008 cost the winners approximately $755. Most licenses limit you to just one bighorn sheep in a specified hunting district in Bitterroot, but other areas of Montana offer unlimited bighorn hunting.

For anyone lucky enough to get their hands on one of these rare tags, the physical challenges involved in hunting the bighorns can be daunting, especially when hunting in the mountains. Long before bighorn sheep season begins (September 15 through November 30), online resources such as recommend getting in shape even if you haven’t secured a license yet.

Even if you are a loner by nature, hunting the bighorn sheep should not be a solo undertaking because of the rough terrain. Before putting your name in the tag drawing, see if you can get one or two friends to join you on a hunting expedition.

Though the licenses are limited, there is no shortage of places to stay in and around the Bitterroot Valley area. You can choose a fairly basic hotel, a comfortable bed and breakfast or an upscale lodge, but it’s also possible to camp outdoors and really rough it. No matter where you stay, make sure to bring along a good set of hunting boots.

Considered by some as the “holy grail” of big game hunting, a bighorn trophy is the dream of many a hunter and a trip to Bitterroot can turn that dream into reality.


Latest Spears Baby, J-Lo's Diva Ways, Mayer's Groupie and Amy Winehouse's Bad Luck

The world’s most famous pregnant 17-year-old, Jamie Lynn Spears, had her baby this past week. Her entire family, along with famous sis Britney Spears was on hand to welcome Maddie Briann into the world. Already the in-laws are laying claim on which of the baby’s features look more like Jamie Lynn and which look more like Casey. The new mother and baby were driven home by police escort, but it was Britney who drew the bigger crowd. Britney was only gone from L.A. for a couple days, yet she managed to cause quite a ruckus upon her return when she and her father Jamie Spears were swarmed by paparazzi before jumping into a waiting SUV.

Another new mom who made headlines this week was Jennifer Lopez. Page Six reports that J-Lo was out on a shopping trip and has apparently fallen back into her diva ways. She not only demanded that the store close down so she could shop in private (they didn’t), but then she tried on outfit after outfit, leaving a huge mess in the dressing room and not buying anything. Jennifer Aniston is playing a new role these days: most famous groupie. That’s right, Jennifer is joining boyfriend, John Mayer for his UK tour. The couple will travel together from gig to gig and check out the sights along the way. Let’s just hope that Jennifer doesn’t go and mess up this relationship too. We know she must be getting anxious to catch up with ex-hubby Brad Pitt‘s growing brood …

It seems like Amy Winehouse just can’t catch a break. Her father recently confessed that Amy is suffering from emphysema due to her nasty habit of smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes. It seems rather ironic that her lungs and voice got her to where she is and now they may be the thing to bring it all to a halt.

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Snowboarder of the Week: Tim Windell

Tim Windell, the “voice of American snowboarding” during the 1980s, has evolved into one of the leading camp operators on Mt. Hood near Portland.

Snowboarding continues to gain some history, but few people have been involved long enough to put together multiple careers. One of them is Tim Windell. He was a champion World Cup Pro racer during the 1980s, and became a rider representative and shop owner. He now is entering his third decade operating year-round camps on Mt. Hood, near Portland, Ore., known simply as Windell’s Camp.

Yes, Mt. Hood is one of the few places in the continental United States that has enough elevation to keep fine powder even in summer for superpipes, kickers and rails. Windell says his main goal, other than to earn a living, is to demonstrate “fun professionalism” for campers of all ages. The process is “snowboarders teaching snowboarders.”

He started during the late 1980s with a small group of mostly professionals, but soon expanded his vision to focus on youth and offer instruction for all skill levels. Snowboarding is definitely the focus, but his venue also offers a skateboarding facility, a 12,000-square-foot indoor recreation center, a BMX track, mountain biking trails and pro shops.

He called his location “Shred the World” for several years, but by 1994 he decided that the term “shred” wasn’t cool anymore, so he dropped it.

At the same time he purchased the Shamrock Motel, which was in bankruptcy court, to provide ideal housing for the campers. During his competitive career, while the sport became popular during the 1980s, Windell was known as “the voice of American snowboarding.” He won nine national championships and twice finished as runner-up in worldwide competion. Since then he has won multiple awards for promoting the sport, including the 2006 Anna McIntyre Citation and the 2007 Russell Wilder Award.

“Snowboarding has defined my life, from the first day I stepped into bindings to the overwhelming joy of being crowned two-time vice world champion. This was the beginning of the rest of my life,” Windell says.

“My love for snowboarding helped me characterize myself and find something even more amazing: snowboard, ski and skateboard camps. Seeing a smile on the face of a camper makes it all worthwhile. Camp has changed people’s lives forever, including my own.”

The web site for Windells Camp is The sign on the side of the road says, “The ‘funnest’ place on earth.” : )


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The History of Shoes is Getting Slippery

Slippers are one of the oldest forms of indoor footwear on record. Slippers are so common that they can be found in just about every culture around the world that uses footwear. While slippers are common in many cultures, the term “slipper” was actually derived during the late 15th century in England from an Old English word for “slip.” This term was selected because slippers are loose fitting and are “slipped” onto the foot.

Design of the Slipper

Slippers come in all shapes and sizes. Many slipper designs are modeled after fashionable shoe designs. You can find flip-flop style slippers in Asian cultures, clog-like styles in European cultures and moccasin-style slippers in North American cultures. Today the design options for slippers are nearly unlimited. In fact, there are entire sections of department stores and shoe stores that are dedicated to slippers.

Modern slipper designs include a collection of old time favorites like the bunny slipper, ballet-style slipper and moccasin-style slipper. They also include seasonal designs like rubber pool and deck slippers for summer use and plush character slippers for the holiday season. In addition to the basic slipper models and the seasonal slipper models, designer slippers also appear in stores seasonally. Just like other footwear, designer slippers fade in and out of style rapidly, with a new style hitting the hot list about every four to six months.

Historical Slippers

As mentioned earlier, slippers have been a part of fashion in a large number of cultures. However, some cultures developed slippers earlier than others. For example, slippers have been documented in India as far back as the 12th century during the Southern Song Dynasty. These slippers were made with a leather bottom and either a thong to fit between the toes or a leather strap to hold the slipper on the wearer’s foot.


Slippers are comfort items that have a practical use. They keep our feet warm and protected while inside a house, and they keep dirt and debris from being trekked into a home. While traveling the world keep your eyes and ears open, as slippers are called by many different names. For example, in Scotland they are sometimes referred to as “baffies.” In other parts of the world they are referred to as house shoes, flip flops and sandals.

Running Records: Carl Lewis

Find out more about Carl Lewis, a runner who dominated the Olympic games from the ’80s into the ’90s.

Guess who’s having a birthday on July 1st? Carl Lewis. He is one of the most prolific runners in history and his life has all of the elements of a track star: struggle, drama and triumph.

Frederick Carlton Lewis (a.k.a. Carl Lewis) was born in 1961 in Birmingham, Ala. It was a chaotic time in history because the civil rights movement was in full force. And, Carl Lewis’ family was not untouched by it. Riots and protesting affected his parents, who were both teachers. His father was often attacked by the police. As a result, the family decided to move to a more peaceful, racially diverse town: Willingboro, N.J.

After the move, Lewis’s parents started a track club. Little Carl and his sister Carol were a part of it, yet Carl wasn’t the star. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t even good. It was during this time he met a family friend, the legendary Jesse Owens. Owens gave Carl a piece of advice that would stay with him forever: Just have fun. Apparently, these words led to a breakthrough. Carl eventually entered the spotlight and had a headline-making running career.

In the ’80s, he began to dominate the 100m and 200m. At the 1984 Olympics, he walked away with four gold medals and ended up breaking a world record. He carried this winning streak well into the ’90s. By the time it was all over, he had 17 gold medals and the title “Olympian of the Century.” The world praised Carl Lewis and, to the dismay of onlookers, he often praised himself.

Yes, Carl Lewis was known for his flamboyant hair, clothes and behavior. He wore a flat top. He dressed in unconventional, flashy clothes. And, he lived in Los Angeles and rubbed elbows with the stars. It was all too much for some people. It could be the reason why he didn’t get as many endorsements. Yet, to a few of us, it was understandable. Anyone who had achieved as much as he did deserved to pat himself on the back. So, on his upcoming birthday, I hope the now 47-year-old Carl Lewis will be eating a big slice of cake and telling himself, “I did good. I did really good.” After all, it is the truth, whether you like it or not.



Louis Vuitton started the pop up concept this year with the pop up Vuitton stores within Japanese artist Murakami’s art installations, with the stores featuring bags by the artist. Well it has caught on and now Colette will have a pop up mini store in New York City this summer on Fifth Avenue at 54th Street. The store will be set up for one month from September 6 through October 5. Colette, as you know (and again a fashion shame on you if you do not) is the hip, chic Parisian behemoth at 213 rue Saint-Honoré which carries all of the cutting edge labels and luxury designers that any fashionista, tourista and Lou Doillon wanna be could not live without. Much to the chagrin of Parisians, Colette will temporarily close its store for massive renovations starting July 7th, with an anticipated reopening by the end of August. Don’t be to upset though if you are in Paris and want to shop there, they will have a Suprette parked out front so you can still get your shop on.

Vacations Spots Every Kid Must See: Portland!

Portland, Ore. offers both natural beauty and a progressive approach to making education entertaining.

Portland, Ore. is perhaps the biggest tourist secret in America. Depending upon which direction you take, a two hour drive from Portland can be like a tour of America in miniature. The majestic beauty of this state is a never-ending surprise featuring incredible natural wonders that take the breath away. Where else in America can your kids spend the morning watching whales breach through the surface of the ocean, drive up a mountain in the afternoon and enjoy an incredible sunset among crested buttes in a desert setting at night?

Mt. Hood’s snowcapped peak is the centerpiece of Portland and a trip to this amazing city would not be complete without driving along the winding roads that will ultimately present you and your kids with a spectacular view of the city. Not too far away is the equally magnificent site of Multnomah Falls cascading 620 feet down into the Columbia River Gorge. Getting to Multnomah Falls involves some intense physical activity, but even those kids who consider getting up off the couch to get something to drink during their third straight hour of playing video games to be too much exertion will be captivated by the extraordinary sights they will discover on the way. Once you actually get to the waterfall, every single step is immediately forgiven. Multnomah Falls is one of those enthralling examples of nature that few ever forget.

Portland is a great tourist spot beyond what Mother Nature has given it, however. For instance, there is the Kidd Toy Museum, containing over 10,000 toys collected over the years by just one man. Many of these go back to the 19th century, making this museum a little history lesson in the bargain.

The Oregon Zoo is considered one of the finest in the country and is home to an extraordinary collection of animals. The Portland Children’s Museum is a must for those with younger children, featuring a revolving series of special exhibits and a vast collection of opportunities for kids to engage in interactive and hands-on learning experiences. Older kids will enjoy the renowned Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, which offers everything from a tour of a submarine to Imax movies to a thrilling motion simulator that offers a series of virtual experiences including a Grand Prix race and a trip into a volcano.


It is funny how persuasive the news media can be when it comes to celebs, ‘It’ girls and creating the buzz around the latest must-have accessories. For instance, Couture has been loving the Delman Uli ankle strap thong sandal for months now. Why? Because they are simply designed, comfortable yet very chic, making them perfect for almost any occasion. They can be paired with white jeans and a leopard print halter top, with a great LBD (little black dress) or with shorts and a T-shirt. Clearly, we are not the only ones loving this shoe, the Delman Uli recently was given a shout out in June’s In Style magazine. carries the featured Silver Mirrored Metallic, as well as the lovely Rose Gold Mirrored Metallic hue and the delightful Midnight Blue Mirrored Metallic hue. And yes, Couture was, again, ahead of the trend curve here.