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Fresh Picks: Pop Color Bags

foley and corinna, foley corinna, fresh picks, handbags, hurley, michael michael kors, totes, women, womens, womens bags

Handbags aren't just great for the obvious practical reasons, they also double as a perfect  way to infuse a pop of color into a wardrobe.

Nothing adds a lively touch to a neutral ensemble as easily as a bold and bright handbag! Here are some of our latest picks:

1. Hurley Prism Satchel Handbag in Purple: Perfect for a casual weekend, this bag carries all your essentials and then some!

2. Foley & Corinna Disco City in Gold Leaf: The chic mustard yellow shade on this essential bag makes it perfect for fall.

3. Hurley Prism Envelope Purse in Pink: This small crossbody really shines in the girliest shade of pop pink.

4. Diesel “Stud-Lock” Mistress Bag in Porcelain Green: The rich teal hue and pop pink lining make this crossbody bag a showstopper.

5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Item Tote in Fuchsia: We love this sleek tote for the office. The shiny patent finish is utterly chic.

6. Betsey Johnson Rockin Betsey Satchel in Blue: For the rocker girl in you, this bold blue metallic satchel really makes a statement.

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Zapponian Spotlight: Ranielle R.

zapponian spotlight, zappos hq,zappos family,zapponians,zclt,zappos customer service,zappos customer loyalty,

This week’s Zapponian Spotlight is one of our fabulous ZCLT reps, Ranielle! This Southern California girl loves the beach and recently took up painting as a hobby.

She actually honed her creative talents by drawing and painting murals in one of our Zappos HQ buildings! In the photos above, Ranielle poses in front of a couple of her works of art.

Read on to find out more about this budding Zapponian artist!

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style.

R: Classic, feminine, comfortable

Who is your favorite musician or band?

R: Bon Jovi

Name 3 things you never leave home without?

R: Keys, driver's license, and cell phone

If you could have dinner with one famous person, who would it be?

R: Jack Kerouac. He had the innate ability to turn the simplest moments into something beautiful, sad and inspiring with his words. I would love for him to teach me to see life through his eyes.

What’s the weirdest thing to ever happen to you?

R: I can't think of the weirdest thing that's ever happened, but I can share one of the weirdest things about me. My toes are freakishly flexible.  While I have no rhythm and cannot  move to the beat of the music if my life depended on it, my toes can dance... It's a little hard to explain but if you want to see it please feel free to stop by and I'll show you my moves!

What’s your favorite part about working at Zappos?

R: The randomness of it all… On any given day you can find yourself in the midst of a parade, engage in a water balloon fight, or wave to a fellow co-worker in a mascot-like costume.  It's more reminiscent of a grade school environment then a working one. I like to think of Zappos as a magical little place where people go to have fun and just happen to get work done along the way.

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Goals Coach: Is Your Clock Still Ticking?

There are people whose clocks stop at a certain point in their lives.”  --French Literary Historian Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

Your action for this week is to spend some time to identify where you have grown in the last year.  Are you more self aware?  A better communicator?  More patient?  Have you grown as a person or has your clock stopped?


Core Value #2.  Embrace and Drive Change


Core Value #5.  Pursue Growth and Learning


Core Value #9.  Be Passionate and Determined


Yours in "the clock is still ticking",



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Zappos at Fashion's Night Out

Fashion's Night Out, PRAVDA bar, Style Expert Brooke Hyden,Zappos at Fashion's Night Out,,Pravda NYC,New York city Fashion's Night Out,Pravda NYC, Fashion's Night Out,

Join me and a few of my friends at next week’s Fashion’s Night Out in NYC! will be at Pravda for a night full of fun and fashion.

Come in and join us for a cocktail as my team and I chat about the some of the hottest fall trends. We're also showing off our new and exciting Shop By pages, running a fashion trivia game for prizes, and lots of other fun stuff!

We hope to see you in the Big Apple to kick off Fashion Week in style!

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Tune in Today for the LIVE Style Happy Hour!

zappos style happy hour, fall fashion, fall trends, zappos fall style happy hour, Style Expert Brooke Hyden,zappos stylists,Zappos live,

Hi everyone! Make sure to tune in for today’s Fall Style Happy Hour! It will be livestreaming at 4PM PST (7PM EST) on the video player below and the new "Meet Brooke" section in our Zappos Facebook page!

You can join in on the conversation by asking your fashion questions right below the Facebook stream, or by tweeting your question to @ZapposStyle (don't forget to add #ZapposStyleHH!).

Remember, we have our first ever Style Makeovers during tomorrow's program, so you’ll definitely want to tune in for the big reveals! We’re also discussing some hot fall trends and our new Shop By pages. See you there!!

Broadcasting live with Ustream

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Fresh Picks: Statement Jewelry

BCGeneration, bracelets, cuff bracelets, earrings, fresh picks, jewelry, juicy couture, kenneth jay lane, necklaces, Noir Jewelry, rings, vince camuto jewelry

What’s the easiest way to liven up an outfit? You guessed it! Statement jewelry! We love incorporating a bold piece of jewelry (maybe a couple if we’re feeling brave) into a simple ensemble to add a great focal point.

Here are some of our recent faves in statement jewelry! Even your simple tee and jeans outfits will instantly look put together with one of these noteworthy pieces!

1. Vince Camuto Zelco Patent Leather Cuff Bracelet: We love the bright pop of color and geometric detail on this modern bracelet.

2. BCBGeneration Indie Spirit Chain and Spike Ring: Edgy and thoroughly unique, this ring stands out on its own.

3. Roberto Coin Weaved Cuff Bangle: This chic investment piece is subtly bold and amazingly versatile.

4. Noir Jewelry Stud Shoulder Duster Earrings: These glam-meets-punk earrings look like pure perfection with strapless dresses.

5. Kenneth Jay Lane Agate Necklace: The natural beauty of this striking necklace is perfect against fall’s hottest color palettes.

6. Vince Camuto Charlie Leather Bib Necklace: Add this stunning bib necklace atop a simple blouse for maximum impact.

7. Juicy Couture Starlet Estate Gemstone Cuff: The art deco style of this stunning cuff makes it the perfect party accessory.

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ZCLT Training Class Attacks!

ZCLT class,ZCLT training class,Zappos Development,nerf gun attack,Nerf gun war,nerf gun battle,zappos culture,zappos HQ,zappos headquarters,zappos office,

The Zappos Dev team has been notorious for their Nerf gun battles for quite some time now. Well, payback has finally come in the form of the ZCLT Training Class! They have adopted a new tradition of an all-out Nerf gun attack on the dev team right before their graduation!

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Kelly Slater Wins Billabong Pro Tahiti

10 time ASP world champion Kelly Slater, asp world title, billabong, billabong pro tahiti, kelly slater, owen wright, surfing, teahupo'o tahiti


Congratulations to 10-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater for winning the Billabong Pro Tahiti yesterday in Teahupo’o. Slater, 39, claimed the title over Australian Owen Wright, 21.

Yesterday’s win not only moved the Florida native up to the number 1 spot in the ASP World Title rankings, it marked his 47th elite tour victory.

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Trend Highlight: Fall Transition

Can you believe fall is just around the corner? Today’s trend video is all about taking your favorite summer pieces and adding in some key fall trends to transition your outfits for the upcoming colder months.

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Motivational Monday: Running Form Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon, las vegas rock n' roll marathon,marathon running,runners,running tips,running form,half marathon,motivational monday,training tips,marathon training tips

There are about  three months left before the Zappos Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll  Marathon, and quite a few of us here at Zappos HQ are ramping  up our training.

For those of you out there training right along with us, whether it be for the Vegas marathon or some other marathon, I’m going to be giving you some tips every Monday to help you along in your journey.

So whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned runner, check out my Motivational Monday posts as you go through your own training program!

The first edition of Motivational Monday is on running form, check it out!

Running Form:

Proper running form should start from your head and finish at your toes.  The goal of good form is to minimize the energy you expend and lessen the chance for injury.  Although there is no one single “perfect” running gait, use the following as guidelines for proper running form:

Head: Keep your head slightly tilted down, looking at the ground in front of you, 10 to 15 feet ahead. Your facial muscles, jaw and neck should be relaxed.  

Shoulders: Keep your shoulders relaxed and do not allow them to “slouch” forward. Hunching over will restrict the breathing passage, allowing less oxygen to get to your working muscles.

Arms: Arms should be bent at a 90-degree angle and relaxed. As you run, swing your arms forward, try not to swing them across your chest.  Brush your hands past your waistband on the downswing, bringing them back behind your body. The arm movement should move in conjunction with your legs.  Run with your legs, and let your arms go along for the ride!

Hands: Your thumbs and index finger should gently touch with your hand cupped, as though you are holding a potato chip that you don’t want to break. Clenching your hands is taking excessive energy away from your legs and undue stress to your upper body. Again, don’t let your hands cross over the middle of your chest- remember arms move forward for forward motion.

Torso: You want to keep your torso erect as if you are a puppet hanging on a string from above. This will allow your chest cavity to be open, which will allow easier breathing.  

Hips: The hips should be facing forward, with no rotation. Your foot should strike  with a heel to toe motion, directly under your hips.

Feet:  Try to keep your feet low to the ground and touch the surface as light as possible. The lighter your feet touch the less pounding your body will incur (especially your joints.) Visualize yourself as if you are “running on eggshells”- this will help you stay light on your feet.
Try to change only one thing at a time and only for a brief period. To make your new effort a habit, practice will make perfect

Happy Running!

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Inov-8 Evoskin: The Closest Thing to Barefoot

barefoot running, barefoot shoes, inov-8, inov-8 evoskin, men, minimal running, minimal shoes, runners, Trail running, vibram style shoes, women

So many footwear companies out there are clamoring to replicate the barefoot experience while keeping feet protected. Inov-8 has quite possibly created the purest barefoot feel with the Evoskin.

More of a “foot glove” than an actual shoe, the amazing Evoskin is made of soft and flexible silicone rubber throughout. Inov-8 categorizes the Evoskin as a training tool for people who want to strengthen their feet and improve their overall form. It works great on the treadmill, trails, or just running errands around town.

This versatile “shoe” is also perfect for a variety of fun water activities. Talk about a unique boat shoe! The grippy rubber sole is perfect for a day on the boat. The Evoskin has a brilliantly simple design and an adjustable strap system, making it really user friendly.

If you love to run and explore the world with bare feet, the Evoskin is the next best thing. It allows for a better sensory experience while keeping your feet nice and protected. Not to mention, you get the anatomical benefits of barefoot walking and running, giving you stronger foot and leg muscles. So, get out there an experience the world in the Inov-8 Evoskin!

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ReCommerce Hack Day

hackers,Zappos API,Zappos IP Inc.,zappos technology,FEZ team,Zappos San Francisco team,recommerce hack day,hackathon

A few of us here at Zappos (including members of the API, San Francisco, and FEZ teams) are currently in the works of hosting the first ReCommerce Hack Day on September 16-17, 2011. We're excited to see developers reinvent e-commerce and create some mind-blowing vertical retail experiences. It will be held in sunny Sinicon Valley (aka Las Vegas), and we invite you to come and join our growing tech community!

We'll be providing prizes for Best Overall Application, Most Fun & Weird, and Best Mashup in line with the retail hackathon theme. You don't have to use any specific API for these prizes – choose whichever strike your fancy and figure out how to WOW us!  Additionally, our sponsor partners will be providing prizes for the best use of their specific APIs as well. (If you're interested in sponsorship, please reach out to us at!)

On Friday night, we'll keep it casual - start out with a few presentations from our partners to hear all about their cool APIs, then we bring out the beer! This is your time to mingle with other hackers and to figure out who you want to work with along with which APIs to use. On Saturday morning, you'll wake up early, drink lots of water to cure your hangover, then start hacking away! We'll be providing food and drinks to keep your energy levels up.

Full details on the schedule and registration can be found on We're looking for developers, hackathoners, students, retailers, and good ol' API-lovers to join in on the madness! Hope to see you there!

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Fresh Picks: Pre-Fall Knits

fresh picks,knit sweaters,knit cardigans,cardigans,fall fashion,fall style,women,womens,womens fall fashion,free people,BB dakota,volcom,LAMB,O'Neill,Maxi cardigans,

There are few fall essentials that come close to the versatility and coziness of a nice sweater. Knit sweaters are perfect for transitioning into fall, layering effortlessly over your current closet staples.

Here are some of our current faves in the fall knits department:

1. Free People Beached Shell Cardigan: Done in a classic fall shade of pepper red, this lush open cardigan looks great over practically anything!

2. O’Neill Pueblo Sweater: We love the summery, beachy feel of this light cardigan over camis and shorts.

3. Volcom V.Ent Fringe Poncho: The chic boho feel of this grey poncho makes it a must-have in our books.

4. L.A.M.B. Preppy Sweater: Equal parts preppy and runway chic, this stunning sweater instantly polishes up a casual look. You can even dress it up for nighttime with a pair of heels!

5. Free People Open Stitches Pullover sweater: Throw this on over your distressed jeans for an effortlessly bohemian look.  

6. BB Dakota Mardi Cardigan: Like a cozy blanket, but infinitely more chic and sophisticated! We see ourselves reaching for this oversized cardi all season long.

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Shimano Zappos Exclusive Colorway

indoor cycling,spin class,womens spin class shoes,womens cycling shoes,shimano,zappos exclusives,indoor cycling shoes,

For all you spin class enthusiasts out there, check out the new WF23 in the White/Pink colorway. This super comfy and lightweight indoor cycling shoe keeps your feet comfortable so you can focus on those sprints!