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Travel Light with Fly Flot

As you embark on those summer travels, you will undoubtedly be doing a ton of walking. Through crowded airports, theme parks, city streets and shopping malls—traveling can really take a toll on our feet!

Fly Flot makes those excursions a lot easier on your feet with their comfy Italian-made sandals. The more you walk in them, the better they feel as they mold to your feet and gait. Talk about the perfect travel companions!

airport shoes, comfort sandals, comfort shoes, Fly Flot, summer travel, travel sandals, travel shoes

1. Fly Flot Gitana,2. Fly Flot Sun , 3. Fly Flot Dana, 4. Fly Flot Edna

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New Brand Spotlight: Hanro

hanro, hanro intimates, hanro sleepwear, new brand spotlight,intimates,sleepwear,

How does HANRO define style? It is a simple elegance that comes totally natural.

Understatement is the essence of their philosophy. Less, but only the best - that is what characterizes HANRO as a brand and product. This vision of quality can be found in every detail: the best materials, the perfection of the cuts, the exquisite finishing, and the elegance achieved by pure aesthetics. HANRO believes true luxury is what makes you feel completely at ease in your skin. This is what had made HANRO so unique and contemporary - for more than 125 years.

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New Brand Spotlight: fiveloaves twofish

fiveloaves twofish,kids clothing,girls' clothing,girls' clothing,new brand spotlight


Fiveloaves twofish™ is a fashion-driven lifestyle brand for girls, tweens and teens that seamlessly blends European tradition with a California casual attitude.

The designs encompass the fiveloaves twofish look, attitude and way of life with sophisticated silhouettes, runway trends, rich textiles and pops of color. The fiveloaves twofish philosophy is simple, beautiful, no fuss.













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On The Spot: Derek & Melissa

For this edition of On the Spot, we approached two stylish Zapponians: Melissa, who loves to look classic and put together, and Derek whose fresh, streetwear-inspired style is always on point.

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Weekly Trends: Polka Dots & Derby Style

This week, we highlighted a classic print and classic style worthy of the festivities at Derby!

2012 Kentucky Derby, polka dots,weekly trends,zappos stylists,derby style,churchill downs,trends,men's trends,women's trends,derby,

Polka dots are one of the most coveted prints of the season! This slightly nostalgic print looks fabulous as the focal point or accent to your ensemble. Go beyond the basic black and white and try out some fun color polka dots for summer!

Derby style isn’t just for the big race in Louisville! These prim and proper outfits would be just as appropriate for a dressier daytime event like a garden wedding or party. Think classic, pretty and dapper. And ladies, it's all about the hat--the bigger the better. If you're not into hats, try a fabulous fascinator in your hair to glam up your look.

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New Brand Spotlight: Julie Dillon

new brand spotlight,julie dillon,julie dillon clothing,dresses,julie dillon dresses

Julie Dillon is a contemporary collection that already has celebrities and hit retailers abuzz. Designed for the practical fashionista, the collection offers the hottest trends at competitive price points.

Appropriately priced and exceptionally crafted, the collection is whimsical and romantic. Crêpe de chine, chiffon, and jersey fabrics are accented with ruffles, flutter sleeves, and asymmetrical draping. Shift, trapeze and drop waist dresses combined with cowl, boat and plunging necklines will allow women to breeze out of the office and into being the life of the party.








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Super Awesome Description-March 2012 Winner

The Super Awesome Description award is a way of recognizing a member of the Zappos Development content team once a month. If a product description is particularly witty or creative, anyone in the company can nominate the person who wrote it.  The nominations are then read by other members of the content department and voted upon; the description with the most votes wins. The writer of that description is rewarded with a trophy and a certificate, not to mention recognition from their peers.

super awesome description,zappos content team,betsey johnson,zappos employees,zappos culture,Zappos Development, The winner for March is Amber O. Amber is part of the fashion team and her quirky description for the Betsey Johnson Yacht Club Necklace was too amusing to ignore. Congratulations Amber!

We asked Amber a few fun questions to get to know her better. Check out her answers below!

What is your biggest Grammar pet peeve?

A: Run-on sentences. Epic misspellings. "These is"

What is your favorite color?

A: Floral.  

What inspired you when writing this description?

A: I got to thinking, “Could I legit wear these? I’ve never even been on a yacht.” So I wrote the description for people like me. You know, to make me feel better about wanting to wear yacht-themed earrings.

What's a fact people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I’ve always wanted to be a dancer. Or better yet, I’ve always wanted to be good at a dancing video game. Either way, I’m no good.

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Zappos' First Annual Earth Day

As part of LEAF’s initiative to make Zappos a more environmentally friendly workplace, we hosted an Earth Day event for our employees on Tuesday, April 17th. We asked several local and non-local vendors to participate by spreading awareness about how easy and fun it is to become eco-friendly, and wow, did our vendors surely step up to the plate! Earth Day was such a success that we’ve decided to make this an annual event with the goal to make each year even better than the previous!

bottlehood, carbon neutral, carbon_emissions, chicobags, earth day, eco-friendly, ecolunchboxes, environmentally friendly, friends of nevada wilderness, green awareness, haiku bags, keen, klean kanteen, LEAF, lunas recycling, patagonia, people towels, prana, rtc, semilla, sierra nevada, southwest gas, springs preserve, sustainable, vegas roots community gardens, vessel, whole_foods, wow

When we first reached out to our vendors, their responses were overwhelming! They were thrilled to hear the Zappos was starting its journey to become environmentally friendly, and they were even more excited to be a part of it. The vendors that attended our event included: KEEN, prAna, Patagonia, Whole Foods, Vegas Roots Community Gardens, Lunas Recycling, Sierra Nevada, BottleHood, Springs Preserve, Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Southwest Gas, and RTC.

bottlehood, carbon neutral, carbon_emissions, chicobags, earth day, eco-friendly, ecolunchboxes, environmentally friendly, friends of nevada wilderness, green awareness, haiku bags, keen, klean kanteen, LEAF, lunas recycling, patagonia, people towels, prana, rtc, semilla, sierra nevada, southwest gas, springs preserve, sustainable, vegas roots community gardens, vessel, whole_foods, wow

prAna did something special for all Zappos employees that deserves a special shout out. Not only did they showcase their use of sustainable materials in their products, demonstrated how they’ve eliminated poly bags in their warehouse, and discussed their initiatives with clean energy; they surprised us by offsetting all of our Las Vegas employees’ carbon emissions! This means that 1,300 of us will be carbon neutral for the entire month of April!* Thank you prAna for caring so much about the environment and truly WOWing all of us!

Not all of our Earth Day vendors could make a physical appearance at Zappos HQ. However, they still showed their support for our event and sent out information about their eco-friendly products and sustainable initiatives, prizes for us to raffle off, and even coupons specifically made for our employees. These vendors included: ChicoBags, EcoLunchBoxes, Klean Kanteen, Semilla, People Towels, Vessel Drinkware, and Haiku Bags

bottlehood, carbon neutral, carbon_emissions, chicobags, earth day, eco-friendly, ecolunchboxes, environmentally friendly, friends of nevada wilderness, green awareness, haiku bags, keen, klean kanteen, LEAF, lunas recycling, patagonia, people towels, prana, rtc, semilla, sierra nevada, southwest gas, springs preserve, sustainable, vegas roots community gardens, vessel, whole_foods, wow

One of our goals for our first annual Zappos Earth Day was to promote an eco-friendly change in the daily habits of at least one employee. With the help of our vendors that provided and demonstrated eco-friendly options and initiatives to our employees, I believe the event successfully achieved its goal! The immense turnout of curious Zappos employees also helped promote more green awareness. We really could not have pulled this event off without the help of all of our amazing vendors –THANK YOU!

That being said, it is my personal goal to make next year’s Zappos Earth Day even more successful!

*1,300 individual offsets would be the same as 117 cars removed from the road for a year, or carbon sequestered by 128 acres of trees, or removing the harmful effects from extracting 1392 barrels of oil.

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Happy National Pretzel Day!

April 26th is an exciting day!  It's Hug an Australian Day, Audubon Day, Kids & Pets Day, Poem in Your Pocket Day, Richter Scale Day, Take Your Daughter to Work and, most importantly,  National Pretzel Day!

We're are all about trying out new recipes, so Brooke and I decided to whip up some pretzels for National Pretzel Day!

As an added twist (excuse the pun) we decided to make bacon pretzels in honor of our dear friend and coworker April, whose birthday is today and who LOVES bacon!

You will need:
1 teaspoon of sugar

2 teaspoons of salt

1 packet of yeast

2 oz of butter of margarine

4 1/2 cups of flour

Oil of your choosing

Bacon or cheese (optional)

Plus 2 hours of free time

*Some recipes call for an egg yolk that is mixed with cold water and brushed over the pretzels at the end, but we didn't have one (they were all boiled for Easter), so we just brushed ours with butter.

We hope you enjoy the video! If you look closely you might even catch a cameo from my cat Oliver (but don't look too closely, we accidentally left a microphone cable in the shot - oops!)

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Which Wedge to Wear?

We love our wedges! These summer staples come in all shapes and heights, so there’s a wedge for every outfit. Check out our “Which Wedge to Wear” video for tips on how to rock your wedges to their full potential:

Featured wedges:

Sky High: Joan & David Sundia

Sleek & Chic: Mark & James by Badgley Mischka

Mid-height: Calvin Klein Jeans Susanne

Flatforms: Juicy Couture Moira

Ankle Strap: Steven Bernidet

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A Story from 'ROOS

Being a service-centric company, we naturally love a great customer service story, and this one from KangaROOS got our attention. One of the brand’s loyal fans, Benjamin, wrote a letter to KangaROOS asking for their help with his shoe dilemma.

Below is the letter he sent to the company:

To whom it may concern,

  My name is Benjamin, I am an artist huge fan of my KangaROOS! Recently, my girlfriend purchased for me a pair of red "Combat" ROOS which I love to sport every chance I get! They're comfy and stylish with a little touch of retro. :)

Here's where my story gets a bit more interesting. The two of us (her and I) went to music venue for a show about 3 weeks after I received my shoes. At the show we danced and had a great time. After the show we were outside fooling around tickling each other when we slipped and fell. What felt like a sprained ankle turned out to be a completely dislocated foot with bone pushing outward from the ankle. Needless to say, I went to the hospital. After resetting the ankle and taking x-rays of it, I waited for 8 hours to commence surgery on it. Nine screws and 1 metal plate later, I was put back together. When they removed my clothing via cutting it off, I recall explaining to them not to hurt the shoes (funny what you're concerned with in a state of shock). :)

kangaROOS,ROOS,ROOS Sneakers,kangaROOS sneakers,KangaROOS Combat,Anyhow, that was about 12 days ago and I just went back to see the surgeon for a check-up. I'm doing great, healing well. They removed the staples from surgery and put me in a hard-cast for the next (?)weeks. When given my choice of color, I went with Red to match my ROOS! (see attached picture)

However, ever since this happened my right-side shoe has been sitting lonely in the corner, so to speak. Since I just got them, they are both in fine shape still. I would like them to match in condition, but since I cannot wear the Right one I am certain the Left one will acquire more wear and tear. Thus, I'll be left with one great looking shoe and one weathered one. The time period could be as much as 12 weeks, plenty of time for building "character" on the one I wear.

This brings me to the inquiry: Is it possible to get ONLY a left shoe from you? I know it may sound strange, but I hope the previous two paragraphs explain this reasoning sufficiently. :) I've included a photograph of the cast/shoe combo so you can see how great they look together and why I would like to arrange this special purchase. It would be quite a sad sight to see one weathered and worn tread left shoe matched with a quite new mint condition right side one, in my book. :)

Please consider my request as a big fan of your product and devoted ROOS customer. I would love to hear back from you soon to find out how we can make this happen. Just let me know the cost, and I will gladly oblige. (providing its not more expensive than just ordering another pair) Thank you for your great products and for hearing out my odd request. :)



The nice folks at KangaROOS are actually sending Benjamin a new pair of Combat sneakers in Red. That way, when he gets out of his cast, he can start over with a brand new pair! Thanks KangaROOS for sharing this great story!

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Fresh Picks: Summer Luau

Even if you can’t make it to Hawaii this summer, you can certainly partake in a little “aloha spirit” with one of the most celebrated trends this season—tropical style. Whether it’s through traditional tropical floral prints or through accessories that channel the islands, this look feels at home in any summer party!

betsey johnson,betsey johnson jewelry,hawaiian,tropical,tropical prints,tropical style,summer style,summer fashion,juicy couture,jessica simpson,muse,rockport,lucky brand,UGG,summer luau,fresh picks,hawaiian prints,vacation style,,

1. Lucky Brand Dale Hope Corrine Dress, 2. Jessica Simpson Strapless Floral Maxi Dress,3. Muse One Shoulder Hawaiian Print Sheath Dress,4. Lucky Brand Hibiscus Tee,5. Rockport Haylyn, 6. UGG Interlock Tribly,7. Juicy Couture North Shore Lynn Tote, 8. Betsey Johnson Hawaiian Luau Flower Leaf Gypsy Earrings, 9. Betsey Johnson Hawaiian Luau Flower Toggle Bracelet

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Mother's Day Gift Guide: Pampering Essentials

With all the wonderful things mom has done for us, isn’t it only fair that we pamper her every once in a while? This Mother’s Day, get her a gift that will wrap her in comfy luxury. After all, mom deserves a little R&R!

beahead pajamas, bedhead sleepwear, betsey johnson, bliss, gift guides, gifts for mom, lacoste, me! bath, mom, mother's day, mother's day gift guide, p.j. salvage

1. Beadhead Stretch Cami & Pant Set,2. P.J. Salvage Cocktails PJ Set, 3. Lacoste Smash Robe, 4. Bliss Hot Salt Scrub,5. Me! Bath Mini Ice Cream, 6. Betsey Johnson I Heart Slippers

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Limited Edition Winning Design: C&C California x College Fashionista Tee

c&c california,c&c,C&C tees,College Fashionista,c and c california,casual tees,colorblock

Remember our feature on Shanice White, winner of the C&C California x College Fashionista Ultimate T-Shirt Design Contest, a few months back? Well, her winning design is finally available on!

The C&C California x College Fashionista Tee has such an fresh and interesting take on colorblock. It’s destined to be a summer staple! We suggest getting yours before they’re all gone.

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Derby Style

With the big race only a couple of weeks away, we’re excited to share a few of our favorite Derby-inspired pieces and outfits this week. There’s just something so fabulous about all the tradition and style that revolves around these historic races! Not to mention, any excuse to get all dressed up and put on a cool hat is always a good thing.

2012 Kentucky Derby, kentucky derby, lilly pulitzer, vineyard vines,Kentucky Oaks,summer style,kentucky derby style,women's fashion,men's fashion,

GALS: 1.Lilly Pulitzer Aleesa Dress, 2. Lilly Pulitzer Ferra Dress, 3. Lilly Pulitzer Lottie Dress, 4. Lilly Pulitzer Picture Perfect Espadrille, 5. Echo Design Two Color Floppy Hat, 6. San Diego Hat Company Floppy Sun Hat

GUYS: 7. Vineyard Vines Sun Soaked Tucker Shirt, 8. Robert Graham Echoes Sport Coat, 9.Fred Perry Seersucker Stripe Shirt, 10. Vineyard Vines Kentucky Derby ® Churchill Polka Dot Bow Tie, 11. Vineyard Vines Kentucky Derby® Lucky Julep Bow Tie , 12. Vineyard Vines Kentucky Derby® Jockey Shirts Tie

*Stay tuned for our coverage of this year’s Oaks and Derby right here on the blog. To see even more Derby Style, check out our Shop By page!