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We've Got Tunes! : Songza Zappos Audio Happiness Playlist

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Music has such an uncanny ability to lift spirits, brighten moods and sometimes, inspire spontaneous dancing in the office… if you’re lucky! A few of us here in our new Downtown Las Vegas headquarters put together a collective playlist on Songza* with tunes that make us feel happy.

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite feel-good music. Turn up your speakers (or headphones) and have some fun!

The Zappos Audio Happiness Playlist

*Songza is a super awesome music listening experience that you can check out at and you can download their app in the app store (iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire). They focus on curated playlists made by celebs, musicians and music junkies to fit your mood. It's 100% free and there are no audio ads.

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New (Private Label) Brand Spotlight: Betsey Johnson for The Cool People

betsey johnson, betsey johnson for the cool people, betsey johnson collaborations,the Cool People, private label, Zappos private label, new brand spotlight,new Zappos brands,Zappos fashion brands,Betsey Johnson shoes,With an established name synonymous to fashion, Betsey Johnson now offers premier styles exclusively for The Cool People , an eclectic private label brand available only on

Step into style with an array of shoes that are sure to spice up any girl’s wardrobe. With a witty mix of playful silhouettes, exotic prints, and bold colors, the Betsey Johnson for The Cool People™ footwear collection is for the sweet, quirky, and daring customer. The product line boasts an eclectic mix of pretty and punk, two traits personified by the designer herself. From glitter and soft florals to studs and skulls, Betsey Johnson for The Cool People shoes offer a style for everyone. Always emphasizing free spirit and bright colors, these shoes are the not-so-secret key to expressing individuality through fashion.

Betsey Johnson for The Cool People is happy to make a charitable contribution back to the community. Look amazing, feel great!

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Jessica Simpson Q&A

She’s a world-famous triple threat: singer, actress and business woman. Jessica Simpson has really made quite the name for herself in the world of fashion over the past few years. Her on-trend and accessible namesake line of shoes, clothing and accessories is loved by women of all ages and style tastes.

We recently got to ask Jessica a few questions about her brand and what inspires her.

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JS: I love to shop vintage, and I draw a lot of my inspiration from unique pieces I have found along the way. The collection is a family affair. My mom is one of my biggest inspirations and is so involved in the process, I couldn’t do it without her. Ashlee works on the Jessica Simpson Girls line with us, we’re a good team.

How did you get into the business?

JS: It all started seven years ago; I wanted to launch a collection of shoes. I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

Who is the “Jessica Simpson girl”?

JS: She is every woman. I always design with every woman in mind. I am a down-to-earth girl and so are my fans – so not only do I want my collection to be fashionable and trend-right, but it is important that it be accessible for everyone, too.

What is your favorite part about being in the fashion industry?

JS: I love knowing that the women and girls who wear my clothes can say, ‘Yeah, this is Jessica,’ that I’m their friend and I have invested my time and my energy. I want everybody to feel like themselves in my clothes.

How do you balance all of the different hats you wear, personally and professionally?

JS: I love all of the facets of my career; I am blessed in this way. The biggest job in my life right now is being a mom to Maxwell. She’s changed the way I think about everything.

What’s your favorite trend to wear currently?

JS: I love how eclectic fashion is right now. Print mixing, embellishments, bold colors; it really give you the opportunity to have fun and make a statement.

What’s your favorite style tip?

JS: My favorite tip is to always accessorize. You can wear a great pair of jeans with a t-shirt and a blazer and then POP the outfit with killer shoes and amazing jewelry!


*Image provided by Jessica Simpson

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New Brand Spotlight: Lazybones

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Who doesn’t love melting into a comfy, cushy bed at the end of a long, busy day? Lazybones understands the importance of plush luxury when it comes to the most relaxing part of your home—the bed.

Founded and designed exclusively in Australia’s idyllic beach town of Byron Bay, Lazybones creates sumptuous bedding and pillows in the loveliest designs and colors.

Lazybones is manufactured primarily in Bali, Indonesia, as well as Australia and China—using natural fibers and processes including organic, eco and surplus fabrics.  

As a company, Lazybones deeply committed to ethical and fair conditions for its large team of workers. Many employees who helped start the company more than a decade ago remain with lazybones, and their compensation has grown in scale with the business. is the first company in the U.S. to offer FREE shipping on Lazybones. That means you can indulge in the comfort and relaxation of Lazybones bedding as soon as tomorrow night! Sweet dreams!

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The Dundee: Birkenstock Comfort in Shoe Form for Fall

If you’re a fan of the classic Birkenstock molded footbed sandal but wish you could wear it year round, we’d like you to meet the “Dundee” oxford! This simple and super comfortable lace-up shoe is cold-weather friendly and perfect for lots of occasions. We love it worn with jeans or a neutral chino pant for a relaxed, stylish look.

Finally, you don’t have to shelf that beloved Birkenstock comfort when the weather gets cooler!

birkenstock,birkenstock shoes,fall shoes,men's shoes,men's fall shoes,Birkenstock sandals,Birkenstock fall 2012,oxfords,oxford shoes,lace-up shoes,men's lace-ups,men's lace-up shoes,

Birkenstock® Dundee

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Fall-worthy Heels

Who doesn’t love a great pair of heels? This new crop of stylish heels round out your fall ensembles perfectly. From rich fall hues to prints to the ever-versatile “new neutrals”, these standout heels are completely spot on with this season’s must-have trends.

anne klein heels, anne klien, anne klien shoes, fall fashion, fall heels, fall shoes, fall style, heels, high heels, ivanka trump, Ivanka trump heels, ivanka trump shoes, Paul Green, vince camuto, vince camuto heels, vince camuto shoes

1. Anne Klein Pancho, 2. Ivanka Trump Aliza, 3. Vince Camuto Zella, 4. Paul Green Nadia, 5. Nine West Jeneil, 6. Circa Joan & David Atlee

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6 Kitchen Essentials for Healthy Eating

Today is International Chocolate Day. However, that’s not the focus of this post; in fact, quite the opposite. Although chocolate (particularly dark chocolate) is great when enjoyed in moderation, a healthy lifestyle really does rely predominantly on a healthy, balanced diet.

A diet that consists of mostly whole, unprocessed foods, with lots of fruits and veggies in the mix, is considered to be the healthiest. If that sounds bland and boring to you, think again! Healthy eating can be just as satisfying, if not more so, than eating junk. The trick is having the right kitchen gadgets and experiment with healthy ingredients you love.

Check out a few of our favorite healthy-diet kitchen essentials:

kitchen appliances,food processors,Omega juicers,KitchenAid,Fagor,Calphalon,Breville,healthy eating,juicing,green smoothies,green juice,juicing diet,juice diet,grilling,grilled vegetables,healthy recipes,recipes,healthy eating,healthy diet,eating healthy,at home,grilling recipes,smoothies,,Emile Henry

1. Breville 800 BLXL Die-Cast HemisphereBlender, 2. Omega VRT350 Vert Low Speed Juicing System, 3. Fagor Slow Juicer, 4. Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11" Square Grill Pan 5. Kitchenaid 13-Cup Food Processor, 6. Emile Henry Flame Kabob Grilling Stone and Skewers

For breakfast or a delicious mid-day snack, a refreshing green smoothie* or juice is a great option. With the right blend of yummy fruits and veggies, these super-nutritious drinks are packed with so much vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed into the body. Investing in a high-quality blender and/or juicer is something your body will reap rewards from for years to come. That’s why it’s always on our “healthy living” must-have list!

For dinner, opt for lean meats and veggies grilled to perfection. Kabobs** are a really easy option, so is grilled fish with salad or a delicious homemade salsa as a side.


*Recipe courtesy of® via user WhitneyLW

**Recipe courtesy of®  via user DAVESARAH

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New Brand Spotlight: Keurig

keurig,keurig coffee maker,new brand spotlight,coffee,K-Cup,Keurig K-Cup,tea,tea and coffee,kitchen appliances,single-cup brewing system,


The word Keurig® is derived from the Dutch word for excellence, and Keurig lives up to its name. Since 1998, Keurig has revolutionized the way we drink coffee with its innovative K-Cup® technology for brewing a single cup at a time. The K-Cup allows coffee lovers to prepare a cup of gourmet coffee in less than a minute without grinding beans, measuring or dealing with filters and cleanup.

Sit back, relax and sip a cup of delicious coffee or tea with your very own easy-to-use Keurig brewing system!





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Work, Play, Go all Day with Crocs

We’ve all heard the saying “work hard, play hard”, but what this old adage failed to mention is that you need a pair of shoes that can keep up with those busy days! Crocs has some super versatile, super comfy styles that go from a casual work setting to after-work festivities without skipping a beat.

They’re lightweight, comfy, stylish, and best of all—you don’t need socks to rock them! These shoes are so breathable, you can wear them all day long.

Check out a few of our favorites:

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Women's: 1. Crocs Carlisa Flat, 2. Crocs Super Molded Iridescent Flat, 3. Crocs Carlisa Brushed Leopard Print Flat

Men's:  4. Crocs Hover Leather Boat Shoe, 5. Crocs Walu, 6. Crocs Tideline Sport Leather

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New Brand Spotlight: Boconi Bags &Leather

boconi, boconi bags and leather, boconi bags, boconi travel bags, luggage, travel bags, men's bags, messenger bags, wallets, accessories, travel, travel accessories, tech accessories, new brand spotlight

Founded by a husband and wife team in 2010, The Boconi® name came about from a collaboration of their two names, Bobby and Connie Williams, but don't let the age of their company fool you. The two are both well-known in the travel industry for their abundant accomplishments in travel gear, bags and leather goods, as well as fitness and well-being. With their combined expertise, they have skillfully crafted exquisite bags and leather goods under the Boconi name to a level that is best compared to high-end brands. Boconi is driven by a passion for one-of-a-kind leathers, custom hardware and of-the-moment linings that are intelligently handcrafted with fusions of classic style and American functionality.

Check out Boconi on!

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New Brand Spotlight: FIEL

new brand spotlight,fiel,fiel shoes,women's shoes,fiel women's shoes,fiel boots,fiel flats,fashion footwear,new brands,New Zappos Brands,FIEL,FIEL footwear,

Fiel™ was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2008 after founder Alice Gu's fruitless search for sandals for three back-to-back weddings in Maui, Huatulco, and Buenos Aires. After 12 years of working as a photographer and cinematographer in Hollywood, Alice wanted to pursue her love of composition, form and function into another medium. Footwear was a natural choice.

What started as a humble leather flip flop line has grown into a full collection of shoes and boots while maintaining the Angelino ethos of effortless style. Fiel is dedicated to creating modern, yet timeless collections that are inspired by their love for the ocean, our travels, art and world culture.

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Fall Transition Kids' Shoes You'll Love

As your little ones get into the swing of being back in school, why not treat them to some new shoes to transition them into fall?

With so many cute and on-trend kids’ shoes out there, it’s hard to play favorites. However, we’ve rounded up a few of our best to get you in the mood for fall style--time to break out the socks, jackets and sweaters pretty soon!

kids' shoes,boys' shoes,girls' shoes,flats,kids' flats,girls' flats,boys' boots,boys' oxfords,fall shoes,fall style,MICHAEL Michael Kors Kids, Haflinger Kids,Florsheim Kids,Primigi Kids,back to school,

Girls': 1. Alegria Kids Vinca, 2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Kids Faye, 3. Haflinger Kids Grizzly Schnalle Kinder

Boys': 4. Primigi Kids Groungy, 5. Florsheim Kids Kennett Jr., 6. Florsheim Kids Quinlan Jr.

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"Just A Foot"

Our feet are in motion from the moment we swing our legs out of bed in the morning, until we climb that last set of stairs at night. People have used their feet to run marathons, to kick winning goals, and even to walk on the moon.  Every day, people across the world are using their feet to do amazing things, yet somehow, we still manage to take our feet for granted.  Kristy Bruursema never imagined that feet would become a main concern within her family, but on June 17, 2012, that would change.

It was a Saturday morning, and despite the daily household bustle, Kristy’s husband had given her the green light to enjoy a local craft fair with a friend. As she was leaving, her husband mentioned that he was planning on mowing the lawn. Excited to have a day out of the house, she left for what she expected to be a carefree morning. Just a few short hours into the fair, Kristy’s phone rang. Immediately, she could tell something terrible had happened. Through sobs, Kristy’s husband explained that his worst fear had happened:

He accidentally struck their son, Avery, with the lawn mower.

Afraid to ask whether or not her son was alive, Kristy rushed to the hospital to aid her injured son. Avery was alive, but had toes missing. Upon entering the emergency room, Kristy became emotional, but knew that she had to hold the seams of her family together. Her motherly instincts kicked in as she approached her wounded son. She did her best to relieve her husband from any guilt he felt, and together, they were able to approach the situation as a team. Despite the obvious pain and devastation, they made remarkable strides at portraying positivity and demonstrating determination and strength to Avery.

inspirational stories, surprise & delight, zappos customers, Zappos stories, Zappos surprise and delight storiesWithout mentioning that Avery’s toes were missing, she and her husband did everything they could to take care of him. When the time finally came at the hospital to explain to Avery that he was missing his toes, Kristy and her husband approached the subject delicately. When Avery asked if he would ever walk again, Kristy had one confident word for him.


Weeks later, upon returning from the hospital, Kristy was determined to find ways to keep Avery’s spirits up. What surprised Kristy most, even more than her own determination was the amount of support she and her family received from the small community of Pentwater, Michigan.

We never realized how many people in our town loved us. It brought us a lot of hope and happiness,” said Kristy.

After weeks of hospital visits, Kristy decided it was time to encourage Avery to attempt walking. She remembered letting Avery play Angry Birds on her phone during the first week at the hospital, as a distraction from the pain he was going through. Hopeful that this could be the motivation he needed, she promised to let Avery play Angry Birds at home if he tried walking. Kristy inquired about the proper shoes that Avery would need to become successful at walking again, and when Kristy found the perfect shoes on Zappos, she ordered a pair of Keens.

Kristy’s husband was at work the day the Zappos box arrived in the mail. Excited to see Avery in his new shoes, she helped Avery put them on for the first time. Discouraged and cautious at first, Avery limped and hobbled, but Kristy continued to cheer him on. Moments later, with persistence and perseverance, Avery took his first steps since the lawnmower accident.

 “It was an emotional moment!” said Kristy. “Every moment has changed my family and the way we look at things.”

 Having new shoes and enduring this journey to walk has been important for Kristy’s family. Since the accident, Kristy and her husband’s main concern has been building Avery’s self esteem back up. Avery will be starting kindergarten soon, and although he is unsure of what it will entail, he is excited to make new friends. They don’t want him to worry about what people might think of him, they just want him to enjoy being a kid.

When rambunctious and feisty five-year-old Avery tells people not to touch his bad foot, Kristy reminds him without hesitation, that it’s not a “bad foot.”

It’s just a foot.

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How to Pack Neatly for a 10-day Trip with Eagle Creek

Do any or all of these scenarios sound familiar to you? :

1) You’re stuck in the security line with the TSA agent telling you he needs to open your suitcase, and you wish you hadn’t just shoved everything in there.

2) All your stuff fit when you departed, but when you pack everything to go home, they somehow don’t fit anymore. Or you just can’t seem find your toothbrush or underwear when you unpack.

3) You get to your destination with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes and/or spilled toiletries—causing you to spend precious vacation time cleaning and ironing.

If so, check out this helpful video from our friends at Eagle Creek! With a few handy travel essentials, packing for a 10-day trip becomes less of a chore. Your stuff stays nice and organized, leaving you with less to worry about during your travels.

Bon voyage!

travel,eagle creek,packing your suitcase,carry-on luggage,how to pack your carry-on suitcase,Eagle Creek travel bags,travel accessories,TSA-approved,how to pack neatly for a trip,TSA-approved packing,travelling,travel tips,easy ways to pack for a trip,Eagle Creek bags,Eagle Creek accessories,luggage,travel bags,tips for packing a suitcase,

1. Eagle Creek 4-Wheeled Upright 22", 2. Eagle Creek Pack-It 2-Sided Cube, 3. Eagle Creek Pack-It Tube Cube, 4. Eagle Creek Pack-ItShoe Cube, 5. Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac Medium  6. Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder18 , 7. Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 15, 8. Eagle Creek Pack-It Wallaby Toiletry Case, 9. Eagle Creek Pack-It Liquid/Gel Set