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As Seen in All On The Line: Brooke Rodd's Capsule Collection

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Now that you’ve seen her journey in this week’s episode of All On The Line, check out designer Brooke Rodd’s capsule collection that she exclusively designed for!  Zappos buyer Karrie and Zappos Trend and Styling Manager Alison personally picked these pieces from Brooke’s presentation and we think you’ll love them as much as they did!

About Brooke Rodd:

Growing up on the beaches of Long Island, Brooke Rodd always had an easy awareness of all things cool. These days, this New Yorker calls Venice, California home, and fuses her uncanny sense of Hamptons and Manhattan chic with the laid-back feel of the SoCal coast.

The collection uses an array of custom designed prints and vintage trims that make all her pieces stand out in the crowd. From casually chic jersey dresses to elegant, easy-fitting pants, these pieces are sure to keep everyone staring.

Brooke Rodd’s designs are hip yet timeless. Sophisticated yet very alive. The result is a lifestyle brand that is a groovy confluence of elegance and fun.

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New Brand Spotlight: LORAC

LORAC,Lorac cosmetics,make up,makeup,LORAC makeup,New Brand Spotlight,Beauty Blast,Beauty,New beauty brands,LORAC creator Carol Shaw was destined to be in the beauty business. With a hairstylist father and manicurist mother, Shaw was inspired to do makeup at a young age. She got her start at a posh L.A. salon and eventually worked in the world of fashion—working in runway shows and magazines.

 As her celebrity clientele grew, Shaw noticed that most of them had the same beauty grievances about makeup that she did. They complained that too many products irritated their skin, looked and felt artificial, and simply didn't last. So Shaw set out to develop a line of products that met these standards, using the purest and mildest ingredients possible. Three years later, LORAC (which is Carol spelled backwards) was born. The line launched with 10 shades of oil and fragrance-free foundations (which was totally revolutionary back in 1990), and is the perfect example of the natural, effective and easy-to-use products that LORAC would become famous for.

LORAC’s treatment-based makeup is truly unique with its use of plant extracts, emollients, skin rejuvinators and conditioners. Each LORAC product is free of harsh ingredients and fragrances that can irritate the skin.

Without all those fillers and harsh ingredients, LORAC makeup lets your true beauty shine through. No wonder it’s been a Hollywood favorite for over 15 years!

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Happy 60th Anniversary to Bric's!

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It all started in Florence, Italy in 1952 with a dream and a vision. Bric’s founder Mario Briccoli set out to become a leader in the luggage and travel bags industry. 60 years later, Bric’s still stands for Italian quality that is celebrated the world over. “Made in Bric’s” is the motto for the company’s 60th anniversary—reflecting their commitment to their heritage of craftsmanship.

The Bric’s U.S.A. Life 60th Anniversary Collection  is a limited edition line of rolling luggage and travel bags celebrating Bric’s history and timeless style.

Here’s to 60 more years and beyond!




bric's, bric's 60th anniversary collection, bric's bags, bric's luggage, bric's travel bag, carry-on luggage, luggage, luggage bags, travel bags

1. Bric's U.S.A. Life 60th Anniversary - 26" Light Spinner, 2. Bric's Nuovo Slim Attache, 3. Bric's Microsuede Tote Bag, 4. Bric's Microsuede Tote Bag, 5. Bric's 28" Rolling Duffle, 6. Bric's 22" Cargo Duffle

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New Brand Spotlight: Truth or Dare By Madonna

fashion heels, heels, madonna, new brand spotlight, platform heels, platforms, pumps, sandals, sexy heels, sexy shoes, Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare by Madonna

It's here! The Queen of Pop's much anticipated footwear collection has arrived! Created for women who have timeless style and innate sex appeal. Discover the show-stopping collection now!

The Truth or Dare® woman is confident, sexy and modern. She may build her wardrobe around staple items, but she dresses it up with sexy shoes, handbags, and jewelry, and always has flattering intimates underneath it all.


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All on the Line with Joe Zee

Zappos loves an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s how we came to be in the first place! With our Emerging Designer program, we’ve given up-and-coming designers a platform to showcase their passion and talent on a nationwide scale. 

That’s why when Alison, our trend manager, and Karrie, one of our buyers, got approached to be on the show All On The Line, we knew it was the perfect fit. The show guides struggling fashion designers onto the road of commercial success. The aspiring designers get a chance to share their creative vision in a make-or-break presentation to real buyers. With so much at stake, their dreams really are “on the line”.

All On The Line,All On The Line with Joe Zee,Joe Zee,Sundance Channel,fashion,fashion reality shows,reality TV,TV shows,Zappos on TV,sweepstakes,contests,emerging designer,We had the exciting opportunity to ask Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE magazine and host of All on The Line, a few questions. Read on to delve into his lifelong love of fashion and of course get some of his expert advice on what’s hot this season!

What was the biggest influence that motivated you to pursue a career in fashion?

JZ: I loved the visual imagery and the stories that fashion photography told and the general makeup of fashion magazines. I loved how clothes could define your mood and your personality.

As someone who is constantly surrounded by fashion in every facet of your career, where do you personally find the most creative inspiration outside of your normal day-to-day routine?
JZ: Mostly pop culture. I am a huge pop culture fanatic and love and am intrigued by things that are immensely popular whether it's books, movies, art or music.

What was the best piece of style advice anyone has ever given you?
JZ: To be genuine. Being authentic and exactly who you are has been able to afford me certain opportunities because that's what fashion should ultimately be: a true expression of yourself.

What are your top 5 fashion essentials for this fall (women)?

*a statement coat
*a peplum dress
*riding boots
*a pantsuit
*something in a ‘60s inspired optic print

Which fall/winter trend are you most excited about and why?
JZ: Winter White. I think its looks incredibly fresh right now and I love that it shatters the rule of white after Labor Day.

With holiday party season just around the corner, what are some of your party fashion faves?
JZ: Festive colors. I love fun colors around the holiday season. It's such a cheery season that wearing something fun makes me smile even more.

If you could have your pick of any super power to have, which would you choose and why?
JZ: To be invisible. Sometimes I think it would be fun to just be a fly on the wall and being invisible would allow me to do that.

All On The Line, All On The Line with Joe Zee, contests, emerging designer, fashion, fashion reality shows, Joe Zee, reality tv, Sundance Channel, sweepstakes, TV shows, Zappos on TV

Alison Callaway, Brooke Rodd, Karrie Meiklereid and Joe Zee

In tonight’s episode of All On The Line, our very own Alison and Karrie evaluate a capsule collection designed exclusively for Zappos by Brooke Rodd. What does Zappos think of her beach-inspired designs? Tune in tonight at 9PM on the Sundance Channel!

And, last but certainly not least: Click HERE for a chance to win a $1,000 Zappos Gift Card!

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New Brand Spotlight: DMSX by Donald J Pliner

new brand spotlight,DMSX by Donald J Pliner,Donald J Pliner,new Zappos brands,women's shoes,DMSX shoes,She's strong. . . She's edgy and she's stylish. She's the DMSX® girl! She's all about the rock and roll life on the weekends and pushin' 9 to 5 all week.

The DMSX collection was created and carefully thought out as a lifestyle brand that can answer all the needs of the customer. From casual and evening wear, to work and weekend wear, DMSX® has it all.

DMSX® heels, flats, booties, and boots are easily wearable and designed with impeccable craftsmanship. Strong styling such as the Shanghai Purple sole scream DMSX!

Check out DMSX® on!

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Earth Shoes: Wellness & Style for Work and Weekend

As every woman on the go knows, style and comfort need to coexist. That’s why we love Earth shoes for year-round comfort...and of course, wearable style.

Their comfy boots are perfect with jeans on the weekends or that casual lunch date. For work, Earth flats, oxfords and mary janes are perfect, particularly for jobs where you’re not exactly sitting at your desk all day. (Teachers, we’re talking to you!)

Check out a few of our fall picks from Earth Shoes:

Earth,Earth Shoes,Earth Comfort Shoes,comfortable boots,comfortable shoes,work shoes,shoes for work,Earth Women's shoes,comfortable shoes,stylish and comfortable shoes,Earth Fall 2012 styles,Earth boots,

1. Earth Buckeye Boots, 2. Earth Brushcherry Low Wedges, 3. Earth Buttonbush Mary Jane Wedge, 4. Earth Knoll Boots, 5. Earth Periwinkle Oxford, 6. Earth Zinnia Boots

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Emerging Designer: Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini

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“A personality so unique deserves a handbag to match.”  This is the mantra behind Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Carli Rae was always destined to start her own business from a young age. During her first year of high school, she rebelled against the norms of high school fashion and started her own line of custom tees and accessories with her best friend called Vergamimi & Smith.

After studying apparel design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and London College of Fashion, the Wisconsin native started Crave as a creative outlet and a way to get her foot into the competitive fashion industry. Taking her love for fashion and sewing along with the inspiration she gained from her semester in London, the young designer was inspired to take Crave to the next level!

After a year of seeing success with Crave in local boutiques and online, Vergamini knew that working in a cubicle or designing under someone else’s name was no longer an option. She was ready to venture out with her own brand for good.

Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini handbags use fun and eclectic resources such as up-cycled leather, vintage findings as well as fabrics fresh from the bolt. Using a handmade process, each Crave handbag is designed to be truly one of a kind!

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Kaenon: Celebrating 10 Years of Family with Conway Bowman

kaenon eyewear,kaenon sunglasses,fishing,kaenon,kaenon 10th anniversary series,kaenon 10th anniversary collection,conway bowman,fly fishing,fly fisherman,outdoor sports,Kaenon Trade,family,

Conway Bowman wears the Kaenon Trade

As part of Kaenon’s year-long 10th anniversary celebration, they launched their Celebration Video Series highlighting amazing people and stories.

To celebrate 10 years of family, Kaenon is highlighting Conway Bowman. The professional fly fisherman talks about the lessons he learned from his father growing up about the balance of life and nature. He also talks about how he hopes to pass on what he has learned from his father down to his own son:

About Conway Bowman:

Conway Bowman is a professional fly fisherman and guide from San Diego, CA. He began fly fishing in Idaho at age eight. Since then, he's mastered the river, lake and sea. His extensive saltwater experience includes inshore and bluewater up and down the west coast, including Baja California.

He co-hosted ESPN's In Search of Flywater show and is the current host of Fly Fishing the World on the Sportsman Channel. Conway’s exploits have also been chronicled in various books, Tidelines and Fly Fishing for Sharks: An American Journey and magazines including, Flyfish Journal, Fly Fisherman, The Drake, Fly Fishing Saltwater’s, Field & Stream, Men’s Journal, and SaltWater Sportsman.

Conway is an avid advocate for shark conservation and aids researchers, raising funds for research tagging Shortfin Mako sharks off the Southern California coast through his annual Flying Mako Charity Tournament.



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New Brand Spotlight: Eyebobs

eyebobs,new brand spotlight,eyebobs readers,readers,reading glasses,eyebobs reading glasses,eyebobs sunglasses,subglasses,eyebobs readers, stylish eyewear,eyeweareyebobs® creates distinctive, high quality eyewear for the irreverent & slightly jaded. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, we outfit the eyes of the smart, sarcastic & style-conscious among us.

Handmade with Italian plastics and state of the art metals, eyebobs® are not your run-of-the-mill, drugstore readers! Reading glasses are more than just a tool to help you see, they're an opportunity to accessorize your eyes. Express your personality and make a statement with eyebobs®.



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Sustainability at Zappos

On August 27th, two hundred Zapponians made the move to their new office at 302 E Caron St. in downtown Las Vegas. These pioneers made the journey in advance of their other 1,500 colleagues who are scheduled to move there in October of 2013. The leased space in 302 E Carson offers a great opportunity to test innovative office strategies and ideas that will assist in the development of the new office space: cool strategies and ideas that also center on sustainability.

Why 302 E Carson? It had to be a space that could be renovated to fit Zappos’ culture and specific business needs, as well as provide a sustainable workplace. Ultimately, the 6th and 7th floors of the 11-story building at 302 E Carson were chosen to be Zappos’ first downtown office. Build out only took three months and on August 27th, Kuzco the llama chewed through a ribbon made of carrots to welcome the Zapponians to their new home!

In this post, we’ll specifically look at four of the most prominent sustainable attributes of 302 E Carson and how they foreshadow what’s to come for Zappos’ future home at 400 Stewart (Old City Hall).


LEED Certification

In 2010, Thompson National Properties, the property owner, completed a major renovation of 302 E Carson. The renovation by Shangri Lai earned a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification from the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) for its core and shell. Some of the most noticeable LEED features that Zappos employees will get to experience are the low flow water fixtures in the restrooms that save 40% annually, the dual glaze windows to keep out the heat, the upgraded efficient HVAC equipment that keep the space comfortable, and the ample bike parking.

Downtown Las Vegas,Sustainability Efforts at Zappos,LEED Certified buildings, sustainability, zappos campus, Zappos Carson office, Zappos Downtown office, zappos hq

High Performance Recycling

The inhabitants at 302 E Carson are also experimenting with a unique recycling system. Unlike most traditional offices, waste bins at every individual desk are not present. Instead of purchasing two hundred 12-liter waste bins per desk or two hundred waste bins and two hundred recycling bins per desk, the design team bought only forty 46-liter split bin (recycle and waste) containers from Simplehuman and spaced them strategically throughout the office. The design team then went one step further; they flipped the traditional use of the split sides, using the larger waste side for recycling and using the smaller recycle side for waste. The bins are well marked with a quirky Zappos-style graphic sticker on the top lid that clearly labels the two sides and what goes in them. The graphic lists recyclables such as “paper, aluminum and plastic” and trash such as “dirty tissues, gum, boogers, and weird stuff.” According to Brad Tomm, Zappos’ Sustainability Manager, “the removal of bins from employee’s desks make the trash/recycle experience more active and less passive. Having to physically get up and place one’s trash in the bin creates an experience where people are more apt to do the right thing and take a brief moment to sort their waste correctly.” Using this system, Zappos’ goal is to recycle 80 – 90% of the office waste.

Downtown Las Vegas,Sustainability Efforts at Zappos,LEED Certified buildings, sustainability, zappos campus, Zappos Carson office, Zappos Downtown office, zappos hq

Alternative Fuel Vehicle

One of the favorite guest and employee perks at Zappos is the use of the fleet vehicles for transportation to and from the airport or important meetings. The Zappos Concierge team (ZCON) manages a fleet of six vehicles and one bus. New at 302 E Carson is Zappos’ first alternative-fueled vehicle, a CNG (compressed natural gas) Dodge mini van. This spacious little van was converted by World CNG and is fueled at Clean Energy’s numerous local fueling stations. This van will burn cleaner and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional gasoline. As the fleet vehicles reach their life expectancy, Zappos plans to always give replacement priority to electric, hybrid, or CNG vehicles.

Downtown Las Vegas,Sustainability Efforts at Zappos,LEED Certified buildings, sustainability, zappos campus, Zappos Carson office, Zappos Downtown office, zappos hq

Sustainable Furniture

The last bit of clever coolness to cover is the choice to furnish the office space with the newest modular designs from Herman Miller, a company known for its strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Herman Miller’s Sense™ desking system was chosen for the office space because of its flexibility, compatibility and sustainability. Over two hundred desks offer employees modern work stations that can be moved, modified, and reconfigured without using a single tool. Zappos also chose the Sense™ desking system because it is comprised from 46% recycled content materials, contains FSC-certified wood and is GREEN GUARD® certified as a low emitting product.

Downtown Las Vegas,Sustainability Efforts at Zappos,LEED Certified buildings, sustainability, zappos campus, Zappos Carson office, Zappos Downtown office, zappos hq

To wrap up, Zappos’ new office space at 302 E Carson is a really sweet spot. Think of it as a sneak peak for what’s to come at the NEW Zappos headquarters at 400 Stewart St. -- Coming soon in October 2013!

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Jack Rogers Fall Boots

Did you know? The go-to name for chic summer and resort sandals is not just for warm weather anymore! Jack Rogers has some amazing fall shoes including two new boot styles available just in time for your fall wardrobe.

So whether it’s a rainy or chilly fall day, you can now wear the same classic Jack Rogers style that Jackie O herself was quite fond of.

fall boots, fall trends, jack rogers, jack rogers boots, jack rogers shoes, rain boots, rubber boots, wellies

1. Jack Rogers Tack Riding Boots, 2. Jack Rogers Whirlaway Rain Boots in Blue/Lime Whipstitch, 3. Jack Rogers Whirlaway Rain Boots in Black/ Espresso Whipstitch

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New Brand Spotlight: J MEN by Jamie Sadock

new brand spotlight,jamie sadock,polo shirts,J Men by Jamie Sadock, Men's sportswear,Men's polo shirts,Jamie Sadock is a progressive, action-oriented company that strives to be an industry leader through its commitment to continuously improve the intrinsic value of its sportswear collections. Designed by artist Jamie Sadock, each collection is full energy, lively colors, fun patterns, and novel silhouettes.

"Corrosion of conformity” is Jamie Sadock’s battle cry. Highly respected within the fashion industry for her ability to create futuristic concepts using art, Jamie Sadock’s impeccable styling and use of unusual colors and silhouettes have enabled her designs to break through traditional parameters.

J MEN by Jamie Sadock offers imaginative, remarkably elegant menswear that bridges the gap between sport and fashion. Combining a love of sports with a new direction in fashion, the men’s collection boasts pants, short, polos, and tees that can be worn both on and off the playing field.

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October Random Acts of O: Give Great Advice

facebook, More Than Shoes, O Magazine, O the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Random Acts of OO, The Oprah Magazine, in partnership with, is going on a kindness mission to spread the love and make the world a friendlier place. Each month, we'll be giving you a brand new kindness challenge. This month's challenge—Give Great Advice!

A great piece of advice is priceless. This month, O Magazine is asking readers to share the best advice they have ever received as a way to pay it forward. Tag the friend/s who gave you the golden piece of advice. In the Random Acts of O tab, there are also great tips on how to give great advice to a friend.

So go ahead and share the wealth of wisdom! It’s contagious.