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DC Snowboarding Presents: "Must Be Nice"

Today, DC Snowboarding is premiering Must Be Nice, the first team movie produced by DC since Mtn Lab 1.5 in 2008. With legends like Devun Walsh to newcomer Anto Chamberland, Must Be Nice features footage of the guys from the past year shredding around the world. A true team movie, this film is what snowboarding is to DC.

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DC is doing a free online screening of the movie on their Facebook page today, hosting a truly global premiere with live online chat for viewers with the stars of the movie. Must Be Nice will be available for purchase on Itunes.

But before you check out the full movie, make sure to check out the brand-spankin’ new DC snowboarding clothing and gear that just hit the site.

If this doesn't get you excited to shred all winter long, we don't know what will!

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New Brand Spotlight: Martino Boots

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Wet, snowy conditions don’t have to mean leaving your style out in the cold! Martino boots are not only 100% waterproof and handmade in North America to give your tired, cold feet the comfort they crave, they look great with tons of outfits! Their collection of classic yet stylish boots are perfect for work, weekends and everything in between.

So whether you live in the snowy streets of New York, or a wintry suburbia in the middle of the country, you never have to sacrifice comfort and dry feet over looking good. Martino boots has it covered. Literally.