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New Brand Spotlight: Louis Garneau

louis garneau, garneau, new brand spotlight, cycling, garneau cycling apparel, triathlon, bike, technical clothing, For over 25 years, Louis Garneau® has been an innovator in the world of cycling. What started in his father's garage has grown into an internationally recognized industry leader that specializes in the design and development of technological and innovative gear. They take great pride in their extensive product line that includes shorts, tights, technical shirts, jackets, and triatholon suits.

Louis Garneau addresses the needs of all types of cyclist and athletes. They strive to produce products that exceed expectations and set benchmarks for technology and performance in the industry. They transform intuitive ideas into intelligent products. Louis Garneau captures an audience of millions of cyclists worldwide through their products, and offers a cycling solution which includes a one stop shop for all your cycling needs.

Whether you’re training for that next triathlon, or bike to work, Louis Garneau apparel and accessories will take your ride to a higher level.


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New Brand Spotlight: Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus, New Brand Spotlight, Pink lotus apparel, Pink Lotus Clothing, pink lotus yoga apparel, pink lotus yoga clothing,


Pink Lotus® has been outfitting the health and wellness community for nearly 10 years, and in the process, they have redefined the active fashion category. Their versatile designs transition with ease from studio to street without impeding on your busy day. With fabrics ranging from technical performance, super cozy stretch terry, hand tie dyes, and washes, Pink Lotus has got your active lifestyle covered. Run a race, errands, or stretch out by the pool in the comfort and style of Pink Lotus.




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Inspired By: Tee Time

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then street style replication is fashion flattery at its finest.

Today’s street style inspiration is centered on one of the most effortlessly cool wardrobe staples around: the graphic tee. Even on our laziest days, the ubiquitous graphic-print tee instantly offers style redemption with its cool, laidback vibe!

We translated this comfy look with a gritty burnout tee underneath a military-inspired twill jacket. The pop of bold color in the beanie just gives that extra oomph on those days when you just want to roll out of bed and go!

inspired by, street style, street style inspiration, chaser, free people, siwy, siwy denim, sam edelman, Neff

street style image source: WGSN

1. Neff Daily Beanie in Magenta

2. Chaser 50/50 Boxy Flow Tee

3. Free People Rugged Embroidered Jacket

4. Siwy Denim “Hannah” Slim Crop in Rebel Rouser

5. Sam Edelman “Noah” Flats

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New Brand Spotlight: Fig Clothing

FIG® Clothing is a Canadian sportswear brand for active, urban, and elegant women who love to travel. The collection is inspired by adventure and practicality. It is designed for those in need of versatility. FIG's mission is to offer a sophisticated alternative to traditional travel wear, an alternative that showcases the womanly body and makes it possible to feel at ease in all sorts of situations: in an urban setting like Manhattan or in a Tanzanian safari.

clothing, women's clothing, travel, clothing for travel, versatile clothing, new brand spotlight, FIG clothing, FIG, FIG apparel

With FIG, it is fast and easy to switch your style by simply changing from a sandal to a high heel shoe! FIG's COMMITMENT FIG clothes are developed and manufactured entirely in Canada. This business model allows the company to encourage the local workforce and limit travel related to the production and distribution of its clothes. It is not only a part of the DNA of the brand. It allows FIG to have better quality control and respond quickly to its clientele's needs. This commitment also encourages FIG to choose Canadian fabrics as well as organic fabrics whenever interesting options exist.

The SAFARI and CHALET collections are in fact great alternatives for eco-responsible clients! Why FIG? The FIG leaf symbolizes the invention of clothing, with Adam and Eve as original models. Since the company's mission is to keep things simple and down to the essentials, what better way is there to illustrate it than with a fig? In the language of choreography, fig. is short for figure (as in dancing figure, acrobatic figure). In other words, movement and action . . . things for which FIG is designed. Figure also evokes the silhouette, the shape of a woman. In this regard, FIG collections are designed to flatter and celebrate the female body.


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Buyer Picks: Lauren

Just because winter hasn't seem to let go of its frigid grip over most of the country, that doesn't mean we can't look to spring fashion to provide some much-needed sartorial release! In this edition of Buyer Picks,we asked fashion dresses buyer Lauren to share a few of her favorite things for spring. Is anyone else in the mood for a pool and a colorful bikini right about now?

buyer picks, contemporary fashion, coveted, minkpink, nanette lepore, Splendid clothing, spring fashion, spring transition, Ted Baker

1. Nanette Lepore "Be Happy" Top

2. Splendid Very Light Jersey Drape Cardigan

3. Ted Baker "Sweetea" Scallop Oil Painting Cover-up Dress

4. MINKPINK "Secret Garden" Skirt

5. Mara Hoffman Lattice High-Waisted Bottom

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New Brand Spotlight: De Soto

De Soto, new brand spotlight, De Soto apparel, De Soto triathlon apparel, De Soto triathlete apparel, De Soto triathlon clothing, triathletes, Founded in 1990, De Soto Sport has established itself as one of the most visible brands of apparel in the world of triathlon. Owned by a triathlete husband and wife team, every product has undergone hours of conception, design, testing and production, right here in America. 

De Soto makes technical garments, designed with comfort and style, for men and women that can be used for swimming, biking, and running, eliminating the need to change. De Soto also offers a complete line of workout apparel, accessories and gear, all of which transcend well into other sport or exercise. 

Furthermore, De Soto backs up each product with a satisfaction guarantee. After twenty five years in business, you can trust De Soto and its products.


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Fresh Picks: Point Blanc

Pure, pristine white is one of those colors that never ceases to be relevant year-round. As we transition into spring, the simplicity of white is translated to everything from the simple white tee to the bold white handbag.

Pair this ethereal hue with its classic counterpart black, go head-to-toe white or let it serve as a canvas to let your pop of color piece really take center stage.

Check out a few of our alabaster picks below!

bcbgeneration, Chaser, dv by dolce vita, free people, fresh picks, guess, Luli Fuma, Steve Madden, Townsen, white, white clothing, white footwear, Young Contemporary Fashion

1. DV by Dolce Vita “Vita” Sandals

2. Chaser Deep V Oversized Dolman Tee

3. Townsen “Sand Dollar” Sweater

4. GUESS “Cailin” Fancy Satchel

5. Luli Fama “Cosita Buena” T-Back Long Jumpsuit Cover-Up

6. Free People “To the Point” Mini Dress

7. BCBGeneration “Tilda”

8. Free People “My Favorite” Tee

9. Steve Madden “Dinaste”


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New Brand Spotlight: NUX

Made in the USA | Worn with pride | Worldwide

NUX apparel, NUX clothing, yoga clothing, workout clothing, yoga apparel, gym clothing, new brand spotlight, activewear, Today’s woman lives an active, diverse, and rich life. More than ever before, the balance between an active life and her sense of style is difficult to achieve.

NUX™ aims to provide a stylish and soulful balance for any activity. They call it, “Lunge to Lunch” styling. NUX delivers a fresh approach to activewear with a collection of engineered designs that combine fashion and performance with comfort and freedom of movement.

Their unique body engineering process allows the fabric to contour to your body’s every curve. The seamless designs are manufactured as one piece to provide comfort, and its moisture management fabric helps wick away moisture from your body—acting like a second skin. NUX athletic apparel classifies garments by levels of compression (i.e. the amount of support the garment offers).
High Compression—Tighter fit and maximum support &  Low Compression—Looser fit and little to no support.

NUX proudly supports local manufacturers, as all of the garments are made in the USA.
Nux specializes in spinning clothing, hot yoga clothing, cover-ups, and seamless activewear.


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New Brand Spotlight: Stylestalker

Coveted, The Seam, Fashion brands, new brand spotlight, stylestalker, Rachel Zeilic, Sue-Ann San, fashion bloggers, contemporary fashion

It was a meeting of the minds by two self-described fashion junkies that led Sydney friends Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic to launch their label Stylestalker in 2008. What began as a small online boutique that served to fuel the duo’s insatiable appetite for all things fashion has evolved into a burgeoning fashion brand with over 200 stockists worldwide including top retailers and legions of fans courting their instantly recognizable designs.

With a background cemented in marketing and business coupled with their street-smart savvy, the pair bring a fresh approach to the fashion landscape creating a unique brand that blends fashion with pop culture. With their fingers firmly on the fashion pulse, Zeilic and San’s constant search for fresh inspiration ensures that their designs are of-the-moment: cutting-edge while maintaining the accessible, wearable appeal that has been key to their success.


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On Our Favorites: Pretty Pastels

Our 'My Favorites' list is always brimming with so much awesomeness; we just have to share some of it with you!

BCBGeneration, MINKPINK, On Our Favorites, Pastel, Young Contemporary Fashion

MINKPINK “Marie” Knitted SweaterMarie Antoinette herself would have loved the utterly indulgent use of angelic baby blue on this cozy and cheeky sweater!

BCBGeneration “The Pippa” ToteWe love the juxtaposition of the refined structure and delicately feminine petal pink hue.

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New Brand Spotlight: Alo Yoga

alo yoga, yoga, yoga clothing, yoga apparel, yoga pants, yoga jackets, workout clothing, new brand spotlight

Alo™ Yoga is inspired by life in the fashion and healthy lifestyle mecca of Los Angeles, California, where they are based. Their high-performance line exceeds the standards of LA's most committed yogis who demand maximum quality, innovative fabrics, and on-trend styling.

Each and every garment is created by a design team of yoga enthusiasts—and tested and retested on real yogis—to ensure the best, most slimming, move-with-you fit that will elevate your every asana. Namaste.


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Staff Picks: Places We Love

Experience the places we love through our eyes. These are the places we go to escape, to recharge, and to be inspired. They ground us, they move us, they challenge us, but above all, they leave a lasting impact that resonates through all aspects our lives.

Below is a small sampling as seen through the eyes of Zappos Family employees: Anji, Bill, Erica, and Song-I. Enjoy their perspectives and photographs from their personal collections, unedited and unfiltered.

Anji’s Escape:

“Central Nevada is chock-full of amazing remote peaks such as Toiyabe Dome. This vast area is one of my favorite summertime spots to hike as it offers a great escape where you can fall off the grid. The mountains will humble you with their beauty, challenge and dominating views.” --Anji

staff picks, hiking, outdoor activities, rock climbing, zappos employees, employee picks, scrambling, Nevada, Thailand,  


Bill’s Adventure:

“I planned my entire three-week Thailand adventure on a photo of this climb as I was surfing the web one night. One year later my girlfriend snapped this picture of me on my first red point on the wall.” -Bill

 staff picks, hiking, outdoor activities, rock climbing, zappos employees, employee picks, scrambling, Nevada, Thailand,


Erica’s Exploration:

“My favorite hike is the Mosquito Flat Trailhead in the Sierras. It’s one of the most stunning places I have ever seen in person and every step of the hike makes me grateful that I’m there to see it. It runs into the John Muir Trail and when I read this quote I understand why he said it given such surroundings: “Few places in this world are more dangerous than home. Fear not, therefore, to try the mountain passes. They will kill care, save you from deadly apathy, set you free, and call forth every faculty into vigorous, enthusiastic action.” Being in nature clears my mind and has a way of removing all the unimportant thoughts clogging my brain. I always leave feeling renewed and inspired.” -Erica

 staff picks, hiking, outdoor activities, rock climbing, zappos employees, employee picks, scrambling, Nevada, Thailand,


Song-I’s Scramble:

“I love scrambling up rocks after a difficult week.  This is me in a high crevice we found at the Valley of Fire, and the colors were absolutely breathtaking.  There's just something so meditative about scrambling -- you have to be both focused and relaxed as you take each step, making sure you're in sync with your momentum, footwork, and the boulders beneath you.  It's incredibly satisfying to constantly re-shift and focus your mind away from every thing else happening in life with every step you take deeper or higher into the solace and comfort of nature.” -Song-I

staff picks, hiking, outdoor activities, rock climbing, zappos employees, employee picks, scrambling, Nevada, Thailand,

Before you start your own adventure, visit Zappos Outdoor for all the footwear, clothing & gear you need!

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StyleStalker Visits Zappos

Our new friends from contemporary fashion brand StyleStalker recently paid us a visit at our headquarters and photo studio in downtown Las Vegas to tour the office and join in on the photo shoot shenanigans!

contemporary fashion, coveted, Rachel Zeilic, stylestalker, The Seam, women's apparel, women's clothing, women's fashion clothing, Zappos photo shoot, zappos photo studio, zappos studio


Be on the lookout for StyleStalker on this February + our exclusive Q&A with one half of the creative duo behind the brand, Rachel Zeilic!

contemporary fashion, coveted, Rachel Zeilic, stylestalker, The Seam, women's apparel, women's clothing, women's fashion clothing, Zappos photo shoot, zappos photo studio, zappos studio

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Inspired By: Rustic Vibes

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then street style replication is fashion flattery at its finest.

Today’s street style inspiration is still influenced by wintry weather and its many bundling-up possibilities. This neo-rustic ensemble is a great example of mixing prints impeccably with its fresh combo of buffalo checks and classic heritage plaid. It’s part log cabin, part downtown-cool in the best way!

Check out how we interpreted this effortlessly cozy look below:

inspired by, alternative apparel, street style, street style inspiration, obey, michael stars, echo design, steve madden, frye

street style image source: WGSN

1. Frye “Cameron” Satchel

2. Michael Stars Pheasant Trimmed Wide Brim Fedora

3. Alternative Apparel “Luma” Sweatshirt

4. Obey “Brighton” Jacket

5. Alternative Apparel Skinny Legging

6. Steve Madden “Lilianne” Boot

7. Echo Design Vintage Plaid Wrap Scarf

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DV by Dolce Vita x Vanessa Mooney

One of our biggest footwear obsessions, DV by Dolce Vita has recently collaborated with boho-chic jewelry designer extraordinaire Vanessa Mooney to create a five-piece capsule collection just in time for resort/spring season!

Known for her eclectic taste and intricate, handmade designs, the LA-based jewelry designer is a true embodiment of uninhibited style. Her jewelry is loved by both celebrities and tastemakers all over. Vanessa Mooney lends her global aesthetic to this stunning collection of sandals for DV by Dolce Vita, capturing a carefree Hollywood-rebel attitude for the modern bohemian girl.  

Check out the gorgeous DV by Dolce Vita x Vanessa Mooney collection while it lasts!dolce vita, Dolce Vita footwear, dv by dolce vita, Vanessa Mooney, Vanessa Mooney jewelry

1. DV by Dolce Vita "Finnley"

2. DV by Dolce Vita "Avina"

3.  DV by Dolce Vita "Atara"

4. DV by Dolce Vita "Austyn"

5. DV by Dolce Vita "Montey"