Alfred the Easter Bunny

I’m at the Zappos outlet store in Las Vegas right now (Dean Martin location) and Alfred (COO/CFO of Zappos) is dressed up as an Easter bunny, handing out candy to the kids!


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Dec 24, 2009 at 7:18 pm ZC37025 said:

Hi Tony,

I am watching the Apprentice on TV tonight while trying to catch up on my backlog. Being a guy who is not shoe or clothing oriented I was not familar with your company or brand.

I watch the Apprentice often because most of the tasks given to contestants are marketing oriented. I pay attention to see how contestants approach the problem and what works and what does not. When it does not work, I like to know why to help save myself from having to experience a negative learning curve.

During the show what I am most anxious to see and discover are methods and techniques that bring immediate results. Being early stage without outside financing, efficiency of effort is one of the most important things to me.

After seeing your company on tonights show I have viewed a couple of your past interviews online and read most of your blogs. What I could not find was what were some of the marketing techniques you found to be most effective for building the Zappos brand in the market? Or was most of the brand building done via advertising?

For ue have a great demographics. Over 200 million Americans visit animal attractions each year. Being early stage without outside financing, we have built our brand solely through word of mouth. Word of mouth is too slow of a growth cycle for this large of a potential audience. Due to the economics of not having outside investors we do not have the luxury of buying ads.

I and I'm sure many of your customers would be curious to know what low or no cost marketing efforts provided the greatest impact in building the Zappos brand.

Sincerely, Rudy Socha CEO Zoo and Aquarium Visitor