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6 Super Comfortable Summer Sandals

As we happily spend the long, winding days of summer basking in the heat and sunshine, it quickly becomes evident that the need for sandals that start out comfortable and stay comfortable all day is pretty high on the priority list! Think about it; summer days often consist of zipping around from place to place, taking the kids from one activity to the next, vacations spent wandering and sightseeing…. Who has time to mess around with uncomfortable sandals? We sure don’t.

That’s why our beloved comfort brands like Birkenstock, UGG and Dr. Scholl’s spend so much time perfecting the art of comfortable sandals! Who doesn’t appreciate all-day comfort and versatile style? Besides, you’re far too busy enjoying all those summer activities to settle for anything less.

Below are just a few of our most comfy summer sandals to enjoy:

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1.  Josef Seibel Kira 09

2. Romika Bali N 07

3. Gentle Souls Layton Slides

4. Dr. Scholl’s Flight Original Collection

5. UGG Navie Flip-Flops

6. Birkenstock Gizeh


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My Adventures Through South East Asia with Toad&Co!

There are few things that I enjoy more than taking trips to foreign places. Whether it’s to a new place across town, a neighboring state or a location overseas, there is something to be said for exploring never before seen places. This summer, I was fortunate enough to visit the vast and amazing lands of Southeast Asia. Our trip started in Cambodia, wound through Vietnam and ended up in Thailand. As excited as I was for this trip, there was one thing I was not thrilled about: packing.

Packing for an international trip is about as much fun as an ingrown toenail. There are so many factors to take into consideration and the fact that I couldn’t exactly rely on the old “If I forget it, I’ll just buy one there” adage makes me a little a lot on edge. This is why I was more than relieved when I found out Toad&Co (formerly Horny Toad) was launching their new Modern Travel Collection. This collection was the answer to all of my travel prayers: functional, fashionable clothing that I could wear, re-wear, sweat in, spill on, crumple up and continue to wear yet again throughout the journey.

Knowing that my trip was coming up, I selected a few items to take with me, which quickly turned into a few more items, and then a little bit more for good measure! I will now share with you some of my Toad & Co favorites, though I have to say that they all were just what I needed.

Our first day was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, visiting the astounding temples of Angkor Wat. Because we would be visiting a religious site, we were told that we would have to wear clothing that covered both our shoulders and legs. Knowing that it was 97 degrees outside and 90% humidity, I knew that I would need pieces that were lightweight, breathable and would be able to keep me as cool as possible (or at least hide all the sweat stains that I was sure to encounter).

The Ella Ankle Pant and Ursa Three-Quarter Sleeve Tunic were just the solution to my conundrum. They maintained the appropriate coverage while being light enough so I didn’t feel like I was suffocating in the surrounding heat and humidity. For the other portions of our trip where it wasn’t necessary to dress as conservatively, the Rizzo Sleeveless Stripe Shirt and Farflung Short were amazing. These pieces were perfect for our trips to the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam and exploring markets in Bangkok as they allowed for maximum comfort and mobility.

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1. Toad&Co Ursa Three-Quarter Sleeve Tunic

2. Toad&Co Rizzo Sleeveless Stripe Shirt

3. Toad&Co Ella Ankle Pant

4. Toad&Co Farflung Short

5. Toad&Co Alluvial Dress

6. Toad&Co Linette Dress

7. Toad&Co Capellini Dress

8. Toad&Co Allisa Dress

On the days where we had more time to shop, explore and weren’t necessarily as active, the Allisa Dress and Capellini Dress were just right. From the breathable, stretchable fabrics to the versatile and easy designs, these dresses were just what I needed!

I am typically the type of person that could live in pajamas, and since that is usually frowned upon; I have to say that these dresses were the next best thing. They were beyond comfortable and super stylish.

Finally, for dressier occasions like dinner and shows, the Alluvial Dress and the Linette Dress provided the perfect dose of dressy while still remaining extremely versatile and relaxed. As with all of the other pieces, I found that I could wear them comfortably during the day and easily dress them up at night; making my wardrobe decisions that much easier.

For all my future adventures, instead of worrying about what to bring in my suitcase, I am truly excited to know that the versatile Toad&Co Modern Travel collection has me covered…literally!

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Pikolinos Colors for Spring

Color like never before. That is what the Pikolinos Colors Collection for Spring 2014 is all about!

Dyed with a special immersion process, these handcrafted shoes infuse a rich dose of color into your spring/summer wardrobe and beyond:

immersion dye process, pikolinos, Pikolinos Colors, Pikolinos Colors Collection, pikolinos shoes, Pikolinos spring 2014

1. Pikolinos Puerto Vallarta

2. Pikolinos Brunei

3.Pikolinos Pisa

4. Pikolinos Jerez

Pikolinos Full Colors from Pikolinos on Vimeo.

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The Stefano Furiani Collection by Crocs

If you think of Crocs as merely cushy perforated clogs that nurses and restaurant employees wear, well think again! The world-famous footwear company is set out to break your preconceptions with its brand new line of sleek, sophisticated—and yes, super comfy shoes: The Stefano Furiani Collection by Crocs.

 Crocs, Stefano Furiani, Crocs, Crocs fashion, Stefano Furiani Collection by Crocs,

1. Crocs "Infradito"

2. Crocs "Sabot Estiva"

3. Crocs "Ballerina Estiva"

This thoughtfully curated collection of modern shoes was conceived by and named for Crocs Italy designer & research and development director Stefano Furiani. This stylish collection is not offered in any of Crocs’ retail stores or online store. is among the small number of retailers to carry this limited-distribution collection.


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The Earth Family of Footwear

Remarkable comfort and style don’t often coincide, but when they do, you know you have a keeper! Discovering this winning combination can be as easy as finding a pair of Earth shoes. Whether you’re into classic style, a fashion connoisseur or a yoga buff, there’s something for you in the Earth family of brands!

Get to know each of the three brands below:

 comfortable stylish shoes, Earth shoes, Earthies, Kalso Earth, Earth footwear, Earthies Footwear, Kalso Earth Footwear,

EarthContemporary style and thoughtfully designed comfort make Earth shoes feel as good as they look. Their comfort footbeds were designed to deliver wellness to the entire body with every step.

1. Earth "Mist"

2. Earth "Azalea"

Earthies- Fashionably merging style with unexpected comfort, these designs are perfect for women who don’t want to compromise one for the other.

1. Earthies "Petra"

2. Earthies "Casella"

Kalso Earth- Designed by Danish yoga instructor Anne Kalso, every pair of Kalso Earth is based on the primary “mountain pose” or tadasana in yoga. Kalso Earth styles not only feel good, they help naturally improve your posture, strengthen core muscles, and reduce joint stress.

1. Kalso Earth "Presto"

2. Kalso Earth "Solar 3"

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The Dansko "Thea" Clogs

A lot of shoe trends tend to put a premium on style while neglecting to factor in comfort. Well, when it comes to the timeless yet totally on-trend clog, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style thanks to the darling “Thea” clog by Dansko.

We love this fresh update on the basic clog with the addition of a moisture-wicking cushioned footbed. That’s right! No more having to pass up wooden clogs.

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The Thea comes in a few great colors to wear all year round. Consider your clog prayers answered.  Thanks, Dansko!

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New Brand Spotlight: Lobo Solo

Lobo Solo, new brand spotlight, Lobo Solo footwear, Lobo Solo shoes, comfort shoes, comfort footwear

The Lobo Solo® shoe manufacturing system originated from the ancient traditions of the Nordic regions of Mexico—an artisan construction where components of the shoe are woven by hand, creating a shoe with great flexibility and exquisite comfort.

Lobo Solo strives to preserve these ancient traditions and fuse them with the advantages of current state-of-the art footwear designs. Lobo Solo offers customers a value that only artisans can provide.


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New Brand Spotlight: The FLEXX

FLEXX, new brand spotlight, FLEXX Footwear, FLEXX shoes, comfort shoes, comfort footwear, comfortable shoes, travel shoes,

The FLEXX™ footwear is the perfect hybrid of fine Italian design and complete comfort. Their design house in Tuscany, Italy is committed to creating fine footwear that marries the best Italian leathers and super flexible dense foam footbeds that absorb the impact of everyday walking.

With decades of experience in designing comfortable, on-trend footwear, The FLEXX refuses to compromise style over comfort or vice versa. See for yourself why The FLEXX shoes give you the best of both worlds (perhaps while you travel the world)!