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Naot Stages an Intervention

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Have you ever wondered how those amazingly comfortable and fashionable NAOT sandals, shoes, and boots get from an Israeli factory to your well groomed feet?  Maybe each pair is equipped with tiny wings and a jet-pack? Perhaps Aladdin brings them over here by soaring, tumbling, and free-wheeling on a magic carpet ride? Oh, I know!! Each pair is like a mini submarine, able to travel thousands of miles under water? Well ponder no longer—it’s time to put an end to this guessing game. We are Yaleet Inc., the American distributors of NAOT footwear. For well over two decades, our team of passionate and inspired personnel have helped “NAOT” become a term subconsciously associated with fashion and comfort. When NAOT footwear arrived in America it took the footwear industry by storm. And I’m not talking about a “light sprinkling of rain on a Sunday morning” storm. This is the “board up the windows and stock up on canned food” type. Oh no, did I just hear thunder outside? Sounds like NAOT footwear is still on the rise.

Do you remember the days when comfort shoes were nothing more than giant blocks of dull-colored leather with two hook and loop closures? It just didn’t seem that a person could have footwear that was both comfortable and stylish. Well, we are proud to say those days are long gone.  I’d like to introduce you to some of the newest members of our esteemed “ELEGANT” collection.  The “PAMELA,” the “BETTY,” the “TRACY,” and the “ASHLEY” are not your run-of-the-mill comfort shoes. These sandals are sleek, stylish, elegant, and classy. They are some of the newest additions to our extensive assortment of stylish yet comfortable, and entirely hand-made footwear, that come in a magnificent array of eye-catching colors.  Our many collections vary in terms of soles, insoles, width, and heel height in an effort to make sure each individual can find a shoe that is appropriate for his or her unique foot structure. Not everyone’s foot is the same shape and we cater to that fact. Long live individuality!

Come in close—I want to whisper the secret behind the superior comfort of our shoes. THE FOOTBEDS!!! Sorry, did I scream in your ear? I only yell because here at Yaleet Inc. we can’t stop spreading the word about our uniquely engineered insoles. Our footbeds are a blend of natural latex and light flakes of cork. They are designed to adapt to the shape of the foot, alleviate pressure on joints and remove moisture. Other benefits include shock absorbency, slippage prevention, correct body weight distribution, increased balance and heel bone protection, as well as great flexibility and durability. Our footbeds have tamed even the wildest of feet and have helped people walk the earth in extreme comfort and relaxation. So give your feet a break, they’ve been working too hard. Let them soak for a while in the soothing comfort of a brand new pair of your favorite NAOTs.  You owe it to yourself!! (Written by Stef and JD from Yaleet Inc.)

Check out the intervention that Darren setup for Graham with the Naot interventionists. Everyone loves a feelgood story:


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Aug 13, 2010 at 5:02 pm LiaM15158 said:

I love Naots!

I saw I pair in Israel, in January, that I have not seen here. Is it possible to discuss with someone about getting them in this country? Would have bought them in Israel, except they were out of my size!

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Nov 27, 2010 at 4:00 pm Debra26078 said:

I purchased a pair of womens Ugg Cozy II Slippers for $84.00 over a year ago. The interior material is falling apart. I was told I could purchase new inserts for $14.00. Why would I spend $14.00 on inserts when there are companies in the United States that are selling womens slippers for $15.99, interior/exterior same quailty as uggs?!? One for example: Doggers. I purchased these and feel like I just put on my uggs for the first time. I can purchase 5 pairs of Doggers for the price of one pair of Ugg Cozy II Slippers.

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Jan 18, 2011 at 1:49 am cherylC30608 said:

I had a heel spur the size of a marble and my mother has foot problems too. She let me try on her Naots and I must own at least 10 pairs of them now! Not only are they the Most Comfortable sandal, but they have such good arch support,that I no longer have to get cortisone shots in my foot every 3 months! After changing out all my shoes and wearing ONLY Naots in the summer, I am 100% pain free. I love, love, love Naots. PS: I bought them all from Zappos!

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Jan 18, 2011 at 6:18 pm Pat W said:

Thank you for checking out our Blog cherylC30608! We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying you're Naots, and we hope you continue to have great experiences shopping at!

Have an awesome day! Pat