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I hear that you are sad that summer is coming to an end.  Soon the pool and the barbeque will be covered for the year and instead you’ll spend your mornings rushing around getting the kids ready for school.  The conversations will start shifting from “who wants to go to the beach” to the all too familiar “Timmy, why did Mrs. Smith call and say that you didn’t hand in the essay on the migration of Tanzanian wildebeests in the Serengeti that was due last week?” It sounds to me like fall can be a real downer. I think you could use a big hug. Whoa, not from me amigo, back up. I mean a hug for your feet from NAOT Footwear!!  What better way to get rid of your ‘summer-ending blues’ than with fantastic blue shoes from Naot’s new fall line?  We have maryjanes, clogs, flats, and wedges in our beautiful new polar sea leather—sure to brighten even the coldest and darkest fall days.   The look and feel of these new items is better than ever.  They are already being met with customer acclaim and praise.  So stop stressing that summer is almost over and get into the fall groove with NAOT Footwear.

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