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Earth Shoes: Wellness & Style for Work and Weekend

As every woman on the go knows, style and comfort need to coexist. That’s why we love Earth shoes for year-round comfort...and of course, wearable style.

Their comfy boots are perfect with jeans on the weekends or that casual lunch date. For work, Earth flats, oxfords and mary janes are perfect, particularly for jobs where you’re not exactly sitting at your desk all day. (Teachers, we’re talking to you!)

Check out a few of our fall picks from Earth Shoes:

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1. Earth Buckeye Boots, 2. Earth Brushcherry Low Wedges, 3. Earth Buttonbush Mary Jane Wedge, 4. Earth Knoll Boots, 5. Earth Periwinkle Oxford, 6. Earth Zinnia Boots


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Oct 6, 2012 at 12:30 pm shirley175766 said:

I had to smile,when I was a young woman I had a pair of earth shoes(maybe 20 years ago). They were the most comfortable shoes I had ever worn.The new ones I see don't quite look the same.I'm not sure they would be as comfortable.