Ladies, the shoe baton has been passed, Christian Louboutin is officially the current shoe God usurping the long standing Mr. Manolo. As reported by the New York-based Luxury Institute, Louboutin shoes are the most sought-after shoe brand of 2008. This is not news to the true fashionista because she already knows, covets and collects them without any shame or remorse at the $800-plus sticker price. But to others who feel that a brand must advertise (which Christian does not), must be mentioned in hot shows or movies (think Sex And The City, where he was not mentioned) or be on every ‘It’ starlet (rare) to be a hit, this must come as a huge surprise. What is it that draws so many to this brand? Could it be the draw of the red sole, which is distinguishable from any other shoe whether a woman is striding down a city block, sitting in a restaurant with her legs crossed or getting in and out of her Maybach? Is it the exquisite craftsmanship, the sky high heels or the many varied styles that could make you spend every paycheck on a pair? I’m not sure what it is for other individuals, but for me, my pulse quickens the moment I see the sole. For many that is both the draw and the deterrent, because what happens once the sole is worn out? Well, if you are like I am, you find the cobbler who will replace the sole with a red one, of course.


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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm ZC12498 said:

there is no denying the talent of mr. louboutin! his lavish creations speak for themselves! what's not to love- he's number #1 in my book!

The Shoenista