“It’s all in the details,” Vera Wang is often quoted as saying, and that so aptly describes designer Derek Lam. Some designers are invented, then there are those that are, in a sense, manner born to it, as was the exuberant but at once artfully restrained Derek Lam . This former Parsons School of Design graduate and CFDA winner started his career as an assistant to designer Michael Kors, quickly moving on to Vice President of Design for the Kors line before starting his own eponymous line in 2003. His signature pretty, girly and crisp silhouettes caught the eye of Diego Della Valle of Tods and was soon installed as its Creative Director. For those of you who follow his design genius, you know this is a design reign which is truly artistically supreme.

Luckily for all of the fashionistas that can’t quite afford his designer runway pieces, he has developed an accessory line. Um, thank you Derek, as though I needed another shopping obssession. features his fabulous sunglasses in an array of styles such as the Gemma (Gemma Ward perhaps?), Camille (actress Camille Belle?) and the Venetia (an ode to Tods owner Diego?). Whatever your shade or shape, these sunglasses will elicit the behind-your-back gossip that proves you have truly fashionably impressed!


Rising temperatures mean you can let your feet go free! Get them out of
those stuffy boots and lace-up oxfords and bare them in fun, flirty
sandals. Miss Trish of Capri has lots of great styles – gladiator flip-flops, tie-up flip-flops and sandals with tropical-esque embellishments like gold seahorses ,
turquoise and white. Take your pick – you can’t go wrong with any of
her flats – but our favorite is the Bali seahorse sandal.


We are! Get a few of Lucky magazine’s favorites right here on Couture.


Sobriety acts out in many ways. It can be overt confidence, which seemingly is the case for designer Marc Jacobs . He was the brilliant but schlumpy bespectacled designer that stood at the end of the runway in his grey sweater, baggy pants and kicks, looking out of place and oh so nervous.

Then, wham! He reappears out of sobriety as this buffed god-like creature akin to a Mount Olympia statue. Gone were the spectacles, gone was the greasy too-long hair, sweaters, and, huh, buffed arms were now rippling through his short-sleeved tees and fitted slacks. The hair is now closely cropped and blue, yes really, blue – midnight to be exact. Confidence seemed to know no bounds. There were nude cover shots, hotter than hot fashion shows, pictures of him everywhere. A film about his genius and maniac behavior, a coveted limited edition book (check out our earlier Well Read Fashionista on his book here), and cheeky tattoos. But when is confidence too much? Could we say he should have stopped at the blue hair? Was it the nude covers, which, even if I do say so myself, made me stop for not one but three looks, or the Spongebob or Red M & M tattoos that are the overkill? When is too much too much? We here a Couture are torn, so write us back and tell us what is the definitive line of just right and too much.


What’s black, khaki, orange and blue? According to our style spies,
the bounty of beautiful colors in full bloom around the Zappos corridors today.


A denim dress is simple, basic, and in this case of Moschino wonder, ultra-feminine.

The What: Moschino denim dress

The How-To: 1) Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses 2) Alexander McQueen scarf 3) Marc by
Marc Jacobs watch 4) leopard print, open-toed flats 5) Furla white shoulderbag

The When: Perfect for people watching in the park on a nice weekend day.

The Why: As if you need an excuse to exude a modern Breakfast at Tiffany’s style!


The What: Taverniti So Jeans Megstitch

The How To: 1. Ben Sherman Modest Blazer • 2. Roar Zep long sleeve shirt
3. D&G Dolce & Gabbana stainless steel watch • 4. Mark Nason Kodis boot

The When: Evening — great for after work, date night or taking in a Vegas show

The Why: Did you not see the picture?


Slim fitting denim for men is an ongoing trend, usually seen in the rock, goth and skateboarders realm. Lately they have truly migrated into daily fashion attire. Tell us if you love them or hate them, our inquiring minds want to know.