Clothing Rules: White After Labor Day?

Labor Day is over and I am sure that one question is on your mind. It’s plaguing you like an old lover who refuses to believe your relationship is all over. Well, don’t feel bad. This question is one that has boggled the mind of many fashion scholars sparking ugly debates and fits of fashion rebellion. What is it? “Is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?”

Now, this question is a valid one. Every year, the information released by fashion gurus on the topic is sketchy at best. Oprah sends out the word that it’s perfectly okay to wear white after Labor Day while her competition Tyra Banks says it isn’t. So who is right? The answer is both. Certain clothing attire are okay to wear after Labor Day while others or not.

The rule of thumb to follow after Labor Day is not to wear anything white below your waist. So that means that you should store away all of your white pants, skirts and shoes. Wearing them after Labor Day will make you look like a fashion reject. Instead, replace these items with beautiful fall colors: greens, blacks, blues and browns. These colors will make you look festive and ready for Fall. And, if you are really into white, you can top them off with a nice white or crème sweater.

Feel better now? I know you do. The question of wearing white after Labor Day is a big one. It can ruin holidays and other festive events because the fashion police are always lurking around reading to give you a verbal ticket. However, now you know enough information to fight it. You can wear white after Labor Day as long as you follow a simple rule and be the bell of the ball.


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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm ZC16602 said:

Having grown up with this rule in the fifties and sixties, I decided it made absolutely no sense in the seventies and beyond. Using the process of deduction, I arrived at this conclusion: At the time this edict was created, no white before mother's day and after labor day, there were no washing machines and the dresses were long and dragging the ground. Therefore, I eliminated the seasons as the reason because the first date is in the spring and the second date is in the summer. I then thought what happens before mother's day and after labor day. It rains! I repeat-no washing machines. I now continue to wear my white whites up until the last day of summer. White of course, keeps you cooler when it's hot, and while the really hot days are on the wane, I still prefer to wear white according to the calendar. There's plenty of time to dress in fall colors, particularly during - the fall.

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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm ZC18093 said:

Having worked in a true fashion setting where no customer left without there garments altered to perfection........The fashion rule was....The true fashion conscious person would NEVER wear white.......after August 15 !!! this is when, one would wear transitional colors..... still maybe lighter fabrics but always the colors for the approaching fall season.......Creme or winter white would be reserved for Holiday........

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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm ZC18593 said:

So then no well dressed baby would be wearing one of these: this fall? I really wish zappos didn't sell bunny fur, and I know a lot of my friends are boycotting it.