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Building a Wardrobe in Your 20's : Transition Your Teen Wardrobe to a Young Adult Wardrobe

As you transition from teenager to young adult your wardrobe also needs to transition. This transition is best done gradually as opposed to being done in one big shopping spree. To keep your transitional wardrobe affordable you will want to buy pieces here and there as your teen clothes wear out or need replacing.

Transitional Shoe Wardrobe

The first items that will most likely be upgraded from teen styles to young adult styles are your shoes. As a teen you can get away with wearing crazy footwear and more casual footwear. However, as you enter the job market you will need footwear that will be appropriate for your work environment. This means that if you are working in an office that you will need to wear dress shoes and that if you are working in a mechanics shop that you wear tough leather boots or shoes to protect your feet.

In addition to purchasing work appropriate shoes you will also need to mature your socializing shoes, or your party shoes. As a teen you probably wore low heels or flats if you are a girl and tennis shoes if you are a boy. While these shoes are still okay for social situations, as you enter your early to mid-twenties you will want to buy more mature looking shoes such as pointy toe high heels for women and loafers for men.

Transitional Clothing Wardrobe

Like your shoe wardrobe, your clothing wardrobe also needs to mature as you do. As a teen your clothing most likely focused primarily on casual wear. As a young adult you will want to mature the look by adding a few structured pieces like a fitted jacket, slacks and a basic suit. Since you are still young you will want to avoid pieces that are too mature or stoic looking, you will want to focus on pieces that perhaps have a funkier color or that have a younger cut to the piece. For example, young women can buy a fitted jacket in jewel tone as opposed to a black or navy jacket that is cut shorter in the body than a traditional suit jacket. Here the fit will be critically important to the overall professionalism of the item.