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How to Wear Colored Heels Properly: Wearing Red

One of the most popular colors that woman love to choose for heels is red. The great thing about red heels is there are plenty of ways to wear them and they definitely make a fashion statement.

When a woman puts on a pair of red high heels it changes her whole outfit. A plain black dress can be transformed instantly into an interesting and fashionable outfit. A pair of jeans with a white button down shirt paired with red heels can go from ordinary to extraordinary in a minute. So, how does one properly wear red heels? It may just be easier than you think.

One of the key things to remember when wearing red heels is to keep it simple. Red shoes can definitely be a fashion statement and if you try to pair them with another loud or out-there piece, you may end up looking like you tried way too hard. Pair red heels with neutral colors to make them pop more. A black and white outfit with a cute pair of red heels is a winning outfit. Red shoes can be paired with any neutral color from white to brown. They go well with monochromatic outfits such as a black pantsuit as well as multicolored neutral outfits such as a white blouse with grey pants.

Another easy way to wear red heels is to match the color of the shoe to the outfit you are wearing. If you have on a red and blue dress, then red shoes would be a perfect match. Wearing red heels this way makes them not stand out so much, and is a great to subdue the shoes but still look fashionable. If you are going for a more casual look, dark jeans paired with a top that has red in it works great with red heels as well.

Some woman may be afraid of wearing red heels or they may think that they have nothing in their wardrobe to wear with them. The ideas listed here for wearing red heels are just some of the ways that you can possibly wear them. There are other bolder ways to pair red heels with items in your wardrobe, but for newbies to red heels, these are some great ideas to start with.


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Mar 9, 2010 at 5:31 pm SeanH4190 said:

Great advice on heels! I'm heading out for spring break tomorrow, and will definitely put these ideas to good use as we finally see some warm weather. I just discovered this new shoe poll and thought you guys might be interested in running something similar.