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Fresh Picks: Colored Denim Shorts

The colored denim trend is going strong this summer, and inseams are getting smaller as temperatures get higher!

Colored shorts are an easy, breezy way to freshen up a warm-weather wardrobe. Pair them with neutral tops for a subtle look, or do a little colorblocking with a bright color up top—anything goes!

Check out a few of our favorite colored shorts from our junior denim brands:

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1. Mavi Jeans Tiara Low-Rise Cuffed Short in Pineapple, 2. Volcom "What The Twill" Short in Peach Sherbet, 3. Big Star Remy Low-Rise Cuffed Short in Wild Berry, 4. !iT Denim Coachella Short in Canyon, 5. Mek Denim Chasia Jean Short in Tomato, 6. Levi's Junior Shortie Short


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Dec 4, 2012 at 8:54 pm Crystal188571 said:

Colored jeans are chic, but the skin-tight style commonly seen is not for everyone. I recommend some straight-leg colored jeans on Zappos in my fashion blog. Check it out: