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New Brand Spotlight: Delivering Happiness Collection


Tony Hsieh, delivering happiness book, delivering happiness, Zappos Exclusive, Zappos exclusive brand, Delivering Happiness clothing, new brand spotlight, Zappos clothing, Zappos CEO Tony HsiehDelivering Happiness started as a best-selling book, became a bus tour and turned into something bigger than ever imagined . . . a global movement.

We've heard from people representing 105 countries, crossing the lines of age, origin and background, telling us they're ready to make a difference in the world . . . through happiness.

In some ways it's not surprising since the truth is we all want to be happy. But the research shows we're not good at predicting what gives us lasting joy.

That's where Delivering Happiness comes in. Backed by science, academics and positive psychology, we're here to inspire and share ways to make happiness last.

Now you can help us spread the word and support the movement through our new DH Collection. With happiness as our higher purpose, we've put together a dream team to fashion the most comfy, stylish line of apparel—made in California and created to inspire (and be inspired by) happiness.

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To celebrate our new line, 100% of the profits from all the DH Collection sales this year will go toward fueling the movement.

That means every purchase enables DH to put on more free classes that anyone in the world can take, more free events to inspire people to pursue their passions, and more talks to nonprofits, schools and companies about ways that everyone—no matter where they are in life—can start delivering happiness now.

With every purchase you not only help pay happiness forward—you feel good, knowing you're doing good. Together, we can make our communities, companies and cities happier places.


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Sep 20, 2012 at 11:21 pm ZC3087 said:

so excited to be launched on Zappos!

note that we'll be launching more styles every month, so keep checking back :]

-- The DH:shop Team

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Oct 24, 2012 at 2:32 pm Suzanne179399 said:

Tony, I wonder if you have seen the work of Geoffrey West and Luis Bettencourt. They are researchers on why cities become successful, and I thought with what you're doing in Las Vegas, it would interest you.