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New Brand Spotlight: J MEN by Jamie Sadock

new brand spotlight,jamie sadock,polo shirts,J Men by Jamie Sadock, Men's sportswear,Men's polo shirts,Jamie Sadock is a progressive, action-oriented company that strives to be an industry leader through its commitment to continuously improve the intrinsic value of its sportswear collections. Designed by artist Jamie Sadock, each collection is full energy, lively colors, fun patterns, and novel silhouettes.

"Corrosion of conformity” is Jamie Sadock’s battle cry. Highly respected within the fashion industry for her ability to create futuristic concepts using art, Jamie Sadock’s impeccable styling and use of unusual colors and silhouettes have enabled her designs to break through traditional parameters.

J MEN by Jamie Sadock offers imaginative, remarkably elegant menswear that bridges the gap between sport and fashion. Combining a love of sports with a new direction in fashion, the men’s collection boasts pants, short, polos, and tees that can be worn both on and off the playing field.