Baby Boomers: Shoes for Arthritic Feet

Baby boomers who have worn improperly fit shoes or who have had careers for the past twenty years standing on their feet for hours may have arthritic feet. Baby boomers can take steps to ease the pain associated with arthritic feet by wearing the proper shoes.

What exactly should one look for when purchasing the proper shoes for arthritic feet? Shoes should have a wide-toe box and a comfortable heel. It is also important to replace shoes on a regular basis so that they serve the wearer well. Main considerations when purchasing proper shoes for arthritic feet include finding comfortable shoes that fit properly and do not cause swelling or inflammation. That being said, fit, quality and comfort are paramount.

There are a number of brands of proper shoes for arthritic feet designed for men and women that are attractive, comfortable and affordable including brands such as; Mephisto, Drew, Brooks and P.W. Minor.

With a reputation for making the perfect shoe, Mephisto is one of the top brands that offer proper shoes for arthritic feet. Some of the styles that are ideal for arthritic feet include the Mephisto Leda for Ladies , which is a lightweight sport shoe with a leather upper and durable outsole, which provides lightweight support. One of the top features of the Mephisto Leda is an anatomically designed, removable air-jet footbed created to absorb shock and promote air circulation. The retail price for the Mephisto Leda is $309.

An excellent choice for a proper shoe for arthritic feet is from Drew, one of the leaders in therapeutic comfort footwear. A great style for men is the Drew Albany Clog in Brown Leather . Recommended as a great, all day walking shoe and designed for comfort and flexibility. Its top features include round toes, full leather upper and linings, two removable insoles for a customized fit, a firm heel counter and padded collar to reduce foot slipping. Priced at $110, this is a great shoe for a life of comfort.