How to Remove Odors From Sandals

The unofficial footwear of summer is the sandal. After a few weeks of hot temperatures and sweaty feet, however, those stylish and comfortable sandals can become too odiferous to wear without embarrassment. The trick to getting rid of sandal odor is neutralizing the bacteria that thrives on warm, wet sandals soles and feet. Fortunately, preventing the development of sandal odor and treating it once the inevitable has occurred is a simple and inexpensive process.

Step 1
Sprinkle baking soda along the entire inner sole of the sandals. Leave the baking soda in place overnight. Shake and wipe the soda out with a clean, dry cloth before putting the sandals on again the next day.

Step 2
Fill the foot sections of old pantyhose with cat litter, tie off the ends, and place the litter-filled bundles in the sandals. Leave overnight. Cat litter is especially good at absorbing persistent smells that baking soda may be unable to remove.

Step 3
Spray the inside of the sandals with a shoe deodorizer or disinfectant after each use. Disinfectant sprays not only work to get rid of shoe odor, they can prevent the development of the bacteria that causes foot and shoe odor to develop.

Step 4
Allow wet or sweaty sandals to air-dry outdoors. Avoid placing the sandals in direct sunlight; instead, try to place them in a location where they will receive indirect light.

Baking soda
Soft cloth
Old pantyhose
Cat litter
Shoe deodorizer or disinfectant