How to Wear Tights with Peep-Toe Shoes

Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those...tights? Combining tights and peep-toe shoes can work better than you might expect, but it does pose some challenges. The right tights can take your favorite peep-toe shoes from warm fall days through chilly evenings, keeping you comfortable and fashionable.

Step 1
Choose seasonally appropriate peep-toe shoes. Opt for leather, suede or patent peep toes if you want to wear them with tights.

Step 2
Select opaque tights as opposed to sheer stockings to wear tights with peep-toe shoes. Look for tights with a minimal toe seam and an undistinguished, non-reinforced toe.

Step 3
Match your tights to your outfit for an easy to wear way to try out this trend. Try wearing a dark skirt and tights with bright peep-toe shoes for a punch of color or with coordinated peep-toe shoes for a more classic look that is appropriate for many offices.

Step 4
Wear bright tights with neutral peep toes if you have slender legs and would like a more dramatic look. Experiment with opaque tights in turquoise, hot pink, or bright kelly green for this young look.

Step 5
Play with pattern and texture. Combine a tone-on-tone patterned tight with a simple skirt and matching peep-toe pumps for a more conservative stylish look. Wear  seamed or fishnet style tights with peep-toe shoes for a playful evening style.

Peep-toe shoes

Curvier legs and bodies will look stunning with bright or dramatic peep-toes and toned down tights.
Keep your peep-toe shoes age appropriate by avoiding short skirts or racier styles with these sexy shoes.


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Mar 1, 2013 at 4:22 pm Charmagne206007 said:

Just to recap: slender women can pull off a dramatic look, curvy women to wear toned down tights and bright shoes (draw that focus down... wouldn't want anyone looking at curvy legs...) and short skirts/racier styled shoes to be avoided if you're over a certain age. I'm surprisingly horrified by this blog entry.