Z Big Ball is Hyped: Zappos KY is Recycling!

Z Big Ball at the Zappos KY Fulfillment Center is uber-ecstatic, and a little lonely. Lately, Zappos Team Members have been neglecting him to focus on another cool project: Recycling Aluminum Cans! ;\

Do you ever wonder to yourself at night: How many pounds of aluminum cans do Zappos Team Members at the Kentucky Fulfillment Center go through every two weeks? Well, Z Big Ball does ]:) . Any guess? Well, Z answer is: 344 pounds (at a minimum). How much is that worth? $309.60.

Holy Cow! Who knew! Here in Kentucky, they recently decided to start doing something with all of the free soft drinks they consume. They are going to recycle them and give the proceeds back to the community. Though, old habits are hard to kick. The 344 lbs. we collected over the first two weeks of the program doesn’t even come close to what can potentially be collected. Z Big Ball has noticed Many Late-Adopters just tossing their cans in the garbage. But hey, Z Big Ball is working on changing that. More recycling containers and ball full of hype are on the way.

Next week, the KY team is hoping to cement a partnership with a local organization. Zappos Team Members will collect the cans, and our partner organization will cash them in to invest in programs for local youth. We are super excited. :^0

Props go to Jerry down in the KY Photo Department. His tenacity was the spark that got the ball rolling (no pun intended). Thanks for being Passionate and Determined.

Recycle on, Zappos; Recycle on.


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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:50 pm ZC9333 said:

What a great idea. KY you rock!

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