BUYER'S DIARY #6 - Christin C. - L.A. Mart

DATES: June 9-10, 2008


BUYER: Christin C. – Assistant Buyer,
Private Label

Monday, June 9th

4am-Suffering from Jetlag, flew into LA from Taipei the night before; checking email
8am-Checking emails and catch up on some work
9am- took a shower and got ready for the show
10am- Got some breakfast at a Deli before meeting Kathryn C. at the hotel
11am- Met with Hazel Clothing and Jaloux
12pm- got some lunch at a Japanese restaurant inside the California Market
1pm- Met with Revolver Los Angeles
2pm- Met with Notice
3pm- Met with the Great Room
4pm- Met with Mary Brennan & Co.
5pm- Went back to the hotel to check emails and review the information from our appointments.
6pm- Went to Cabo Cantina for some Margaritas. It’s been a long day! Jet lag isn’t
helping either!
7pm- Drove to Hermosa Beach to meet with vendor.
8pm- Dad dinner at the Mediterraneo with vendor
11pm- Time for bed to start a new day!

Tuesday, June 10th

8am- Got up to get ready for the show.
10am- Met with Classy Brides.
11am- Met with VFish Designs.
12pm- Met with Theme.
1pm- Met with Charlotte Tarantola.
2pm- Met with Brigades and Hearts.
3pm- Finally had lunch at an Italian restaurant before heading to the airport. I was
4pm- Returned our rental car at Enterprise and at the Burbank airport trying to
catch an earlier flight home!
5pm- Plane departs from the Burbank Airport.
6pm- Arrives in Las Vegas! Glad to be home!


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Sounds like a dream job!