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2290 CLT's New Home

The name tags are up, the rubber chicken is hung, but the new CLT abode in the top floor of the 2290 building , “just doesn’t feel like home yet”, according to the CLT residences. “It’s nice, it’s big, but we miss the chaos and noise that we had in the 2800 building.”

Bucker up 2900 dwelling Zapponians! I’m sure once a few more Zapponians with noise makers move in and the conference rooms are all decorated and start holding big and important meetings, you won’t feel so isolated.

For what it’s worth, I envy your new space with a sweet view of the desert (which has a strange resemblance to Mars) and colorful walls.


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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:51 pm ZC4869 said:

thank you so much for embrassing the rubber chicken.I hope to one day spread my un healthy obsession with that to other zapponians.