Rapped Up in Hoopla!

KY Content sponsored the Safety Core Value activity in July with hosting the first Safety Idol at the Kentucky location. The focus was to incorporate fun and a little weirdness, and increase the awareness of safety in the fulfillment center.
To enter the contest, teams of up to four employees, were faced with the challenge of putting safety topics in the flow of a rap…...which had to include the word HOOPLA!

H – Healthy work habits equal Healthy Employees!

O – Observing the Core Values!

O – Organization that empowers individuals to be an active part of Safety!

P – Personal Protective Equipment!

L – Learning about Safety is Fun!

A – Awareness is the key to Success!

With a unanimous vote, Andrew Kim, Jimmy Music and Nick Catt, won the Safety Idol and also appeared live and presented their new hit single HOOPLA at the all hands meeting in July. The room rocked and gave a standing ovation at the completion of the rap performance, which was the opening act for Tony, Alfred and Fred to then address the group.

Way to go, Fellas!

written by: Leah Morris