Jeanne M. wins MOQ award

casual lifestyle team, Inc., MOQ award, zapponians, Zappos Casual Lifestyle, zappos culture, zappos merchandisingJeanne M., Director of Casual Lifestyle for Zappos Merchandising, was recently recognized as the winner of the MOQ (Merchandiser of the Quarter) award, which goes to an individual who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked to make everyone's life a little bit easier.  We caught up with Jeanne and asked her a few questions as she basks in the afterglow of this super-cool award.

Congratulations, Jeanne!  How does it feel to be recognized by your Content peeps?

It was definitely a *very* nice surprise, but honestly feel there are 100 people far more deserving than I.  We have an amazing Content Team at Zappos overall and lots of Merchandising people on all teams work with them very closely and diligently.  (I am of course partial to the Casual Lifestyle Content Peeps – they rock!!)

What do you believe are the three most important things you can do as a buyer to work in tandem with the writers in Content?

1)      Communication

2)      Communication

3)      Communication!!

The content team is one of most important components of our brands being successful, as they truly "sell" the product for us and help WOW our customers by giving them all the info they need to make shopping decisions.  It's essential that we are looping them in on all things that concern our brands – any changes whatsoever within the brands from personnel or manufacturing/styling standpoint, as well as making sure we are inviting them to all show appts and office meetings with brand reps so they can develop strong partnerships with our brand partners as well.  Deadlines and last minute projects change for all of us, so it's key we are working together successfully by being open about communicating our needs so we can accomplish our goals together as a team and can pitch in to help from both sides. As with every dept at Zappos, it's also tremendously important that we spend time bonding together and taking the culture to the next level- I don’t look at Content as a separate team but as a very important extension and part of our own team.

Share with us the single most important piece of advice you have received and how it helps you WOW the people you work with.

Building relationships with people on all different teams and departments – not only does it help build and strengthen our culture, but we have so much to learn from each other. 

If there were a movie based on your amazing relationship with Content titled, "The Fabulous Life and Times of Jeanne," which actress would play you?

Hmm, I'd love to go with Sandra Bullock – no resemblance looks-wise sadly, but she is pretty sarcastic in many of her roles and so am I!

Since you are a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, who is your all-time favorite Dodger?

I honestly can't narrow it down to a single player.  I would have to say it is the 1988 World Series Team. Not only due to this being the last time they won the series, but because virtually nobody gave them a chance.  Conventional wisdom was they would be swept in 4 by Oakland, they ended up taking the series in 5.  Who can forget the Kirk Gibson dramatics of game 1? (probably a lot of Zapponians actually, since many of you weren't even born back then!)

Finally, the big question!  Which do you prefer, Jeanne: Chocolate or cheese?

Cheese, of course – since it’s the perfect complement with a glass of wine.


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Feb 23, 2012 at 10:05 pm Darren said:

Great job!

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Feb 23, 2012 at 10:21 pm Hannah E. said:

go Dodgers!! :)