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Jun 1, 2012 at 1:11 am JOEYM147821 said:

I have been a customer with zappos for 10 years or more not sure its been a long time. I have to say i am noticing a decline in products, they just dont have the same shoes that other shoes stores on line have and there prices are not competitve anymore in my opinion.I used to find everything here at one time its not like that anymore it seems they have gone to a lower line of shoes anymore.. the other thing i have to say is i bought several pair of Donald J. Pliner Loafers the shoes were nice looking i bought several of the same style but the wear and tear on that shoe was the worst i have ever seen on a shoe ever I would say that Shoes from Walmart would last longer and Zappos told me to go pound sand. So the moral to my story is this the quality has gone down, the customer service is Way Dowwwwwn, Donald J. Pliner shoes are the worst wearing shoes ever!!!!!!! I was not helped out by either company for help on the wear and tear on the shoes The Reed was the name of the slip on True story if would wear that shoe 5 days a week for a month the shoe would be shot TERRIBLE WEAR AND TEAR SHOE I COULDNT GET HELP FROM ZAPPOS OR DONALD J PLINER BOTH COMPANIES DID NOT BACK WHAT THEY SOLD OH BY THE WAY 375.00 WAS THE PRICE AND I BOUGHT ABOUT 5-6 PAIRS NICE LOOKING SHOE BUT WORTH DONALD J PLINER SUCKS. Zappos customer service is bad and your variety of shoes is bad i have bought my shoes from other stores here lately and I WAS A GOOD CUSTOMER. PLEASE REVIEW THIS LETTER AND PLEASE LET THE OWNERS KKNOW THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE COMPLAINING SEVERAL PEOPLE ARE SAYING THE SAME THING ITS NOT THE SAME COMPANY YOU GUYS FORGOT ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THE CUSTOMER THATS NOT GOOD