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August Random Acts of O: Be a Good Friend

O, The Oprah Magazine, in partnership with, is going on a kindness mission to spread the love and make the world a friendlier place. Each month, we'll be giving you a brand new kindness challenge. This month's challenge –Be a Good Friend!

Take the Friendship Quiz and answer questions about a friend and find out what makes them so special to you!


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Aug 9, 2012 at 1:30 am Lorraine164491 said:

So, about being a good friend...I think a good friend has her friend's back. A good friend doesn't tolerate gossip about their friend, doesn't throw them under the bus, doesn't bear false witness against them, etc. and is always there to pick up the slack if they are in need. If they have just had a baby, a true friend would email mutual friends and set up a dinner delivery schedule, or a house cleaning service so that our good friend would not have to worry about anything but being a mom and would have peace of mind.

It is the intangeables that are worth more than money, and knowing you have a network of people who care enough to prepare dinner for you or attend to your needs make you want to do the same for someone selse in the future