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Survival Gear: Backpacking

If a backpacking adventure is calling your name this season, picking out some essential equipment can help you trek along safely and comfortably. You’ll need ultralight backpacking and hiking gear to get you through those tougher trails and challenging courses; from shoes to sleeping bags, make sure you have all the basics covered with this equipment checklist:

1. Sleeping bag

If you’re heading out on an overnight course or extended trip, make sure your sleeping bag is well-prepared for harsh climates and inclement weather.

2. Fleece jacket.

No matter how hot the temperatures are during the day, the nighttime climate can drop dramatically and leave you shivering yourself to sleep without the right gear. Pick up a lightweight fleece blanket, gloves or jacket to keep you warm and toasty.

3. Cooking pot.

This will probably be the heaviest piece of equipment in your stash of supplies, so look for something lightweight, efficient and convenient. You’ll also need some utensils, a lighter and a water filter so you can cook up a nourishing meal after a hard day of hiking.

4. Hiking boots.

All-purpose hiking boots are your best bet for a backpacking trip, especially if you’re trekking across different types of terrain. Avoid investing in a super-heavy pair loaded with extra ‘features’ you don’t really need. Lightweight, waterproof and comfortable ankle boots are the ideal match for a backpacking adventure.

5. Swimming shorts or a swimsuit.

When you’re taking a break from backpacking and hiking, don’t forget to take a dip in the lake or swim around the waterfall pool! Tuck a swimsuit into your backpack for some rest and relaxation during your adventure.

6. Poncho.

You never know when that downpour is going to hit, so pack a poncho to keep you dry during a rainy spell. Ponchos are lightweight and easy to fold up and pack away in the small compartments of your backpack.


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Nov 14, 2011 at 4:05 pm tomfoolry said:

I can't tell how much I just Love going on big camp outs! I've been out several times, and I can attest to all that has been said here. It's called outdoor survival gear for a reason. Without it, you could be pretty helpless.