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Bounce Back To School With KangaROOS Kids

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As if getting a brand new pair of shoes for school isn’t the coolest thing ever, try getting a pair that has a secret pocket. KangaROOS footwear originated in 1978 with a patented pocket design, recognizing the need to accommodate shoes and keys while running.

The KangaROOS Kids Magnolia is a blast from the past that features the suede, nylon, and textile upper you all know and love along with the signature KangaROOS pocket with zipper. Available in two colors, round out your child’s style with a pair of classic kicks that can store a spare key, just in case. Check out the timeless KangaROOS Kids Combat, a versatile KangaROOS® sneaker that can easily be tied together with a wide range of outfits. The wide flap pocket with hook-and-loop strip makes it easy to store house keys or lunch money. If your little one can’t tie his/her shoes, the KangaROOS Kids Combat Hook & Loop offers the standard secret pocket with the ease of hook and loop straps. Being prepared has never looked so good.