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A Story from 'ROOS

Being a service-centric company, we naturally love a great customer service story, and this one from KangaROOS got our attention. One of the brand’s loyal fans, Benjamin, wrote a letter to KangaROOS asking for their help with his shoe dilemma.

Below is the letter he sent to the company:

To whom it may concern,

  My name is Benjamin, I am an artist huge fan of my KangaROOS! Recently, my girlfriend purchased for me a pair of red "Combat" ROOS which I love to sport every chance I get! They're comfy and stylish with a little touch of retro. :)

Here's where my story gets a bit more interesting. The two of us (her and I) went to music venue for a show about 3 weeks after I received my shoes. At the show we danced and had a great time. After the show we were outside fooling around tickling each other when we slipped and fell. What felt like a sprained ankle turned out to be a completely dislocated foot with bone pushing outward from the ankle. Needless to say, I went to the hospital. After resetting the ankle and taking x-rays of it, I waited for 8 hours to commence surgery on it. Nine screws and 1 metal plate later, I was put back together. When they removed my clothing via cutting it off, I recall explaining to them not to hurt the shoes (funny what you're concerned with in a state of shock). :)

kangaROOS,ROOS,ROOS Sneakers,kangaROOS sneakers,KangaROOS Combat,Anyhow, that was about 12 days ago and I just went back to see the surgeon for a check-up. I'm doing great, healing well. They removed the staples from surgery and put me in a hard-cast for the next (?)weeks. When given my choice of color, I went with Red to match my ROOS! (see attached picture)

However, ever since this happened my right-side shoe has been sitting lonely in the corner, so to speak. Since I just got them, they are both in fine shape still. I would like them to match in condition, but since I cannot wear the Right one I am certain the Left one will acquire more wear and tear. Thus, I'll be left with one great looking shoe and one weathered one. The time period could be as much as 12 weeks, plenty of time for building "character" on the one I wear.

This brings me to the inquiry: Is it possible to get ONLY a left shoe from you? I know it may sound strange, but I hope the previous two paragraphs explain this reasoning sufficiently. :) I've included a photograph of the cast/shoe combo so you can see how great they look together and why I would like to arrange this special purchase. It would be quite a sad sight to see one weathered and worn tread left shoe matched with a quite new mint condition right side one, in my book. :)

Please consider my request as a big fan of your product and devoted ROOS customer. I would love to hear back from you soon to find out how we can make this happen. Just let me know the cost, and I will gladly oblige. (providing its not more expensive than just ordering another pair) Thank you for your great products and for hearing out my odd request. :)



The nice folks at KangaROOS are actually sending Benjamin a new pair of Combat sneakers in Red. That way, when he gets out of his cast, he can start over with a brand new pair! Thanks KangaROOS for sharing this great story!


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Apr 26, 2012 at 3:48 am AprilM137932 said:

I think that it is cool the way u guys actually interact with your guys customers. and you have interacts with your customers. and you help them out when they need help

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Apr 26, 2012 at 9:25 am meykor137960 said:

hello please take care of my order is in pending in the UPS there seems to be an error with the address, I had a typo :(

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Apr 26, 2012 at 3:46 pm Hannah E. said:

Hi Meykor- Please call our 24/7 customer service: (800) 927-7671 - they will be happy to help you resolve your order! Thanks!