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Summer Vacation-Ready Sandals from Sanuk

Burning your feet on the hot sand is a real bummer, that’s why we love our Sanuk flip flops for a nice summer day at the beach, or wherever the summer takes us.

With their fun, unique designs and comfy, cushy footbeds, you too will love going on all kinds of summer adventures with these Sanuk sandals for the entire family!

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Women's: 1. Sanuk Yoga Spree 2, 2. Sanuk Yoga Sling, 3. Sanuk Yoga Mat

Men's: 4. Sanuk Beer Cozy, 5. Sanuk Fraid Not, 6. Sanuk Fur Real Cozy

Kids': 7. Sanuk Kids Yoga Mat (Youth), 8. Sanuk Kids Root Beer Cozy (Youth), 9. Sanuk Kids Yoga Wildlife (Toddler/Youth)


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May 22, 2013 at 9:32 pm Chris231037 said:


Are there no wide width flip flops?

Zappos is where I've gone for a long time now, as you guys are usually the only ones where I can find my size. Lately I've had no luck.

Where's the love for the wide width?



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May 22, 2013 at 9:52 pm Hannah E. said:

Hi Chris! We have a few wide and extra wide sandals in our comfort brands. Check out the link here:!/men-sandals/CK_XARC51wF6BNgE2ASCAQaZgAWagAXAAQLiAgQBGA8C.zso?s=isNew/desc/goLiveDate/desc/recentSalesStyle/desc/

Hope that helps! Happy shopping and thanks for stopping by!