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Superfeet: Innovation from the Ground Up

A firm belief in the amazing capacity of human potential is the main driving force behind the Superfeet® brand. It is this pursuit of the unexpected that inspires them to make insoles that help you achieve any terrain and obstacle, one comfortable step at a time.  

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image credit: Garrett Grove

Built from the ground up (literally!) on the principles of podiatric medicine, Superfeet’s insole design has set the standard for support, earning over 40 U.S. and International patents. Each insole is designed to adapt the human foot to a world that has become exceedingly flatter, harder and less natural—from concrete commutes to tiled floors.


Superfeet’s latest insole innovation is their CARBON line—their thinnest product to date. With a stabilizer cap made of EVOLyte™--an extremely strong yet thin carbon fiber material—this latest evolution of insole is perfect for adding reliable support to even more types of footwear.

Whether you’re hitting the trail or hitting the pavement, Superfeet provides the support and comfort your body needs to achieve great things!



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Jan 5, 2016 at 12:34 pm FeetSavior said:

I love Superfeet and I'm happier thanks to them :-). We have several reviews of their insoles in my blog: