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Wanderlust Wednesday: Istanbul

Today, we’re dreaming of the exotic cultural melting pot of Istanbul, Turkey. Rich in historical significance, this bustling transcontinental city juxtaposes both ancient and modern—from the Grand Bazaar (the world’s oldest covered market) to the skyscraper-lined business district of Levent.  

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Where are you jetting off to this Wanderlust Wednesday?


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Oct 9, 2013 at 10:35 pm RachelinPeril said:

Just had a friend return from Turkey last week and her blog and pictures are incredible. I'm going to have to move that one up on my bucket list. In 2 days I leave for Ethiopia to visit a friend and check out volunteer options for the future (scoping out places before I drag my friends along next year). :) Ma is having a heart attack, but then again, I was never allowed to "live on the edge" as a child (like no jumping on trampolines because I would get paralyzed and no mowing the lawn because I would cut off my fingers and toes and no roller coasters because they can cause brain damage), so yeah...Third World Countries = Definitive Death. Sorry, Ma. There's life to be lived. (Even if I die doing so!)