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Zappos Employees Leave The Car At Home

Las Vegas is known as a “car-town”. The city’s infrastructure was built for the car commuter and almost everyone drives a car to work (even Zappos employees). But a few Zappos troopers are bravely taking alternative transportation for the majority of their commutes.

One such employee is Steven Allen, the Zappos Campus Programs Manager. Steven lives in one of the City’s farthest suburbs but takes the RTC bus to work at least three times a week. The round trip is more than 30 miles per day; he averages 90 miles a week on the bus! The cool thing is that he rides the Centennial Express route, one of RTC’s express buses that jumps on the freeway and has a direct route (no stops) into downtown. In fact, the first stop on the route is just 3 blocks away from Zappos. Even better, the bus stop Steven uses to get home from Zappos is literally on Zappos’ campus perimeter. “I don’t even have to cross the street. I just walk around to the back of our campus, hop on the bus, and enjoy a stop-free ride home. It’s awesome! Plus, the bus is able to utilize the carpool lane, which I am painfully reminded of on the days I drive my car into work”, said Steven. He’s able to do it all on the bus. He can relax and listen to music or power through work and emails. The RTC also understands that we live in a very ‘connected’ world these days and is currently piloting a free WIFI program on the Centennial Express route.


Chris Race is a Technology Project Manager at Zappos and rides to work once a week and for fun 2-3 times a week.  When riding in, he uses the bike rack just off the North Garage behind the lobby.  For the sake of everyone in his area, he’ll clean up in the locker room located in the basement before heading upstairs full of endorphins and ready to ROCK.  Zappos installed more than 10 showers for men and women based on the guidelines established by the LEED certification.  Chris likes to ride his bike because it is a great fitness perk and helps save almost 200 miles a month on his car, which is money in the bank!  Morning rides in are usually full of neat sunrises, still air, and a line of people lined up to high-five everyone riding a bike to work.  In other words, jump on the saddle and head in on two wheels!



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Written by Brad T.


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