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Cut-the-Cake Dresses

While big, elaborate wedding gowns are awe-inspiring walking down the aisle, the reception dress, also known as the “cut-the-cake” dress, gives the bride a chance to let her hair down a bit. Going for a shorter, more relaxed dress will not only be more comfortable for the reception meet and greets, it’ll make it easier to have some fun with your guests on the dance floor! It is a celebration after all!

Below are some of our picks!

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1. Calvin Klein Peplum Dress, 2. Lilly Pulitzer Kailene Dress, 3. French Connection Dancing Art Dress, 4. Max and Cleo Rose Cut Out Lace Dress, 5. Lilly Pulitzer Payton Dress, 6. Donna Morgan Ruched Bodice Dress w/ Rosettes