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Pretty Flower Girl Dresses

One of the things that inspire “awws” and “ahhs” during a wedding is an adorable flower girl marching down the aisle in an equally pretty dress. Whether it’s a fancy cathedral ceremony or a laidback garden wedding, we’ve got a lovely selection of flower girl dresses from Us Angels and Biscotti to make her look like an angel in the aisle!

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1. Us Angels Empire Dress with Rosettes, 2. Us Angels Chiffon Tank Dress,

3. Us Angels Empire Dress w/ Sash of Fabric Flowers, 4. Us Angels Crystal Band Dress,

5. Biscotti Blushing Rose Ballerina Dress, 6. Biscotti Ship Shape Poplin Dress


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Jan 15, 2014 at 8:42 pm Jamie264121 said:

Those flower girl dresses are so adorable! If any flower girls where those dresses everyone at the wedding will be flooded with oos and awws!